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The next day, I woke up feeling like a new born child, smiling and feeling Happy and strong.. I remembered last night And I smiled even more, oh Erick.
“Auggie wake up..” I announced before crawling over to Augie’s bed and waking him up.
We both got ready for school and we ate breakfast together, Erick was still asleep while Ella was awake and she ate breakfast with us before leaving her to school. �
I got to class that morning and seeing Annie, I wanted to tell her so much, about Erick, about how his father owns DH entertainment and he’s the real writer of second chance, I wanted to tell her so much but Annie, is not going to keep that to herself, the whole world’s going to know.
That day in school I pretended not to know anything new about Erick around Annie and school was just pretty normal..
School was over that day and I happily went to pick up Augie and we both went home.
¤~¤~¤ ERICK°S POV ¤~¤~¤
That Tuesday morning I was woken up by Ella’s loud bark and I noticed my phone was ringing.
I sat down on my bed and grabbed my phone beside me. I saw Mr Dhousten, on the screen and I sighed.
What the hell does this old man wants.
“what is it now..” I groaned into the phone.
“come to the Corp now” my dad ordered.
“why?” I asked.
“don’t ask me questions and just come here now” he yelled and I rolled my eyes.
“don’t yell dad, you’re not the only one there and you’re hurting my ears, can you ever stop being a child?”.
“I am your father Frederick, you will not talk to me that way”. My dad yelled.
“eww, don’t call me that, and I am your son I have rights too, anyway your voice is hurting my ears and I don’t know what you want with me, I’ll be there in about thirty minutes, so.. Goodbye” I said not waiting for him to reply, I hanged up.
Five minutes later, I was ready and already dressed in all black and after wearing my cap, I gave Ella her breakfast and walked out of my room, I greeted June’s grandma who was busy with folding clothes in the living room, June and Augie might have left for school, she asked me if I was going out and I told her I’m just going to a place not to far from and she nods with a smile. Such nice people, who wouldn’t want to live with them, and love them.
As I got down the quiet streets, I boded a taxi and told the driver my destination.
And after an hour of driving, the driver got to my destination and I got down from the taxi and paid him. I had to trek a bit before reaching the tall sky scraper I’ve been looking for with eyes.
At the top of the building was written DH, I sighed tiredly and walked to the exit door, as usual Kyle and Gus, stood in front of the door, the two scary securities, as every one call them.
I got to the door and they halted me thinking I was some of kind criminal but taking off my cap, they recognized me, apologized and let me in.
Instead of following the normal elevator everyone uses or the normal staircase, I had to follow the back staircase to my dad’s office to avoid anyone seeing me.
I got super tired when I got to the sixth floor and regretted not taking the elevator.
I breathed out breathlessly as I laid my back on the wall to rest, I removed my cap and moved my hair back, I feel so hot.
I heard Footstep coming down the stairs, and when I looked up it was Daniel, why is he taking the stairs now and why the back one. Seeing me he started to walk slowly and then he stopped, In front of me.
“you’re here..?” he said looking at me like I’m some kind of stranger.
“yeah so?” I added and he sighed.
“I don’t understand why you’re using this mean tone for me” he said gripping tightly on the bottled water he held.
“cause you deserve it” I said.
“deserve what? I know I haven’t offended you”
“oh you have, you sure have” I said and started to walk again but he stopped me by grabbing my hand.
“you look exhausted, here this might help” he said giving me his bottled water.
“no thanks” I said and forcefully pull my hand from his.
“don’t act like you don’t want it, i Can clearly see it that you want it” Daniel smirked and I angrily took it from him and walked away and I know he’s smiling behind me.
I got to the last flight of stairs and I chugged down the whole bottled water down my throat, tossing the bottle at a corner. I got to my dad’s office and without knocking, I entered.
Surprisingly I met my mom and dad talking..
“mom?..” I called surprisingly.
“baby.. Erick..” she smiled Standing up and coming towards me.
“when did you get home?” I asked her cause she’s a business woman and she barely comes home
“I came back today” she replied and I let her pull me into a hug.
I looked through her shoulder and saw my dad’s gaze, I sighed and my mom moved back to my dad sitting down beside him again. Okay.. I hate seeing my mom and dad together whenever my dad wants to have a word with me, both of their words together is body breaking..
“so.. You must have known why I called you here” my dad said standing up.
“you could tell how clueless I am running up here and looking like this” I said and he laughed. What’s so funny.
“I don’t find anything I just said funny” I arched my brows.
“you won’t get the humour I just did.. So now shut up and listen to me” my dad said and my mom paused him. By tapping his arm and she stood up.
“Frederick dear..
“Erick” i interrupted my mom and she breathed out and corrected herself.. “Erick dear, your dad and i I’ve gotten everything we need in life”.
“let me guess, money and power?” I said sarcastically and my mom gave me a look.
“yes money and power if that’s what you want to call it, and we also have a handsome son, a handsome and talented son, Erick we want to talk about your future” my mom said and I shoved my hand in my pocket tiredly.
“is it me being an artist here?” I asked.
“yes.. Yes it is.. If it’s not an artist then what? You’re pretty good at singing, I gave birth to an amazing singer and yet you want to throw that away, it’s like a painter cutting his own hand and burning his paint brush” my mother yelled and I turned to my dad. “did you call mom here so she could tell me all this, cause you know you can’t actually talk to me?” I asked.
“I don’t know what messed you up, but you’re seriously messed up, but don’t worry I’m gonna treat that up, I’m your father anyways and you can’t change that” My dad said with a smile.
He’s right.
“I’m sorry but I choose what I want by myself”. I said and was about to turn but June’s word ringed in my head
»»”you’re crazy, you know that. You have a dream in front of you but you’re throwing it away, if I had that kind of opportunity I would grab a hold of it immediately, Erick Life is not about what I’ve done, what I should’ve done, what I could’ve done… it’s about what I can do and what I will do. So leave your stupid explore and experience blabbers aside and face your dreams, you’re blessed with an amazing voice, a writing skill and you’re throwing that all away”««
Ugh.. Why am I thinking about her now, she’s ruinning everything I was planing to say to my dad.
“son.. Your mom gave birth to you I watched, you grew up with all the freedom you could get, made any kind of stupid friend you can get, but now I think it’s time I chip in your life a little bit. And you’re going to be an artist in my industry whether you like it or not and don’t even think about opposing me or walking out on me cause you think you have some place to stay” my dad explained and I glared at him.
“what do you mean?” I asked.
“I know you live with an old woman, and her grand kids in a rooftop house, look son I have them all wrapped around my forefinger, I know you care for them so much, and if you don’t want anything to come across your new family, you better do what I tell you this time” my dad smirked.
“are you threatening me??” I half yelled, making my mom flinch a bit.
“yes and you can’t do anything about it” my dad smiled.
“thanks to your moody little girlfriend, my boys were able to trace her and followed her to her house where we found you, Daniel said you’ve been hanging out with get too much, and what’s her name again.. Uhm.. October?.. February?.. Oh yeah, June, that’s her name I remember now” my said and laughed to himself while I just glared at him.
“””your name should be Talent itself””” I heard June’s voice my head and I angrily shut my eyes and then opened them again.
“okay fine..” I blurted out.
“fine what?” my dad asked and I sighed and shook my head negatively.
“I’ll be a singer, I’ll be a singer like you’ve requested years ago” I said and my dad beamed
“really?” he said.
“honey that is Incredible” my mom added .
“but only on one condition” I said looking at my father sternly.
“name it!” my dad replied boldly.
“I know you’re looking for fresh young blood, the ones you can easily convert into being… Super stars” I said and folded my hand.
“yes I know, I have you that’s why I’ve wanted you to become a singer for so long, look at you, you’re young and you look like tomorrow’s news” my dad smiled and I rolled my eyes.
“I am not talking about me, I’m talking about a seventeen years old teenager, way younger than me” I explained and my dad chin lifted up.
“son, there’s no need for that, another star will be born after the ending of my two-hundred-supernova-contest”my dad said and my jaw dropped.
“two hundred super—what the hell did you just call that? And what does it mean?” I asked and my dad sighed before explaining.
“two hundred supernova contest it’s an artist competition where I gather two hundred teenagers from all round the city, from the age of fifteen to eighteen and then they all compete in the singing and dancing to get to the top Fourty, then they compete to the top twenty and then top ten and there can only be four winners and those winners will be properly trained here and become the most brightest star like the supernova. They’ll be a world wide famous Celebrity like Daniel and trust me son, if you work with me you’re going to shine brightly around the world That you Won’t be able to look at your self in mirror cause your brightness might blind you”
I looked at my dad weirdly and he laughed.
“about the two hundred teenager competition stuff, when did it all start?” I ask.
“about two weeks ago”. My dad replied
“why didn’t I know about it?”.
“cause you never came to visit, even when I called, you talked to me like I’m someone else’s father” my father blurted and I guiltily sighed. “well look I’m sorry, and about the competition, how many people are signed up for it?” I asked.
“they’re complete now and the competition is going to begin Next Week”.
“well I think you’ll have to make the contestants, two hundred and one” I said and my dad puzzled face made me sigh again.
“you must have heard of June right?” I asked.
“yeah, your girlfriend”.. My dad said with a bit of humour in his voice.
“she’s not.. Ugh… I think you should put her in the competition” I said tiredly.
“why? Because I want to make you a super star and you want her to become one two so you guys can continue your lovers-ship being super stars.. Do you even think she’s up for it?”.
“there’s no such thing as lovers ship, and yes June’s a pretty tough girl and she has a pretty great voice, I don’t know about her dancing skills but I know she’s not someone to toy with” I explained and my dad smiled, “I like people like that, unlike you, you’re as soft as your mother”.
“seriously,” My mom glared at my dad and he laughed.
“anyway if June can join the contest, I’ll be anything you want to be, even a pilot” I said and my dad rolled his eyes.
“fine.. Just write down her phone number and her name” my dad smiled and I walked over to his desk, searching for a pen with my eyes my mom smiled and handed me one.
“thanks mom” I smiled.
“Oh it’s okay” my mom blushed.
“see Linda, I told you he got his soft and boring sides from you” my dad said walking out.
“oh shut up” my mom yelled after he slammed the door.
I wrote down June’s number copying it from my phone and I remembered the day I was looking for it on her phone, unlocking her phone was the easiest part cause she used “Maria Li” as the password,.. Silly girl..
I dropped the pen and my mom stood up as I raised up my body.
“okay dear, I have to go home and rest, cause I’ll be leaving for Paris tomorrow, make sure you don’t disobey your father, eat well, sleep well, grow up well and make mommy proud okay?” my mom said and placed her hand on my left cheek.
I nod with a smile and she smiled too, “love you son” she said and walked out, after waiting in the medium sized office for a while, the door opened and my dad walked in with a middle aged man.
“son, meet Charles Kaia, he’s been working with me for some time now and he’s been a long time friend too, he’s going to be your new manger. And.. Your training starts the day after tomorrow.. Frederick you don’t know how proud I am of you to choose the right path in your life—
“don’t get all mushy on me dad.. I hate that..” I said grabbing my cap and walking out.
Outside my dad office, I decided to take the back stairs again and as I did, I checked my phone for the time and grinned seeing it’s 3:36pm June would have been back from school. I bumped into someone and my phone almost fell but luckily I caught my phone. I looked up and sighed seeing Daniel slurping down a cup of chocolate drink.
“oops sorry” he laughed.
“that wasn’t funny, and why are you always taking the back stairs” I said a bit angrily.
“it was created for just only you” he poured.
“whatever” he said and I was about to walk away when he caught my hand and moved me back.
“what now?” I asked.
“what did I do to you, you’re just being rude to me, I don’t understand” Daniel said tossing the empty cup aside angrily.
“why wouldn’t I be”.
“why would you be” Daniel almost yelled.
“look, I don’t know what’s with you but I don’t have time for this I have to get home”. I said.
“home?!! This is your home Erick, remember? I came home last week to sing for the people of this city and to meet my best friend, but unfortunately I heard he left home and he was nowhere to be found, I was so worried about you, even more worried about you than your dad was… And then I saw you on the Streets in front of my van talking to a girl, do you know how surprised I was when you ignored me, and then I saw you with the same girl at my fan signing event, I called you but still yet you ignored me as you hurried after the girl, it was just too painful to bare, I came back to this city especially for my beat friend who seemed like a brother to me but unfortunately that best friend turned out to be a real jerk when I tried to talk to him” Daniel explained bitterly.
“well, while you were enjoying yourself around the globe, my dad was being a real crazy person, and I couldn’t take it anymore I had to leave, and I ignored you on the streets cause I didn’t want you to tell my dad where I was or where you saw me and I became mad at you when you talked and acted like a crazy person too and you called June “June” stupid, that affected me deep down but I didn’t so an–
“if I could remember, I know I called her name stupid not her” Daniel interrupted.
“calling her name stupid, what’s the difference of her not being stupid, calling her name stupid is like calling her stupid too”.
“I was just angry that day, I’m sorry” Daniel apologized.
“you’ll not be apologizing to me but to June” I smirked.
“well she’s not here right now so..” Daniel said with a shrug. “but if I do see her, I promise to apologize”.
“good” I muttered.
“so, we friends again?” Daniel asked.
“still mad about calling June stupid but yeah sure. .. Why not, we’re friends” I nodded with a small smile and started to walk down the stairs but Daniel calling my name made me stop.
“why are you in such a hurry to leave?” he asked.
“cause June would have been back by now, so what else do I need to do here” I replied plainly and he nods understandably.
“W..we..well.. ..do.. you.. Like her.. June? Do you?” he asked.
“yeah, I mean who wouldn’t, when she gives you happiness and who doesn’t love happiness.. Even her own family is happiness, around them I feel so free, so alive and so happy, around June alone, I feel a little bit intimidated by her cause she talks like she’s way older than me but she’s just four years younger than me, she’s beautiful, loves playing , care for everyone and—- Daniel laugh interrupted my words of June, and I looked at him.
“you must really really like June” Daniel said.
“no you missed out one really’, I really really really like June” I smirked and he shrugged.
“okay, uhm.. Why don’t we hang out this weekend, together just the two of us, like old times” Daniel suggested.
“sure why not” I smiled before walking away.
¤~¤~¤~¤ June’s p.o.v ¤~¤~¤~¤
Augie and I have gotten home from school and I couldn’t find Erick anywhere, so instead I just locked myself in my room and started to take off my uniform, Augie had already start to play in the living room with Ella.. While I just removed my uniform, my phone which was on top of my drawer, buzzed and I grabbed my phone and peeped to see what or who sent a meessage to my phone, I thought about it being Erick but he doesn’t have my phone number. I saw the message was from an unknown source and when I opened the message I read out loud.
##~congratulations, June Peterson, you have been luckily selected as one of the contestant to participate in the teens two hundred supernova contest, to fight your way to the top and be a super star, thank you~##
Feeling confused for a while I didn’t know what I just read and when I turned down to my phone to read it again, I screamed so loud that it shook the entire building.
T. B. C

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