Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 28

Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 28

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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I looked around in shock,is he really telling me to enter?.
ohh no,Krishna stop dreaming,stop imaging, stop wishing because you’re nothing to him.
Eddy is working with Lilly. Even if he will help you,he will want to collect something in return. That thing,you might not be able to offer.
He can’t even help you.

I swallowed into nothing and pretend as of he wasn’t talking to me.
According to their chef, Eddy doesn’t talk to commoners.

I can’t be something to him,
not even a friend.Even if I want to be something,it would be a maid..

“Enter,we are writing test together”
he said while placing his finger on the door button.
“hunn” I said in surprise.

Lilly frowned.
“why defending her or have you forgotten that you’re a lead bully and lead bully don’t pity disaster students and besides,there’s punishment for disobeying the queens order!
Lilly said.

I look down.
Does disobeying the Queen’s order also have punishment?
I mean what type of school is this.

Eddy didn’t look at Lilly….I guess he had his words reserved or maybe he is not interested in exchanging words with Lilly.

“Remember I told you not to involve me in your matter, go your way and let me go mine. I really can’t withstand your dirty character and vulnerability” Eddy replied and opened the door.

He entered the hall,I followed and was extremely careful not to be clumsy around him,
he might hate me cos he has class.

💌 opppa,I love you.
💌 oppa are you debuting this month
💌 opppppaaaaa gossshh

I heard whispers.
ohh he is even a Korean,no wonder he is so dramatic.

“why are you hiding behind my back, let’s make use of that stand” he said.
“okay sir” I replied and stop hiding behind his back.

it’s not really me,
I am scared of bullying,Lilly might have tell them something. I wonder why she hates me soo much.
Why can’t she just wish me well the exact way I wish everybody well?.

🚺 gosh Krishna is a nerd!
🚺 she’s the lead in studies now, she already have hundreds in five different subjects,
🚺 I like her,she isn’t proud.She usually tell people answers.
🚺 is she a friend to the celebrities?

I heard whispers as I rush over to join Eddy in the stand he choose, I pick two questions booklet and kept one carefully in his presence.

💌 Guys,look closely very well, Krish is really something. Her closeness to celebrities isn’t ordinary..

💌 Do you think wearing dyardins brand of wear is ordinary??

💌 I think it’s time we demonstrate and ask royal about this so as to clear tired. We are tired of believing all updates.We don’t even know what to believe anymore or we force Lilly to say the truth.
I heard again.

Eddy brought out his phone and started texting some people,the invigilator saw him but never utter a word. Eddy hissed as he pick a video call…
“Eddy you’re in class right?”
I heard.
“I already told your manager to cit out your work for now”

“Dad for real????” Eddy asked.
“if you are not serious,I might stop you from becoming an idol,I won’t stop you if you have 100 in chem 201″
the call ended.
He dropped his phone and wrote his name and pass number on the answer booklet.

I answered my question,
he was also writing. Soon we proceeded to stage 10,titration stage.
I watch him measure acid into the burrete, he wanted to pipette acid again.

sir no,it’s not done like that,you are suppose to pipette base.Acid is titrated against base” I said.
he drop the pipette.

aaaaahh,how am I sure he didn’t write nonsense.
I’m still thinking why he helped me.
He look at dreamingly as I reset everything.

“You’re also doing nonsense!
he hit my hand with a test tube.

“Do you even add indicator?”
he asked and hit me again.
“aaaiiiish,I understand!!!
does he even know that hurt.
I don’t think he knows because his expression isn’t mean,it was calm.

ummm yes- I did.
Maybe you didn’t seee me do that, I already added phenolphthalein, the substance acting as the base is sodium trioxo carbonate (V) DECA hydrate! I said.

“Do you realize you’re giving me headache with those words?” he asked.

“Do you mean longer words like antimonopologeographicationalism? I asked,he covered his ears.
“stop saying those words,I am already having headache! he said.

“ohk,I know another one.
have you heard of pneumonoultramicropicsilicovolcanoconiosis?” I said….

“aaaah,am already having headache” he said…
“I will report you to five stars management” he said.
I smiled and continue my work.
I peeped into his work,he wrote nonsense all through,the only one he got was the one we did together.

“Eddy what do you know?
“is there something you can do?”
I smiled as I said in my mind….

“Miss, there’s punishment for calling me a dullard” he said.

did I say it loud?

“You said it very loud” he said.
The invigilators went out.
Everyone faced me, I opened my booklets widely and started telling them answers.

A student went to lock the door,the projector was also switched off….
They copied very well.
I helped eddy in picking another booklet,I even help him to write but he signed himself…

“Krish,be on the alert”
someone said.
I covered my book,
someone rushed to turn off the projector while another person went to open the door.

“this is the best test ever!
someone whispered.
The invigilators entered again.
They laughed into nothing and gave me thumbs up.

Eddy smiled.
ohhh goodness,hope his smiles are geniue.
“why are you soo pretty,are you a goddess?”
he whispered and took his lips in…

“Let’s have one night stand,ask for anything,I will give you.Just one night stand”
He said with a baby pout.
“Cars, estate,anything,I will give you. One night sex,it won’t hurt you” he pout again and look into my face dreamingly.

is he really talking to me?……
Does he not know who am I to Royal?

“What do you say? He asked.
I faced him….
Is he really serious or joking?…


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