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[the girl he never noticed]



followed him as he hasten his catwalks; walking more comfortably in the rain,have he forgotten he has health issues?.
I walk up in a haste and caught up with him,I wanted to slip…yeah the rain was much.
Lotanna held me and made me stand well.I smiled..he is still caring.
“what’s between you and Akuna,how did she knows you usually come to the waterfall,would you at least tell me this one because am tired of believing akuna she acts crafty” I said,he nodded.
I and Jidenna met her the day wr arrived in this village during the first royal feast,her parents had brought her along during the feast…
You know I like being alone….so I was always indoors,most times on an online meetings with my managers.
she on the other hand always wants us to be together;maybe as friends but neither Jidenna nor I gave her the attention she needed…so she usually feel bad we snub her.
she would report to mother and cry, all she knows is crying,imagine just to get my attention,
her cries piss me off so I started leaving the palace to the water so I could be alone.
She knows her family and ours are partners in a particular business..
“is it rainbows company?”, I asked.
“yeah” he replied.
mother said she will hook one of us with akuna for the sake of the company,with that neither of the family will loose.
because of that,Akuna started coming to the palace more regularly, she wanted to be friends but I was not ever the friendly person with girls.
she would meet mother,all she knew how to do is to cry for attention…
mother called me and said I shouldn’t shut her out,I started replying her… word in a while and she felt so comfortably coming over,
she kept acting as if she is on the world when she heard she is going to marry either me or Jidenna…gosh
funny enough, she choose me!
she got so proud…” he said.
“do you feel anything for akuna?”
I asked and look into his eyes.
first time I would see my brother acting so nervous.
“you really want me to tell you one of my three secrets…fine” he took his lips in.I held his hand as we walked in the rain.
“do you like Akuna?”, I asked.
one of my secrets,
“Feelings? Love? I don’t know what that means anymore ever since the death of my girlfriends in the pasts. I can’t be with a girl without falling sick…..because of…” he paused.
“the girls I loved in the past always die,they usually get killed by someone even though my security on them is tight” he said.
“whhaaaaaat!!!! I exclaimed.
“you’re shocked right…do you think I offend anybody! he asked with a pained expression.
“Lotanna,this is happening to you and you can’t open up to me! have you forgotten am a barrister” I said.
I got speechless,as I find it difficult to believe.
so his girlfriends in the past always die because an unknown person always murder them.
this is huge!!!!
no wonder he distance himself from girls.
“so Lotanna,who do you suspect?”
I asked..he breathed.
Everybody are my suspect,
I now trust no one. you should know am smart,am trying to figure out who the murderer is…
for the first nine months,
it was difficult,
I couldn’t breath when girls call on me,but later I got used to it,
I don’t want to fall in love for now,
it was bondage saying these three sweet words “I love you”,
am certain the person killing my girlfriends is still around spying on my every moves, ready to kill the next girl I would love…
it was painful,I decided to avoid anything love and girls for now,
what took over that pain was my snubish attitude,
falling in love,
being around girls is one of my recent nightmares.
Tracy this is one of my three secrets, if you can help me solve this,I promise to tell you the remaining two-” he said.
“but the owner of the bead in your room, do you know her?” I asked.
“am scared of knowing her,
I don’t wanna cry of heartbreak ever again,not now-am just grateful she wasn’t Akuna… I was glad I found someone my soul could breath with, someone am always happy each time I hear her sing,am grateful she is fond of saving my life secretly,
she is living in my heart without paying any rent” he said.
I smiled.
“I will try little help,if possible I will help you find the mysterios girl,Ife right” I said.
“ohh yes” he said.
soon we got to the palace,he walked into his room straight.
I sighed ad I dialed my drivers number.
Lotanna is really going through a lot, now I see the reason why is snubish and introvert behavior keep increasing.
and as it stands,his introvert lifestyle keep giving akuna hope of being together with him.
“aunty Tracy where is your driver?”,
nkem asked.
“he should be outside” I said.
the maids took my traveling bags out,I followed them out.
I moved into the car as the driver fitted into the laugages.
“Ebere where is Adeife?” I asked.
“I’m here” I heard her tiny voice.
I smiled,she waved till my car was out of sight.
ohh god,help your daughter.
Adeife Adeife
there was no work to do,
I was free to go out.first I went to see ngozi,her door was locked.
“guess someone is here to see me” she said as she came in.
“hey how have you been?”, I asked as she opened the door.
we both entered.
“I’m is the palace,are they nice to you?”, she asked.
“yes,only aunt Tracy and nkem are nice.It was actually aunty Tracy that bought me,not nkem” I said.
“waooow,you’re lucky” she gasped.
“whatever” I rolled my eyeballs.
“you’re lucky it is Tracy… best friend,
hmmm that means you have an opportunity to go to the city of you work harder,I heard she treats maids nice” ngozi said.
“I’m working harder” I told her.
“I think I know the reason she sent nkem” she said.
“why?”, I asked.
“onome won’t want to sell you to her because she is a nice person,and you know guys buys maids for sex, on one thought she is selling you to nkem not knowing Tracy sent him” she said…
we discussed other things.
finally,I left to “old Nana” a place I save..
when will I even collect my savings?.
I didn’t meet her at home,
I went to her shop,it was locked. I was directed to her new store,I met her…
“how are you?”, she asked
“I’m fine ma’am” I smiled and brought out the little change I gathered for saving.
she counted the money and wrote the amount.
I peeped into my card as if I can read and write,so many boxes were tickled. I felt so happy.
I actually save a lot,
imagine since last two years-
god save me onome did not know I save here,she would have threatened me to withdraw.
“ADEIFE” old Nana called..
“when will you collect your savings, the maximum time limit is one and a half year,your Money is over two years are you planning of collecting it at all?” she asked.
“I….I…old Nana please,still keep it for me,I will collect it soon” I pleaded.
she sighed.
“mama mmesoma,this girl never open my shop!!! I heard onome’s voice from outside old Nana’s store.
I got scared as conniptions gripped me-
no where to hide.
I rushed to old nana’s back and used her to cover myself.
*why hiding?”, she said.
“old Nana my stepmother is outside, she hates me so much… she will give me more fresh marks,please just let me hide” I blinked tears.
luckily for me,onome left without noticing me,I left and ran back to the palace.
resting period was over.
I rushed up to Lotanna’s room to get back the tray since I was the one that delivered his food.
Chioma was coming out of Jidenna’s room, I wonder what took her so long.
I knocked on Lotanna’s door, he didn’t open up.
A device(intercom) on his door beeped,his door opened automatically.
I entered fully, the door closes by itself. The living room was quiet and neat,I admired everything in the room as I picked the tray on the dinning.
I hasten my footstep to leave, I was about leaving when I heard his approaching footsteps from upstairs.
His footsteps paused.
I don’t think he is coming.I felt relaxed and still stayed at the door.
“its shining that” no….
“its shining have….” arrgggh annoying.
I heard him say from upstairs, guess he had forgotten the song he used to sing for his lover at the waterfall.
“it’s shining that you…ohh fuck!
I heard him say in a forgetful manner.
how careless hunnnn!
I turned to leave;okay I will just help.
it’s shining to remind you
that I love you
as each day begin,
I love you, believe just let me in.”
I sang the first part for him…
“are you a spirit,please continue!
I heard him say.
be with me,do no go
believe and let me love you,
today,tomorrow and forevermore.
I smiled out, he should be able to remember everything by now…
I opened the door when I heard his footsteps coming..
ohhh,he shouldn’t catch me,
we shouldn’t see and meet*****
I walk out something dragged me back,the door already lock the helm of my wrapper….I turned,
Aaaaah Lotanna at the door!!

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