Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 6

Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 6
[i know,i can’t be yours💜💜]

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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She didn’t utter a single word to me, we just kept on running till we cut out across the road.

“mum,where are we going to??
I asked, she didn’t answer, we just kept on running.

“You see the reason why I don’t want you to get yourself into this shits,it’s really dangerous for a woman with a single daughter.What if something terrible happens???
she uttered as we wander on one side on the road.

“I’m sorry if this cause you some pains” I told her,thinking of where we can stay for the night.
“mom is there any hotel in this locality? I asked her.
I nodded and look at her with a corner of my eyes…

I’m thinking of calling Royal to help us for just a night but my mom,she might not agree.
She brought out her phone to call someone,her phone switched off. I brought out mine and offered it to her

“The phone he bought for you is as pretty as you but does he loves you??? she asked.
“well…..I….he… we….love each other” I replied her in a stammer.

She removed her sim,
I tried opening the case of my phone but it was sealed.The simcard is in built. The Sim was even registered.

“Sweetheart, don’t you know how to handle a phone, we need to get out of here.This place isn’t safe for us, especially you” she said.
“should I call him? I questioned.
“who??? she asked.
“Royal” I pouted.
“You don’t have any other person? she asked.
“Yes or else I want to call Dora or Eve” I replied.

“Okay,call him since it’s just a night. We will be going to the village the next day” she said..
I felt my heart bleed..
Going to the village……
I won’t be able to go to training camp anymore,I won’t see Dora anymore and Royal,what will happen to him??.

I controlled my tears and did what she said.I called Royal’s number, his phone rang continuously, he didn’t pick. I understand he might be busy.

“mom,another minute”
I said and tried his number again, he didn’t pick.
A cab passed by,
I stop the cab,we entered.
“where are you going?? she asked.
“to his house” I replied.
“why….Krishna,it is someone else house” she said.

“he gave me a spare remote and said I can come anytime I want” I uttered.
She didn’t say a single word afterwards.
The cab stopped us at some distance, I paid before my mom could do and led the way into the estate.

His mansion wasn’t far,
We were in no time.The securities didn’t ask me questions,we were allowed in.My mom was kind of surprised…

“mom!! I called to get her attention, she stopped looking at the artificial waterfall and followed me to the main door. I unlock the door with the small remote,it slide opened automatically.

“Is this where you work???
she asked,surprised at the level of the house structure.
I took her upstairs to my temporary room,hoping Royal won’t get mad that I brought my mom to his house.

“are you comfortable or you need something??? I asked and took off my bag.
I took my charger and charge my new phone first then I charge hers with a spare charger.

I sat on a white pub and watch my mom sleep on the comfortable bed.
I dimmed the light to green and took off my hair band. I lock the windows since it’s snowing outside.
My mom look at me,I pretend as if am not feeling cold.

“Sweetheart,come and sleep” she said.
“I’m not feeling sleepy” I told her abs took off my cardigan,I use it to cover her hair.

“Why not turn off the ac and switch on the room warmer?? she suggest.

I don’t think I know how to do it…

“You feel so cold” she said.
“Am not cold,my cold sickness has left me a long time ago” I lied and went to where I was sitting.
Though I’m cold,buy watching my mom sleep peacefully is enough for me. I would rush up to cover her each time the duvet slip off.

I got tired and took a disposable cup and collect hot water from the room water dispensable machine, I added a lot of milk and drank it with a plastic spoon…

How I wish I have the gut to convince my mom about not going to the village?.
I drank the milk slowly and pick up my phone,I played games to keep myself awake.

I was about dozing off when I heard some set of horns downstairs. I walk hastily to the window side,it was Royal,his dad and some guards.

I lock the window and went back to where I was sitting.
“Krishna,come to bed” my mom said.
“mom,fulfill my wish,I don’t feel like going to the village” I told her….

“why are you so stubborn?? she said.
Hot tears pricked down my cheeks.
is she really my mom????
She is….we look alike… but why is she doing this to me???
more tears feel from my slainted long lashes.

“You’re crying?? she asked.
More tears fell.
Gosh, her heart is soo pure!! she said
I slept instantly on the chair, I felt her cover me with her saree lace.

~~Romeo p.o.v

we got to the street as directed,
There are only ten houses there.It dawned on me that I was fooled.

I got back to my car and drive back to the house we first went,it was empty.
“they escaped,sir” my guard reported.
That was close!!
She escaped me…….
This is getting more tough or did Lilly give me a wrong address????

I phoned Lilly, she picked instantly.
“Did you get her?? she asked.
“they escaped” I told her.
The line went off.

I’m I this dumb!!!
I couldn’t even get a girl not to talk of some random commoners…
I just wonder how life will look like if Royal should regain his memory.

***Royal’s p.o.v

“Elliot,don’t disturb me….I will…okay tomorrow… what noo,I promise to do it in the middle of the night….
get out of my phone, go and disturb Jeffrey, I’m I the only person!
I answered my calls and did some other things.

“Dad,what did Krishna’s mom conclude? I asked and chewed in bubble gum slowly.
He look at me for a while.

“She didn’t agree,she is scared of the hazard and dangers. it’s too risky” he said.
“are you joking or you’re saying the truth??? I asked with looks of hurt in my eyeballs.
I feel so sick suddenly…

“I wish she will let her stay but it’s not her fault,Krishna is her only surviving daughter,all her children died at still birth except from Krishna. Do you think she will agree???
He said.

“I understand but…..ahhh…
I want to be alone….”.
I rush upstairs and met Krishna knocking at my door. I don’t even know if I should hug her unaware or kiss her deeply one last time.

Mere words can’t explain how I feel.
That feeling of seeing someone you love walking away from you.
Gosh, is all this pain not enough for me?? what did I ever do???…
The first woman I call beautiful will also leave me.

She turn back immediately she felt my presence.
“I’m sorry,I wish I can stay but……I … love….yo…..sorry, I came to return this. We will be leaving soon to where I came from” she said and remove my presidential bracelets from her wrist, I didn’t take it,
she took my hand and wore it into my wrist.

“I accept to be a long distance girlfriend… promise me you will always eat” she said,dreamingly.
I moved into her and kissed her forehead,I wore her back the bracelet.
I felt someone watching us, I turned back,it was no one.

I faced sweetheart back.
“I will go with you” I told her.
whaaaaaaattt are you saying??? You can’t remember our levels ain’t equal or did you forget who you are???
She asked in a small smile, I get it that she doesn’t want to cry.

I look at the way she was holding unto me tightly.
“Royal,you can take whatever thing that doesn’t belong to you right??? why not take me away from my mom, I don’t want to go with her.Please do this for me!!! Krishna cried.

I breathed out and kissed her passionately and slowly,giving her lips light love bites….I stopped the kiss.
“Go with her,I will watch over you.That’s my promise” i said and stretch forth his hands forth.
She nodded cutely and covered slip her palm into mine perfectly.

Her mom showed up instantly,
We left each other immediately.
I pretend as if I was going to my room,she pretend as if she’s looking for something.

With the way her mom was looking, I already know she saw all what we did…

“ummm–mom,please take care of her,I’m coming back for her,i will also arrange whatever thing that will sustain her for a year.I will wait for her” I said to her mom with respect.

She smiled wholeheartedly and took Sweetheart by her right hand.
“I was in a doubt to test your love for my daughter, I only did this to test your love for her……
He who has a pure heart is equal to a god…

“Royal,I give Sweetheart to you not as a girlfriend but a wife, I dash her to you” She said and…….

“Ma’am, are you sure???
I asked and look at Krishna who was extremely shocked..

“well,nothing must happen to my daughter. She must not suffer… I’m only dashing her to you cause of your PURE HEARTH….
No one win my trust the way you did.
She said…
I’m I really dreaming???
I got Krishna just like that!!!


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