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Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 7

Beautiful Love Song season 2 Episode 7
[i know,i can’t be yours💜💜]

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.

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I’m I really dreaming??
Just like that,I got what every guy will do to take away at all cost.

Gosh!! I smiled wholeheartedly and look at Krishna immediately her mom left..
“She said I can date you”
she uttered and ran up another stairway.
my phone rang,i entered my room and answered it.

Hope you’re prepared???
the trip to Germany is in a week’s time and we are signing in 13-15 suites.Try to tolerate whatever thing that Eddy will do to you~~signed, Tiffany Gold..

I drop my phone and picked another one, I phoned Ely.
“Prepare a 3month stay in Australia, I will send the person details to you in the next 4min” I hung up and did a quick money transfer into his account.
I went out of my room to get Krishna’s mom details. I want her to stay there for a while so that she can relax.
I sent her details to Eliot.
He was on it.

I got to Krishna’s room and met her mom checking out some things in sweetheart’s bag.

“mom,your papers will be ready in the next 6hours,I want you to stay in Australia for now. I’m preparing a nice place for you to stay”
I said and minimized the way I use my phone in her presence so that it won’t look as if we are greater than each other.She might start seeing me as a god.

She smiled and apply sindoor(red India powder) on my forehead.
“Do you know who Best Marley is?? You look like him.I saw him last when he was a month old” she said.
I smiled and chewed my gum slowly.

“A month old baby???
I smiled.
“Yes,you have the same dots on your neck with the baby.His name is Best Marley,his fathers name is Jimin Marley,his mother’s name is Park Chae” she said.

“I may just have the same dot with him,I don’t know who best Marley is. In fact this is the first time I will be hearing such name” I replied her, truthfully.

“Royal,where is your mom??? She asked.

Something struck my brain….
there,everywhere was dark…
looks like a dungeon….
I heard the rustling of chains ..
The memory faded away.I didn’t remember it again.

“ummm my mom-
she’s dead” I replied her.
“ohh sorry” she smiled.I drop one ofy credit card to her and look at Krishna who was sleeping comfortable on the bed,I left.

I got to my room and thought of what I remembered,I jot it down in a book and wore my slippers halfly…
whatever thing it is,I will remember.

I took my laptop and was using my phone at the same time.
Han Cheng sent me a message immediately I turn on my internet.
I didn’t even check his messages.
He called me instead. I ignored the calls but picked up when he wouldn’t stop.

“Royal, Lilly is kind of sick,I want you to take care of her in the next trip five stars will be organizing for you” he said, it really got me pissed.
“I’m I her doctor??? I asked.
Don’t call my number again,thank you!! I hung up and switch off the phone.
I turn on another one and continue whatever thing I was doing.

The phone that I turn on rang,
It was Han Lilly.
what’s all this nonsense????
I expounded and pick the call.

“Baby, I’m sick” she said…
“meaning??? I asked.
“won’t you come and see me???
she asked.

“If you should call my number or text me again,you will regret it exactly the way I regret every single moment I shared with you.
Even if you’re dying sick, stay away from me…..
I can’t believe you are more worst than what I know.
There’s nothing between us except for your wicked act.”
I rush my words.

“Baby…..” she said.
“Don’t…. ” I cautioned.
She didn’t say a word,I hung up and continue the important thing that I was doing.

~Krishna’s p.o.v👇👇👇

I gladly changed into the light purple nightgown that a maid brought for me in a pack.I still can’t contain my happiness.
I rush to the washroom and wash my face,I drank tea again.

“mom,you did well. I promise to build your dream house for you in the future” I told her.
She smiled and arrange my hair in sleep.
“will you miss me? I’m traveling to Australia tomorrow” she asked.
“I will miss you so much” I replied.
“Do not get pregnant till I come back. Stay faithful” she said.
“Okay,i won’t forget” I said and went to the water dispensary machine again,I made tea for her and intend to get bread and maybe make egg sauce in the kitchen, I saw Royal’s flat internet device on the floor,I pick it up and took another stairway to his door…

I knocked.
“come in” he said.
I tried opening the door,it was locked from the inside.

“Sweetheart right??? he asked.
“Yes,I’m the one” I replied.
“Press the white button on the door and push the knob slowly” he said.
I did it,the door opened.

The way his room looked like scared me…..Gosh,this is pure wealth!!!
my eyes opened.
Cold started catching me and it was even snowing.

“well….I just came to drop this”
I showed up the internet device.

He turn to look at me…
“oooh that!!!! I exclaimed and stretch forth his cute palm.

“Sir why are you not wearing top???
it’s snowing outside” I said, my eyes went to his tommy…..
His belt kind of have diamonds arranged randomly.

“won’t you enter????
he asked…

“well…..I smiled and entered.
I drop the device into his palm,he drag me with it and made me fall beside where he kept his laptop on
the bed…

“Touch my hairs,it will make me sleep quickly” he said.
I coughed..
“I’m coming,I want to wash my hand” I said and stood up.

He dragged me back,
“You’re a president,I need to watch my hand.See,it is dirty” I said.
He still drag me back.

I smiled and positioned his head well on my laps.
Can I really touch his hairs????

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