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Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 17

Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 17
[i know,i can’t be yours💜💜]

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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now, enjoy!

His phone rang,I left him and sat upright on the bed.
He picked his call and bounce walk to the door.

“Hello,sir….I will be there now,five minutes,I promise it won’t exceed”
he rush his words.
I don’t know what the person was saying to him on phone,he just kept quiet and listened. I concluded that the person might be part of the lawmakers.
He turn to me still on call.

“stay with me,today….”
I said lowly and stood up.I was only wearing a pink singlet and a white bomber short.
He started walking downstairs,
I followed him with my hands folded around my chest because of my nipples…
He stopped walking but was still on call.I also stopped.
Not like I want him to stay with me but my mind doesn’t approve him of going.My heart feels somehow seeing him going out and I never play with my heart,I usually listen to it.

I look at him,
he was still on the call.
I wonder what the person was telling him that is taking so long.
I look back at my door and smiled.
so he had already kept two guards at the entrance,so funny.

I face front, Royal wasn’t there.
Did he leave?????

Best!!!!!! I scream his name and ran downstairs.
There he was,still on call.
Two men in suit were standing behind him while four escorts are staying at the door side.His slivery briefcase was on the pretty hairy couch.
He did some signs to his escorts,they left.I think he canceled it already.

“I will be sending personal assistant, you can tell him whatever thing you want us to dissolve-

“But,you’re a president-
I heard.
He dropped the call.
I felt relieved..
I went back upstairs,he followed me. I don’t know how he walked through the stairs,he caught up with me and took my hands.

“why don’t you want me to go?
it’s a presidency stuff,canceling it might means proudness to the lawmakers-
We are in a wicked world where every of your single action will be interpreted into different meanings”
he said,I smiled and hide my face in my palms.
The way he speaks made me felt butterfly in my tommy.

“Will take you to my family house tomorrow, theila has been disturbing me lately” he said.
“Theila??? I said.
“my foster sister. They are actually two,Xingzi is the eldest..They are sir zayns daughters” he said.
we got to my door,
I opened the door,we both entered.

“A minute” he said and went out.
I unplug my phone and check my chats.
I missed some chats from Dora and Mrs Rose.I opened Dora’s own first.

 did you check your results???
Guess we are in the same shoes-

I opened Mrs Rose own.
 You will have a private tutor who will be teaching you tips on modeling.Endeavor to give her listening ears,she will start her job tomorrow but it will be a home tutor. It would be four hours everyday”

I checked the time she sent it,
it was just 9hours ago. I click on the reply box.

💌I’m very interested ma,God bless you” I typed and wanted to send but I suddenly erased it when I remembered my mom doesn’t like seeing me involved in stuffs like this.
She always say prostitution is the lead activity of most models abs that they are used as escorts for wealthy politicians.

Beautiful girls,especially the ones with perfect curves suffer the most.
They will just ask you to do crazy things like snaping a picture with only pant and bra….
Sometimes, you will have to do crazy things to satisfy your fans.

Like Lilly usually does.
Though I didn’t see it but I heard she should some fans her nude pictures.
She usually do things that will make her fans stick to her….

Singing and dancing in my dream…
I don’t think it is meant for me because runs girls are mostly involved in it.I know the number of people Mitchell Lee(my childhood friend) slept with before she become who she is…
I can’t imagine posing with those exposed cloths.

well if it is meant for me,them my creator should decide by itself.If it is for me,no matter how I run,it will come to me.

💌 I will think about it” I sent.

 Seriously….. you still want to think? do you know how viral that shoot of yours went? You better hold this opportunity well” she sent.

💌 I’m interested” I typed and finally sent.Though,am still thinking about it

Royals phone started ringing,
I dropped mine and took his.It was Han Cheng.
This wicked man,I know he wants to make Royal cry again.
I waited and intentionally allow the call end by itself. A text message popped in.

I wanted to check but I don’t usually sneak into someone else message. I opened the door, he was there already.
“missed call and text from Han Cheng” I said and gave him the phone.he collected it and opened the text.
I saw his countenance change to sadness.

Tears fell from his eyes like a baby, his lens stick out….
“Best!!!! I called and collected the phone from him.I didn’t check what was there,I kept the phone carefully on the stand…

His tears were pretty much,
Gosh, is there anything that can make him cry…….
I clean my hands and touch his cute his, he shut his eyes,his lashes shut on the tip of my finger.
He turned back and started going. I followed him.

“Sweetheart,don‘t come close”
he said as he got to his door.
“I’m pained too” I said and moved closer.
“don’t mind him,he is just jealous of you” I told him.
“does that means he should mention my dead parent?? he asked and entered his room.

He took a glass…
I shouted and entered.
I hugged him,he drop the glass,it shattered into pieces. I touched his hairs,he smiled and Kissed my neck, I chuckled.

He touched my hips and roamed the sides of my two breasts.
I shouted when he mistakenly press it.It was a painful and kind of sweet, I smiled and left him so that he won’t remember what happened.

He kissed my eyes,I left his hairs and lock my hands around his waist.
It made me felt sweet.
“Am not running away” he said.
I realize I was holding him tight,
I loose my hold a little bit.
He enjoys kissing me,I enjoy holding him.

He went for my lips and touch my left breast,he wanted to press it,I screamed and touch his hand.
“It’s paining me,don’t let us do it now” I said and ran away,smiling.


“Am sorry,I don’t think Royal will come today” one of the lead ruler said and left.
I faced Sir Cheng…

“This is getting tough,we need to find a way of injecting him again, if not, there will be a great tendency of him remembering.

Though,he is humble,
I’m very sure he won’t take this lightly if he gets to know that he is the only heir.

He doesn’t even know that they are looking for him in China.
His late father has a lot of investments and firms there, even those that doesn’t know him are willing to do anything to find him…

If they find him,
His father’s wealth will be transferred fully to him.We will lose because no one will be able to reach his net worth which we don’t know where it will grow to.

If he remembers, we will lose the more because he won’t only punish us,he will also disgrace us publicly..
Dice high is not even for us….
Five stars is not for us….
Even the two based industries are written boldly in his name…….

Let’s find a way of injecting him in the next twenty days, I have sent my informant to track Bhewen down. Only him knows the all the secrets surrounding Royals death”
Han Cheng said.

How about sir zayn???
I smirks….
“ohh don’t worry,I will find a way”
I said to Cheng and left in my car.

I drove home calmly.
The first thing I did was to check the underground secret dungeon.
There she was…..

“Why don’t you die right away??
I never believed in mothers love.Can’t believe you are still alive after 24years.You only use a month with your son who doesn’t know you exist and you’re hoping he will save you”.
I smirks, hatefully.

She shakes and drag the chain she was tied with.
“I won’t ask for much,whatever thing you want to do to Best,do it to me…..
Don’t let him die like your mother killed my husband.Please,he is my only hope. If he die,then I lose……
my coming to earth will be fruitless. Let me die in place of my son”.
She said.

I scoffed and looked at her hatefully.
Even an idiot will know that this woman is stinking rich.She is wearing the same cloth she was wearing when she was captured….
Her jewelry didn’t rust,
it shows how valuable they are.
Another evidence that Royals dad had a lot of investments.

“Jebal!!!! she spoke in Hindi.
I scoffed.
“Why are you deceiving us???
“You wrote it in your diary that the priest that came on Royal baby shower said that Royal can’t be killed by mere humans…..

No matter how me and my mom try, I know we won’t succeed in killing him but I will make sure that you and his pretty lover suffer it……..!!!

I will take his dear Krishna as my sex toy while you will become our slave…
You will watch your Royal cry all day and all nights while I take over your inheritance…..

“My son…… he has a lover??? you want to take her….Why are you soo wicked? I said don’t touch my son, do whatever thing you want to do to him to me.Don’t try touching his lover, I don’t know her but she must be among the important persons in his life” she said.

Her speech made me angry,
I spat on her and walk away.

Eddy’s p.o.v

If this Krishna of a girl knows what is good for her, then she should avoid Han Lilly.
How can a commoner challenge a celebrity??
I wonder who she is.

Right now,am in dice high.
I need to meet with her and some other people in other to dissolve things. I packed my car carefully and took my phone and key in a stylish manner.

I’m didn’t leave Canada to study here, I already studied and I am a trained idol like Royal, we are like competitors but we are not really on talking terms.

I left Canada and came to see India, I came cuz my former industry transferred me to work under five-stars.Plus I already know Lilly and I am a very good friend to Chris, Jeffrey,Justin and some other people that are up to my level cuz I once studied here and I was a very good friend but among the lead bullies who hate commoners.

 the off building” Lilly sent.
I got off my car and went there.
She was there with Mira and some lead bully.

“You can leave,school is not yet in session,it will open fully tomorrow.. stay in touch with our chat” I dismissed the lead bully.

I looked at Lilly and sat facing her.
“Why did you allow that Krishna of a girl in dice high when you know she will cause you trouble?

Back then in the days,
commoners don’t usually stay long,
they only use a week and then run away.

what really happened???
was Romeo slack in punishment?
Did he stop being the master mind?
I asked her,looking directly into her eyes.

“No,he is not slack.
it’s just that the Krishna of a girl have many celebrity friends including Royal” Lilly said.

“wait!!! why is Royal involved?
Royal doesn’t have time for girls, he dates only you right?
Does Royal knows Krishna?
I asked Lilly.

She kept quiet.
Finally,she smiled. The Lilly I know has a brain that is always calculating evil….

“No,Royal can’t love any girl,it is only me he loves.Let’s eliminate Krishna, I want her far from dice high.It hurts seeing a commoner in my dads place and besides,I have never seen the poor masses dining with kings and queens” she said and opened her purse.
I guess she didn’t see what she wanted to bring out.

She smiled.

“Hmmm,hope Royal doesn’t know this girl?


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