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Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 68

Siren The Beautiful Killer Chapter 68

Written By Zeeman

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🎫A day after🎫


I stare into space as i pace the living room.
I had slept yesterday hoping it will all be a dream but i woke up again to face the reality.
I had walked into her room, hoping to see her in bed, her loving laughter echoed in my ears as i made my way round the house indistinctly calling ‘Mia’ hoping she will answer me and say she’s in the kitchen.

I had walked into the kitchen hoping to see her preparing breakfast and i cried cause none of it happened, it only brought back memories.

It’s all over the news already though i made sure Mia’s face was concealed from everyone.
She’ll be charged to court in a week time and i won’t want her facing a stigma when she’s back from prison.
Yes, she’ll be back.

Seems my tear duct is dried already cause i don’t feel any more tears coming.
This is not even the time to cry, i need to figure out some things.

The door opened, interrupting my thoughts.
Nath walked in looking like he cried the whole night.
We both planned to go check on Mia this morning and i guess he’s ready.

“Good morning agent D” He greeted and his voice which was always full of enthusiasm sounds so dull and weak now.
“Good morning Nath” I replied calmly.
“We can go see her now right?” He asked.
“Yes, have you had anything to eat?” I ask and he shook his head.
“I don’t want anything for now” He said and i know i can’t change his mind about eating.

I’ve not had anything either, I’ve not even thought of food.
Anything i take will probably go sour in my mouth.

I pick my car key and started walking to the door with Nath.
“Agent D” He called.
“Huh?” I open the door and we step out.
I lock it firmly before we move to my car.

“Will Mia be executed?” Nath ask and i stop walking.

Will she be executed?
God knows i can’t bear that but that’s the only deserved punishment they can give to her but I’m gonna make sure it doesn’t happen.

“No, she won’t be executed” I said.
“Are you sure about that? Cause even people that murdered just a person are been executed not to talk of Mia who has killed probably hundreds of people. I’m so scared, i don’t want her to die. She’s one of the most wonderful person I’ve met” Nath said,his eyes getting teary.

“Yes, i know that also. But, Mia surrendered herself which means her punishment will be lessened even if it’s by a pinch, and also according to her story, she wasn’t in her right frame of mind when she became an assassin, if only we can get Mia’s medical report when she was eighteen,maybe she was traumatized.
And if i can get her mum’s diary too.
All these put together with a good lawyer, i believe it’ll lessen her punishment ” I said and Nath smiled.

“I trust you agent D. I know you can do it. I’d be more than ready to help if you need my help” He said.
“Fine” I smile back at him.

I unlock the car and got in while Nath hurried to open the gate.
I fasten my seatbelt and was about turning the key in the ignition when my phone ding in my pocket.

I fetched it out and stared at the screen.


📞Hey” I said into the phone.

📞Darrel, we just saw the news. You’ve apprehended the assassin. Congratulations. Boss is already throwing a party in the office.” She said sounding excited.

📞I didn’t apprehend her, she turned herself in.

📞Ohh.. really?

📞Yeah, i gotta go.

📞 Hold on, why are you .. aren’t you supposed to be happy you finally apprehended the assassin.

📞Katy, why the pretense?” I asked.

📞Pretense? What’s going on? I don’t freaking understand.

📞You knew the assassin already, you only called me to mock me!

📞Darrel Com’on, the assassin’s face wasn’t revealed so how would i… OMG! Is it Mia?

📞Like you don’t know already. Yes it’s Mia and that doesn’t stop me from loving her okay?

📞Darrel, i never really knew it was Mia. I was only suspicious. I was never sure cause i just had little proof.


📞Yes and I’m so sorry about this. I know you must be so hurt, i can’t believe I’m also saddened by the news, i never hated Mia,she’s a very loving lady. I was only jealous of her.

📞It’s fine Katy, i knew you were never a cruel person.

📞So what are your plans now? You obviously don’t want her executed which is what might happen, considering her crime.

📞Yes, but behind being an assassin lays a very pathetic story of hers which she told everyone before she got arrested.


📞Yes, you really need to hear it.

📞Okay, I’ll be on my way to New York tomorrow and i know of a very competent lawyer,do you mind me bringing her along .

📞Wow, thanks Katy, i don’t mind at all.

📞Alright, gotta go now. See ya soon.


I sighed,glad Katy will be helping.

I’ve been keeping Nath waiting by the gate.

I turn the key in the ignition and drove out of the gate.
Nath quickly locked the gate and then joined me in the car.
He fastened his seatbelt.

“I’m sorry i kept you waiting. Katy called”
“Ohh” He said.
“She promised to help” I said.
“Wow” He smiled as i drove away.


“Mia” Nath and i called as she was brought out of the cell.

She smiled, hugging us both which left us kinda surprised but that didn’t stop me from holding her tightly.
I miss her scent, i miss her.

She sat in a single chair and we sat opposite her, a table in between us.
“How are you?” Nath asked.
“I’m fine. Nath, you don’t look fine. I guess you now hate me” She said.
“Sincerely, i wanted to, i wanted to hate you for all the people you’ve killed but i can’t just get myself to do that, your story made me know that you wouldn’t have done that if you had a happy family”

She smiled ” The blame shouldn’t be put on my unhappy family, i did what i did cause i wanted to do it but i’m glad you don’t hate me Nath”
“You look happy” I said.
“Well…I’m glad the people i’ve killed will finally be at rest now that I’m apprehended”
“Yeah and have you checked on
Mr Greg Thayer? I didn’t kill him but I’m sure the shock would have made him pass out”

“Yeah, he’s in the hospital now, suffering from great shock” I said and we all laughed.

I never thought we could laugh even when Mia is locked up.
And i sincerely feel better.

Our laughter subsided and we faced the reality.

“Mia you once asked me if i would still love you even if you do the most terrible thing on earth”
“Yes” She mumbled.
“And what was my reply?” I ask.
“Darrel i understand if you don’t love me anymore, you deserve not to, who would continue loving a criminal?” She said and i could see how her lips shook and how her eyes got teary.
She’s very good at fighting back tears.

“Well…there might be someone who still continued loving a criminal” I said.
“Who?” She asked in a whisper.
She blinked as she stared at me.
“Y.. you still love me?” She asked.
“Yes and I’ll forever do. This is not because i promised to do, it’s because i can’t stop loving you,no matter how hard i try,you’re my missing rib,the only one made for me. Unloving you will hurt me as much as it’ll hurt you so why don’t we put the past behind us and face the future. No one is perfect, everyone has done one bad thing or the other. Yours being exposed does not mean you’re the worst person on earth. I know you were acting under the influence of someone or something but i promise to help you and i will do everything i can to make sure your punishment is less severe” I said.

“I love you Darrel” She sniffed.
“I love you more Mia” I stood up and kissed her hair before wiping her tears.
“Now, stop crying let’s discuss okay?” I asked and she nodded.

“Katy called me” I said.
“She must be so happy…to know I’m finally locked up” Mia sniffed.
“Mia, Katy never hated you,she was only jealous. She’s not someone to hate on another being,she’s a good person and she’s also very saddened about the situation”
“Really? But she knew already” Mia said.
“She was only suspicious, she was never sure and I’m sure she even wish it wasn’t you”

“She promised to help”
“Really?” Mia asked in surprise.
“Yes, she will be arriving tomorrow and she’ll also be bringing a very competent lawyer with her. And trust me, whomever Katy recommends is always the best”
“Wow, help me say thanks to her, i really appreciate” Mia smiled.

“She’ll be here tomorrow to check on you”
“I can’t wait to see her” Mia said.
“Really?” I asked, raising my brow.
“I mean…i can’t wait to thank her” She said and i laugh.
“It’s obvious you and Katy likes each other” Nath said and Mia shrug.

“Mia you should have gone to a psychologist instead of opting to be an assassin”.
“I was helpless then and was ready to do anything” She said.
“I never for once thought i needed a psychologist, my blood was boiling hot then” She added.

“Mia, do you have accomplices?” I asked and watched as her face grew pale.
“I..” She was saying.
“Please do not lie to me” I said and she hesitated for few seconds before speaking up.
“Yes..i do. Boss was the one who saved me that night, I’m still alive now,all thanks to him” She said.
” Wow, so where are they now?” I ask.
“They are gone” She said.

“Gone? Where?” I ask.
“I don’t know also but i don’t think you can find them in this city again. I told them to leave before i turned myself in. I’ll pay for all our crimes” Mia said.
“You shouldn’t have done that” I said.
“That’s the only thing i could do, i don’t want to betray them twice” she said.
“Betray them twice?” I asked.

“Yes, I betrayed them by falling in love with you”
“Yes, i kill every detective in charge of my case, i was sent on a mission to kill you too by first becoming your housekeeper for some months and then killing you but i fell in love with you and told them i couldn’t kill you anymore, and i even told them i wanna quit. Darrel, you changed me, you made me see the wrong in what i was doing, made me turn myself in”
“Wow!” Nath exclaimed.
“I’m so glad you realised your wrongdoings before it’s too late and thanks for not killing me” I said, holding her hands on the table.

“They were the ones who came to rescue you the night i almost captured you?” I asked and she nodded.
“Was that all of you guys?” I ask.
“We are six” She said

*excluding Tony who was planted in the police force*

“Do you remember the guy i mentioned to you guys as a pesterer?” She ask.
“He’s also part of .. my crew” She said.
“What!” Nath exclaimed.
“Yeah” Mia said.
“Mm can you please write down the address? I need to search for clues that might help us in court” I said and she nodded.
“Hey! Get me a pen and a notepad” I said to a cop standing nearby.
He bow before going to fetch it for me.

“And you’ll write down Mr Cunnanne home address too, i need to look for Miss Simone” I said.
She nods, wiping off her tears.
“Com’on stop crying” I said.
“Mia, everything will be fine okay?” Nath said.

“Have you eaten?” I asked and she shook her head.
“Cause i know you guys wouldn’t have eaten too”
“Com’on you need to eat” Nath said.
“And you guys needs to eat too” She said.

“Yunno what? We’re all gonna eat together once we’re back” Darrel said.

The cop returned with the notepad and pen and Mia jotted down the addresses.


They left and i was returned back to the cell.

I was the only one in there and i was able to think..

I thought back to the years i loved killing, the years i was merciless, the years i would always look forward to a new mission.
“’s all over now” I laughed.

I’m glad i still have people who stood by me despite my horrible act.
I’m so glad.

I thought i had lost the people i took as my family.
I had feared they would hate me and when i hugged them earlier i thought they’d push me away but they didn’t.

Is there anything more wonderful than having people stand by you during your difficult times.
The feeling is just so great that i can’t explain it.

Darrel and the cops are now on their way to Pine estate.
I just hope boss and the rest would have gone as i told them.
I’ll be in court in a week time and my fate will be determined..


“CIA agent D. requests to see you” i heard a cop said, awaking me from my light sleep.
He started unlocking my cell gate and i stood up.
I smiled and walked out with him.

“Darrel” I called and he turned.
“Mia, i found something” He said almost breathlessly.
“What?” I ask, my heart racing.

“Your medical report when you were eighteen and a letter from your boss which explains it all”


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