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[the girl he never noticed]



one of them held her,it was Nkem who hold her hand.
“did you make her cry?”, he asks…
she hijacked her hands.
then she faced Lotanna…
“how was your journey?”, she asked.
I didn’t even bother to look into any of their faces,I looked down so as to prevent my ugly face from facing them.
There was silence,like an angel passed.
“ummm we were…gisting”,
Akuna started and tried to touch Lotanna, she was unlucky her hand didn’t reach him.
“who asked for what you’re doing?”,
Lotanna shut her out in an icy manner….
he moved,Akuna shifted so he will pass,I turn to look at him.
did anything happen between him and Akuna???
I thought they were future couples like the queen always says.
Akuna scoffed and left,
the girls followed her,Jidenna followed the same direction his brother took.
only nkem and I was left.
I wipe my tears wordlessly and faced Nkem with a smile.
“sir,thank you for speaking for me”
I said.
he came closer and stretched forth his hands,he is fond of holding me.
I smiled as I fit my hand in.
“did Akuna give you this cut?”,
he asked as he examine my hand.
“no,my step mother.She gave me because I didn’t listen to her” I said, he still touched my cheek and wipe out my tears till it dry completely.
“do you sing?”, he asked.
“not anymore, I can’t sing properly again,it’s been long I sang out” I said.
“can you do it now?”, he asked.
“I believe I can’t” I said.
there was silence between us.
I just got uncomfortable staying alone with him.I got scared as I remembered the old man that wanted to shift my panties,
such a painful experience.
“sir,I need to go” I said.
“let’s go together” he said.
we walk back to the palace holding hands together.we left each other when we entered the palace.
I remembered my bead,
the one akuna cut out of wickedness, if I gather it,I can make another one with a new rope!.
I ran back to the stream and started picking the beads,after which I tied it in a nylon.
I passed the waterfall side quietly,I make sure I was covered with the flowers,I will have to stop seeing Lotanna for now,it seems am really causing trouble between him and Akuna…
I was tempted to open the flowers to see him as I passed.I got crazy to see his face again as I remembered his song *it’s shining to remind you*
I didn’t even know when I opened the flowers to peep.
“Lotanna isn’t it time to leave?”,
his twins brother asked.
he didn’t even turn to look at him.
“move, I didn’t force you in the first instance.It’s because of you she didn’t come, she never misses a day without seeing me” Lotanna said.
I smiled out tears as I got happy.
he had a she~~
but I thought him and Akuna are together.
“fine,I will go but the feast,don’t forget it.Mother might go crazy without you” jidenna said.
“you always look for my trouble, what feast again??? did I tell you am interested in being a king”.
Lotanna said….
Jidenna sighed and left.
Its really true that people who look alike always have similar attitude..
Lotanna stood staring at the waterfall,I stayed well so I would see his face one last time.
Yes,I was satisfied by just catching the sight of his prominent and sharp brows.
The royal straight bead that was fit deep in his hair made it looks like heaven is opened to rain.
I really wish I know who he is waiting for, I would have help to tell the person that he is waiting.As it stands, he is always happy seeing her…..I pray you guys last long.
it’s Far better than Akuna.
“my friend, do you know her name,let me help you find her” I said in my heart,he turned back,I covered the flowers and bend in a smile..
Just wait,I will help you locate her. For now,I will be your secret helper am not a bad person.
let me be your secret helper,
you be my peace maker.
he sang out the same song in my mind..
Are we thinking same thing?
it’s shining to remind you
that I love you
As each new day begins
I love u,believe and just let me in.
be with me,do not go
believe and let me love you.
today,tomorrow and forever
I smiled out tears.
believe let me stay in your heart.
all days, all nights,more years,
you make me wish forevermore.
stay,do not go,
one day,let’s meet.
I promise u the riches of the world
I promise u,till death will part.
it was so sweet hearing pleasant voices of his.I felt lots of sweetness.
“faith,why do you keep treating me like this? what exactly do you have in store for me! First it was Vanessa, Lenora,Mitchell, Angelina….I dated them,they all died and now Akuna!
what if I agree to my mom and date her,she will die too right?.
till when will I wait for my forevermore?”. I heard him muttered.
I felt his tears,
a tear dropped from mine too,I quickly wiped it.
he brought out two shining green nylon,he tore out one and threw it in his mouth.He chewed it and three the other one away.
it dropped exactly where I was staying…
I pressed it,something was there.I tore it out,it was the thing he usually chew.
bubble gum-
my longer throat…. chai
I put it in my mouth,it was so sweet as I chewed in slowly like he used to do.
ohh he has gone through a lot,I better leave.I covered the flowers and left.
it’s painful all his girlfriends in the past always die.
I remembered the part I added to the lines of his songs but I can’t sing it.
Not now that onome is alive!.
I rush back to the palace,
everywhere was glittering already, the feast..
Dumebi handed me a can to watered the flowers pots along the golden hall.I started.
I stopped to water a pot at a particular spot.
“so between my two sons, who will make a better king?”, I heard the queens voice.
“eyes of the gods please I need a sincere answer” I heard the queens voice.
soon,the preist voice came up in whispers.
“both are fit for a king,
Lotanna’s reign will be the most everlasting and memorable.New and profitable things will happen to this kingdom,in fact it will be so much upgraded cos other kingdoms will come to bow for him and a verrrrrrrryyy stunning thing that will happen to him in the future.
Jidenna’s reign will be the worst, for he is a brutal king,his reign will be so unbearable ……
I stopped hearing and moved away.
the feast started.
hmmm no wonder the queen usually treat him with so much care, this fear happens every week.
more people filled in,Lotanna wasn’t still here.
I got worried for no reason.
“hi,you were the one that brought me fruits” Tracy approached me.
“hello” amarachi came behind her.
both were dressed in stunning outfits.Stuck in their neck is royalty necklace,same with Lotanna.
“the,cream you saw it right? make sure you use it,your marks will soon go” Tracy said.
“thanks for your kindness” I bowed in respect.
They went to find a seat in the crowded hall, I engaged my self in something,my eyes still search for Lotanna,isn’t he suppose to be here?
I saw the queen getting worried as she moved from one place to the other,Jidenna followed her.
is eyes was red,pure red and even purple!.
“where’s my brother?”, I heard him shout at the guards.
his shout can burn a mountain.
everyone got confused as they turned…
without been told they stood up,
I can’t believe Akuna,it was that moment she threw a meat into her mouth..
she also stood up!.
are they looking for Lotanna???
“emergency please!!! where’s prince Lotanna” Tracy said with so much care…
“my brother where is he???…..
Amarachi also said.
I passed the back door and ran to the waterfall,there I saw him in laying,his eyes where shut.
he was even bleeding from the head.
there was a stick behind there, stained with blood..
was he hit!!!!
my prince” I said as I placed my head on his chest.I was so afraid to touch him,soo pure.
“my prince” I said as I used my finger tips to move his royal bead so that blood won’t stain it.
I pick up his royal bead totally.
“My prince! I said and held his hand,
I innocently got stained with his blood.

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