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Billionaire Boys Episode 7

Billionaire Boys Episode 7

By Oyebamiji Samuel h
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Ivy’s POV

I watch them as they express their agony. I can’t stand it anymore. I turned with the books in my hand and left them there

He wanted to shoot me, why did he stop? Why did he move back? Why does his anger always result to agony

I dropped the two past textbooks in my room. I arranged it and squatted before them. I was dropping it on the floor one after the other and scanning through the pages

They are topics I know a zilch about. I need to strategize how to read all this textbooks in just one month

I scanned throughout the pages of the six textbooks just to have an idea of what the textbooks are all about

I sat down on the bed and the memories of what just happened appeared visibly in my mind. Ethan and Evan are in so much agony cus of what?

I left the other side of the bed and went to the side of the bed where my wardrobe is. I opened it and brought out the diary

I opened the page I stopped my reading and continued

Ethan’s POV in Diary

Flashback. Three years ago

I have no idea that I’d lost consciousness until I saw myself on my bed. The last thing I remembered was that I was littering my hair with the remaining drink in the Bottle I was holding

“Are you getting better” I suddenly heard Evan’s voice and I turned towards the direction of the voice

“I helped you here bro, you get yourself drunk and slept off on the bare floor , I had to help you here” Evan said and I stared around then finally returned my gaze to him

“Thanks” I said and he nodded

I felt a sharp pain in my heart as I remembered the memories of Olivia and the man

I tried to shut my mind from thinking about the terrible incident but instead it keep coming

The more I try to forget it , the more the horrible memories become clearer

I sat upright on the bed and turned at Evan

“What can I do? I’m hurting myself already, is there something I can do to get rid of the memories of Olivia? ” I asked

Ethan looked into my face for a while then looked away

“Watch movies and play games , I’m sure when you get yourself fixed up with other activities , you will soon forget about him” Evan said

“I’m in, where do we get started?” I asked

“Let’s start by playing table tennis at the court ” Evan said and stood

I stood and followed him

We both both changed into our game wears and took our rackets ready to play

We got to the table tennis court and held our rackets with gloves in our hand

I served and we stared playing , my heart keep falling as a result of how broken it is

I was trying to concentrate on the table tennis but instead my heart was drifting to Olivia, how our love life all started at the restaurant and the positive plans I had secretly made for her in the future. It breaks me totally to see her not just with a man but also having s*xual intercourse with another man

If she truly loves me , she will never do that Right? I would have said she likes my money but she has never even asked me for anything monetary before

The ball Evan played to me mistakenly met me at my forehead and I staggered and fell to the floor

He quickly ran towards me and helped me up

“Sorry bro” He pleaded and I nodded as I robbed the place where the ball had met me in my head

“It’s not working” I lamented feeling frustrated

Evan sighed and bowed his head like someone in deep thought. It’s obvious he’s thinking of something that might be of help to me

“Alright, let’s watch movies ” He suggested and I nodded

We both walk to the living room and he set the TV to a channel displaying an action movie

“You should like this ” Evan said

“Let’s see” I replied trying all my best to concentrate my full attention on it

After thirty minutes that the film had being playing, I must confess that I’m only watching it with my eye, my mind is not there

“Did you see that he finally kissed the girl” Evan said in the middle of the film referring to the scene currently on display on the screen

I set my gaze at Evan and with the look on my face , anyone can confirm easily that I’m not watching the film with my mind. I do not understand a thing about the film

“Brother ” Evan called pity fully and I bowed my head cus I understand that he’s really tryna help, just that it’s not working

Evan went inside and came with a book in his hand

“Can you read this ?” Evan asked

I collected the book from Evan and read through the front cover of the book

It reads ” How to heal a broken heart”

“Why don’t you read it and just tell me what to do ” I said not ready and willing to go through the stress of reading the book

“Alright” Evan replied and he started reading the book

After few minutes , he raise his head

“We’ve dome some things they listed here , the only one left is quiet hard to do ” Evan said and I adjusted very well on the chair

“Tell me?” I requested

“You gonna forgive the girl and bring her back to you , ask why she did that? Ask her if there are things he wants in that man that she did not see in you, then take absolutely care of her and do all that she wants” Evan said and I watched him without expression

I took my face away from him and lunch myself into deep thought

“But she betrayed me, isn’t she suppose to apologize to me ?” I asked

“According to this book, true love does not think that way. She will be feeling too guilty to apologize ” Evan said and I reasoned with him

“What do I do now?” I asked

“Gonna set you guys up , you guys are gonna see in a solitary place , do as this book I’ve said” Evan said and I nodded foolishly

Yeah, I really can’t think straight at that moment , I’m totally immersed in Olivia’s love. I’m more than happy that there is hope of getting her back despite all she had done for me

“When will that happen ?” I asked Evan

“You mean the set up? You know I don’t procrastinate, give me few minutes ” He said and walked inside

After what looked like an hour, he came to meet me in the sitting room

“Brother, you can go and check her at this address, she’s waiting for you there already ” Evan said as he handed over the address to me and I nodded appreciatively

I went inside , dress my best and went outside to my car . I drove off to the address Evan said she is

What she did keep paining me seriously as I keep driving . I can’t believe the relationship expert will still ask me to apologize in his book

If it will heal my soul, why not? I still love her and I’ll apologize

Ivy’s POV continues

Wow! This is just awesome now!

Despite what my sister did, Ethan still drove off to apologize to her

Who in the world does that? I can tell he is madly in Love with my sister

I stood from the chair I sat and went to serve myself a cup of water. I drank and came back to sit

I opened to the next page

Ethan’s POV in Diary

Flashback. Three years ago

I finally arrived at the address given to me by Evan

I heard few steps behind me and I turned

My heart beat faster than regular and my stern face became weak as I saw Olivia approached me

Her love grows stronger in me and the pain of her betraying me increased in the same proportion

“I’m sorry” She said still looking into my face

She took few steps closer to me and stopped before me

“O…livia… Why? Why have you betrayed me?” I asked with tears pouring down my face

“I’m sorry. I was seduced by that man. I truly love you but the cuteness of the man got into my head and I became gullible to his touch and that was why we ended up on the bed together” Olivia said

“Is there anything the man has that I did not have , is there anything he does that I did not do, why did you prefer the man to me? ” I asked with a cracking voice

” I truly Love you Ethan, I have no feelings for the man. You are the one my heart desire , please don’t cast me away, it’s a mistake on my side , please ” Olivia pleaded and I tried to understand her plight

I moved closer to her and hugged her tight

“Please don’t make such mistake again” I pleaded and she nodded while crying severely on my shoulder

We disengaged and I looked into her face affectionately.My eyes drifted to her lips and I feel like kissing her but I controlled myself

“Kiss me” She said and I stood confused

I haven’t kissed before and I’m not ready to kiss either , I have a weird feeling to kissing . Maybe I’ll be able to kiss freely in the future but not now. I do not just feel like kissing in any way

“Not yet” I said and she locked her lips on mine instead

I arched my brow and returned the kiss

We disengaged after a while and she hugged me and placed her head on my chest

“Are you gonna follow me home?” I asked and she shook her head

“I need to go home cus of mum , please , I’ll come and spend the whole day with you tomorrow” Olivia said and I reasoned with her

She’s a responsible girl for real. She doesn’t sleep outside at night , she is going home now and she’ll come tomorrow to my place to play with me all day.

well, that’s cool for real.

“I’m okay with that, where should I drop you?” I asked

“Don’t bother , I’m passing a different route , just go home, I’ll take a cab, I’ll be the first person you will see tomorrow ” Olivia said and I smiled

My broken heart is healing little by little

I entered my car and waved at her as I drove off

After few minutes of driving, a call entered and I packed by a packing lot to receive the call since it’s from Evan, it may be urgent and very important

“Brother , turn back now, follow a red cab with number 001BWW” Evan said and hung up

My mind couldn’t think anything at that moment , what does he mean by that, is anything the problem again?

I entered my car and reversed , I drove faster till I sighted the red cab with number 001BMW

I keep following the car in a way that the cab will not know

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