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Beautiful Love Song season 3 Episode 5

Beautiful Love Song season 3 Episode 5
[The Conclusion🎲🎲🎲]

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.
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now enjoy….


“honey i really love you so much,no one has ever touch me like this,am only allowing you to do so because I love you” I said.
Royal smiled and took a pillow, he lay carefully on my killer hips,his fingers was still trapped on my singlet.

“Romance is allowed right?”
he asked and made me bend in the right way so that he will have access to my breast from the singlet.

“Best,you’re spoilt.Must you always touch” I said and allow him balance himself fully well.
for a start,I wonder what sex with him will look like.. bad right?
my fear started cooking up. I know I can’t run away from this.

He took my hand and intertwined it with his own.
The way he treats me with lots of care and emotions always make me have an assurance that i am something special in his life…

My name is written in his future,
he made me leave my destined poverty…
Royal is mine-
finally,even when we are two different worlds.

“Krish,you will bear my kids right?
he asked.
“yes,you will watch me get pregnant of our babies” I said.
he shut his eyes and turned me to lie on top of him.

I smiled and had the opportunity to see this star blue eyeballs,he didn’t use lens today..
“I will wait till when you want” he said and buried his fingers into the curly part of my hair.

“umm honey,we will do it.I want us to do it once we find your mother’s diary,for now,that’s the only challenge that we have and once it is solved,we will make love. I promise, anyhow and anywhere you want it am all yours.” I said.

Royal smiled out dimples.
“You this girl…you said anyhow and anywhere hope you want say I should leave your pant then” he whispered..
I smiled shyly.
we stared into each others eyes,
the door suddenly opened,
we broke our eyes contact and look in the direction of the door.

“umm Excellency…sorry…I…”
the door closed automatically immediately.
His phone beeped two minuted after the door opened. I stood up from his figure and helped him to pick his phone, I didn’t really check what it was,I just stretch it to him.

“What’s that?” he asked.That was when I checked..
“I can’t really tell,there are lots of notifications” I said.
he stood up and carried a particular laptop and two files.

He pecked my lips. “ten mins” he said and left.
my nervousness suddenly disappeared. I was so careless,royal almost make out with me.
I really can’t stand him seeing my nakedness,am soo shy.

But till when will I continue keeping my body from him?
he really tried for me,but am still scared of everything.

Firstly,his wealth,it is just too loud, am scared he might leave me after going in between my legs.
I started getting confused after what happened between eve and her boyfriend.

Celestine changed in his character after the night he had sex with eve, he broke up with her,its still so much unbelievable that he did all those things.
Am sooo confused.

handsome guys are very dangerous most especially the wealthy ones. They can just leave anyhow without feeling remorseful.

A slight knock came on the door.
I screened the projector with the room remote do that I.will know who is at the door,it was priya.

“madam,your dinner time is almost passed” she said.
I opened the door,she was already holding a nightwear jacket for me.
I collected it and wore it,she also dropped a pink soft flip flop for me, I slip my feet into it and collected my phone from her.
“I will be expecting you”.
she said.
I nodded and stayed back in royals room.

maybe I should talk to my mom.
I really hate confusion.
💌 mom,Royal made advances on me today. We almost made love.Does it means he will leave me after seeing my pant?.” I sent.

She called my phone,I was scared of picking her calls.
is it not my mom-
I prefer texting her.

💌 what did he say to you?” she sent.
💌 *he apologized* I sent.
💌 will.he leave me after doing it, mom am scared I don’t want to be a victim” I sent.

💌 *seriously* guys are not the same,you’re just being childish. Although I understand cos that was the way I brought you up.
Look,royal loves you very deeply. He didn’t make any attempt all this while even though your body is a pack of seduction. That shows he knows how to control himself.He doesn’t want to put you in shock nor rush you.Sex is normal to every guy but it depends on how you present yourself..I think he loves you differently. I’m not saying you shouldn’t allow him,you can have it anytime depending on your happiness…remember I already give you to him.

💌 dear,don’t keep him waiting for long,he has tried a lot” my mom sent.
I smiled and and adjusted the longness of my hair braid to the back.
💌 thanks mom” I sent,a bit relieved.

💌 anytime you send childish text to me,I will be very angry at you cos you’re not a kid anymore” she sent.
💌 ummm am your only child” I sent.
💌 princess,you seriously need cane. In fact am going to advice best to start using cane” she sent.
💌 *smiles*

I finally dropped my phone and went downstairs. I got to the dining without looking else where and quietly served myself.
my eyes roamed the spacious slivery built living room,using the bluish glass as a medium.

Royal was speaking with Elliot and that lady….I think they are in a meeting.
My eyes locked with that of the lady,
her glares were lasting.
She quickly look away when Royal said something.

Elliot stood up and went out,Roy took some documents and followed Elliot out and the girl quickly stood up to do a quick video..

she chants wordings seductively.
“Hi guys…
“Royals mansion… sounds so cool”
she flick her hairs backwards and made several hot looks.
she stopped videoing and saved.
I smiled as I drank water fully.

“Hi” she waved at me.
“Krishna right?” she asked.

“do you know me before?”
I smiled as I stood up.
“no…am just meeting you” she said and moved closer.

“mitchy told me about you” she said.
“queen of curves right,killer hips tho, succulent lips and voluptuous body you’ve got..” she exaggerated and wanted to touch me,I moved back.

“Mitchy…do you know her?” I asked.
“umm yes,she’s a good friend” she said and still stared at me.
This doesn’t look like friendship,
it is pure jealousy desire..

“Well you’re lucky” she said.
“how?” I pouted.
“your boyfriend, isn’t he what every girl desire..girls are dying to be in this position. At some point i wonder what sex with him will look like.”
she said dreamingly.

“stop using the ‘s’ word” I said.
Royal came in,she quickly stop talking to me.
“see you at models battle” she whispered and walk back to where Royal left her.

“Boss,am here…trust am just admiring her” she said with her head bowed.
Royal nodded and gave her a cheque paper,she carried her back and left.

“That girl,I don’t want to see you with her as friends” royal said.
I nodded and wanted to go upstairs, his voice still stopped me.

“sweetheart,we are going home right now.Registration opens tomorrow and I want you to be on the first set” he said.
I felt happiness.

“okay,I will just pick my phone” I said but priya already brought it.
“are we not picking anything?” I asked.
“no…need” he said.
I collected my phone and followed Royal out.
a military guard collected the file he was holding, he beeped his car and opened the door for me to enter then he turned to enter the driver seat.

He did his seltbelt,I looked out at the window and smiled as priya blew me a kiss.
“are you done checking out?”
Royal asked.
“hunn yes” I faced him.
he smiled and look at his phone before leaning into me,he rolled my hair into a cute baby style.

his phone dropped. I saw when he did on Google.
*how to roll girlfriends hair*
he also did my seatbelt, the tinted windows glass whyned up automatically. Roy bite his lower lips seductively and turn on the car light since it was night, he increase the ac level and turn on the stereo in the car.
then he drove out after the military cars did.

“how do you want to attend Dora’s birthday party,do you want to sleepover?” he asked.
“yes…” I smiled in agreement, the ac did magic to my skin pores.

“okay,that means you’re gonna shop together with Dora” he said and gave me a credit card.

another one,but I haven’t spend the one you gave-
I sturlted,he placed his fingers on my lips..
“thank you” I said.
“shout it…and kiss me” he said.

“Thannnnk you!!!
I shouted but didn’t kiss.
“sweetheart my kiss” he said.
“you’re driving” I said.
“okay..I want twerking on my laps”
he said..
“you this spoilt brat..okay,we will do it at home” I said in a smile.

he hummed a deep blue song quietly and soo sweetly.
🎶 with a skip I’m my heart,
🎶 I want to be with you…
🎶 when you hold me tight,ohh ohh..
🎶 this love,its our destiny.
🎶 desires remain unquenched.

🎶 when u charmed me,Krishna ohh ohh ohhh..
🎶 and I cherish you,sweetheart ohhh ohhh ohhh..
he smiled after singing.

I felt sweetness with the way he used my name.It makes me feels special.

“Chris asked about you in the middle of our chat,what do you guys always talk about?” he asked.
“we used to talk as friends” I said.
he chuckled..

“and Justin, he is fond of you.That’s rare” he said.
“yeah,I used to cook for him.He likes food a lot,that means he likes me a lot” I said.
I actually said that a lot so as to see royals reaction and he fell for it.

“only me likes you a lottt”
he said and drag my ear playfully.
“That’s rare.Jeff and Justin have that unbreakable bond with food..Chris loves girls and sex” he said.

“what about you?” I asked in a smile.
“well,I looovvvvve you want to know the persons name?” he asked.
“I already know’s me,Sweetheart” I said excitedly.

“hunnn no,it’s not you”
he said…
“who??? I asked,sounding jealous.
“noo I can’t tell you the name” he said..
“female or male” I asked.
“female and I won’t tell you her name,she makes me verrrt verrry happy..” he said.

why am I even feeling jealous?…
maybe the girl he is talking about is his ex.

A call came into his phone, he quickly connect it to the car.
“Am still waiting hope you know”
the voice said,it sounded like Jeff.
“on my fact am at the gate”
he said,Jeff hung up.

He turn to look at me,
I look away..
sooo as I was saying..
“that person,I love her cos she is verrrry verrry kind…in fact no one can be like her,I want to spoil her for myself,she will swim in my attention too.The way I plan to be with her is undescribable” he said.

“ummm okay since you won’t tell me her name,stop exaggerating to me” I said tenderly and quickly face the window..
I know Royal..

why did I allow myself to fall in love with this star sooo easily…

“okay,her name is sweetheart Knight and we are getting married soon, my set date for marriage is near.” Royal said…
I quickly turn and drag his ear the way he did to me.

he laugh out loud..
“gaaaad,she almost cried.”
he said and I drag his ears very well.
“kiss me now,you won’t listen” he said…and I quickly lean to do it but I withdrew fast cos he was driving.

“You will still twerk on my laps”
he said as the securities opened the gate..

Jeff car was already in.
Royal opened the door,I step down. Jeff already walked to Royal side of the car.
“hi krish” he said.
“I’m fine” I smiled and rushed inside, leaving the two of them. but they later came in.
Jeff slept over. I couldn’t twerk for Royal. I was so happy,my nervousness just flew away.

I woke up and used the shower very quickly. I still haven’t thought of of what to buy for Dora’s birthday.

💌 meet up in my house,we are shopping together” Dora sent.
💌 okay bestie” I sent.

I brought out a simple blue kneel length gown.
though simple but very expensive.
I removed the label and reach for a silver laid slipper canvass I added a silver bag and kept my phone and. three credit cards inside.

I was done within 30mins.
I let my hair down and brushed it carefully.
finally I was done. I picked my bag and check the mirror.

that shyness spirit in me came again, I had to sit for an hour before going out.I met Jeff,Chris and Royal in the living room.They were talking..
Chris was even shirtless,a lady was sitting beside him.

Eddy was sitting beside on a separate couch.

when did they enter-
Royal was in their midst smiling as he speaks.

“what did I miss?”
Justin entered.

Though they didn’t see me.
I decided to go back upstairs.
My eyes locked with Eddy’s own, he didn’t look away so quickly.

Chris clapped and laughed loudest at something.

“madam,the driver is still waiting”
a maid appeared.
everyone turned,
even Chris who was laughing turned.

“I’m already coming!
I sturtled and Royal stood up.
he was now wearing a gold robe.

“what should I tell the driver?” the maid asked..
“don’t worry go” Royal signalled and came to me on the stairs,I hastily give him my hand and he peck my lips…

Chris coughed..
“shy shy! that was Justin.
“did you cook?” he asked and took the second spiral staircase.
“this bad habit” royal said.

he almost caught Eddy’s stare.
he walked me out to the car,a guard sat beside the drivers seat,the driver entered and drove out in slow speed to Dora’s house.

I met eve and shantai inside.
“we should go now” shantai said, we all went out.
we got to the mall,Nina joined in and the girls started buying clothes.
“sorry for what happened then,I couldn’t save you during that bully cos i don’t have powers like lilly”
shantai said.
“I understand” I said.
“friends mode” eve said.
“okay,I will pay for everything” I said.

They started checking hangers and mannequins.
“ain’t you buying?” Dora said.
“I have new clothes..” I said and followed Dora everywhere she went.

The projectors suddenly beeped.
I think the manager of the mall just called for attention.
“everyone in this mall should go outside,dice high queen wants to shop” the projector beeped.

“For what??? Nina expounded with furry.
“what nonsense?” eve said..
“why should we go out is she a president?” shantai said.

Dora hissed.
and shantai looked at me.

“Krishna use your boyfriend superiority,you have his credit card”
shantai said and Dora hijacked my bag.They quickly got hold of royals credit card in my bag.

“We can’t go outside.the world most popular idol’s girlfriend is here,Lilly should be the one to stay outside”
eve said and presented my credit card to the manager.

the manager looked around.
“Sweetheart Knight,are you here” he asked.
“present” I said lowly.
Nina smiled.

“how do you want it?” he asked me.
“everyone should shop equally” I said.
the manager sighs.

“miss Lilly,am sorry,I can’t send his Excellency’s girlfriend outside just because you want to shop.Trust me, am being considerate” the manager said and left.

Lilly hissed and started her shopping on the other side.
she crossed my path.

“Are you really contesting in the voice challenge and modeling battle?” she asked.
I pretended as if she wasn’t talking to me. Humans are just so desperate.
I can’t forgive Lilly’s pride.

“what’s your business,are you scared of her. Well cos you know she will ein you…my Krishna have more chance of wining than you” Nina cat walked to where Lilly and I are.

“Remember,the three of us are competitors” Lilly said and Nina laughed.

“is she attending the birthday party?”
Mira snurts in with pride,
jingwen was checking out my cloth.

I wonder what I did to this people,
is beautifulness a crime?.

Nina laughed.
“You’re afraid she will steal guys attentions at the party,I mean who wouldn’t look at her twice…
Nina laughed,loudest.

Lilly’s face was burning with rage.
“Nina stayed out of this” Lilly said and faced me.

“if you know what is good for you,you had better not register” she said.
I didn’t and guess what,my silence was killing her seriously.

“leave this girl alone, she doesn’t want to talk to you…is it by force”
Dora said,in a matured manner.

I wanted to follow Dora so i can pay all what they bought at once but Lilly still cross me.

“Lilly are you really scared of losing to me?”
I finally speak when the embarrassment was getting too much.

She still cross my path,
I was so angry,I pushed her lightly,she fell and bruised her hand.

Nina clapped as everyone looked shocked.

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