Billionaire Boys Episode 1

Billionaire Boys Episode 1

By Oyebamiji Samuel

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Ivy’s POV

“Next” One of the judge called and I step forward

“Miss Ivy, your project is as stated , based on the faculty you are and your vast intelligence in this field of nursing , we had dim it fit without all bias to appoint unto you this project; you are to live with the most crul american twin whose hatred for ladies had made them killed their girlfriends in the past and even their own mother.
You gonna be asking them questions on daily basis at their convenient time and keep asking them relevant questions that can aid the success of what you are sent to do in their house, we wish you good luck” The judge appointing projects to all students said and I bowed my head

I walked outside with an heavy heart. Crying inside of me as a result of the fear that overwhelmed me. Why in the world will I be asked to go to the Lion’s den and study how they live

Why me? What if they end up doing something worse for me? I’m kinda scared. If not that this project is compulsory , I’ll have rejected it. But I practically have no choice. This is my final year in the school of nursing and I nust come out in flying colors and make my mum proud . my mum has being my sole carer and sponsor of me since I luckily gained admission to this school of nursing

We are so poor in our family nevertheless, I’m proud of my mum, she works all day just to earn monies and spend it on me , our rent and food.

We hardly buy clothes , but I ain’t moved. I just wanna become a great nurse in the future and take good care of her .

I had tried all my possible best to stay off problem all my life , I stayed off boys issue and concentrate on my studies just so I can make momma proud

But this project before me is the mountain, it’s a scary giant . How can I be sent to study the cause of the most cruel american twin’s behaviours

Everyone knows they hate ladies even though they are madly rich. Their wealth is know all over america and the last time I checked , they are the number 24 richest men in America.

They have all it takes to be happy but like seriously , what made them dislike ladies so much. Humn! I think I’m suddenly finding interest in this

Something must have caused their hatred for ladies. I think it’s a challenge and I’ll find out. It isn’t normal to dislike an opposite sex to the extent of killing their girlfriends and even their own mother

Interest to find out grew in me and I walked out of the school, I have no friend either male or female , like they say , you only have issues with someone you close with, as long as I maintain distance between I and other students , I won’t have issues with anyone

And I’d successfully done that all my years in this school

I stopped a cab and chattered it to my house to inform my mum . I was anxious and nervous at the same time, I have no idea what mum will think about it but as for me , I’m ready to take up the challenge

I entered the house and I saw my mum sitting on a chair while resting her head at the bed

“Mum!” I called she opened her eye and took her head off the chair and welcomed me with a smile

I walked closer to her enthusiastically and hugged her gently. We exchanged peck her in our checks

” Mum , how you doing?” I asked

“Fine” She said while looking at me and smiling

“You know what? Every time I see you , happiness always fill my heart . I believe you gonna be the great nurse you had always wish to become ” My mum said and nodded like a kid and smiled

“Mum, but your face looked pale and stressed ” I said

“Yeah, Today’s work is somehow stressful, I’ll be resuming night duty in two hours time” She said and I feel pathetic for her

“Mum, I believe all this is gonna end someday , you won’t need to work to earn again, I’m gonna be taking good care of you just like you doing your best to take good care of me now” I promised and she nodded

“Mum! I’ve got a news ” I said and she sat very well ready to listen to me

“I’d being awarded my final project. The project is to spend six months examining the cause of the cruel behaviour of the billionaire twin” I said

“Sorry! You mean the one and only cruel billionaire twin here in America?” My mum asked and I nodded in respond

“Those ones that hated ladies to the extent of killing their own girl friend and their own mother, are you glad you going?” My mum asked

“I can’t say mum but I know I’m really interested in finding the cause of their so much hatred for ladies ” I said

My mum took her face away like someone who is lost in deep thought and thinking of of the possible outcome of what may happen to me

She brought her head back to me

“Ivy, did you have a choice?” She asked

“No mum, Every students was awarded by the judge according to our performance in school and our intelligence ” I said

“Be strong” She said to me and I was stunned at what she said

“Thanks mum” I replied but I could see an expression of sadness on her face

I guess since she knows that I have no other choice than to go for the project , she had to encourage me to be strong since I can’t become a great nurse we had always wish I become if I do not go for the project

We talked about some other things , ate and went to our various room to sleep

I woke up the following day and checked my Email , the address to the billionaire twin’s house and all other information I need has being sent there. I mastered the address and I wasn’t surprised when I saw that I’ll be resuming today

All other students that had being accorded projects use to resume the following day

I arranged and packed my luggage well in my travelling box and walked to my mum’s room, I bade her goodbye and she tried as much not to express any emotions

I must become a nurse no matter what it takes

I chartered a cab to the address given to me . I stepped down from the car as soon as the car came to an halt

I arched my brow at how beautiful and magnificent the house is , it’s a fair-sized house built of red Lyons Sandstone with the most god-awful-looking picket fence I’d ever seen

I brought out my warrant that will make anyone know what I’d come for in that estate

I walked towards the entrance and I was welcomed by a well and neatly dressed in white and blue security man

“I’m a nurse given a project here” I said and handed over my warrant to the man. He ran his eyes through it and handed it back to me

He signalled for me to entere and I did.

Everywhere was Gleamed with the spotless silence. I must say that I’m currently the most nervous man in the universe

I walked in fear mixed with anxiousness to the entrance of the room I guess to be the living room. The door is sightly opened so I twisted the knob and entered.

The room is barely big enough to exhale into

Two boys dressed in school uniform with an average height stepped down the stairs with a bag pack slung across their shoulder

Our eyes met and I was stunned at what I saw. They are absolutely identical and I can hardly recognize anyone of them

Could they be the twin? But are they student? Why should they be going to school when they are rich already and which school would even allow the cruel billionaires twin to be student else they end up killing all female students in the school

“Are you perhaps the girl sent from the school of nursing” One of them asked with a stern voice

“Yes…s…s.. sir” I answered stammeringly

They both nodded and walked closer to me while I quickly bowed my head in fear

“Look up” One of them shouted and I shook like I’ll faint and quickly raised my head at them

“Are we some kinda king that you be bowing for , look into our face cus I guess you will be staying here for many months that’s if you survive a week here though ” One of them said and I keep staring into their faces

“Call me Ethan ” One of them said

“Call me Evan” The other said

“Yes sir” I replied still trying hard to look into their face

The first problem I’ll be having with them is how to recognize them , one seems to be chatty while the other just keep looking at me with fear mixed with surprise on his face as if he recognized me somewhere

Ethan is the chatty type while Evan is the silent type. They are both alluring, appealing and charming

Very handsome and cute. Their presence is glamorous and prepossessing

Their cruel face is still elegant, exquisite and resplendent

“Come over here ” They both said and turned

They led me to the backyard of the house. The backyard is well placed and beautifully structured

“Cursed be ladies” Ethan yelled

“For they are not suppose to be created with men” Evan shouted stressing-ly

“May we successfully kill all woman race on earth ” Ethan roared like a roaring lion

“Amen” Evan prayed

“Carry that heavy stone over there on your head and keep going to and fro with it on your head , be fast too else I shoot you and you die” Ethan said and brought out a pistol from his pocket

Holy Jeez! What!

Fear keep making my heart beat like it will be ripped off itself

I carried the stone on my head , very heavy that I can hardly carry it but I did. I keep running to and fro the backyard , sweating and praying they will tell me to stop soon but no , they didn’t

They were just watching me

“Cursed be ladiiiiies ” Ethan yelled firecefully again

“For they are not suppose to be created with men” Evan replied with a red eyes

Something about ladies makes them angry, what was their past like? When did they start seriously hating on ladies

I tried all my possible best to keep the pace, I got tired and I could run no more , I’d exhausted all my strength , I closed my eye gently and felt myself falling , I lost consciousness




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