Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 33

Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 33

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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Royal’s p.o.v
I already have my plans.
The only problem is will it work?
Am I capable enough to find the real truth about my past,am I capable enough to endure the pains that will come with it also?..

And Krishna-
she’s the only girl I love,
she’s my dream woman.Her safety is my own priority.Her mom told me she does not want anything from me neither did she collect anything from me the day she gave her to me.

She only said ‘my dream is to always protect Krishna and that’s why her upbringing is a way too strict.If my daughter should suffer…… then I also failed my roles as a mother.

I reasoned with what she said.
Yes of course,I love Krishna and I should be able to protect her from fear and inferiority…she is still trying to feel comfortable with me.
I know it’s not really easy because everything about me keep reminding her how my standard differs from hers.

Securing her future and making her stand tall amidst her counterpart, making her dices face this year is my own dream but if I don’t handle Lilly now,I might lose in that dream and I might fail krish mom too…

Lilly can’t stand someone winning her and she can’t stand another girl singing with me at nationals, and as it stands now,Krishna is her main challenge.

of course,I should be able to protect the woman I love,if I can’t protect her, maybe that will be the end of ~~Royal Sugar~~~
because I can’t marry any lady aside Krishna…
I can’t bare kids with any lady and if Krishna dies,I won’t have kids and then my wealth will be for dust.

I did signals to Elliot,
he took Krishna in.
Next,I trailed the unknown man with my guards. I don’t know if we will see him but we followed the direction he took.

if there’s anything Mrs sugar is hiding,only this man has answers to it and I hope hr won’t lie about it.
am scared of trusting people too much.

“Sir Royal,I think he took this direction” one of my guards said and was kind of stopping me from passing the deserted path.

“But what if he passed here”
I took my lips in.
“umm sir,we cabr allow you go alone what if someone tries to attack you”
a guard said.
I sighed.
I even forgot i wasn’t allowed to walk too much and worst still alone.

“I won’t walk much-
I just wanna look” I said.
they kept quiet as I started walking through the deserted path.

the head guard screamed in a little whisper.
“aaaah sorry, is it not look-
okay,I won’t go alone”
I sighed and check what time says.
it’s really late tho.

“Sir,it seems we lost track on the stranger already. We should be in the alert next time” he said.
Elliot joined us.
He brought my car~the blue Lamborghini..
he stepped out and threw the key to danny immediately he beeped the car.

“Sealed” danny said and opened the front seat,I nodded and plugged in my headset, I did my seat belt,danny drove while the millitary guards had to trek back.

“Is krish safe?”
I asked Ely.
“Yeah,she is in already” he said.
I brought out my red phone and removed it from flight mode,I checked what I wanted to check and quickly return it to flight mode cos of distractions.
I took my gold laid phone,I already missed twenty calls and two messages from Mrs sugar.

💌 My son,why don’t you usually come home anymore?
💌 I need to see you!.

I dropped the phone as Elliot drove into the new BSQ mansion I bought for Krishna last month. I didn’t even tell her I already put her family there..

I undid my seatbelt and stepped out,
Elliot followed me in.
Krishna was aleady sitting beside he granny, she had on a very surprising look and her eyes are searching around. Of course she’s surprise her granny is here.

“Mother…..” she called slowly,still searching around.
“who.brought you here,since when have you been here? Granny is this you?” she asked in a whisper.

“Yes,this is me and I came here to see you become the next first lady. You made me proud”
her granny said with a warm smile.
Krishna smiled but she smiled out tears….
“what type of cry is this one and besides where’s your bracele?” her granny asked.
“in my purse” she said with little tears..
“it is for wrist and not for purse”
her granny suddenly sounded like her mom….what am I even saying, they all look alike.
“I’m sorry mother” Krishna blinked her lashes.

Six kids rushed out of upstairs.
A 16years old twin with four young kids in the ranges of 4,6,7 and 9.
They all look simple.
ohhh krsishna is the only matured grandchild.

Krish wiped her tears immediately the kids got to her,they sat on a long couch and keep shifting for her to sit.
They really like her.
I greeted her grandma and walk upstairs.

“sweetheart,will you allow me follow me when you’re going? Your boyfriend looks wealth in all. Am I permitted to be like him when I grow up?” one of the kids asked.

I stopped halfway the stairs and smiled at the 16years old kid who.was chit chatting freely.

Yes,it feels good to he wealthy,famous, being five stars leader and also being the president but are you ready to endure the pains

Krishna smiled and lift the youngest kid on her laps..
“where is your twins,Alen?”
she asked.
“you didn’t see me I’m here” a hand went up.

“Ohh Allia,you’ve grown tall” k smiled.
Allia nodded and removed her hairs from her face.Her and Krishna have the same tempting eyes and hair.

“Sister,I love this place…
it’s far better than the village. I love seeing new things too”
Allia clapped.

I went upstairs.
They all look simple and contended with what they have.
I will still keep a check on them.
Lilly’s p.o.v
Angel and jingwen are downstairs, each of them are speaking to.their managers on phone..
Curfew has ended tonight,
there will be school tomorrow…if I would wish anything,I would wish for Nina’s downfall,the shame she caused me in school was a way too much but thank goodness I was able to convince students in the group chat but my prove was not really accepted..

I heard water splashes as I walk into my room.
ohh it must be Mira.
I think she wants to sleep over.
Anyhow she wants it,she’s in her best friends house.
I wore a red polo without bra, just a pant. I decide to carry my laptop,Mira’s bag fell bad her things poured.

Waoow,Mira keeps diary.
i picked the already opened diary.At first I didn’t want to sneek it but since we don’t keep secrets from each other, I decide to do so.

😍 Dear darling diary,
I am looking for somebody😭
Yes,a goddess in human form for my dad’s sacrifice.
Although, I still hate my dad for involving himself in such dirty character but in the other thought,it wsd that same blood money he used in training me,who am I to hate him then when I’ve also spent in the money?
😱 If he doesn’t find the goddess, no more wealth,no more games,no more popularity…
My dad cannot live poor, he can’t go back to his destined poverty live and he has heart seizures..
I wonder which one will kill him first if he doesn’t find this goddess.

I closed the diary and picked her phone,she didn’t put it on lock.
She already opened recording app.
I breathed in as I listened to the slow record of her dad talking about goddess…

Who can this person be?
Goddess only exist in movies.
They are damn sexy,beautiful, definitely, no one can compete with them when it comes to beauty, their voices is capable of giving someone sleepless nights…

I wandered as I quickly transferred Mira’s dad recording to my phone.
But can this person be Krishna?…

Krishna might be one.
She’s the only person who gave me problems in the history of dice high. She’s my main challenge.
I don’t usually waste time in kidnappings those that are better than me…

Or does Krishna sings???
is she hiddng her talents from me??
what am I even saying……the other day went to Germany, she and royal shared the same suite and I heard her singing something…did she sing..
or no she has never sang to my hearing but her voice sounds like music even though it’s always simple.

Krishna is making Mrs sugar and my dad loose hold on Royal,she gained the idols trust and love easily….even Mrs Rose and dice high board might have concluded that she will be the one to sing with Royal….who knows?
God,she will surely get fame faster… Royals fame will boom her carrier in latest four days… Krishna is my main challenge,am suppose to be the best”….

“Lilly are you high?”
Mira asked as she moved in in a short towel,a shower cap was on her head.

“I think Krishna is the goddess you’re looking for” I said,her jaws dropped down..
“You checked my diary”
she said and hugged me.

“No bess it’s nothing, the two of us are going to benefit from this, I havey plans” I said.
She smiled and brought a classic stool….
“I think there’s something interesting about Krishna’s past,am keeping that on a check” I.said and whispered my plans into her ears.

Royal will soon come he-
he will help me put Nina in her place..
with my plans..


I couldn’t sleep with the kids…
Each time I close my eyes,I wonder why Royal always put me in shock.
Maybe this is what made me crazily fell for him since he is fond of erasing my pain and he always tell me I should dream big..
But my family background always made me remember that I am not meant for this…

Maybe because I’m used to pain.
I’m a very contended person…soo contended that I don’t fansy competition among my mates. Anyone that wins,I usually support them…
Singing and dancing is not really meant for me.
To me,I do it for fun and I believe everyone are pretty.

Emilia rolled and almost fell off the wide bed,I helped her and redo her duvet..
Emillia is the,youngest of my cousin.
She’s just three.

“Are you scared?” Alia asked and look at me.
“No,you should sleep” I said, she smiled.
“Sister,each time I look at you,I usually remember my mom.You look like her” Alia said.
“Alia sleep” I said.
*please nowww…
One more question-
What’s the name of your boyfriend, he is too kind to be human” she said.

“I want to sleep,do not disturb me”
I said.
“But sister you promise you will always tell me everything like mother” she said.

I took one of the pillows.
Alia watched with interest.
The duvet slip down to my lap level..
ohh no,what’s all this in front of Alia.
Alia might start acting like Dora who likes teasing me with everything.

I look at her,
she smiled and close her mouth slowly,then she help in covering me with the duvet.
“I know you’re verrry verry pretty before but you’ve changed a lot..beautiful doesn’t even suit you anymore” she said, I pretend as if I didn’t hear that.

“You two have hugged before?”
she asked with a tease.
I made a ‘like I know look’.
“yeah” I breathed out,
she smiled and hugged me.

I can’t breath-
what type of crazy cousin have I got.
“Alia,I want to sleep.I will tell you everything tomorrow” I said.

“one more question-
Tell me his name please” she said.
“Best” I said,she smiled..
“Best” she repeated it.
“he is not your mate” I said.
She moved into me properly and gave me that mother and child hug.

“Does he use facials?…..hmmm if he doesn’t uses it,then I wonder how his teeth will look like,he looks ethereal, his physique is unique. I wanted to go and tell him thank you for taking care of you and us….I wanted to shout thank you to him” she said.

“why didn’t you tell him thank you?”
I asked 16years old Alia.
“maybe because I realized we ain’t in his levels…i might infect him and then I remember it’s not good to infect your helper. People like that only exist in movies”
Alia said.
She smiled…

I held her hand tight.
“You act like our mom” she said.
I smiled….’we are family’.

“I know Best will send someone to pick you tomorrow…I will miss you”
she said..and slept.
I fell into sleep too.
8.00am…….[Next day
I was already in the car..
The driver joined me minutes later and drove out.

“curfew ended yesterday night”
the driver said.
“okay” I said and checked the messages I missed from Dora.
Shantai also sent some things for me.

i kept my phone in my bag immediately the car drove in.
A strange car was inside already, it has a name at the back.
💕 Queen Lilly 💕

What’s Lilly doing here???
I made a surprised look.
As i want to open the door,
someone else opened the door from the inside.

It was Lilly…
She was wearing only a green polo that stopped on her mid thighs then she carried a black bag. She was holding her phone and car key on the other hand..
She came out first, she didn’t even say anything to me…she acted like it’s only her there.

what’s she looking for here?…
Royal came out,his face was down.
Lilly made a scoff immediately Royal raise his head to look at me..

He didn’t say anything,
he looked at me,tho I didn’t really understand.
I ran inside.


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