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Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 29

Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 29

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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is this really what men are?
After God,one should be very careful with guys especially the wealthy and handsome ones..
is this one really royals friend?

I pretended as if he wasn’t talking to me and walked over to the invigilators,I submitted my script and walk alongside with other students and walked out.

“Hy hon,thanks for your kindness. its like you knew I didn’t read” a girl walked close to me and said.
“what did I do?” I asked.
She smiled and touch my hair.
“you opened your book widely” she smiled.I smiled back as she touch my hair scalp.
“your scalp is soft,I think that’s why your hair grew so long.Mine isn’t even full like this” she said.
“thanks” I said.
“bye,I will see you some other time” she beamed and left.

Another girl.also came.
More girls came to me,all looking classy.
“you’re pretty”
“thumbs up”
they said and left.
only two stay behind.

“Hy Krishna, can you sing and dance?” a girl asked.
“I’m not certain. My voice is unpleasant and my dancing step is verrrrry poor” I said.
My hands suddenly went to my jacket, I pull it more close.

This is getting too much..
I usually feel different among my mate and this outfit,I wonder why Lilly choose it.

“If you can’t sing and dance,then why are you in dice high?” the girl asked.
“hmmm nothing…
“I just attended to” I sturttled.
“I seriously don’t know” I whispered.
The girls smiled.
Mira came in and look over to me,
my mind drifted to Lilly, I didn’t even see her in the test hall.

Mira scoffed and left.
I faced the girls.
“that Mira,is she wicked?” I asked.
“not really,she only have attitudes. Her dad is into political money and she’s our class president and Lilly’s best friend” the girl said.
I nodded.

is Mira so much better than Lilly?
I left the girls and entered my locker room,I took my phone and wore my bag well, Eddy came in with his right hand tucked into his pocket, his left hand was holding his phone and key- maybe car key…

A chain was deeper into his suit tux.
And his hair was banded to prevent the fringes from falling into his eyes.
He was chewing into something slowly.

“you scoped an idol” he said.
I turned back.
“I don’t understand what you’re talking about” I pretend.
“one night stand,what’s your take?”
he asked,I turned to look at him.

“I will give you anything. Just name it” he said….. his face suddenly came closer, his tongue was on his lips.
I ran to the door,
he watched me with lots of interest,
lust desires clothed him.
Even Royal doesn’t look at me like that…
The way eddy look doesn’t look like love at all.

“Stop.looking at me that way,I am a lady and i deserve respect” I said.
He came close.
“miss, I’m not a flirt,what’s your take” he said.

“I don’t want any thing, I never told you I’m in need of something or is there any sign board on my head. Sir,I will be very mad at you if you tell me this things again. And I will also get angry when next you look at me on that manner” i said and ran away.

how long did I run?
The way he look at me was really scary.

I ran to Dora’s locker room,
Eve was there,craming something on her laptop.
“my manager will smack me today” she said and drank water fully.
Dora was watching pedicure display on line and drinking juice at the same time. I sat beside Eve, she smiled and placed her laptop on my lap.

“Sweetheart,explain this thing”
she said and brought out a pen and sheet of paper…
I explained it to her. It was just a simple calculation.
She smiled and carried on with her cramming.

Shantai entered with five maids,
each of her maid is carrying a large bag.They dropped it on the floor and left…..

“Friends,patronize me” she said in a funny manner and started opening the bags.’I have more stocks’ she said.

“You-your things expensive” eve said….
“ummm they ain’t” Shantai smiled.
“waoow it’s nice” Dora said.
“I love it” eve said.
I smiled and picked a top, Eve hijacked it from me.

“1.2million ruppees”
Shantai said.
“you’ve started” Dora said and picked another thing.
“Yeah,am not joking but if I want to sell to Krish,it’s 1.9milliom ruppees”
Shantai said and brought out more designs.

“Even if Krishna buys it,will she wear it? shy girl,she doesn’t wear this types of clothes and her boyfriend like her looking classy on things like this…..
I remember that day Royal gave me money to buy things for her,
that day was the best day of my life..
That day was the day royal spoke to me and it only lasted for 10min….

He was sooo fluent while telling me the choices of things he wants me to buy for her,he likes things like this.
Such a bad boy!
Dora said.

“Krish,you need floging for starving your boy friend-
Shantai said.
I nodded like a kid and picked the most decent gown in her stock,a black heel slippers that has a white doll on it,the slippers really look matured plus the body was hairy..

I wore it to test,Shantai snapped it on my feets.
“Altogether 4million ruppe notes. Dora your own is 2M” Shantai said.

“ummm Tai,I only picked two things, Dora picked more than six things, why is her own money lesser and mine higher?” I asked.

“I won’t sell same price for the two of you,your boyfriend has the money” Shantai said.
“Krish pick that up and down instead, it will suit you cos you’re crazily set” Dora said.

“Emmm the top,isn’t it too exposed?”
I asked.
“and you will wear it when you’re alone with Royal or when you’re in your room” eve said.

“I don’t like it” I replied. .
“Gossssshhh,Royal will have heart attack seeing you in this.Do you even know what Lilly used to wear when she was in your position?
Back then,she was every ladies dream because everybody thinks she’s better than them..
Lilly wears trending clothes,
she always change her closet every one month, she doesn’t wear clothes twice….She was once my customer. Even till now…but it’s my maids who do sell to her” Shantai said.

“I don’t like it.
I don’t want to look immoral to him, I already have a lot in my wardrobe.” I said…

“Krishna is still childish… you’re his girlfriend,you need to be comfortable around him and spend his money to look good for him.For now,that’s your work as his girlfriend..
Wearing this types of clothes won’t make you look wild, it will make you look superior….” Dora said.

in fact,let me pick for you” eve said.
I widened my eyes.
“See our president wife,
you better stop hiding all these things” Eve said.

I watched are as she picked cloths from Shantai stock…

“emmm I don’t want ooo.
I will just pay for these” i said and add the up and down to what I’ve picked earlier.
Even God knows I won’t wear them, it’s only the slippers I will wear.
And the up and down-
maybe when am alone in my room.

“Altogether,8.3billion” Shantai said.
“three stock” I said.
“yes but they are classy,you will thank me later” she said.
I did transfer,
she screamed and jump on me, she smiled and package them in a nylon, the nylon even had her name.

Eve and Dora also paid.
She kept on smiling as she packaged them…
I brought out my fruit salad and started eating since there’s still 1hour break for the last test.
Somehow,I miss aunt mitchy.


I never knew she would be very different.Girls like her are always seen in movies.
Despite my handsomeness and achievements, she still turned me down.

I smiled at how she ran to the door and said I should never look at her in that manner.

Krishna Sweetheart Knigh!
her name have a lot of sense.
only goddesses bears such names.
Although am a Korean but I still know little things about this stuffs..Indians strongly believe in.

Names like laskmi,jophiel,Avanthika, Krishna are strictly meant for them.
I know she’s one of them the very first day I met her.Her naturalness made me believe goddess is real.

I only said those words to test her and actually wanted to confirm what Lilly said.

 come home,now” Justin sent.
 on my way” I replied.

That krishna~~
I don’t really know her but in my view and the facts I’ve gathered about her being a goddess,

She really needs someone that will bath her with attention and care…
because the more care given to goddess and angels,the more the good fortunes that will come to oneself.
The more wealthy the person taking care of her will be..
Their heads do provide a lot of good fortunes,
Reasons why politicians do use goddess for black magic or rituals.

~Mira’s p.o.v
I opened my phone again,
oh nooo
oh nooooo
Nina did this again…

This is exactly what she need to bring Lilly down,I knew she will gather more displays of Royal and Krish together.

Nina used Royal and Krishna’s closeness to bring Lilly down, she blasted Lilly badly in the website.

ummm and the students,
they all watch the full display!
The display was sooo real and it was a day video.
Krishna even spoilt everything by looking more classic and beautiful in the video..

where did Nina get this display from?
I’m confused… it from Dora?…
Hmmm Dora also wants to be our enemy,it better not be her!

Lilly moved over to me,
I showed her the phone.
“we need to stop all this, see it’s getting worst”

“Nina is ruining me and the students-
Royals set date for marriage is getting close,what will I do?” Lilly sturltled.

“let’s close the website first!
I said.
“okayyyyyy close it! she shouted.

‘Lilly you need to leave or hide,the full display is out,some fans saw royal holding krish waist in front of a mall two days ago…
see Nina captioned it;
Lilly liar vs Krish original”
Angel showed the display.

Lilly moved out,
Angel and I followed her.

Nina was already downstairs holding a mini microphone.
“who’s the liar?????? she shouted.

💌 Lilly!!!!!
🚺 Damn,I can’t believe…
🚺 I fell for her lies…..
🚺 it’s obvious,I wonder why she’s fuckingly fake!

more students crowded.

“No…’s not true!!!!!
Lilly covered ears…..ears

The noise-
🚺 whaaaaaaaat
🚺 krish was seen with the presidential bracelet four different times, is that nothing Han Lilly???
___You only had the chance to be with royal because of your dad and Mrs sugar………
You’re the cause of his amnesia?

students crowded Lilly.
Nina smiled and held her mouth piece.

“Han Lilly,explain why you want Royal so desperately and tell them he dumped you last year” Nina shouted.
The noise increased.

🚺 Dice high queen liarrrr
🚺 You want him,yet you lived a lie
🚺 You need him,yet you lied to him
🚺 You want him,yet you ruin him
🚺 Dice high queen or a deviever?

ohhhh noo Han Lilly say something.
You’re the queen,they will believe you, if you don’t talk,Nina will look like winner.

Lilly speak up…

She couldn’t speak,
and Nina continue using her weakness against her.Everyone hates verbal insults and embarrassment.
She couldn’t speak,
her quietness was ruining things….

She ran out of shock,students rushed her. She stumbled and fell out of shock…


💌 Lilly speak..
💌 does the cat have your tongue?
💌 Royal latest album ‘sweetheart’ is it for Krishna or you???
💌 ohhh my gaaaad Nina is right!
💌 I can’t believd you can stoop this low……
💌 speak up,royal has dump you for a year now. .
💌 since you won’t talk,we will make you talk….
💌 Acid pleeeeeaaaassse!

Lilly tried standing up,
someone brought her down…

Nina smiled ‘this is not the end,it’s just the begining’..
I gasped shocked.

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