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[the girl he never noticed]



ran till I left the stream direction,
the rain was still falling,everywhere now look so calm and pretty cool.
Now,I have no where to go!
Vivian was coming in the other direction,I quickly went to the other direction…
“Hi Adeife” she greeted..
“Hi V” I waved back with respect(bowing).
“where are you going to in this rain?”, she asked.
“well…am going to…to…to my father’s house” I lied.
even the devils knows I dare not go to onome this night.
“see you around” she said and ran.
The rain was getting heavy,I hastened my footstep and ran to Ngozi’s place..
firewoods were set burning in the shade, her old stepmother was under the shade which means Ngozi should be inside sleeping.
Gosh,I would I enter?…..
Like I wish,she stood up and entered,I hastily ran to the wooden window to Ngozi’s room.
I knocked,no reply.
I knocked, knocked and knocked before she finally open up.
“Adeife what are you doing here?”, she asked.I kept quiet
“it’s really dark and this rain might kill you” she said.
“that was how I was killed in my previous life! I said and started crying.
“that cry,it doesn’t suit you”,
she said and opened the window widely for me to get in.
“how are you comfortable in such conditions?”,she asks when I start taking off my cloths.
“am used to it as you know On one always make me go through this” I said,she smiled as she brought out one of her dress wrapper for me to use.
I felt so shy standing stark naked in the presence of my best friend..
Finally,I covered my nakedness.I moved to the window side to squeeze water out of the cloth I wore earlier.I spread them on the window side and locked it calmly.
“Adeife! Ngozi called,I faced her.
“don’t you usually use any breast holder” she asked,I kind of felt embarrassed.
I pretended as if I don’t know what a breast holder is,the truth is that have never worn one…Onome said it is not meant for ugly girls.
Ngozi smiled,she knows am pretending.
“Your breast is so firm and pointing without a breast holder…. lucky you”
she teased…
I still pretend as if I didn’t hear her,I joined her on the bed.
“but seriously,your breast is over firm,you are thick in the laps….your hips is what every good man will dream of”.
how sweet …..
“You’re decieving me” I told her, she’s just found of saying sweet words to me…my happiness tho..
“there’s work tomorrow,the pay is huge” she said.
“okay” I said.
My mind drifted to the prince,when his fingers brushed into mine during the mat stuffs,I don’t know what it means,have never felt that spark before.His eyes when I looked at him blows me off,it scares me a little.
if it is love, I better stop believing…
Ugly girls do not fall in love.
I just hope he is the same person that said pleasant words to me today…
Pardon was his first word with me….
Killing yourself,is it the next option,don’t you value your life .
I hope he is the one that said that to me again..
next day…..
****Olamma’s p.o v***.
I woke up lazily and the first thing that came to my brain was Adeife’s savings..That stupid girl!
I stormed out of my room and banged into my parents place in our compound.
Father was still sleeping while mother was holding a very ugly doll.
I was surprised-A doll,she is not a kid.She quickly hide the ugly doll the moment she sights me.
“mother,has Adeife brought her savings! I asked in a very loud voice that woke papa up.
“No,she hadn’t my ornament…. don’t worry I will buy all accessories you need once she brings it” she said.
“no no no you of all people knows I don’t repeat dress more than two times.Month has ended right! .I yelled,my hands on my waist.
I really need to see my only friend this morning, what will I wear!
I need something new!
*Speaking of the rat,where is she? why hasn’t she bring her support for my precious daughter,she is really getting lazy” father said and brought out money for me to use.
“thanks papa! I took all and ran away.
I rush off to Vivian’s place that early morning,her mother is also a cloth trader.
She brought out some trending dress wrapper,I got the actual type,she went in back..Vivian came to my side
I heard you and Arinze are a thing…is it true.Hmmm the beautiful Olamma finally gave in for a village drunkard.well I pity you because he will eat eat eat you till you run away.
She mocked,I stared at her in disdain.
oops he gave you money to buy this right OR is this Adeife’s savings, how cruel? I pity that poor girl because you’re using her sweat” she mocked…
“I’m better off you” I replied.
Her mother came out.
“what are you telling my customer! her mother shouted.
Vivian left,instantly..
“mma sorry don’t mind her bad mouth” her mom said.
I nodded and collected my complete accesory,I left.
I waited patiently for Princess Akuna at our normal spot,she showed up in time with her servants.
I lead the way and took her to the waterfall where I always see one of the prince every evening.
“are you sure this is the spot?”,
she asked.
“yes..have seen him twice” I replied.
she took a deep breath.
“I really want him to be mine…my parents are planning on seeing his parents and besides, my parents and his have a company together (abroad) am sure of the twins will be the heir and as for you,you cab take the other prince” Akuna said.
“what about Iyke,ain’t you in love with him anymore” I asked.
“And you,ain’t you into Arinze” she shut me out stylishly.
We walked away as we discussed random things.
“what about that maiden that attended my party.I’m scared she stole one of the princes heart..
.Princess Ife! I said.
“Just Ife,it is strange??? I already searched her,she doesn’t exist” akuna said further.
“waooow,I can differentiate between the princes.Nkem told me about them.Remember he is a royal blood.
He said Lotanna has a pouted lip, a very amazing voice,too many soft spots and his catwalks are amazing. Jidenna speaks with so much authority and very fast in action” she explained.
“waooow! I gasped.
We part ways,we would see again in the evening.
Adeife Adeife
Ngozi and I bought a face coverage that morning. Our first duty was a contract work.I got lucky only one person was needed,and so I filled in.
We got to the place,
it was very close to the golden palace….
I filled in in the arena,we started sweeping in the building,dime were uprooting weeds,some were packing it,some were fetching water.
3hours passed.
We all lined in a straight line to collect our allowance(daily).
“dear maiden,wait behind” the man in charge pointed at me.I stayed behind
“when you’re done, meet me in the golden palace. .do not remove your coverage,I repeat do not remove your coverage! we are replacing the two maids that left” she said,I nodded and she left.Everyone left leaving me and the man behind.
“sir you said I should wait?” I said..
“yes,can you please get me water first! he pointed to a particular section in the building.
I nodded innocently and went in with a pure mind.
Inside the place was a big pot covered, a small calabash for drinking was on top,I used it to take water and wanted to turn,
I felt a hand wrapped around my bare waist from behind.
“leave me alooooonnne! I shouted.
he covered my mouth,I don’t think he knows am ugly.
“stay still it doesn’t hurt! he said.
“mama oooooo!!! I screamed and used my leg to hit his manhood,he left me instantly, I ran out.
I saw my pay on the bench outside, I ran out….and wipe my tears till it was completely dried.
.”he really wants to rape me,he wants to use me….is that how he treats young maidens!!!
I dried my tears really well and knivk on the golden palace gate,it was opened by a guard.
“you’re here for work” he said.
I nodded as he let me in.
“well you’re late!!,he said and directed me.
I entered fully and entered the corridor, I feel like am lost….
where’s Ngozi???….
I searched around. I heard a voice, I paused to listen.
you can paint the stars,
you can touch the sky,
believe and discover you’re pretty
won’t know until you try ..
.waoow,what a golden voice?
I might as well spend all my time listening to this..
Should I try singing? maybe my voice would come back…..
hmmm in my next life,I won’t eat food from Onome.
believe the beauty is yours.
your song will hold the key
I sang,feeling scared.My voice came out, it was as if an angel was with me that moment.
A door opened, I turned,it was one of the twins prince.I look his wrist, he was the one I gave a cut..
I wanted to turn in my direction but then his eyes caught Princess Akuna’s own …..
She walked in that moment.
“Lotanna,Hi! she waved,the prince continue staring at her.

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