[the girl he never noticed]



got scared as i felt his presence near the door.
avoid me,do not come near me, let’s not meet if possible do not let us see each other
I remembered his words as I struggled for my wrapper,
it still wasn’t doing.
Aaaah am in trouble,i got crazily wrapper was loose as a result of the dragging, I used my hand to hold it well as I waited patiently for him to open the door.
“is someone there?”,
his voice came up softly as the intercom device beeped.I still heldy wrapper well.
what a voice???
just sounds ethereally.
“is someone there?”he asked again.
“yes..yes…maid”I said.
the door opened,it left my wrapper and revealed Lotanna.
he wore a black long sleeve cardigan and a black short;does he have cold.
the room slippers he wore painted the floors dreamingly.
He suddenly looked away from my body….
“your wrapper,tie it well”he speaks so fluently.
ADEIFE,are you okay?
your wrapper is loose and you’re admiring a guy;was I high?.
I hastily tied it and pick my tray, he faced me back.I felt happy he look at me without feeling irritated.
“you were in…are you the one?”,
he asked.I got hypnotized.
is he really talking to me?
hmmmm am not dreaming right?.
“my prince…do you mean me?”
I asked with a puzzled look.
he only speaks to me nicely in my dreams and it always look real.
is my dream suddenly coming true?..
will he be my friend?.
have always wanted to be his friend but he is never the friendly type.
“I just asked a question”, he said, the skin of his neck glittered.
“no.. I…I…i picked this” I raised the tray up.He sighed.
“and i thought it was her” he muttered lowly.
“who my prince,who are you looking for? i might be of help” I said.
Akuna showed up,
I bowed and left.Lotanna slammed his door,the door was just so strong.
is it because of what I said or because of Akuna?..
Aaah,I felt heated up as akuna stopped on her track with two servants behind her.
now that she is staying there, where does she wants me to pass…no matter how i avoid her,she always look for my trouble.
I got to where she was and bowed, she didn’t move a bit.
“princess Akuna,kindly excuse the way” I said,piously.
she still stand there,
i turn to pass another stairway, she drag me backwards by my wrapper.
“what have i done?
“I did nothing,do not naked me” I said
she suddenly pushed me backwards till I blink tears.
she walked and came nearer.
she grabbed me from my breast attire,she really want to naked me.
“how dare you speak to Lotanna huh, you must be really–“she raised her hand to slap me,I closed my eyes.
“Akuna don’t” someone said and she stopped…it was nkem,Amarachi also approached.
“is it true? can you really be seeing Lotanna? Are you seeing him!!!
she shouted.
“everyone sees my brother, she sees my brother and as you can see,she is not blind” amarachi interrupt.
Akuna turned to look at her.
“mind your actions here,this is my parents palace, you don’t have the right to bully our maids not to talk of raising your voice at them….gosh, I can’t believe your vulnerability, it is embarrassing” Amarachi said.
“how dare you speak to me in that manner,am I your mate?” she shouted…
“if you respect yourself,I will respect you…Akwu ka aziza(legs like broom stick)” amarachi said..
nkem pinched amarachi to stop. Amarachi jacked him.
“hey Adeife,get up” she said, I hastily hurried up with my tray.
“gosh!!! Akuna shot a glare,she still want to slap me.
“Akuna don’t” nkem whispered and took her hand,she walked out with him..
I guess he knows akuna before,that’s why he is giving her personal respect.
I dried my tears completely.
thank goodness they came,if not i would have been Akuna’s scapegoat.
“were you hurt?” amarachi asked.
“no no no” I said and wiped a tear.
I walked out to the kitchen to drop the tray.
assuming am in powers,
I know what I should have done to Akuna,she is lucky am only a maid, an ordinary maid.
Mrs okafor came in,I greet as I did the finishing of the dishes.
“bless you” she said,a cough followed..
“take care” I said.
she coughed more persistently, I look at her,her eyes were red.She look so sick.I dropped what I was doing and get her a glass of warm water from the flask, she drank little and still coughed.
“what have you used? I asked.
“so many herbs…this cough is just so stubborn” she said and coughed painfully,her lips was even dry.
I went out of the palace to get her what I used to use each time I have cough,I don’t even have money on me….the money aunty Tracy gave me before traveling have been used for something else.
I had borrowed Ebere.
I went to “old Nana” a place I save.
should I collect my money now?
I don’t think it is wise.I left and went to the market..
my luck shine,I spotted ngozi.
I screamed her name, it sounded like music, most people look back.
I stopped and pretended as if i wasn’t the one..
I resulted to jumping and clapping(our friendship sign),it made ngozi see me….
she lend me some money.I felt happy and turned to leave, behind me was onome.
I faced ngozi back,
too late she saw me..
she pulled my ears and dragged me to one corner.
maybe,just maybe it was never about her owning me,
maybe I was never meant to stay with her,how foolish to ask me go,
it’s quite simple it has always been only her and papa are capable of giving me marks,
with one hand,they beat me and make me bleed-
now that am not with her,am fine, I pray she won’t threaten to withdraw me–
“what was my warning?” she asked.
I got scared as conniption gripped me,I don’t want her to bath me hot water and lock me up…
“have you gone deaf” she said.
“no mama,I won’t sing” I said.
she left me after knocking my forehead.
I moved away from the road,
finally I bought what I needed and hurried back to the palace,
Mrs okafor was still in the kitchen. I mixed honey with the substance and gave her to lick,I hope after this she will stop coughing.
I stayed with her and took her to her room so she could rest,she still coughed but it is not like before.
soon,the cough ceased.
I left her room and move to the garden to clear the litters,chioma passed me with broom and packer.
I wonder what she was doing in prince jidenna’s room,
anyways,it is her business.
I felt someone tickled my waist from behind,I sprang up in fear.
it was nkem,what was he trying to do? I got scared and shift away from him……
*my friend”he called.
“sir,I don’t like that type of play”
I imagined myself saying.I couldn’t, am only an ordinary maid.
“someone might see us,I don’t like this” I said instead.
“will you come out at night?”,
he asked.
“no,I have something to do” I said.
“just come…remember you promise to always be my friend” he said.
I scratched the back of my neck.
I still nod my head in disagreement..
he offered me money.
“sir,I don’t want it” I said.
“you’re rejecting my things” he said.
“aaah noo,okay I will come out at night…but the money,I don’t need it” I said.
“fine,I will be expecting you” he said, his body suddenly came close to mine..
I got scared,
what if somebody sees us??
“stay still” he said,i felt his breath.
I didn’t even know when i push him back…guess my experience with guys hunted me.
he fell and bruised his arm…I pushed him so much..
ohh my gaaaad
what have I done???
“sir…I…didn’t mean…it was mistake!
I said.
the queen passed and saw nkem like that,her expression changed seeing her cousin’s hand bruised.
“what’s all these???
her voice carried so much superiority as she faced me,
Only me…just only me with so much hatred,she already knows me as trouble .


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