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Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 34

Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 34

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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I ran inside,
I felt worried as I drop my bag on the couch.
I’m trying to guess why Lilly came here and why allowed her enter.
ohh gaaaaaaad,
Did Lilly come to fake bad lies about me and besides I’ve never seen Royal looking moody like that.

He couldn’t even look me for long.
I felt like something is wrong,
something is not right,
maybe Royal doesn’t like me anymore…
maybe I made a very big mistake in climbing high in dice high..
maybe this is how celebrities and idols play girls like football.

Hum can royal leave me?
he likes me right?
all the kisses he had given to my lips and touches he did to my body are something to him right?…
he is the first guy I would be having such deep emotions and romantic feelings for,
I should mean something to him..
or has he thrown those feelings away?
I wipe the tears that wanted to drop,
Luckily,madam Gina didn’t see them.

“Sweetheart,would you love to have another bath?” she asked.
“yes,mother” I replied and covered my face with my bag so she won’t see my teary eyes.

“okay,come upstairs”
she said…
ohhh screwed-
she will see my teary eyes.
I opened my mouth slightly and drop the bag.
I don’t want to remember seeing Lilly with Royal, I would be less worried if its another girl but lilly~
she’s a bad girl,
she is up for no good,
all she knows how to do is to ruin royal,
lie for him,
pretend for him,
boasting around with his achievements.
Although I’m not sure of what he did to him in the past but all I know is that can never in her life do a good thing…
I can’t forgive her vulnerability.

“Am still waiting,krish”
madam krish said.
I dropped my bag properly and joined her on the stairway.
“were you crying earlier?”
she asked…
I smiled as i followed her upstairs.

I bath and wore the cloth I bought from Shantai, madam Gina served food and left.
I only drank milk .
Am i suppose to eat when he look moody?.

“madam,your teacher is around”
a maid said.
I stood up and wore a sweater on the cloth that I wore,I picked my notepad, pad and the three handouts she gave to me.

“Teacher,good morning”
I greeted,politely.
She smiled and kissed my cheeks, she started teaching.
I even stopped over thinking.
she changed the handouts to another sets then she passed me a question and an answer booklet.

I quickly opened my pen and started answering the tricky questions,
she watch me like a movie and would also laugh at my intelligence.

“You’re improving”
she said when I submitted 4mins earlier,she brought out a recording clip..

“Sing any song… I need to get your real voice recording” she said.
“I can’t sing” i said.
“Do it,Mrs rose already told me about your abilities and besides,this is also part of my job” she said.

I sighed.
She will think am doing it purposely.
She will think I don’t want to allow her have my voice clip but the truth is that I don’t like my voice clip around.. Smart people in this wicked world will figure out that I’m different on my own and I might end up being kidnapped.
The people that I’m better than can’t stand watching me take their places, I don’t want to end up like Adesola in dice high…
The talented girl was murdered brutally according to what I heard.

Aunt Mitchy turned on the recording clip and look at me.
“Krish sing” she said.
“I don’t want to…” I said.
“Don’t worry” she said.

I sang…..
🎼 You gave me the world
“gave me the world to feel on it”
“gave me the world to climb higher,inspire and be best”
“You got me out to be with you”
” I will climb higher….higher…… inspire…..inspire….with you
“till death we part”

she clapped and saved the recording..
“You sing with so much emotions abs I always appreciate singers who are able to capture the hearts of listeners” she said and stood up.
“thank you but don’t show anybody”
I said as I followed her to the glass door.

“Bye aunt” I waved,she left.
I went upstairs and revised what I just learnt,I fell into sleep but I was rather thinking again.
I opened my eyes and read again,
finally I stopped thinking and slept.
I slept….. I don’t know how long.


I knew he would listen if I say what I have to say is about Krishna.
He so much loves her and he cares about her safety.
The affections he is showering Krishna isn’t a joke.
it isn’t..
it should not be a joke right?
It’s real,
I feel like it should be me..
I keep dreaming it was me…
I keep imaging how it will look like if I have a hold on him like I did in the past. How sweet it would be???

I should be something to him.
Anything at all.
if should continue to be nothing in his presence,Nina will finish me off, she will tell the whole world my boyfriend dumped me for my laundry washer.And because of Nina,I suffered the most embarrassing and most painful insult of my life.

The students are already saying Krishna should be the queen of dice high.
Am I going to watch her defeat me like that?
It can be any girl but if it is Krishna, nature will be very angry with me,it will be very veryyy angry with me then turn into an insult.
I would be written as..
‘And at the end Han Lilly,got defeated by Krishna Knight….

I.watched Royal from behind as he catwalked slowly. I almost fainted from screams…..
Now,i wonder if I was really in control of him in the past or I imagined it.
I lost this star,
I missed this good catch.

Royal didn’t even wear a band…his hairs fell freely and he wore a red tracksuit the tip of the red trouser was made to look so pencil,the tip had elastics it was a way too pretty.
Gaaaad he is too handsome to be a man…

He wore a little gold earrinng that glitters,his hand was wearing a gold wristwatch, his other hand was bare, then two gold rings.
He took his lips in and moved with styles…

Camera lights filled everywhere.
He moved his fingers into his hairs as he came to me in the VIP section.
How can someone have so much attitude when it comes to swag?…

I would have fainted but I remembered i didn’t come with any of my guards nor maids.

I smiled.
ahhh this pictures the medias are taking will go viral,dice high students will believe we are together.
I’m lucky he doesn’t like child’s play.

“Say what you want to say,my time is more precious to me” he whispered.
I enjoyed it…I love his whispers,
his warmth feels so soft.
his hairs tempting to touch,
his lips soo pink and smooth…
His masculine physique couldn’t get of my brain.

I touch his hand,
and I felt camera lights.
“that hand,remove it” he said.
I smiled and the door was closed by the guards. No one was able to take pictures.

“Who wants to kill krish and where’s your prove?” he asked straight away.
I glanced at him.
It’s been so long I saw his real eyes not to talk of his teeth.

I brought out the recordings I transferred from Mira’s phone but I already edited the voices.Royal is so smart and unpredictable, he might find out.

“Krishna is the goddess needed for the sacrifice and the person that wants to use her is a top politician”
I said and moved closer to him.

“On no condition must you move close to me” he said and listened to the recordings…

“Lilly,what do you want to keep Krishna’s secret as I goddess safe,how much is your pay?” he asked…
I smiled and brush my hand up to touch his hair…

“that hand,drop it”
he said…
“hmmm you’re making this thing worst.. I don’t want your money,I want you” I said.

Are you drunk-
he said and drop the recording tape.
“hmm what about I go and tell the person about Krishna,you don’t wanna see her used right???? Royal, think well and safe her..
By agreeing to my terms,
you will act as if she doesn’t exist in school,we are gonna fake relationship stuffs….
I don’t just want you close to her, she’s a disaster,she will infect you”
I said…..

“Lilly name your price”
he said…
“what about me? I can’t become a laughing stock.You better agree so that you won’t fail her mom..
Do you also know that Krishna is the only matured grandchild in her family?
the decision is yours…”
I said,he was quiet.

“I can’t be with you,youre only making me hate you the more-
I wasn’t really sure what our past together is but I started feeling happiness when you left me..
The truth is that I hate to see you”
he said….

“Will you protect Krishna by agreeing to my terms?” I asked.
He smiled.
He said something in a whisper, I didn’t hear but I followed the movement of his lips…

“Lilly,you keep pushing me to her,
you keep reminding me how Krishna is far far better” he said.
“the decision is yours” I said.
he whispered another thing.
I didn’t hear it,again I follows the movement of his lips.

*Lilly you’re the most foolish person I’ve ever seen”…
tho I felt hurt but this is not still a lost war…

He stood up..
” I agree..don’t expose Krishna to the person” he said…
I wanted to touch him..
“that hand, don’t move it closer”
he said. I smiled..

“May God give you according to the bad you’re doing to me…if I remember my pasts clearly,you will shed tears in your family” he said..

“Well….what if I say my friend slept with your Krishna???
Krishna isn’t the angel you think she is,she’s spoilt..
she’s going to turn into another thing the moment you train her to your taste…
My friend slept with her,
this is the prove~~
I brought out that her waist chain..

“Royal,you’re a very jealous person, can you cope???”
I asked as I brought out the expensive waist chain he bought for krishna…that waist chain worth 12.6billion won on net.

Royal can you cope seeing her sleeping around with the whole world? I asked…
Royal face looked shocked.
He looked at the waist chain,
only the waist chain with so much expressions and emotions….

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