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Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 18

Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 18
[As long as you gimme love💜]

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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~~Chris p.o.v~~~

I opened the fridge and pick up my favorite wine,it was chilled to my taste,like I always love it. I took a single glass and went to the living room. I sat beside Justin and opened the wine.

“Chris,what was your score in sir Davidson test? Jeff asked.
“that test,I didn’t even write anything. Just my name and signature” I replied, they laughed.
“what if your dad calls about your unseriousness?” Justin asked.
“You will help me” I said.

A call came in.
“Your dad” Jeff said and help me in connecting the call to the projector.
“you picked it?” I asked,lowly.
He chuckled alongside with Justin.

“Screwed!! I smiled lightly and pick my game pad.
Sir Davidson must have called my dad for sure about my unseriousness
with studies….

“Hi,dad! Justin and Jeff said.
“Sons, is Chris there? he asked. I did signals.

“he just left here”
they said different things at the same time,I laughed lightly.

“ohh,what was his score is sir Davidson test? he asked.
they said nonsense.

Eddy who was just entering shouted “200” when the test is over 100.
My dad was quite for some time.

“He is still not serious after exhibiting his exuberance in Korea,I know he is still unserious here in India. Fine,I know what to do” he said and hung up….

I drank my wine.
Jeff and Justin took the game pad and started playing.
“Seriously,Chris you need to be serious” Justin said.
I scoffed.

“I already studied. I studied music in Cambridge. He doesn’t want me to be the idol that i am today, he doesn’t want to see his only son being a celebrity,he wants me to take over his business….

I’m not after his property,
I’m not relying on his wealth,
I’m striving hard to make my own money and I thank God for who I am today,I have made it.I only need to enjoy myself with flexible and straight girls”
I winked.
Eddy walk up the stairs,

“will Royals come?”
he asked,half way to the stairs.
“No,he only come on Thursdays and Fridays.Saturday is a busy day for him” Jeff replied.
“ohkay” eddy replied and walk up to his room.

My personal assistant followed and bowed slightly.
“sir,your order arrived” he said and brought out a car key.The trending car to be precised.

Jeff widened his eyes and hijack the car key from my assistant.
“you brought another expensive car when you already have three of it”.
Justin said.

“man,my stuff”
I collected the car key back.
A maid rushed in.
“sir,lady Nina is outside” she bowed.
“take her to my room already” I replied.

“ohh she refused to open her legs,you wanna bribe her with the car key” Justin said.
I smiled and went to the door. I welcomed Nina and took her upstairs while the maids handled her bag.

Nina is also an idol.
A governors daughter to be precise and she is an Indian.We quiet fruends,though she left home for Scotland and just came back a week ago……

I guess she came to sign under five stars because she and Lilly are competitors diva.
She won Dice high face last two years and was suppose to win it again last year but Lilly had her way just because her dad owns the school and those stuffs.

Nina was suppose to be the queen but Lilly had her way again.
Though the two her pretty..
The trick is that one can never compare an India girl to a Korea girl.

Indian girls are flexible and sexy while Koreans are just so dramatic those are the likes of Han Lilly….

With Nina in dice high again,
I just hope more trouble won’t load..
Nina also had a crush on Royal but Royal is just to quiet and doesn’t chase after girls…he keeps girls on suspense about his relationship status….

“how is here???
Nina asked immediately we got to my room…
“Fine,how has your day been??
I asked and handed her a glass of cold vodka.
“Splendid….”she smiled and sat upright with her leg crossed hotly.
She’s part of the girls I had wanted to have on my bed but I Always miss her target cuz she’s smart and so intellectual…. Indians brains.
They can seduce someone without knowing.

“Nina,I bought you the latest car”.
I said and handed her the car.
“Really!! she jumped up and hugged me, I handed her the key,she kissed me lightly on the lips, the kiss was like heaven. I roamed her back and zip down her gown.

Gosh, she was braless and was just wearing only pants.
I trailed down the kiss to her neck line while squeezing her left breast softly.She moaned to my pleasure.
I unbuckled my belt and went for her pant,she stopped me.

“Don’t touch my pant”
she said.I withdrew….
“you like the car right? I asked.
“yes,it’s yellow,my favorite colour”
she smiled. I moved into her again and slip off her pant.I made her carried away.

The pleasure made her lock her legs around my waist on the bed…
We had fun….
it was really pleasurable and sweet… I never felt like stopping.
Gosh, this is the type of sex I like.
Very good sex.

Next day~~~~

Being Royal’s girlfriend is really difficult than I thought but the good thing is that he is a sweet guy..

I got off the bed and slip my feet into the bedside pink slippers,I strolled around my room and admired my wardrobe,it was filled with everything I desired. My dressing table was classic and pretty.
I couldn’t even touch any of the make up kits cuz I know nothing about makeup….

The room even had a very large fridge,a part was for cooling while another part was for maintaining temperature.

The second side contain luxury things…peanut jars of different makers,cookies,pizza, candies,sweets,cakes of different flavor….The place was just scattered with different delicacies..
With a look one can see that this things are bought from real companies. They look original, most especially the peanut jar. The glass and the package is something else.
I don’t think I can finish all in five months.

The other part was waoow…
Love does not really knows class.
He is really too wealthy,sometimes I forget am his girlfriend and act as his maid cos his wealth is just too pronounced.
At least,I know Chris dad is a business tycoon plus his mom is into polical money, Jeffrey’s dad owns a gold mining industry, his mom is a neurosurgeon while Justin’s parents deals in politics.
I know that they are all born with silver spoons but Royal,I don’t think I know why he seems wealthier and that’s why am always forgetting what i really mean to him

In a second,I would act as his girlfriend,in the next minutes,I would behave like a maid.
Royal almost killed me yesterday for washing my hand before touching him…

it’s not really me,
the way he walks,his cloths,the way he speaks,his skin,the way he carry himself with class and pride,everything about him makes me forget am his girlfriend.I wonder if he didn’t see other girls before choosing me.

I smiled and took a pack of cold Stone ice cream.
I might get murdered if the world finds out am really his girlfriend.
Sooner or later,Lilly will get tired of her fake lies and fake videos.

I left the ice cream in the fridge and went ahead to brush my teeth with the electric toothbrush, I left and walk out of my room in my nighty to Royals room,it was locked.
I understand he has lots of preferences and so, I entered the kitchen and opened the fridge,thinking of what to take.

*I will do it with pleasure”
a maid came in.
“you can go,breakfast would be served soon” she said and smiled sheepily.

“I’ve wanted to ask you if you’re one of Royals flings” she said.
I looked at her.
“Flings??” I expounded.
“Yes,fling means just to pass time, frirnds with benefit, use and dump”
she said?” she asked,getting me embarrassed.

“I will just pretend as if I didn’t hear that,keep calling me whatever thing you like and don’t forget to add fool and idiot” I told her and walk away.

I got to my room and used the washroom.I bath and applied my cream before putting on a light blue towel jacket.It was really loose and it brought out my cleavages pretty well..

I will just manage it till I eat finish.
A light knock came on my door,I answered it and it turn out to be that insulting made an another girl.

“Your breakfast”
the insulting girl said.
“thank you but I’m not interested” I said and lock my door back.

I opened the large fridge in my room and brought out fruits and a jar of condensed milk. I could hear the maids whispering.

“Sona,we are doom!!
“Where you rude to her???

“hunn what if I was rude to her? not like she’s someone special,she’s royals flings right??? sona asked.

“How could you be soo careless??
She is Sir Royals wife to be-
You lost your job already cos there are cameras everywhere,you’re also on morning roaster. If she doesn’t eat, you will be questioned!!

“What are you saying? I didn’t ….know… she….I thought she’s a side chick….what do I do??.
she won’t hear me out…
She lock her door already……

I heard whispering.
Like I said,I will just pretend as if I didn’t hear her.It’s her business if Royal fire her,if Royal didn’t find out I didn’t eat breakfast from kitchen, then she’s lucky.

I finish up with the fruits,then I drank milk and water.
I rested for a hour,
play games for twenty minutes,
watch fashion show for thirthy minutes before selecting what I want to wear to school.

A white long sleeve polo to cover my skin,a black jean and a classic sneakers.I tied my hair with a red bandana,I wore a fansy earring with two bangles.

I selected a red back and stuffed my laptop,phone,charger,a pack of sweet and some cash even though I won’t spend them.
i opened the door,the maids were still there,I didn’t even look at her,I greeted the second girl and walk downstairs.The men in suite opened the door for me.
I entered a white car in the garage, the driver drove out to school.
I was not late,I still have 30min to catch up.

I pinned my ID card to my white polo and got off the car.Royals driver was waiting patiently for me in the car till I will be done.

I unpinned my ID card and detach my timetable from it.I returned it immediately I got to the stairway.

I missed a stair and bummed into someone.His phone shattered right in my presence.
My goodness!! I was even stepping on his feet.

“Are you born blind?? Gosh this poor brats,where you born clumsy?”
he asked.I raised my head,it was Eddy.
“Sorry sir” I bowed and helped him to get his phone and car key….
my tag fell….

He scoffed when he saw my name
Then he look into my face.

“Are you really Krishna Knight???
he asked….

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