Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 16

Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 16
[i know,i can’t be yours💜💜]

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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We reached the airport,
A private jet was already reserved for us,I entered while Royal wait behind and return his car key to one of his guards who stays in the house he built in Germany.

All through,I was just restless.
No one had time for each other,
only the girls could be seen crushing on Royal,wishing they will be in the same jet with him.
Lilly just went about bragging.
I just wonder if she is using magic to tell people that I am a maid. The way she was believed without talking twice made me confused.

The jet hasn’t taken off but I could still hear some voice.Royal hasn’t even joined the her,he is busy with some preferences.

🈷 who is fooling who??
🈷 she doesn’t look like a maid!
 She looks classy too,can’t you see the type of cloth she is putting on and she is even inside royals private jet…
🈷 who is the real liar???
was what I heard.

I could see Lilly hijacking her purse angrily from her maid.
“I won’t repeat myself,she is a maid.
My boyfriend is just so kind and he treats everyone well,he is capable of making dogs like her look like someone” I heard Lilly’s voice.
I look through the window and saw her entering her private jet.
She looks fake and unpure.
She first mention that she was me in the show,she is lucky I wore a mask and now,she is calling me a maid…
I wish she will just see how Royal and I do things together.

I won’t fight her because of Royal,
I have other important things to do. Everyone knows Lilly is not the soft type,she’s undefeatable too.Even if I fight her,I will still end up being in the wrong because she is always attacking the innocents.

Her jet took off,
Several jets took off till there was no one left.The only jets left are for Royals friends.
And they are busy attending with many inevitable.

I felt someone enter.
I turned immediately with my head down,I saw his feet.
He was wearing red slippers and a gold chain,i raise my head a little bit and saw that he was wearing a red tracksuit and a gold wrist watch.

I look down at his feet again,
a dragon was drawn at the back of his feet,I was scared and forced to face the window quickly.

“is he this bad???
“No wonder mohan was saying meeting with him is like a world war. I heard Mohan telling Shantai that she knew him from Canada.
She said she can’t say who is more bad between him and Romeo in terms of bullying…

I recalled all that I heard mohan saying earlier and face the window.
He was on a call,he didn’t get to look into my direction, I felt secured but the dragon made me nervous.

He pick some files Royal kept on the opposite cushion,after that he tied an handkerchief on his neck and left.
I was happy he didn’t see me

Royal entered 20mins later.
“that guy took your files” I told him.
“Eddy right?? he questioned.
“yeah” I nodde,
the jet took off and I think the other,boys own also took off.

The air hostess served Royal type of wine then she served me chicken pie and milk.
I brought out my phone and turn on the internet,I logged into dice high girls group chat to see whatever thing I might have missed.
It is not even like a general page where everyone can post. Only Lilly,Mira and Angel can update information.

most times,I prefer angels information because they are always educational and useful unlike Lilly who talk about guys and trending wears.

School opens tomorrow,
Geometry exam result is out.
It can be checked online or better still come and check the billboard if you don’t know your pin off hand~~`
Signed,Angel Dan.

She update another thing three minutes ago but got critizms on her posts.

“Who will be the next dice high face?
New faces are coming in.
Lilly or who??? marked,Angel Dan.
most people comment Lilly’s name while few replied with angry stickers.

I checked more updates and finally stumbled of Lilly’s own,I don’t Eben know when I shouted.
“what’s that? Royal asked.
“hmmmm am fine” I replied and check Lilly’s post again.

it was my picture…
The one that was took when I was entering dice high base two hall with royal. I don’t know the type of editing she did,her face appeared on mine but my body was the same all through.
How can she be sooo cruel?

She captioned it ‘Hi Fans’
The reactions she got made her popular overnight.
She posted more of the edited photos and gained lots of popularity on net.

Royal look at me,
I pretend as if nothing was happening and turn off my internet.
I slept all through the journey.
I don’t know how long I slept but I woke up immediately the jet landed.

Royal hold my hand and made me enter the car that was reserved for us, his driver drove us home.
I sooo much miss the house.

The guards handled our bags,Royal and I step out and moved in,
the bags were handled to the maids.

Royal and I took separate stairways and entered our separate rooms.
I don’t know what he is doing in his room,I just went back to bed after speaking with Mrs Rose. She said she wants to place me on a special diet….I played games on my phone and slept again.
I really enjoy sleeping.

After sleeping for hours,
Royal came in,kissed my neck and left.I knew he was going out.
“The security here is tight,feel comfortable” he said. I opened my eyes and look sweetly into his eyes…
He was wearing a bracelet chain with the same matching ring.His other hand was bare.

I shut my eyes immediately.
My mind doesn’t approve him to go.

“what did you say??
he asked.
I drew him closer and clutch his white top.I had no idea his lips was already on my cleavages, he stole a kiss there and made me open my eyes widely.

what was I doing???
He withdraw and took my hands.
“Best,don’t go” I told him.
“why??? he asked..
I kept quiet. I had no idea I said that but I am sure it’s not because I don’t want to be alone.


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