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[the girl he never noticed]



nkem’s p.o.v
I caught up with ngozi again.
Adeife,Adeife,which one?…
Ngozi described her till I got it.
whaaaat,my friend!.
“how come she was beautiful at Akuna party”i said with confusion.
“you have know her right…she’s serving punishment in the palace” she said.
I smiled,it’s really her.
“how come she was beautiful at the party when she’s naturally ugly?”i asked with curiosity.
“wait,does she sings?”,I added.
“she usually sings but not like before. She can’t even sing properly again, she have inferiority complex, she can not move freely,she is always hiding everything about herself.Each time I want her to be among people so that she can be happy,she always end up crying.her step mother will beat her with cutlass,she doesn’t like her doing things that makes her happy, her dad too a bad smoker, he always make her fetch water till midnight, after that he will give her painful marks.So she stopped singing and stopped doing things that will make her happy.”ngozi said.
hmmm so painful.I felt pity for Ife.
“so please nkem,do not hurt her now that you know her secret,do not tell anyone that she’s the beautiful Ife at the party,if her stepmother finds out she is the one,she will lock her up without food,no one will see her again” ngozi said.
“waaaaatttt,she’s going through a lot” I said.
“yes,worst still Adeife is not yet ready to believe…she doesn’t have a reason to believe that something good might still happen to her” ngozi said.
I smiled as I took my lips in,
she bowed and left.
hmmm no wonder Ife always gets into trouble,it’s the handwork of her stepmother.
Adeife’s p.o.v
three days passed,
I keep hoping Lota would come back, no news of him.And I have only four more days to spend in the palace, I wish it won’t be over..
Going back to Onome had become a nightmare in my thinking..
staying in the palace is 100% better,
one there is resting time and even playing time plus story time,every thing is not all about work work work.
secondly,maids can eat anytime they want,if possible ten times a day.
thirdly,no insult and racism,
Mrs okafor treats us with equality.
“madam am through with the dishes, have cleaned the floors,what else should I do?”, I asked.
she paused and entered the kitchen fully…
“okay,it’s clean.There would be a feat today, Lotanna will be back today..
but first deliver that basket of fruit to Tracy” Mrs okafor said and gave me address.
“okay ma’am” I replied and hurried out with the basket.
I entered the street.
Lotanna will come today ooh ooh!
I will see him today ooh ooh!
I got happy as I ran,the basket fell and all the fruits poured,it all got stained by sand.
ohh my gaad,where will I get water to rinse them now that am outside?.
I saw a drum,thank god,I hurried and used the water to rinse them till they are clean.
who’s this Tracy? must be a city girl and city girls are extraordinarily proud, I hope she won’t get mad the fruits are wet…
finally,I found the place,the security opened the black gate,the surrounding was eye catching.
must be wealthy.
I knocked,a girl opened the door.
ohhh princess Amarachi,what’s she doing here.
waoow,she looks so expensive like her brother; Lotanna.
she didn’t dress like a princess, she wore a pink skimpy skirt, and a singlet that cut across her breast track,her waist were adorned hotly with heads.
Adeife what are you looking at; you’re checking her out,are you okay?.
my subconsciousness hit me.
“hi…” she even greeted me first.
I bowed in respect.If she’s the Tracy, i know she will manage this fruit.
“ohhh my sister order” she said,
I moved in fully.
ummmm,so they still have an elder sister,waooow.
“over there” Amarachi directed.
I walked in.
my eyes almost fell when I saw her,
I suddenly felt as if an angel touched and kissed me,gooosh she’s so pretty and very different.
Her skin was pure white and without a blemish,I even heard she was born in Australia.
it suits her.I can’t believe am seeing her.
“ma’am Tracy…I…” I started.
“ohh hi” she said and picked an apple.
I smiled,she likes it.
“thanks” I said.she nodded and eat in relishment.
“what happened to your face,why so much scars”, she asked….
“this is not right,this is violence and abuse” she spoke what I don’t understand.
yes,she’s a lawyer.I finally remembered.
“no,it’s nothing…am very playful. I always injure” I said.
“ohh sorry” she said.
I turned to leave,she said I should wait…
she returned and handed me a nylon.
I didn’t check what was there,I said thank you and left.
Adanna’s p.o.v
Nkem didn’t see me today again,
I felt like crying he is avoiding me and I know its because of that Adeife girl,she’s so cheap and flirty.
Have seen her and Nkem talking in three different places.
I just felt so neglected.
I got to the place we use to meet with Akuna when it was time.Chiamanda couldn’t come,she has a lot of customers to plait hair for.
“Akuna,I need you to help me teach a girl terrible lesson” I said.
“why,what happened? I already over grow bullying” she replied.
“it’s Adeife,she’s the reason nkem had been avoiding me” I said.
“why not do it yourself” she asks.
“I can’t because she knows how to fight but if you help me,she dare not fight back because you’re a princess” I said.
“Adeife Adeife….wait which Adeife, is it the one that stole attention at my birthday party?”, she asked.
I don’t know what she’s talking about but with the look of things,I think she is looking for some Ife girl.
“yes yes yes she’s the one” I said.
I saw happiness in Akuna’s face.
“good…I need to see her first,she might be the Ife am looking for” she said with lots of enthusiasm.
“Are you sure Nkem loves you?”, she asked…
“yes he loves me,he made promises to me and that was what we used to seal our first night together” I said.
“soooo you’re not a virgin” she said.
“yes,Nkem promised me” I said.
“gosh,hope it’s not fake promises? or have you forgotten the consequence of not being deflowered on your wedding night? all sex doesn’t mean love.There’s a clear difference between making love and having sex. Nkem only did it out of lust and you accepted cos you’re horny that moment” she said.
“what about you?”, I asks.
“mine is different,am a princess”
she replied.
till then,Adeife.
Adeife Adeife’s p.o.v
on my way,
I opened the nylon, there were two gowns, two tops and a glassy container.It scents like pomade…
my luck shone today..
Aaaah Aaaah I love my life…
I entered the palace with little stress, I was keeping the stuffs,
dumebi came in.
“onome said you should come home” she said,I left.
Like I have a choice, I know why am going home,to fetch water till midnight.Soo wicked.
can’t olamma fetch water?
I got home and greet her,she ignored. I picked my pot and started fetching water,each time it fulls, onome will pour everything away.
I grumbled and went back to the stream.
I had barely filled my pots when I saw akuna and her crews approaching.
did she come to see the waterfall, it’s not really far from the stream..
I really like her,if only am not ugly am sure we would be close friends.
“Good evening” I greeted.
“keep your greetings trapped in your pants” she replied coarsely.
did I offend Akuna??
no,I always avoid her and her crews. The only person I associate with is ngozi and she doesn’t talk to them.
“the princess wants to see you”
I fetched what I want to fetch and moved away so that she can do whatever she wants to do.
“you’re not obviously deaf,are you?”,
Adanna fired.
I shot her a glare.”am not ready for a fight Adanna,if you display madness towards me,I will show you that mine is greater than yours….be careful, am not really a kind person” I said.
“she got mouth” Chiamanda said.
“yes,mouth to bitch up any silly ass that comes my way mercilessly” I replied.
Akuna scoffed, I bowed in respect and placed my pot on a dry place so I could lift it.
Akuna kicked it,all the water poured away,the pot almost broke.
Adanna and the rest of the girls laughed.
“was a pot there?”, princess aku questioned like she did nothing.
“my princess are you blind?”, I asked inwardly.
I signed and carried the pot, I fetched another one and quickly lift it on my head.
The girls surrounds me,ohh my they were much…
someone took the pot away,
Akuna kicked it,the water poured,
“Akuna stooopppppp! I shouted,
tears welled up in my eyes.
someone quickly broke the pot.
I felt my tears,onome will give me fresh marks tonight..
“are you the Ife that attended my party? she asked bossily.
“it’s not me” I said.
“well with your shape,it’s obvious” she said,Adanna quickly remove the bead that was binding my long hair, another person brought out scissors.
Akuna tossed the scissors,
that bead was caught by her…
she dug the scissors in my hair like she wants to cut my hair.
“start speaking,if possible for the sake of your hair.Am tired of having sleepness nights thinking of the Ife that do not exist” she says.
I felt my breath seized when I heard the sound of scissors,I thought it’s my hair…
“are you the Ife?”, she asked.
“well…..” I choked on my tears.
“you’re the girl that is making Lotanna pushing me away?”, she said.
whaaaaat,what is she saying?.
how am I making Lotanna push her away????
“speak,for the sake of your hair” she said without mercy.
“am not a lorry,am not an enemy I can’t do such thing” I said.
the girls continue laughing.
“you sent him his diamond, didn’t you??????….she smirks.
“what’s happening there?”, I heard Nkems voice..
Akuna dropped the scissors with style as she turned back.
Lotanna and Jidenna were there with Nkem..
“Lotanna,what……” Aku started.
The twins prince stared at me blankly with so much emotions,I can’t even tell who is who.
The resemblance was strong.
I felt spark staring into one’s eyes,
in turn he stared at me with so much care and emotions!…
I looked down so as to avoid suspicion….
“common we were gisting” Akuna said and tried walking away.
until one of them held her back.

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