Beautiful Love Song season 3 Episode 21

Beautiful Love Song season 3 Episode 21
💛 the challenge 💛]

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.
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now, enjoy…..

I can’t believe royals face right now, he looks like he just swallowed 22mountains….
it really feels so good to be in power.

“did he really touch you?”
he asked in a whisper.
Although I didn’t hear it but I followed the movement of his lips.

He quickly took his gold laid phone, next he deactivated the cameras in our suite.
I smiled as i felt sweetness of fireworks in my tommy.

“Honey,he touched me and offer me money for a night” I said with seriousness.
“how dare he?”,royal bite his lips and fisted his hands.
next he picked his red phone on the heavenly couch.

“But it’s my body” I said and ran into my room,I locked the door and rested on it,I didn’t hear him coming i opened the door and went back to the living room,he wasn’t there anymore.

Two guards were already standing at the entrance.

aaiiish,royal is a very jealous person.
“ma’am you can’t go any further”
one of the guards said.
I went back to my room and fell into my pillow.

my phone buzzed…I hastily walk to the purple stand and turn on the room lights.
i used my phone light to go back to bed after falling into my pillow, i checked my phone again,it was my mom.
she messaged me but nothing was in the inbox.

is she bothered???
I widened my eyes and wanted to call her,another message buzzed in from her.
💌 sweetheart,what will you do if your father come back as a Governor?”, she sent.

waoooow.I cooled my slainted eyes.
💌 would you accept him?”, she sent again.
I stared at my phone keyboard and thought of the best answer…
does this means I have a father!

💌 mom,I will just stop imaging.My father died before I was born…a ghost can not possibly return to earth as a governor” i sent.

💌 what if he isn’t dead?”, she sent.
I breathed in as I reasoned it.
💌 do I still have a father?”, I asked feeling confused.

💌 you still haven’t answered the previous question” she sent.I re read our chats.

💌 ummm…I won’t accept him cos he wasn’t there when we needed him the most. I will just forgive but not accept” I sent.

💌 are you sure you won’t accept him?”,she asks.
💌 but mom,are you hiding anything from me?”,I asked.I felt a sensation of cold on my skin,I look through the window, the rain got heavy.

soon my mom sent me a picture…
That’s your dad~Governor Amendra Knight~

I stared at the picture with so much emotions… he looks so wealthy in the picture and of course we so much look alike.Our skin type was just the same.

💌Does he wants me back?”, I asked.
💌 yes he has been begging to see you after he divorced me 20years ago”, she sent.

💌 so what’s your decision?”,I asked.
💌sweetheart am not influencing your decision but as for me,am not going back to him…do as you wish, he’s your father..don’t copy me,just let your heart lead you”, she sent

💌 Since you don’t want to go back to him,I see no reason why I should go to him” I sent..
my mom didn’t reply.
I was about sleeping when she sent another message.

💌 the murderer behind your sisters death had been captured,he is in jail as we speak” she sent.
I couldn’t contain my happiness.
💌 I pray he suffers for not allowing me to have sisters..but who brought up the case?”, I asked.
💌 your dad”, she answered, my mind drifted back to the picture she sent…. he really tried in using his powers to capture the murderer.
💌 do you have dad’s number so i can tell him thank you?”, I asked.
💌 don’t worry,I already told him”…
she sent..

I dropped my phone and went out of my room to look for my jealous boyfriend, his room was just opposite mine. I got to his door and knocked…

“Baby! I pout as I knocked.
“okay sorry,its a prank” I said as I knocked.
“honey I promise I won’t do that again…I will feed you in bed,bath you in the jacuzzi, I will allow you to do anything with me,just open the door”
I said as I knocked,the door didn’t still open.

“Baby! I called out.
Just then I heard the entrance door opening…I turned it was royal.
His clothes were totally soaked.
I looked at him,he avoided my eyes as he inserted his key into the lock.

“Royal you’re wet,cold weather isn’t good for your health” I said and wanted to touch him,he quickly moved in,I ended up touching the door instead of him.

“it’s your body right…do you know you yelled at me.Gosh you’re becoming annoying….is it because I love you too much or i spoilt you so much” he said as he took his lips in.

“baby sorry,its a prank!
I said,he slam his door,the sound was really strong that I had to shift back.
ohhh god save Krishna.
His anger is another thing entirely.

“Honey,am still standing”, I knocked as I said.
“thank goodness it’s your leg”, I imagined him replying but he didn’t answer.
“sorry it’s a prank” I said,
he didn’t still open his doors.

I left his doors and entered the kitchen to cook his best food.I was done within 45minutes and I quickly served it hot in three different glassy plates…

Grilled with veggies was on one side, on one plate was rice pudding and the last plate was sauce spiced up with plenty of shrimps.
I placed each plates in a tray,the aroma alone filled everywhere…
he would be salivating by now!
I smiled as i got to his door.

“Royal honey,I cooked” I said.
“I’m not hungry krish” he replied. I can’t really tell if he’s angry or not…
how can he say he’s not hungry-

I stand for 30more minutes,he still didn’t open up.I frowned and took the tray to my room,I dropped it gently on the bedside stood and lay quietly on my bed.

I couldn’t even sleep.
How can I sleep when he got himself soaked in the rain,he didn’t talk to me…how can I be comfortable!
my eyes can’t take it…
I felt like am the one who’s feeling cold.
I stood up and went to his door again.

“Mr president, it’s a prank i won’t do it…please I beg you with your mother” I said..
and I felt his legs walking to the door.
His feet was cute in the red room slippers he wore.

He opened the door,I swallowed into nothing as I watch him shirtless.
He was only wearing a designer black jean trouser his belt wasn’t locked as I could see the lines of the black boxer he wore inside.
He kind of sagged.

I looked up and close my eyes.
his abs and muscles is making me think stupidly…
“Go to bed,it’s late” he said and wanted to close his doors. I quickly put my hand again so he won’t lock.

“I cooked for you…ain’t you hungry?” I asked…
“I already ordered” he replied as he chewed his companion.
“but I said sorry it’s a prank” I said.
“good night” he said and slam the door after looking quietly through my body….
his eyes couldn’t take it.
I know he wants us to cuddle in this cold weather but his pride won’t let him accept..Royal can’t leave me, he’s just still angry..

“My leg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I screamed…he quickly opened his door and rushed me.He caught me smiling,he left me and entered his room again..
“I care for you doesn’t mean I’ve forgiven you” he said.

I ran into my room and slam my door too. I fell into my pillow as i stared at the ceiling.
Too bad i won’t watch him eating my food tonight.
my prank was just too expensive.

Soon the door bell rang loudly.
someone is at the main entrance. I rushed to my door to peep,I saw royal carrying a pack of pizza and a bottle of an expensive wine.
He entered his room and locked his door.

So he really ordered.He’s still angry!
I sighed and went back to my bed, I forced myself to sleep….

Anita’s p.o.v🎻🎻🎻🎻
“you really did a great job,I appreciate” krish dad shake hands with me and handed me another 15million won cheque.
he’s really wealthy.

“waooow! I screamed as I couldn’t contain my happiness.
“it’s okay..I have to speak to my daughter” he said and walk up the stairs..
I sat down on a white pub feeling really happy.The money he has been giving me ever since I started this case is really huge,ten times my pay at work.

He’s nice!.I said as I savoured the sweetness of wine i was served…
I stood up ten minutes after and carried my black bag,I left..
🚺 detective Anita!!!!!
🚺 where are you? Report at the hotel beside the general airport,it’s urgent! one of my workers called.
I ran to the main road.
Too bad I didn’t bring my car. Am really praying that Mrs Marley should be found.Kani already gave us the location.

“Taxi!!!! I flagged with my hands.
None was forth coming,
maybe because it was raining…

A taxi passed and splash dirty water all over my body,even my face…
I was so irritated.I can’t believe I smell.How am I suppose to get to.the airport area.

A blue Lamborghini drove slowly and stopped by my side on the road..the glass was tinted,I couldn’t see who it was..
gosh, I smell! I scent the cloth now..

The tinted glass whyne down..
“Is it taxi?”,I blabbed but I stopped when the owner turn out to be a cute guy.The mask he wore shows that he’s a celebrity.An idol I guess.
His hair was looking so soft and the edges were so curly.
His body was well built and his fingers wore two blue rings.
That’s all I could see.His face was masked.
He beeped his car,the side door open and I hastily entered and shut the door.
“Airport area” I said.
He whyned up the tinted window and continue driving with his mask on.
waooow! he’s so cute but who can he be!! soon we got to the place am suppose to drop.
He beeped his door for me to step out..

“Hi,am Anita! I said…
he looked at me..
hummmm,now I feel cheap.I spoke to him first.
He removed his mask.
omg 💕Chris💕….
“Ain’t you getting down?” he said…
I was lost,I stared at him.
Am just confused. Is this love at first sight or mere infatuation…
“We can talk later right” he said and gave me his card.I hastily took it..
“thanks for the ride” I said and step out of his car. He drove away.
omg!! what’s wrong with me,I just gave him green lights he might take me as a fling!.
I felt someone presence on my bed but I was too lazy to open my eyes.
I heard the sounds of spoon too, I opened my eyes.
The sleep didn’t allow me see well, I took my phone under my pillow and use the torch to check.

It was Royal..
He was eating while pressing phone!
I wanted to laugh,I controlled my smile the moment he looked at me.
The pizza and wine he ordered was on the chair,he didn’t even open it.

He is eating my food.
I dimmed the room light green so that I will see very well.
He smiled and continue eating.

“It’s too salty,it’s not sweet…don’t be too happy” he said..
I smiled and joined him on the bed.
I carried the tray he was eating from on my laps,he still ate with so much relishment.
“you said it’s salty and you almost finished it” I said.
He smiled and hit the spoon playfully on my fore head.
“Aiish,my husband sorry” I said and fed him water..He drank from my hand…I playfully rub his chest.
He smiled and eat meats.
I opened my mouth,he fed me too.
“How did you feel when I said am not hungry?” he asked.
“I felt unhappy..” I replied.
“that was how I felt too when you said liam touched you…I guess he didn’t” he said.
“he dare not” I replied and we both laughed.
I packed the plates to the kitchen when he was done,I came back and met him operating his phone.
I slept on my side of the bed after turning of the lights,he moved into me from the back..I touched his favorite spot on my both.

my breast***
he tease the tips as he kissed the sides of my neck…I moan softly and held him in a pinching manner.
“what’s your wish” he asked.
“I wish we find your mother” I said.
he smiled.
“what’s your wish?” I asked back.
“I wish your wish come true” his words felt cold in my heart.
He resumed kissing me.
Our kiss got strong as he made me move the way he wanted.
“Should we?”, I asked.
I nodded shyly in agreement, he quickly took of my robe till I was left in just my pant..

He suck unto my nipples roughly and press into my back softly…..
“ouch royal,it’s ticklish” I moaned and hide my breasts in his chest..
in no time,my nipples rubbed with his bare chest… sensations made me run wild.I remembered our first time.
I can’t forget it.

“common it won’t hurt this time?” Royal pulled me up and resumed sucking my breast, his finger into the other one…
“Ohh royal! I said..he kissed my lips and shifted my pant with his sweet fingers, he carressed the upper wall of my pu****,I was already wet for him….he pull off my panties and grabbed my butts with both hands…
his hands didn’t contain cos I was really wild in both hips and buttocks.
“Baby…be gentle! I whispered in a sweet moan as he pressed me there..
He made me squirm on his erection, my moans filled the room…
He turned me over and slide into me, my walls tightened on his **** as he entered me fully..
He moved slowly at first..
“ohhh heaven royal!!!!!! I moaned as I held him to myself..
he moved fast a little bit,my moans increased as I held him more tight..
“you’re sweet! he muttered and moved very fast…
“Royal,honey!!!!!!!!!!!! I moaned, he would stop to kiss me each time my moan get so loud.
He turned me over and moved slowly,soon faster…
I moaned out my lungs out.
He stopped and released into me then he started kissing me…with his **** still trapped in my vagina..

his phone rang.We stopped.
I helped him pick his phone, it was an unknown. number but he still answered it…
🚺 Mr President we found your mother.She would be at general airport in six hours time! the caller said…and quickly hung up…

We need to leave, the flight from here to general airport is just 5hours 40mins..I would call Elliot to arrange our flight” royal said and tied a red towel. I ran into my bathroom and quickly bath,I dressed sharply and started packing…
“ain’t you done! royal asked.
“I’m done” I replied and whirl out a traveling bag,royal collected it from me and held my hand with so much care.

We got to the entrance and the guards quickly collect our luggage from him.It was really quiet outside and dark as well.
Royal and I got to the place his mom flight would be landing,our car haven’t arrived and we waited for the securities van to arrive. It isn’t safe for the two of us to stay alone like this, I was really bothered,Royal wasn’t, he kept on checking time…

Our car arrived but it was a different driver,I’ve never seen those eyes before. Royal and I got in without asking the driver anything.

soon the plane landed,it was the driver who stepped out. He came back with a woman 40minutes later.
They were almost approaching our car when another car crossed them..
it happened really fast,royals mom was pushed into the car…and was driven away.

“Royal! I screemed..Royal‘s eyeballs turned red…He didn’t talk much,he step out of the car and quickly entered the drivers seat,the hot chase began….
I kept on panicking,I took his phone and called securities..royal continue driving in a crazy manner.
He couldn’t hold it,his tears dropped.
I wiped his tears…
“we will find her” I said…
The car was really ahead of us.
“do you know this road really well?” I asked…he entered another short cut…next, he double crossed the black jeep…
everything happened so fast like a movie…
He rushed out quickly. I could see three guys in the car..
how would he fight this?…
I kept on calling securities…he broke the drivers glass with an iron rod that was close by..
I pitied him,I’ve never seen him cry, he always know how to control himself..
He dig his hand inside the halfly broken window and grabbed the driver, he broke the remaining half with a punch,blood flew…
ohh my gaaaaad!!!!!!!
I shut my eyes in fear, royal punched the guy hardly..
the second and third guys step out None of them have the courage to hit him first cause of who he is…Royal attacked back.

“honey!!!!! I shouted and ran out when my eyes couldn’t hold it anymore..

“why did you step out?” Roy asked. I rushed to the attacker car and opened the back seat,his mom was there,I wanted to untie her,one of the guys wanted to touch me,I picked the rod royal used earlier to hit his head, he fell…I quickly untie his mom and help her out.
She’s really pretty in the gold Saree she wore,she look going too.
The guy royal was attacking fell with a bleeding face…

We heard a gun shot…
The three of us started running.He held me with so much emotions his mom held my other hand softly like she knew me before

I turned back,Royal wasn’t with us!
Royals mom was holding me.
“where’s my son?”, his mom asked.
“Where’s royal?”,I asked in tears.
We heard another gun shot almost immediately…

I couldn’t just run…
Royal isn’t with us…
“Daughter!! his mom held me well as I almost fell…


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