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[the girl he never noticed]



tried singing again,no voice came out,i felt so shocked.My hand instantly went to my head,I couldn’t even cry.
Ngozi stared at me with so much emotions and care!.
“Adeife where is your voice?”, she asked.My tears stream down.
“I don’t know…maybe it is not meant for me,maybe the owner has finay taken it,maybe good things are not meant for me…this is why I can’t BELIEVE,believe is meant for classy and pretty girls only” I said as I start crying.
I wanted to run away,Ngozi drag me back.
“Ife where to?”, she asked.
“to kill myself” i replied..she sighs as she wipe my tears.
“am sorry if won’t help” she said.
“it would help because onome won’t see someone to beat,Olamma won’t see someone to pick on and father won’t see someone to shout at” I said as I covered my face.
“what about me…who will talk to me after you kill yourself?”, she asked.
I hastily drop my hand from my face.
Ngozi,every beautiful moment you have spent with me made my life beautiful, your contributions to my life can’t be spoken on low volume
You believe in me even when no one did,I gave up myself but you revived me
I looked at her and wiped a tear.
You never gave ear to all the negative side talks of people,instead you stood by me both in favourable seasons and troublesome seasons …
my letter to you .
“Ngozi you’re a good friend yet I couldn’t do what you want,I couldn’t sing for you,I lost my voice!
I said and ran away,she ran after me.
“Ife wait…wait Ife! she screamed my name, her legs didn’t make her get me…
I ran till I got to a waterfall.Soon I left there and got to the stream….
drowning myself would help after all.
I sat for a while,trying to sing….
it still didn’t come.
*****Jidenna’s p.o.v*****
Finally,lotanna strolled out.
Mother was not with him this time around and I guess the walk was too much or maybe because he saw many new faces…
Lotanna is allergic to people,even back then at school(abroad), he has his own special tutor,special lecture room too.He is like that from birth, doesn’t talk too much ,doesn’t talk when he is not called…in fact if you leave him in a place,you will come back and meet him in the very place you left him.
“Does it still hurt,sir? a maid walk in his direction,she was carrying a calabash…..herbs I guess.
Lotanna lit his eyes, on his wrist were two black bead bracelet while his feet had on a black slipper with diamond based.
His eyes search around as he walks,
catwalks sooo amazingly.
All the maids he passed kept on bowing.
“does it still hurt sir?”, the maid asked again.
Lotanna stopped,the maid hasten her footsteps and caught up with him.
“did you find any ring?”, he asked another thing.
“no, my prince! she replied.
Lotanna slam his forehead and walk away.He passed me,he reversed back again.
“Jidenna did you find my ring?”,
he asked.
“No,if I had seen it,I will tell you” I replied,he nodded and left.
All the Maud’s started searching around,I don’t even think the ring is in this palace.Am thinking someone must have taken it when he followed Ikechukwu out.
that priceless ring .
“have you seen it?”, I asked.
“No”he replied, his expression was disturbed as he searched around in his bedroom.I joined in the search..
I opened some drawers,
my eyes jammed some files.
23years old Lotanna secrets as the owner of *Glamour Diamonds* has been leaked,so glamour is his…..
“the best thing you can do is to keep my wealth status safe” Lotanna had said to Jerry Carter at Glamour.
“he’s so talented in whatever thing he does,he does brain works perfectly…. am signing him as a lead ambassador” Jerry carter also dropped a comment.
In the drawer,I also found a glittering accessory!
Lotanna turned, I hastily hide the files and closed the drawer back.
“did you find it?”, he asked.
I nodded in disagreement.
“Did you see it?”, amarachi also entered.
“No…don’t worry.You can go and sleep” he said to Amarachi.
She left….
He also turn to leave.
“where too?”, I asked.
“to search for my ring” he replied,simply.
“I will go with you”, I said.We both walk out quietly with two guards.
“let’s divide yourself,you pass there,let me take here” I suggested..
He took his lips in,we path ways with one guard each.
Adeife Adeife
I thought of leaving the stream, dying is not really the next option…
if I die,who will take possessions of all my savings…
I left the stream,it was dark by the time I got home.
“where are you coming from?”,
Olamma asked in an irritating manner.. I shot her a glare,Onome step out that moment.
“yes yes where are your savings? month has ended,hasn’t it” she asks.
A tear dropped out of my eyes.
And I thought she is changed!..
so she actually do it to bring me closer… thinking she must have added similey in the food she gave me…
Never in my life will I get carried away by food..I will rather wait for hunger to kill me.
“Mother when will I buy the type of breast holder princess Akuna bought.. she didn’t bring her savings” Olamma hissed and went inside…
It started raining.
“When your bring your savings,I will allow you in! she said and slam the door on my face.
I ran into the shades and knock on the door,she still didn’t open.
My father walked in rgar moment, he was carrying a dead antelope.Guess he is coming from hunting.
I hastily ran to the backyard. Have never feared anyone the way I feared him….
He always beat me up each time he smokes tobacco.Who knows if he smoked it today?.
“who is there?”, I heard his voice.
I enter into the nearby bush and run for safety to the stream where I would find solace..
mother am sorry for doing this
I said and made up my mind to finally drown myself. I entered the stream and almost drown myself,
until a pair of arm pulled me up…
Goshhhh,when I thought I would die.
“My prince,she wants to commit suicide! the person that dragged me out said…..
My prince!! did I just heard it..
I better bring out the ring.
I looked at the one who dragged me out,too bad i couldn’t see his face.
I wanted to fall,the guard held my hand and made me stand well…the sounds from his neck bead made me understand he is a royal guard.
He dragged the nearby water pot and made me stand well..
“Killing yourself is it the next option… don’t you value your life” the prince said…
He turned to leave.
“I’m sorry sir,this is your ring!
I bowed in respect and drop the ring with the guard when I didn’t have courage to face the prince….
Am not sure of which of the prince I met, I dropped it with the guard and ran away.

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