Beautiful Love Song season 3 Episode 11

Beautiful Love Song season 3 Episode 11
[voice battle💙model challenge]

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.
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“Anita are you drunk and do you know who you are really talking to?”
mr han finally faced her with the most fierce face i have ever seen.
🚺 mr Han,who’s the real owner???
🚺 yes,we are confused!
🚺 dice owner more of king of lies..
🚺 humans are you this desperate!.
I heard things through the projector.
people are really riotingblike they’ve been waiting for this type of day.

Lilly moved to a corner as her tears stream down,
gooooosh,the embarrassment is just too much,projectors are around which means millions of people are watching this online.

 I was in a doubt,calling this yours!
 mr Han where is your tongue?
 like I knew!
more words dropped.
mr Han ran his ringed fingers ojti his hair.

“Anita,do you know the gravity of what you have just done,you won’t go Scott free! mr Han yelled and his left hand suddenly fisted into a ball of blow.

“empty threats!
“Han Cheng,am not here to play,am here to talk business! the lady said in a tiny voice and brought out a gun.
the warning projector beeped fully.

 everyone should depart from this premises,it’s automatic closing time”
it beeped countless times.
The coordinators walked out first,
I quickly grab my bag as everybody ran out.

I followed the crowd outside till we got downstairs.I search for mitchy and even Mrs rose,none of them was found..
“hey,can we be friends???
someone tapped my shoulders in a friendly manner.
I turned,it was daryadin.

I widened my eyes.
This classic girl, hope am in safe hands…
“hey am not evil.I just like you…you’re pretty” she said and my driver came.
“we should leave now” he said.
“bye,maybe later” I said and hastily followed my driver.
“and she’s beautiful” was the last thing I heard.

“madam,let’s get in fast.The weather is not really good” he said and rush to the door,I ran after him and quickly entered.
“did you forget anything?” he asked.
“nope..thanks” I replied,respectfully.
“gotcha! he smiled and beeped the car,everything locked automatically.
Rain started falling immediately he drove out,I just felt cold in the inside.

I rested my bag on my laps and look through the window as he drove.
“queen,are you cold?” he asked.
“Somehow…and my name isn’t madam and queen.Just Krishna or better still sweetheart” I corrected..

“you’re more than one..
did royal tell you how beautiful you are,I doubt if there’s a man who wouldn’t look twice” he mutters.
I drop my head on my bag shyly.

“should I sing for you?” he asked.
I stayed quiet. He is always trying to make me happy.
“queen,am not trying to woo you okay! I dare not try it,am only doing my work” he said.
he sang…..
🎶 are you a pretty girl?
🎶 pretty,prettty,pretty!
🎶 mild heart,heart of gold.
🎶 babe,you’re pretty.

I continue laughing as he sang in a childish tone.
“am not a child” I laughed out.
he smiled and focus more on the steering.

mr Han’s pov🚺🚺🚺🚺
“what are you doing here,Anita?”
I asked immediately we entered my office..
“still the same investigations,now mr han,listen up! am not here to play”
Anita said,skillfully.
“and I thought you’re smarter than is darkness,no one can see through it” I said and look straight into her eyes.

Thinking.You were too loud,
like I said,I need the truth” she said.

“Fine,continue looking for the truth. But remember to reveal your father as the lawyer who rewrote Donald’s will,Royal will both punish us together.By then where will your father be??? what will be your gain?
The Royal you’re fighting for,does he knows who you are???
does he care for you???…we will both loose” I said.

“how????? she said and drop her gun.
“I didn’t compare cos we ain’t age mate. Me and your father,Shen Ye are age mates.Good thing he knows how to say beautiful words to you,he said you’re capable for the work of a detective.For words like that,I never said them and am unable to say them…
you’re a detective indeed .

The case you’re fighting,isn’t your father the mastermind who still turn the tables on Mrs sugar???
Revealing the truth is a good idea but in the end,who will loose??? I said.

“there’s a limit in reaping in a place you didn’t stop,it’s time to stop it” she said…
soooo smart.

But your father,the lawyer! I said.
“my father!!!!!!! Anita dropper her gun and ran out.
I laugh out loud as I watch her. I already used a stone to kill many birds right from the day I know who royal really is in his family will.
now,I need to get rid of Anita.

I picked my car key and walk out.
Lilly was downstairs.
“dad,is there anything I don’t know that you’re doing?” she asked.

“you had better go and learn how to sing like that girl,I won’t allow u ruin my life” I told her and walk to my car.

“I hate my life!!!!!
“why is it always controlled my you?”
she shouted,following me.She even took off her heels.
“about the girl tiy confirmed as royals girlfriend, I know how to handle her chances of winning in tomorrows exposure” I told her and entered my car.

Anita’s p.o.v
why me-
am I running mad?????
ohhh my gaaaaad,how is my dad concerned about this??? when I thought my dad used to live a godly and example life for me and my siblings but his life was filled with lots of secrets.

Am I still going to continue with this case-A case that my dad is involved.
was I wrong calling him my mentor-
what did I ever do to deserve this?
I smashed my phone on the wall.
what am I even fighting for?
the person am fighting for doesn’t even know if there’s a Anita in existence.
would it be right if I walk away?????

Angel’s p.o.v…….
time ranging 8:00pm

Guess Krishna now knows Lilly’s weak point as embarrassment.
I can’t believe Lilly’s vulnerability and am very annoyed with the type of life she’s living.
a life filled with lies,
a life being controlled.
she’s 23years for crying out loud, she should be smarter than I thought.

I moved closer to her and hugged her in the rain, we were both wet…
Her hair was fully wet and our clothes were wet entirely.
I moved closer to her and hugged her

who could have believed her dad can shout at her like that,her dad who doesn’t like seeing her cry.
the most paining part was that it was because of Krishna he shouted at her.
I cheered her up for 20mins.
she looked at me..and smiled,it came out with tears.

“Angel,chats are all over the internet in different forms.Nina took her time in ruining me.I suddenly feel like am not the queen,I feel like am ruined. If only there’s no Krishna,my life would have been better.
Angel, I need help,I don’t have time anymore.
Tomorrow is the day my fate would be decided,tomorrow would tell if I would end up with royal or not.
My dad will kill me if I don’t know win this exposure. If I win,there’s 100% chances of being with royal according to what my dad discussed with Sir Zayn.
Sir zayn only pick up that idea. firstly he knows I won’t win and secondly, no one can’t control Royal. All my life, I’ve never been this confused! Lilly said.

“Just cheer up,no one would make jest of you,just learn to control yourself” I said.
she stood up in the rain and walk to her car,I sighed and entered mine,
we drove to the most expensive mall in town.

“isn’t that Justin’s car?” I whispered to her…
“I think so,that’s also Chris car” she said as we entered.I think the boys band are in..

Surprisingly,we were allowed in unlike before when we would be allowed to wait a little bit.
We entered the mall,the first person we cross path with was Jeff. He was wearing an overall black joggers, an expensive sneakers.
very obvious they went for trainings today..
he glared at Lilly and walk away while making a call.

Chris came out of a section pressing phone while two maids pushed a very heavy trolley to the cashier.
are the boys band always like this…
We entered a section filled with the newest trending female wears,girly things,hot dresses that every girl would dream of.Everything was tempting to touch.
Lilly already already took a backless long gown.

very cute!!!!!
the manager rushed to where we were and stylishly collected the cloth from Lilly’s hand.
“sorry madam,why not check another section,everything here has been bought.I’m sorry we don’t have another type of this wears in this mall and tiy can’t see them else where” the manager said.

Five big trolleys were rolled in immediately. The girls that rolled them in started packing everything.

Lilly said and daryardin showed out of nowhere.
she laughed out loud.
“what’s the difference between us, you’re doing more harm than good” Lilly said.
daryardin rolled her eyeballs.
Lilly became frustrated, she moved over to slap her but restrain herself when a rare colonge filled our breath.
we all turned back.

It was Royal💗
Guards were loitering around where he was standing.
He look extremely hot in his own dancing outfit,his dressing was coded in a way that it covered his identity.
He wore a turtle neck black top which he dragged stylishly to his jaws, his hairs are embroidered in a pink beanie cap.
His earring glitters,on his fingers were four diamond stonned rings.

he removed his face mask.
The most annoying part was that he didn’t look where we were standing. His handsomeness and the way he does his things kept us in suspense and it hurts…
Eddy moved in holding his car key.
“man,we gotta leave” jeff said and that was when royal turned back.

who knows if he haven’t heard the news of my dad not being and being the owner of five stars….
who knows?????
“I gotta make it snappy okay”
he said and followed Jeff almost immediately…
Lilly and daryardin got themselves and they started shouting at each other.

my 💗krishna 💗p.o.v…
it was still raining and I really felt like going into the rain but the maid in charge of my health won’t allow.

Mrs Gina entered my room with a cup of warm water and a very wide plate of fruit salad.
She smiled as she dropped them on the stand where my phone was.
she’s really an angel.
I took the glass of warm water and sip it slowly, she entered the washroom.

“But I bath already-”
I raise my brows.
“it’s very very cold outside,you know” she said.
I didn’t drag with her,I entered the washroom and bath hot water again, I wore the red robe she selected for me and she styled my hair so it won’t disturb me..

She left,I really tried to stay awake for royal but I slept off.
I woke up immediately I heard his var sounds,it was as if I won a lottery.
Maids started bringing in many things to my room…
many shopping bags.
Royal entered last and held me by my waist.
“I came late right?”,he asked.
“No,you didn’t” I said.
he smiled and slip a ring into my finger, he carried me up.
I just felt sweet each time he does that…
“I passed the selection stage” I said.
he smiled out dimples and kissed my face to my ear lobes.
“what do you want?” he asked.
a deep blue song started playing in my heart…
“should I increase your wardrobe allowance?” he asked.
“hmm noo,you use to increase it every week” I said.
“I should buy you a new car?” he asked.
“no,you just bought me one” I said.
“sooo what do you want?’ he asked.
“let’s,play in the rain together” I said.
“whattt,we ain’t kids” he said.
“that’s what I want” I said.
he let me down and we both ran into the rain through the back door.
No maid saw us, no guard saw us.

“let’s run round that statue ten times” I said and we did it.
I mistakenly push royal, he fell and i splash water on him and fell on him.
we laughed and kissed in the rain.
he sang into my ears.
🎶 I will stay with u…
🎶 in the name of love,
🎶 you’re unforgettable,u are mine…
🎶 was meant to be,I will be ur light
🎶 me and sweetheart
🎶 forever and ever..
the rain poured heavily.
our kiss became more strong and he touch me everywhere with so much desires filled with love.

The maid in charge of my health started coming to where we are,
Royal and I stopped kissing,
his hands quickly stopped romancing my hips deliciously,

we ran inside,holding hands.


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