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Beautiful Love Song season 3 Episode 6

Beautiful Love Song season 3 Episode 6
[voice battle💙model challenge]

By: Adesola Adeomowole.M.
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Lilly bruised her hand and two men in suite came to carry her up.
Nina laughed loudest as everyone looked shocked.
Dora sighed. “finally” she said.

one of the men in suite, guard or whatever thing they call themselve stared at me,I saw anger.
I glared at Lilly in a coded manner and walk to the cashier.

“This is what you deserves…that girl has tolerated you enough” I heard Dora saying but I was already at the cashier section.

Dora and eve joined me soon.
I trust my friends,they bought many classic things,most especially Shantai.

“You didn’t buy anything?”
Dora asked, the cashier quickly stole a glance at me and Dora.

“that’s because nothing catch my attention” I said.The clothes on the hangers are too exposed,the ones on the mannequins are a way too worst. short and cleavages revealing.
Those materials things are not too good for someone with a shape like mine….

Am I a prostitute?..
am not and I can’t buy any of them.

“at least buy one…royal likes all these types of dressings,buy them and were them indoors just to impress him” Dora whispered.

I bite into my lips when I saw a baby pink colored night gown,it was damn perfect and my stupid brain already interprete how I would look like on them…..gosh,my killer hips will kill somebody if I should wear that.
Royal will eat me raw on bed,
maybe hug me sweeter in his arms and….what if he shift my pant again?

ohhh Krishna,receive some sense. You spirit of temptation,run away.

“Are you thinking if that night gown,you’re sure gonna look like some expensive model in it” Dora whispered and the rest of the girls joined us.
“am just saying” dora said.
“Let’s buy it” she said.
“hunn no,royal is only spoilt because all his girlfriends in the past are all immoral” I said.
she smiled and hugged me.

I relaxed as I overcome temptation but Dora really knows how to control my mind.
she bought two of the nightie brands.
one for me,one for her.

“so how much is everything?”
Dora asked the cashier.
“3.9million grounds” the cashier said.
“everything together” Shantai asked.
“wait let’s make it 4M” eve said.

“who’s paying?” Nina asked.
“mee” I said in a low voice.

“okay,complete” Dora said and added a gold earring..I passed my credit card and the escorts started packing all what we bought to our respective cars..


Right now,there’s nothing to get scared for.
The set date for Royals marriage is very near and the options available is just two side of a coin.
it’s either royal die or him and his new found love die together if he won’t marry my daughter.

“What’s on your mind??? don’t you know Royal can’t be killed by a mere human,he can’t suffer too and pain is not in his dictionary”. Mrs sugar said.
I smiled in a crackle.

“savita sugar,I am a Korean how can u expect me to believe in such superstitious stuff” I said.

but we are fighting-

“well,my guys ate searching out for bhewen and Darren, only them are witnesses of what happened 24years ago.” I said and the room suddenly felt cold,
light went off and a heavy wind blew back the window curtains,
even the chandelier lights went off.

“Mr Han,I told you…it is real.Royal’s spirit is coldness,his mind is very much unpredictable, you know what he looks like whenever he is angry right?…
Mrs sugar trembled,
her echoes filled the dark room.

“are you now a coward?”
I faced her.
“noooo….” she nod and I felt coldness hit my throat.

this coldness, where are you coming from….
anyways,am equally prepared for this,I have my reasons for not killing royal when he was one month old…

“And I also have my reasons for raising him up likey son,nurturing him more than my son,I made him believe am his mother,I prevented him from seeing the outside world too but I never for once knew his wealth will someday be pronounced.

🚺 isn’t it a disgrace to me that he broke his father wealth record at a fucking age of 17,his raw talents tho..

🚺 Mr Han,I was a fool cos he became the first youngest president too” savita said.

I I touch her.
“Sugar,you’re not at fault…we kept him for wealth,he mustn’t find out!.
I said as memories flash through my mind.
24years ago…..flashback.

That night was cold,
assassins already overvome the Marley’s empire guard,donald Marley (Royals dad) was stabbed…

he was a Chinese,a very popular business tycoon…..
He came to india to seek refuge as a traveler.

it wasn’t really my fault.
Royals dad was a verrrrry good man who always detests evil dowers.

He didn’t agree to do business with me cos he knows what am made of..
I had to kill him so that all can be mine,Mrs sugar also helped a lot by being the master planner.

“Save my son!!!!!
Mehek(Royals mom) ran out before the corpes could come.
she even make my work easier.

I followed her in disguise so.that I could complete my work.
my target was fully on royal but his mom didn’t give in that chance..

My targets hit the maids that followed her,I killed them all it was only her and royal.

I set another bullet on her,
bhewen came our of no where and skillfully made her dodge it.

I fired the next shot skillfully,
she didn’t miss it,it landed on her leg and she couldn’t continue with running.

One month old royal slipped out of her hand but Bhewen quickly bowed and carried him…
“mother… come on let’s run….
bhewen said and held her hand..

“no…I can’t… just save my son..
I fired another bullet and set it on royal, mehek took the bullet again, this time on her arm.

“let my son come back to save me…I will wait for him….” she didn’t whisper her words finish,she passed out…

Bhewen ran away.
gaaaaaad,such a fast runner…

Kani followed that same pattern and fired a bullet,he was careful not to hit the child…
the two started fighting with bullets.

My own prosecutors were much, it really made bhewen weak in no time.
he dropped royal somewhere and crawled into the secret !…

I personally carried Royal,
he was covered with little blood.
“check out for bhewen!
I told the prosecutors and took the innocent royal home.

everything was done without a trace.
The little traces was cleared out with money.

The plan is to kill him but Mrs sugar said she would take responsibilities and since then,we didn’t see bhewen either..
he must be old by now…
maybe 46-
I think.

and why do I feel like someone is working on this case?????
Mrs sugar said.

“who???? I asked.
“Detective Tulip,I heard he is very sensitive and smart!


Mrs Claudia pov

” I need the fashionista urgently”
I called Celine and dropped the call.
“mommmm!!!! Anna shouted.

“what again?? I asked.
“who and who are doing wedding?
she asked…
“you don’t have to know! I said.

she quietly stood up and walk to the door.
“you know eddy asked you that same question, you didn’t tell him, you only asked him if he likes aunty sweetheart…mom you’re acting strange”. Anna said.
my phone rang….ohh my dear Celine.
I picked the call and walk out to the living room.

Nina’s point💗of💗view…

“ummm is dayardin gonna be here ?
I asked Dora after all the girls went upstairs.
“yes she will” Dora said.

“Nina you can’t lie to me right?” she asked,I nodded.
“why would I lie to you,we’ve been friends for 6good years..remember i don’t keep secrets from you, I usually tell you about Lilly, I even use to share my personal relationship stuff with you. is there anything you don’t know about me???”
I said and made a baby face.

“you’re really saying the truth…
but Nina, I really know u and what u can do…

“if I may ask,are you here to cause more harms ? I don’t seem to understand your mission.
Dora said and I look at her.

“my mission,what do you mean?
I asked and sip in Jalisco wine.
“Please explain better,I don’t understand parables” I said.

“Nina I don’t know what’s on your mind…are you really faking to be a friend to Krishna.. you’re competitors right” Dora said.
I kept quiet and bite the inside of my cheek.

“Nina look at me” Dora said and I did.
“you want to hurt Krishna cos royal is your crush” she said,I look away.

“if you’re planning it,don’t do it please” Dora said.
“if you really like royal, don’t hurt his happiness…”

“how do you know royal loves Krishna?” I asked.
“cos of many things,Nina it’s very obvious. Royal always do times twenty of what Jeff always do for me to Krishna….. It’s obvious..if you really like royal then you need to like Krishna-
Dora said.
she stood up and went upstairs,
I followed Dora up.

All her bands mate where there plus rainbow’s girls group.
I didn’t see Krishna among them,where can she be.

I sat on a soft couch and played my favorite song in the background.

“is Lilly coming?” Christabel asked.
“maybe” Dora shrugged.

Tessa,Dora’s band mate stood up and came to the middle.
“do you know this dance?”
she said and changed the song I was playing to the double-R singles..

She danced to it.
“not at all,you didn’t get it”.
Alice,a girl from the rainbow’s stepped out and danced the steps perfectly. I was waoowed. such a crazy talented dancer.

Just perfect.
Eve and Dora joined in the dance,
Shantai too joined. The four of them killed it hotly especially Alice…

she danced it crazily.
she wore a gold anklet,her short is white colored and the singlet she wore stopped where her bra stopped.

I wonder who is better between Alice and Dora….
Alice jumped up and did a half split and she started twerking like that on the floor…

Such an excellent dancer..
Dora left the dance floor and fell on the bed, girls from the rainbow’s took over..

Dora brought out a phone from her shorts and started using it..

“D,that phone isn’t sold…Royals brand right,where did you get it from?” Twinkle asked.

All the girls directed their gaze to the phone on Dora’s hand.

Cindy coughed…
“I don’t mean to sound rude,I know you can’t own it” Lisa said.
Dora didn’t even answer…
the girls were curious to know the owner.

“The pouch of that phone alone ranges from 400 thousand to 500 thousands grounds and even one million dollars because it is stonned with diamonds all through,how did you get it????
Kayla a girl from my band snurts.

Dora covered her ears.

“you’re all disturbing my ears by being loud” Dora said.

“Just saying! Alice said.

“Okay,fine it’s for sweetheart” Dora said….

the girls shouted.

“is she a prostitute how can she afford that? Belinda said.
Shantai smiled.
“she is Royal’s girlfriend” eve said.
The girls were still shocked,they thought it would be Lilly.

“is she here??? Alice asked.
“wait!!!!!! Shantai said and went out..

Krishna point💗of💗view…

“what else should I do?” I asked the woman who is helping the maids out in the kitchen.
“I’m coming” she said and I waited patiently.
Shantai came in and dragged me out.

“they’ve been paid,don’t help them with their works” she said and took me to a room…

all these classic girls,
hope they are not spoilt.
My eyes locked with Nina’s own. I look away and saw a brunette smoking..

“Okay this is sweetheart” Shantai said…..
I looked at her and covered my hair very well.

what are you—
three girls quickly hugged me.
I really can’t breathe.

“Sweetheart,you‘re dating the most handsome,wealthy and popular celebrity in the world….we are lucky to have you here” a pretty girl said.

how did they know-
where they doing my meeting before.

“Come let’s play game!
another girl dragged me and I ended up sitting between nina and a girl that have her picture drawn on her top.

“Truth only! Alice said…
“we are going to spin a bottle,if the mouth turn to anyone,that person is going to be questioned by everybody failure to.answer the question is thorough beating! Angel said.

I smiled as she spin the bottle,
it was on me…
my smiles disappear.

“Royal,is he a good kisser.. does he likes long kisses or short kisses, does he takes time…?
Twinkle asked..I don’t really know about royal,this is my opportunity.
she said.

“Where does he likes holding… breasts,butts,neck,waist,shoulder etc? Kayla asked..

they are so spoilt.

“does he likes raw sex,skin to skin or condom? Another girl asked.

“what does he normally says to you after sex?” Cindy asked..

“what position does he likes… Is it doggy style and how many rounds can he go!!

I coughed and look at Dora with a “don’t you ever invite me to your party” look.

another girl open her mouth to ask,

“am not doing again!
I said and quickly stood up.
Dora laughed..

“There’s penalty…just answer us, we are curious.We want to know everything about royal” another girl said.

“I think she’s a virgin,everything is firm,I don’t think she has been involved in some crazy sex activities!
Twinkle said.

“gosssssh,those hips!

“I didn’t say am doing,it was angel who spinned the bottle!
I said and quickly ran away,

they chased after me…
“Miss there’s punishment!!!
I heard as I ran.

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