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Beautiful Love Song season 3 Episode 20

Beautiful Love Song season 3 Episode 20
💛 the challenge 💛]

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.
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“you girls are like leopard,your spot can’t be changed”, Celestine said and grabbed my hair forcefully.
he finally pull me away from Justin.

my robe still fell and my breasts were on full display.Justin stood up angrily our eyes locked,he looked away from my body and turned instantly.

does he values my body?
well to me,it’s useless cos Celestine has abused me roughly.
Nothing about it is special.

I struggled out of Celestine grip..
“you can’t control my life like you own it” I said to him..
“eve have you covered up?”,J asked, still turning back.I looked at him dreamingly.

“have you ummmmm….
he took off his red tuxedo suit jacket and passed it to me.Celestine was there looking but I feel like he’s dead.
“you’re choosing him over me” he said..
“I’m not choosing anybody!
I gwaked. Justin was still stretching his suit jacket.
Justin’s p.o.v🎻🎻🎻🎻
my love for her know no boundaries,
giving all my heart to her is all have done,to love her till the end of time but the pain of her not noticing me is killing me….

“have you find something to cover up?”,I took my lips in still turning back.
why am I even looking away from her body?
but truthfully,have never said any girl is beautiful apart from Krishna.

I turned back slightly, Celestine was holding a bottle,eve was visibly trembling.
“you beast is this what you’re!
I faced him and threw the jacket at eve, she caught it and quickly put it on..

eve shouted, Celestine and I started fighting.
“let him be”, eve shouted
we continue fighting. Soon celwstije spit out blood mixed with saliva, I left him and threw him backwards,
he fell on glass,
everything shattered.

I saw through the window,
more cars already drove in.The first two cars were military cars while the last car was a black Ferrari car with tinted windows.
The securities moved into the house.

🚺sir,what’s that red mark on your hand,it’s bleeding!
🚺 oh my gaaaad blood!
🚺 call the doctor,we need to hurry!
securities murmured.

I bite the inside of my cheek..
seriously,am suppose to be in a conference meeting..

I looked at eve,maybe we are not meant to be,maybe am so unlucky…
I wanted to say something to her but my words are less.

“sir Justin this place isn’t safe..we should leave.Elliot can’t see you here” Michael hurried me.
“I know,I will just take-
I said and picked my gold wristwatch from the floor,it must have fallen during the fights.

I followed the securities out after sparing eve another long lasting look
“enjoy your stay in Vietnam” I said.
“I will” she replied,rather too quickly.

was she waiting for this opportunity of wanting to leave..
my securities bundled Celestine out…
“bye then” I said to eve and got to the door.

“Justin waitttt” she said.
“it’s okay if you’re finding it difficult to accept my love, i can’t really blame u..even if you don’t want us to date, being your friend is enough for me..”
I said.

“bye,we shall see again if fate wants us to meet”, I said and wanted to press the door botton,she ran to me and dragged me back.
I look at how she was holding me, she looked away and quickly left me.

gosh,she has pride…she’s hard.
I smiled at how she looked in my tracksuit.Just sooo pretty.A chain was dug in between her breasts.
soooo tempting.
“should I take that as a yes?” I asked.
“yes…no…I...will….” she stammered.
our faces suddenly came close like we really want to kiss..

she closed her eyes immediately her nose scented my skin..
“should I?” I asked..
ummmm….I will think about it”
she said it.It really look like a yes.
“will it take you five years to think about it?” I asked.
she opened her eyes and wanted to leave,she slipped back into my body and our soft lips pressed into each others.
I felt a great sensation.
Her lips was really succulent. She froze at the type of contact,I made her stand well,she relaxed in my arms as our tongues locked,we quickly unlock..

I pulled away and tuck her loose hair at the back of her hair.she couldn’t even look me.
I moved into her properly,she closed her eyes.

“Justin!!!!!! Michael knocked on the door.Eve and I quickly left each other.
I wanted to leave at first but I later turned and gave her my card.
💌 text me! I said..she collected it.
I left..
“you’re such a kill joy,I almost kissed her” I said to Michael.
“sorry about that. .soo was it a yes?” he asked.
“kind of… she’s really principled”
I said,we both laughed.

Mira’s p.o.v🎻🎻🎻🎻
I tied my hair properly and ate deeply into an apple,the door projector beeped…
I grumbled as I walk down the stairs.

what’s my dad doing here??
I beeper the door with an automatic remote,the door opened and he entered fully.
he was holding his car key with his left hand,his right hand was holding his phone and some files.

his eyes was burning deeply like he just swallowed hundred storey building.
“Mira!!!!!!!!!! he yelled my name,I flinched backwards.
he has never shouted my name.. what now?

“did you fucking tell anybody about the goddess stuff?”, he asked,i quickly covered my mouth and nodded in disagreement.

I only told Lilly-
“Mira you did wrong,you’ve spoilt my name and everything that I am” he yelled at me.
“I don’t understand” I replied.
How come this????
he shouted as he throw a magazine at me…
I opened it,even without opening, the headlines already screened danger.

“But dad this is just a rumor! I said.
cars drove into my penthouse,
exactly two black vans.
The entrance door was widely opened.

ohhh my gaaaad detectives!
detectives are worse than police.
🚺 Mr Xavier,you’re needed for questioning” the female lead,Anita said.She was holding a gun,another was tucked into her jean pocket.Her looks alone were fierce..
💌 Mr Xavier,don’t think you can buy your way out…well,Krishna’s past is really interesting but guess what,her father is Governor Amendra which means this case won’t slide away easily…you would be questioned for what happened to Mrs Knight’s daughters in the past!
one of the inspectors said.
💌 marked! Anita quickly connected her earpud.My dad was taken away.
Anita shot me a deadly glare before leaving…

My dad during will get me so heartbroken! who could have done this????
I picked my phone and dialed Lilly’s digit…

🚺 Lilly what’s happening? they just took my dad away,he didn’t do anything” I explained to her in tears.
🚺 who’s this?” Lilly said. I brought down my phone and checked again..

🚺 it’s Mira” I said.
🚺 which Mira?” Lilly asked…
🚺 I don’t know any Mira” she said.
🚺 are you for real???? I speak further, she ended the call.
right now,I felt so stupid.
She betrayed me….isn’t this the Lilly whom I stood tall for??

is this how friends behave!!!
I ran to my room in tears and fell into my pillow.
We got to our suit at evening.
Royal kept on checking his phones every seconds and I wondered why-
it looks like he is expecting something or somebody.

“Baby,hang on” he took his lips in and left…
Soon a female receptionist came and handed me a bunch of keys.
“you’re more beautiful than they described” she said.
hunnn they….who are the they???

“No wonder you got that award of a vocalist” she said again in a smile.
“thank you ma’am” I replied.
“Room 26” she smiled.
“make yourself comfortable.. like a pretty girl should do” she fangirled over me..
finally she left..

I found the suite within 30mins and inserted the key into the lock, with a little twist,the door opened.
I entered inside and drop my bag first then I came back to wheel in the two little traveling bags.

The third door after mine opened,
it was Lilly…she glaced at my opened the suite door and made a disappointed look when she saw that it was me.
I didn’t even look at her,I pack the two bags in and shut the door.

I stayed like that in the room and waited for royal,he didn’t come.
Not even a call.
it started raining heavily at exactly 9pm and I got worried.
I called six of his phones,it didn’t even connect.He might have put them on flight mode.
Time ranging: 21:30pm
I already showered and changed into one of the night gown i ordered although it was still raining heavily.
The only person that called me was Eddy…
💌 is my brother there with you?”
he asked on phone,my eyebrows furrowed.
him and royal brothers…what does he mean..
💌 No,he isn’t here! I replied.
💌 sweet dreams” he said and hung up…
I put on the TV and started watching a particular movie on Netflix, the rain got more heavy.I had to stand up and lock all the windows…
I trier Royal’s digit again,it was the same thing..
someone knocked at my door,
I was happy thinking it was him but when I opened it,it turned out to be a lady with brunette hair.

“Hi,do you need anything?” she asked..
“No,thanks” I said..
I locked the door and went back to my position.I got crazily worried to the extent of holding Royal’s hoodie.
jeez,am just getting stupid in my thinking.
love see what you made me did.

“Should I check outside for him?”
I stood up and left our suite,I reached downstairs in no time and glance through the wide compound,his car wasn’t there.I hastily ran upstairs to our suite.

I was almost reaching Lilly’s suit when the door suddenly opened. A guy stepped out,his hair was tinted red and he was wearing a red slipper to match..
I didn’t really look,I walked on one side and left the other side for him..
He looked through me and the first thing his eyes landed on was my butt

I felt sooo embarrassed,
even royal doesn’t look me like that.
my body shape is always putting me in troubles…
Why must he stare??
I faced down and passed over,he looked me down from there to my feet then back to my hips.Desires were clearly written on his face.
aiiish,I even wore Royal’s slipper…

“Hey,hi! he said..
I pretended as if he wasn’t talking to me and ran to the door of my suite..
The guy still came after me.I quickly inserted the keys.
he still came closer,the keys fell from my hand in fear.
“please move back” I said.
he maintained a gap,I relaxed and picked the keys.
I felt some cold air..I looked around, the rain still got heavy..
why this feeling? is royal around-
I looked back stylishly and saw him coming from the back.
The guy didn’t see him, only me did.

“what’s your take for a night?”
he guy… royal drew nearer..
He still came close to me.
Royal’s expression looks like he wanted to lift a mountain.

“my boyfriend will bitch you up mercilessly if you say that again” I said lowly,I was still surprised he hadn’t seen royal.
“common,am just a secret admirer”
he said.
Royal pushed him from the back and took my hands in,
he slammed the door.
“did he touched you?” he asked,jealousy was clearly written on his face….
I smiled crazily, I felt like pranking him.

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