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Billionaire Boys Episode 6

Billionaire Boys Episode 6

By Oyebamiji Samuel

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Ivy’s POV

I closed the diary but parted it with my fingers.

Omg! What video did Evan show him, I hope it’s not what I’m thinking. No it can’t.
My sister is playful and reckless but not wayward I guess. She is mannered and cultured and wouldn’t do what’s coming to my mind

I sighed slightly and opened the diary and turned to the next page

Ethan’s POV in diary

( Flashback. Three years ago )

I opened my eye and I discovered that I was laying on the ground. I noticed that Evan was squatting beside me

“Brother ” He called and held my right hand and pulled me up

“Hope you are fine now?” Evan asked and I suddenly remembered what made me fell in the first place

“Follow me ” Evan said and I followed him inside the house. It was when I entered that I saw the inscription on the wall that it’s a special class hotel.

I followed Ethan sheepishly and we finally got before a room

“I’d arranged all before you came that’s why we do not need to go through any process before we get here, they key to the room is here with me, have it, open it and see for yourself whom ladies are” Evan said and handed over the key to me as he stepped back

I collected the key sullenly and moved closer to the door. I inserted the key and pushed the door open

I could cry no more. I’d already seen the video of Olivia having s*x with a man and now I’m seeing it live before me

She jerked back in fear.
she’s stark naked.

I moved closer to the bed she and the man were having s*x on

“I Love you so much Olivia but …” I said and my mouth started shaking

I was trying to form strong man but I’m very weak and broken inside. I wish I’m in a private place at that moment so I can sit and cry all my pain out

She covered her face with a palm probably feeling guilty, I can’t say.

” I Love you and showed you all the Love in the world but you betrayed me, just tell me you didn’t love me and I’ll have … Maybe let you go” I said weakly and broken

My voice was shaking and cracking in disappointment

I turned pathetically and pityfully without bordering to take a glance at the man he was having sex with

I walked out of the room and walked out of the building with my brother

He drove me home without saying a word to me inside the car. He probably knows that there is no advise he could give that can save me from being broken and hurt

It hurt so bad when you are betrayed by someone you love so much.

The car arrives home and I stepped down and walked sluggishly to the kitchen to get myself a drink. I started drinking on the spot and staggering around the room

“Aishhh! It hurts so bad” I yelled painfully as I leaned on the wall of my dining room

“It hurts , it hurts! Damn it! I wanna die right now! Olivia , I Love you so much. I do. Why ? Why did you do this to me? ” I muttered to myself as I took few steps away from the wall I leaned on and gulp more drink

My head was spinning and I can’t see things clearly again

It hurts so bad. She is the first woman I’ll ever fall in Love with my life. I didn’t even bother having intimate Intercourse with her cus I’m planning to take it farther than this

Tears fall gently on my check. Heat spreads across my ear that I can barely hear anything , sweats formed in the middle of my chest and spread across my stomach

“I wanna die right now” I yelled painfully and sunk to my knees with the bottle of drink in my hand

“Olivia! …. Ha …ha ” I called her name with a shaky voice and my whole body aches suddenly

The pain in my heart can make me do worse right now. I wanna take a poison and die.

Yeah, This pain causing me heartbreak will never leave me, it will stay there permanently , the only way I can let go is to kill myself

The pain of watching the person I love so much betray me before me is killing my soul. It has killed my heart.

I fell to the floor and littered my hair with the remaining drink in the bottle

I threw the bottle away without bordering to know where I threw the bottle to

I keep groaning in pain on the ground, crying like I’ll never stop crying

Ivy’s POV continues

My heart pounds in an agitative manner against my ribcage after reading what my sister did.

Olivia had sex with another man for real?

Jeez! Is that why he hate ladies ? Maybe
Or are there other reasons why he hates ladies this much

Okay, why didn’t he recognize me cus I look exactly like my sister cus I’d taught he’s gonna fight with the man he met with Olivia and the man might have probably hurt him and make him loose his memory

But according to this diary, there is nothing like that

More so, did he kill my sister cus of that?
No! He still loves her , I can vouch he didn’t

I guess I have to read on to satisfy my curiosity , but there are two other diaries and I’m not even close to finish this one, is there a bigger picture to all these ?

I sighed heavily and opened the next page of the diary

The door cracks open and someone stepped in , I quickly closed the diary and hide it behind me

“Hey, we need you outside ” Evan said and walked out

I exhales gloriously , I’m happy he didn’t notice the diary in my hand

I kept the diary in my wardrobe, I ensured I locked it and quickly went out of my room , out the house to answer their call and see what they are requesting my presence for

I saw the two of them sit on a sofa

I stood before them almost making the mistake of bowing before them but I quickly stopped myself from doing that and set my gaze at them

“Our exam is next month , we’ve gat no time to read. See that” Ethan said and I turned my head to where he pointed at and I saw series of piled big textbooks arranged on each other

“You’ve gat less than one month to read those six textbooks , read everything and master it cus you gonna be choosing the right answers for us just like you did for us in our text” Ethan said and I moved slowly to the textbooks

Jeez! Who in the world will finish reading all this big heavy textbooks in just a month ?

I squatted before the textbooks and start to examine it one after the other

“Once you’ve helped us achieved our objective of succeeding in this exam , then you are no longer useful here which implies I’m killing you with my gun on the day we done with our exam” Ethan said and fear engulfed my whole self

I swallowed and stood up

“Carry those textbooks to your room and start reading it ” Ethan said and I nodded

I squatted and carried two of the textbooks and took it to my room, I came back the second time to do the same while they sat

I came back the last time to take the last two textbooks

I had carried the heavy textbooks, turned , ready to leave when I heard my name

“Ivy” Evan called and I turned

“Ethan, her breeds had hurt us in the past and killed us , they shouldn’t survive a day” Evan said

“You were the one that stopped me that day I wanted to kill her , it doesn’t take me a second ” Ethan said

Evan looked at me and placed his two palm on his face and moved his head front and back like someone thinking of a terrible thing that had happened in the past

“Seeing the breeds of women irritates me” Evan lamented with his palm still covering his face

“Argh , me too, I’m angry …I’m hurt , cursed be woman and it’s kind…. Argh…cursed be women and its kind” Ethan said loudly and angrily

He was staring around like someone looking for something

“Seeing you hurts me so bad. It hurts…. Oh ! Argghhh! ” Ethan cried and stood still searching around like someone looking for something

He was angrily searching his pocket like someone that doesn’t know what he’s doing again

“Evan, I thought I brought my gun here ” He said in a questioning tone

“Take it inside ” Evan said still covering his face

Evan shook his head and lay on the bare ground. He started weeping seriously and shaking his head

This is serious than I think, I guess I haven’t even read the big part of their past

When In the world will I get to read it when they are about to kill me now

Should I run away? Oh no! That will be worst

But I can’t just die like this, mum is really expecting me to come out with a pleasant certificate of successfully completing my course in becoming a nurse

Ethan walked inside like a blind man and came running in few seconds with a gun in his hand

“I shall…. Shall kill… All breeds of women on earth … I , Ethan, shall destroy every females on earth” He breathed heavily and dangerously as he spoke

His face looks like that of an angry lion and his hand are fully tightened to the gun

This is death staring at me now

Ethan placed the gun on my forehead

“You woman!” He shouted and his lovely scent filled my nostrils

His beast-ful face looks cute and his mouth widely opened looks smart, rigid and sexy

He looked into my face angrily and my face drifted to his lips instead. They are pink and sexy

His body is well built and the abs are tempting , I looked into his eyes and they are deep blue and inviting my soul

This guy is a perfect definition of handsomeness , who is the cruel person that broke this guy’s heart and made him this heartless

I’m not really so afraid of death right now, I feel like hugging him tight and telling him all will be fine

I wish I can be the lady that will mend his broken heart and give him a hope that some women might have broken him in the past but there are good women too

I just wanna embrace him and tell him all will be well, I wanna heal his broke heart

I keep looking into his deep blue eyes affectionately and he keep looking into my eyes angrily

After few seconds , he suddenly started taking few steps backward , he dropped his stretched hand but still held the gun

His face changed from that of an angry devouring beast to that of a totally broken man

He sunk to his knees, dropped the gun he’s holding . He tore his clothes as he cried out loud

He cried loud till his voice start seizing

I feel so sorry for him, his past has taken absolute grip of him and he can’t help it

I didn’t know when a string of tear formed a line down my check


Am I the only one that writes story and cry cus of the mysterious pain my characters are going through


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