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Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 23

Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 23

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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why is she even running?-

“Zero would be recorded for you and your group members,you dare not miss this class” Mrs Chloe said.
Lilly frowned and retraced her steps to her stand…
Pride- she started it again.

Nina proceed to the next stage of selecting more patterned costumes, I used what she was doing to answer my test questions.

“when is this class ending?”
Jeff asked and look at Royal.
“I have a meeting in the next five minutes” Roy took his lips in and touch my wrist with lots of care, he leaned on me and made our face soo closed…..
Gosh, he usually looks so much different to me whenever we are in a crowd. At times,I would look at him and wonder why someone like him would go for me.
I’m very sure my life would have been so difficult without him.

Everyone gasped because of the closeness,
all cameras were on him…
He leaned into me,I was scared he would kiss me..
Nina smiled like a flower and took pictures of us like that.

She shot Lilly some kind of deadly glares..I was,more than confused.
I’m starting to think they are rivals with the way they oppose and rebel each other.

Royal wanted to touch my waist..
“Royal!!!!!!! I shouted.
“awwww” he said and back off.
Everyone laughed,
Girls were chewing their pens instead of writing their tests. 95% were busy focusing on Royal’s life when they have their own to amend…
Lilly hit her book angrily.

Cameras were pointed to Royal’s direction,Royal who had studied in Germany already, and time for test is also counting.

“I’m soo loving this” Nina said.
I took my booklet and went to stand beside Justin since Royal won’t allow me concentrate.

“Miss,open your booklet widely so that I can copy” Justin said and opened his pen.
“ohh you’ve not written your name”
he said and took my answer booklet, he swaped it with his blank booklet and wrote his name on mine, he signed under it also.


Justin passed my booklet to Chris,
Chris copied them all.
“Sir,what about the projector? is there not penalty for copying” I asked.
Justin smiled…
“I have my way” he said.
“I will sort them out” Chris said.
Royal was even pressing phone..
he was shopping online and sending messages to something minister.

You can’t run from me-
Royal came to my side again.
“Roy,Mrs Chloe is watching us” I said
“I will sort her out” he said…

20more minutes! the projector beeped. I wide my eyes at the blank paper in front of me and start answering the questions in another form…
I was done with the first eight questions, I couldn’t complete the remaining two, they are too hard.

Lilly you haven’t written anything,
why is your costume poorly defined?
Mrs Chloe said,
Nina laughed loudly in a mocking manner.

I look over to Royal and opened the booklet he collected,he didn’t write anything,just his name and signature.

“you didn’t write anything” I said.
He smiled and look into my face.
“is the answer on my face?” I asked.
“submission time is almost near” I said,he brush his fingers into mine and press them softly.
“should I go and stay in another group, you’re not making me concentrate” I said.
“aiishhh sorry,concentrate” he smiled

5more minutes! the projector beeped.
“let me check what you’ve done”
he said and collected my booklet.
He scoffed as he went through the questions.

“This simple thing…….
what am I paying money for if you can’t answer this last two questions? I think I need to fire this particular subject teacher” Roy said…
He took my pen and drop his phone.

I look at Lilly,I really pity her.
Her ego is bigger than her, pride won’t take her anywhere.

2more minutes! the projector beeped.
I stood well and check what Royal was writing in my booklet, he drop the pen immediately he was done, I checked it and saw how perfectly he answered the last two questions, his handwriting was even pretty.

His phone rang…
he picked his car keys,his escorts came to his side and left.
Chris and Jeff followed,
Justin submitted and slide a key into my palms,

he moved closer to me-
I think he wanted to tell me something but the shouts from crazy fans made him left.

*Jeeeeez whose key did he give to her??? is that Royals key! OMG!
*Royal wrote test for her,I wish it was me,I dreamt I was her,their closeness should means something……but can Lilly be lying about Krishna!

Romeo also left after looking at me for a very very long time,
Eddy left last.

“I will explain better,do not believe all what is being posted on Trending gist website,Lilly is a freaking liar!
Nina shouted.
The whispering died down.
Everyone looked at Lilly.
*Are we really fooled???
*No no no,Lilly can’t stoop so low!!

I look at Lilly,
I pity her the most even though I don’t know what they are talking about but am very sure it must be competition stuff or fight over Royal..
Senseless bunch of idiots!

Lilly look at the confused students…
“Don’t believe Nina, she isn’t trustworthy, if she is not an admin in the website, then don’t give her listening ears,Nina and I are rivals, I can’t really trust this dog?….

“You must be crazy for calling me a dog,am not like someone you will abuse that will keep shut…
Lilly you’re the real dog here,should I start counting the number of men you’ve slept with…
You’re not only selfish,you’re desperate,you can kill for what you want,you don’t have human feelings” Nina said.

“Can we trust this dog?”
Lilly shouted.
“I smelt your evil characters” Nina says.
Lilly blinked her lashes and walk out, her guards rushed her.
Nina also went out.

I picked my bag and entered the locker room and changed into my uniform, I left the glassy residence for downstairs,I got to the garage and entered the car.

He waited for a while before driving,
a young lady came by,
the driver step out and collected the package she was holding.

“Royals”he said and gave it to me.
I smiled and collected it and kept it,
he drove out of dice high.
💌 HB, please cook for me,once you’re done, keep the food in my room,lock it very well and keep the key in the slivery flower vase” Justin said.
 okay,I will do that” I sent.
💌 Don’t worry,you’re the one to marry Royal. Just face your studies for now okay. Make the food surplus” he sent…

I smiled…
This bad habit of eating too much.
I don’t think he can fast.

💌 Sister in law,ohh cook Chris own too,be careful at home! he sent.
 okay! I sent and drop my phone. I opened the box,I close it back.
I will open it when I get home.
“Band house first” I told the driver and plug in my black headset.
He nodded.


I ran into my locker room,
Nina cross path with me,her hands rested on her waist,my guards looked at her like lost dogs.
They can’t prevent her from entering cos her father is a governor,and she also have guards.

“Nina,what do you want?”
I asked her.
“So our eyes will meet again…. ohh you nose,you’re very wicked for not allowing me to smell the evil ones” she said.
“what exactly do you want?”
I glared at her.
She smiled.” I want us to finish what you started with me”
she moved around my locked room, her eyes was locking with every expensive thing inside there.

“Lily,you’ve still not change.
After all you did to me,you used me like a rag,your puppet in running every of your dirty activities and then you poured my friendship away you made me look like a fool.
The most paining part in the whole thing was that you used me to cover a crime you know Romeo committed.
You cleaned many sins off your hands and pointed bloody fingers at me, you took my glory of becoming last years voice and face by making me look like a bad person in front of the ones that I find favor in.
I kept quiet and never wanted to intimidate you..
How else can a clever person act?

if I should tell the world that it was Romeo who raped the Nigerian lady, I will only like a fool cos I don’t have an evidence and Mrs Suga won’t just sit and watch someone point sinful fingers on her son.
If I should reveal your lies then,we will both lose because we will both face punishment, I left you and took all the blames..
My family almost tore apart,
Lilly you never consoled,not even a common sympathy.
Will it be really right if I kindly walk walk away without making you feel what it means to feel pain?
Nina said.

“Pain…..that word doesn’t exist in my dictionary….
who the hell can make me feel pain in my dads school?” I asked her.

“Your dads school or Royals School?
You know you did many things back then and only me know all your secrets…..
You had both anal and virginal sex with Jayden,Royals manager..
You’re the mastermind of the Nigerian girl rape,
You tolde your dad faked a bethrothed evidence bonding you and Royal…..
You told me Mrs sugar isn’t Royal real mom,though you didn’t tell me who his mom is…
“do you think I don’t know this?”
she asked,I scorned her.

Remember when you did this;
“I,Han Lilly with deep sense of human feeling,commitment and responsibilities hereby promise this great prestigious citadel of learning to be a good ambassador if the crown is made to be mine!.
Lilly where is your commitment?
Lust for guys snatched them away from you…..
Save history for now,am not here for that” Nina said.
*whatever you’re here for,just know that am up to the task because we are both fighting for the same two things and I already achieved one ~ dice high face,which means I will be the one representing dice high in the competition, you would sit and watch me achieve the second thing which is Royal…….
if I should, I will make you call me first lady” I said to Nina

“Krishna is what I will use to bring you down” she said.
I was scared but I acted strong.

“Nina,you’re dumb by wanting to use a commoner to bring me down try harder” I said.
“time offers every spinless woman an opportunity to become brave… Krishna is worth more of someone to bring you down because she’s endowed, I admit she’s pretty than I do,that’s why am using her as a ticket. Lilly I ain’t dumb” Nina replied.

I never knew you’re this brainless.I don’t even think Royal know who you are Nina,he had amnesia….
if you like shout it to the world that I took advantage of royals amnesia, they won’t believe,where is your evidence?.
if you tell them Krishna is his girlfriend, they won’t still believe, everyone knows about Royal’s kindness,he treats everyone equally.
Even lexy debuted in Royals honour.
This song he sang for Royal went viral,even till now,people still listen to it. ..
🎹 You’re the one….
who quenches our thirst…..
like the cloud and the streams…
No one can understand your divine play,every inch of you is kindness…

I stopped playing the song and look at Lilly.
“Go ahead and tell them,they won’t believe you because they know about your craftiness.
Firstly,we are rivals,
Secondly,they will not know I can stoop this low.
Thirdly,Krishna can’t tell Royal about how I do treat her badly simply because she’s too kind….
Fourtly, Royal will hardly find out because he is always busy and he doesn’t have time for child’s play.. he can’t kiss Krishna in the public. Only them kissing where students are will expose me…..” I said.

Nina got disgusted…
“Even if I loose,It won’t be to you. It can be any other girl but not you.
I’m promising you your downfall is coming soon” Nina said.
Dirty pride!
she said and left.

Mira came by…
“Lilly do you know of any spotless goddess,I need her urgently” Mira said.
“Spotless goddess…I have never heard about that before and as for me, I don’t think goddess exist,only in movies they exist” I replied.
“Why not search on net for more clues on how to know who a goddess is?” I asked.
True- she smiled and went out.

Krishna Sweetheart….
The car entered the boys mansion and pull to a halt in the garage,the way the guards rush to the Lamborghini kind of made me feel special.

The men in suites opened the main door for me,I dropped my bag on the hairy chair and made my way to the kitchen fast so that I can leave early.
Part of me was wishing Thursday should arrive quickly….
Thursdays,Saturdays and Sundays are the only days royal do spend lots of time with me….
I’m kind of missing us together.
No worries,Thursday will soon come.

“Hy,honey” the chef greeted.
I smiled and greeted the chef with a bow.He sent me a thumbs up.

I picked the ingredients of what I will be needing and started cooking what I know Justin,Chris and Jeff like best, the chef watched me with enthusiasm, I guess his cooking skills has still not improve.

We heard multiple horns from the garage…
“are they back?” I asked…
“umm it’s just Eddy…ohh Romeo’s car too has driven in” he replied.
i stopped what I was doing.. .

“Romeo usually come here?” I asked.
“once in a while” he replied.
“ohh that Eddy is he nice?” I asked.
“hmm I don’t really know since he just joined but I noticed he doesn’t like dirty,he love classic girls and he parties a lot” he replied.

I dished the foods and made sure Justin’s own was plenty.
This bad habit, he needs to stop it.

The chef cleared everywhere and covered Chris and Jeff’s own properly,I took Justin’s car away from the counter and carried his food since he said I should keep it in his room…

“where’s Justin room?” I asked.
“The third room on the forth floor” he said. I nodded and took the food upstairs.

I counted my steps and saw the room,his name was even on the door.

I was running to the door with the hot food in the tray,the second door opened,the tray slipped,everything poured on the person that step out…

Part of his skin that it poured on turn red…
“Omg!!!!!!!!! I’m sorrrryyyyyy…
I raise my head to look in his face,

Now,I think am dead!

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