Beautiful Love Song season 3 Episode 10

Beautiful Love Song season 3 Episode 10
[voice battle💙model challenge]

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.
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Mr Han????????
Mrs rose states ad she turned back i turned as well and saw Lilly coming with her dad.
“what are you doing here,is this where you’re suppose to stay?.”
mr Han asked Mrs rose harshly.
“sorry boss” Mrs rose said.
Lilly snurts rudely.

“who’s she!! mr han asked.
Mrs rose covered my face.
“you won’t care to know about her, she’s an ordinary contestant”
mrs rose said..

“Really….she’s nothing and she’s putting in expensive wear.Rose,who are you deceiving here” mr han said and walks out of the the section,
Lilly followed.

“quickly thumbprint again”
Mrs rose said,the machine beeped and I did.Another machine scanned my biometrics and I quickly took the papers away.
I followed Mrs rose who took her time in showing me around.

“Are you nervous??” she asks.
“no…no..not really” I said shyly.
she tuck my loose hair behind my ears and I smiled.

That’s where the boys band will stay to watch your performances live-
she pointed to a glassy section with two wide projectors.

There’s another upper floor where your mom and Mrs Claudia shall stay, the uppermost floor is for royals dad and mr Han.
The second building has hundreds of projectors where people from far and near would watch it live,
it would also screen on cinemas which means everyone in the whole world is open for voting..

“do you understand?”. she asked.
I nodded in agreement.
“krish,our hope is on you… Chris,Justin, Jeff,Royal,Eddy and other members of the boys band hope are on you…kindly make us proud” she said.

“I know,I will try” I said.
she left and I returned to the training hall again.
I spot Mira among the contestants, she was wearing a white up and down with a sky sneakers.

I move to the back where no one would notice me and a girl entered almost immediately.
everyone lost concentration.

🚺 daryadin,your outfits are outrageous and hot!
I heard thing.
daryadin catwalked in with a olive tanned girl.

Daryardin wore two chains on her ankle,then three diamond stunned rings on her fingers,
her makeup was much and shouting and her head hair have a blonde attachment.

she’s verrrry verrrry pretty.
but how can she dress like this??

she wore a black net as top and the too only covered her nipples,then a black short underneath a fishnets.
she’s totally exposed.

my nervousness increased,
Everybody here are on make up,am the only one left out.

“All contestants should move to the fifth floor,selection starts proper.
time ranging; 1:30….
the projector beeped a warning sign and that was when Lilly and her crews came inside.
They were wearing yellow all through.

She exchanged deadly glares with daryardin follower by a scoff.
“you nitwit, a waste of man’s product” daryadin cursed Lilly.
“Prostitute with no birth certificate”
Lilly cursed back.
she rushed out and her crews followed.

All the contestants formed a single line to the fifth floor,I moved last and someone dragged me.
I turned, it was Jingwen.

Lilly moved out.
“you won’t listen u had better withdraw your registration…” Lilly said,Mira laughed.

“is this the pig you’re competing with? Mira laughed loudest.
Lilly rolled her eyeballs.

“I know your dad will stop me…for your sake,just pray he does cos I might be the hardest hurdle you will never cross” I said.

“are you ready to see your last hope shattered, hmm what will you do if the most precious thing in your life is taken away..poverty is assurer for you without royal” Lilly said.

“and are you also ready to see my royal putting your dad in his place?”
I asked back.
Lilly and the girls looked shocked.

“ohh she now talks! Mira smiled as she joined the girls.
I shifted away from them.

“why won’t she talk..she has been spoilt by a guy,not just any guy… a guy the whole world desire.I’m happy for her” Nina moved out from a conner.
Lilly frowned at Nina.

“what do you know about my dad?”
Lilly faced me with fear.
She walks closer to me,I shifted back while giving her warning sign.

“what’s happening here!!!
someone shouted.
Lilly shook her head and walk away with the girls.
“the selection time ranging is out,common let me walk you there”
Eddy said and suddenly hold my hand.
I thought he hates commoner.

we reach half of the way and he stared at me stylishly,I caught his gaze on my lips,he suddenly look away like someone who just got himself..

Eddy’s p.o.v
am not sure of what I want.
I love her from the first day I met her but my pride about her being a commoner made me late.

I love women…
I fight for girls too,I don’t always give up on what I want.
but at the same time,I don’t want Royal’s trouble,we just settled.

now,I need to hide my feelings for so many reasons.
I really can’t breath when my mom said royal and I are cousins.
royals mom is my mom sister,it’s just so sad no one knew about her disappearance.

She was able to identify royal as Donald’s son with the black star dot on his neck by fate. .
just great we are families.
Mrs sugar adopted royal according to what my mom told me..

everything made me let go of my feelings for Krishna, I can’t really help it to see her in tears…
I want her in happiness too cos she deserves it.

even my mom wants her for royal,I don’t think she knows they are dating..
what my mom wants from her,I don’t think I can explain.

“Sir,can you stop holding me,we are almost there” krish said,I used that opportunity to look at her cute face before leaving her.
“thank you” she said and joined her mates fully.

why is she sooo pretty with seductive body?
don’t worry Krishna,I won’t waste time in making you mine if Royal leave you.

Anita’s point💗of💗view…
ohh my gaaaad,Anita are you really seeing well…..
this case deep.
murderer and stealing case.
I opened another file and my phone beeped. i quickly turn on my laptop and copied the code detective leelah sent to me,I used it in hacking into mr Han’s wealth record.

how did he own all this?????
Donald owned them before he died and of course he had thousands of people working under him..
Mr Han now has every thing in his name,including dice high and five stars. Both the one in India and Germany📰📰
I wrote some reports and screenshot many evidences,I transferred them to my phone.

if mr Han is the thief,then who can be the murderer????

even royal doesn’t know all these.
maybe because he already reach the limit no one can never break in terms of wealth..

I stood up and carried my bag,I picked my car key and walk downstairs,I drove straightaway to five stars through the help of my map….
I entered hastily immediately I got there. I was arranging some files when I bumped into someone.
“sorry!!! I said and quickly bend to pack the files. I stood well and it was mr Han.
“waooooow,Anita is this you?” he asked as he hugged me.
ohh he still remember me,I was small then plus I didn’t stay here much, I based in Chinese instead.
“yura choi!!! he called my Chinese name, I smiled.
“look you’re now grown” he said.

“well….sir,how is Lilly?”
I I remembered those times we used to play with sand when we were little.
“she’s fine,did you come here for a case?” he asked.
“well…mr Han…how did you acquire so much wealth?” I asked.
he coughed,”I’m coming” he said and I followed him.

“No,stay here! he told me.
“why sir???? you didn’t answer my questions” I said.
“I said stay here!!!!! he almost shouted.
he rushed upstairs.

Mira’s p.o.v
“Lilly you fucked up,you shouldn’t have gone to meet Krishna… if you keep going then it shows you’re scared of her” I said.
Lilly shakes her head.
That’s her weakness,she hates someone who always talk back at her,she likes being in so much control.

“She’s trying to take my place, can’t you see that she keeps getting more beautiful” she said and I hugged her..


we were grouped into four different groups by a trainer.
then three women walked in,they were putting on the same codes of dressing which signifys them as coordinators.
Two more men joined,making it five.
“welcome to five stars,a platform meant for talented and young models who can strike astonishing products”
one of the coordinators said.

“these first stage requires four winners who would appear live on stage” another coordinator said and the test started.
The projector first screened a composed lyrics,we were asked to sing at the same time.

“did you hear that voice?
“sarai,who owns that voice?
another coordinator asked.
A girl was quickly selected and made to sing the song alone.
🚺 is that the voice?
🚺 no,it’s not!!!!
🚺 not really sure!

the girl was luckily given the contestant number one tag,
we were made to sing alone,Lilly was selected,I was surprised she was chosen. She wasn’t moving her lips.
I turned slightly and saw her dad at the door.
Lilly was made to sing alone.
Her voice was waaoooow.
Daryardin was also selected.
I don’t even know whose voice is better between her and Lilly’s own.
she and daryardin were given tags.
Just one tag left😭😭😭😭

The song was changed to a more difficult tongue twisting song..
we were made to sing,
i started singing,I quickly stopped when I realize I was the only one singing.

“You!! a coordinator dragged me out.
all eyes followed me..
“sing it alone! the coordinator said and drag me out completely.

🚺 yes,yes…
🚺 sweetheart,sing it! someone cheered me from the window. it was eve and Shantai.
I smiled as I sang in my most simple voice..
🎶 and i don’t , and i don’t
🎶 and i don’t , and i don’t
🎶 know,i don’t it’s true know
🎶 i don’t know, i don’t know…
🎶 when anybody ask but you…

all the contestants clapped,even daryardin clapped..
my face went down immediately daryardin looked at me.

I saw Dora jumping up through the window, I smiled and hastily collected the last tag from the coordinator.

“why her??? Lilly’s dad yelled.
“Mr Han,my question and I want proof right now! a lady entered with a fierce face.

“Anita,we can settle this” Lilly’s dad said..

“I want it now…
who is the real owner of dice high and five stars branches alongside with the other assets in your name!
the lady asked..

Lilly suddenly looked confused.
everyone turned to look at her dad.

“mr Han answer usssss!!!!
Nina shouted from the window.

🚺Yes,who is the true owner of dice high and five stars..
🚺 we are confused!
🚺 I think it’s time we demonstrate.
🚺 mr Han,answer us!!!!!!


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