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Billionaire Boys Episode 2

Billionaire Boys Episode 2

By Oyebamiji Samuel

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Ivy’s POV

I opened my eye and found myself lay on a very soft and well laid bed

I turned my eyes to the left and saw either Ethan or Evan, I can’t say cus I can hardly recognize them , they are so identical

I turned my head to left and saw the other twin, they were both staring at me, I guess they carried me in my unconscious state here

“What faculty are you?” The one at my left asked

“Psychology sir” I replied

“Define psychology?” The one at my right asked

“Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and its functions, especially those affecting behaviour in a given context” I replied

“Smart. You must be good, you gonna be helping us in school cus we do not have time to be reading, we are busy with business , I think she should be useful for us” The one at my right said and the one at my left nodded

They stood up and signaled for me to stand up

They led me to a room that I’ll be staying and I arranged my luggage and quickly went back to meet them at the sitting room

“We attending night school, you gonna be following us and be listening to lectures for us ” One of the twin said and I nodded

We both walked outside and I hoped inside their car . We were driven to their night school

Students had sat in order at different classes, everyone in the school is on uniform even at night, well , since it’s a night school

How will I enter the class with them when I’m not putting on any uniform , nevertheless , I stepped inside the class with them

But I noticed that everyone in the class are males.
I thought as much, they can never attend a school of males and female , they would have killed all female students

But how do they carry me? They must have used their cute hands to touch me or do they use an object to carry me?

They are both cute really but there is one of them that stares at me too much, It’s the gentle one among them, I think he’s Ethan. He keep staring at me always even when we were inside the car as if he recognizes me somewhere

I do not think I’ve ever met him, how is that even possible? Where does a poor girl like me wants to meet a billionaire like this

We all sat at the class and although I feel odd, I still had to listen to all the lectures

“Hey” One of them called. I think it’s Evan. His face seems gentle a bit at least compared to that of Ethan , that one’s face is killing and so cruel but cute and alluring

I turned my head at him and bowed my head in respond to him

“Am I some kinda king , young girl? You repeating the same mistake, Ethan has wanted to kill you when you fell down unconscious , I was the one that told him to stop cus I wanna know who you really are. Who are you?” Evan asked

“I’m Ivy, a nurse attending school of nursing, psychology department” I replied

“We received your profile before you came here , I know everything about you but …” he said and paused and turned his head away from mine

I have no understanding of why he is behaving that way and asking such questions

” Are you perhaps a twin?” He asked and my face turned red , it became puffy and teary as the flashback of my twin sister came running through my mind

I bowed my head and allow tears poured from my face. The cloth that my sister wore out that very day she died were seen by a sea, and they assumed that somebody probably stripped her off naked and killed her and then throw her into the sea or something close to that must have happened to her

“Why crying? Are you a twin for real?” He asked again and I nodded

And he jerked back in fear and turned fretfully at his brother

He turned at me and looked into my face as he moves his head closer, you are a twin for real?” He asked and I nodded in response again

“What happened to your twin sister ?” He asked and I explained to him

His mouth dropped open and he couldn’t close it

He looked away and looked at his brother again

What the hell is going on? Do they know my sister ? For him to ask me, does that imply he has seen a face like mine before ?

I continued listening to the lecture until the man left the class and we all went out of the class for a short break

“Hey you, I hate you so much. I would have killed you if not because he said I should stop” Ethan said and I bowed my head humbly but quickly raise it up when I remembered that they had scolded me for that before

I stared into their face in fear

“Sir, I will like to ask you some questions ?” I asked them in my mind and closed my eye and quickly open it again

How will I ask them questions that I’m suppose to

I sighed heavily and they led me to a shed and we all sat

I’m just gonna give it a try, I can’t allow fear to stop me from asking them questions, that’s my primary objective here by the ways

“Sir” I said and my heart dropped like it had given up pumping blood

They both stared at me probably wondering why I’d call them. Gosh! Maybe I shouldn’t have called them

I set my eyes on them and faked courage , my heart was being rained with fear but I maintained a brave expression on my face

“Sir, I’ll like to ask you few questions ” I said

“You such jerk, you gat the f*cken audacity to…” Ethan yelled angrily but Evan interrupted

“Ask” Even said softly

Ethan turned at Evan while breathing fierce-fully as a result of how angry he is. He directed his face at me and shot me a killing look

“Fine, ask” He said as he bowed his head and shook it vigorously like he’s tryna fight some beast inside him from finding expressions

” Sir, Please why do you hate ladies ?” I asked and Ethan groaned angrily as he shook the table but Evan quickly held him and hugged him tight. His anger increased as he keep shaking his body and he finally bursted into crying

Jeez! Cry! Billionaire boys cry? I said it. Something must have happened in the past they made them hate ladies this much

I’d stood up in fear already regretting that I ask that questions

Evan turned at me and shot me a gaze mixed with fear and horrors


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