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Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 3

Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 3
[i know,i can’t be yours💜💜]

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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Sir Zayn looked me for a while then look at Xingzi who was dressing like an harlot.It is not like she is fleshy like Krishna, she doesn’t have half of whatever shape Krishna has.

Xingzi is like a broom,
I can’t even touch her because there is simply nothing to touch on her body.I didn’t find her attractive to my taste.

How can I stoop so low???
I might have done stupid things in my life but I don’t think I can do this particular one.
She’s not my taste at all and she kind of look cheap.

“Dad,he did it”
She shouted.
She was now wearing a strapless top without bra,her bumbershort was tight enough to reveal the whole of her pant lines.
I scoffed at her one more time..
Even a lunatic won’t find her attractive.

Sir zayn didn’t say anything and so I decide to speak.

“well,I know you will defend her beacause she’s your daughter.One thing you should know is that am not a backbiter. Your daughter was trynna lure me” I told him.
He nod his head severally.

“You’re lying!!!! xing said.
“At some points….don’t let us speak with each other” I cautioned her.

“Xing,he’s your brother.He can’t do such a thing”Sir zayn finally said.
She faked real tears.

“there you go again……
she stopped her statement and ran in like she’s being pursued.

“Honey, I’m sorry.Xingzi has been a bitch right from time and that’s why we get her here.I already accept her as a cross that I need to carry and bear by myself.
Royal,I don’t know what to do.Xingzi usually makes me cry and sad all day. Her sister even called me this might that she almost slept off with the cheif guard.” sir zayn said.

I breathed in and hugged him.
“she will change” I said.
“when???????? he asked,impatiently.
“Soon” I replied.
“Soon looks like forever” he replied. I pull away from the manly contact.

“we are cool” he said.
I smiled and entered my car,he entered inside after watching me drive outside.


I slept all over my laptop and tried sleeping,it didn’t come my way at all.
I watch videos,thinking I would sleep for but didn’t.
I even went ahead to bath again, it was still the same thing.

Then,I laid flatly on my bed and use the bread spread to cover myself, recalling all what Mrs Rose told me about Royal. I suddenly wish I could always help him in the very best way that I can help him since helping him gives me joy.

I recalled all that happened earlier today and started acting stupidly to myself with my eyes closed. I didn’t even know when my mom came in.

“I don’t want you to he my friend,I want you to be my girlfriend and wife at the same time”.

I remembered that moment, I smiled the more.
“Royal,I love you!!!!!!!
I almost shouted but I stopped when I sensed the presence of mom appropriately.

Gosh, that’s so close!
what would she have said to me if she caught me shouting Royal I love you!!!!

I came to normal and pretend as if I was smiling from sleep. I felt her sit beside my bed,she adjusted my pillow well and uncovered me because there was heat.

She squeeze my Palm and user her other hand to arrange my hair.
she sang for me in sleep like she knew I couldn’t sleep.

That song….
🎻 Beautifully you!!!.

She arrange my hair again.
And covered my body again,It has started snowing outside.

“Sweetheart,if only you know am also trying to help your life,you won’t be scared of me anymore. Though I can decide everything for you but one thing I can never decide for you is the love of your life.
I’m only trying to see if you’re sure of your feelings. Guys might be stupid some of the times and even all of the time.I don’t want you to fall for their tricks.I hope whosoever you’re seeing is treating you well???
She asked…

“Sweetheart,who are you seeing????
“Tell me,I promise I won’t shout” She said…
I pretend as if I was sleeping.

“Sweetheart!!! she said into my face.
“Who are you seeing???
“what’s his name?????
she asked, impatiently.

“I hope you will tell me tomorrow?
she said and rearrange my bed.
I opened my eyes immediately she left……

well,I think am dreaming?????

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