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===+ June’s pov continues +===
“so you mean you’re the writer of second chance??” I yelled and Erick laughed.
“why are you being dramatic, keep your voice down” he smiled and I gulped down the huge lump in my throat.
“sorry, I was just so surprised, cause I was like the person who wrote that song had to be in real pain and also heart broken and also really smart to make up that lyrics and you’re the one.. I just can’t believe it, it’s exciting but shocking at the same,..wait for you to write those painful heart broken lyrics were you in some of kind of painful relationship..” I asked excitedly.
“well… He started and I leaned closer to him, this is the most exciting story of my life, am sitting in front of the writer of second chance and also the future heir to DH entertainment, which Maria Li works with..
Erick moved back, “okay if you want me to continue with my story you really have to move back cause you’re way leaning close to me and it’s uncomfortable” He said and I quickie apologized and sat properly.
“so Daniel likes this girl, Emilia, my dad’s best friend daughter, and then he told her that he liked her and she was happy about it saying she likes Daniel too but three weeks agree they start dating, Emilia started to turn to me, see that girl is a daredevil, behind Daniel’s back she told me she never liked Daniel but me and truthfully I don’t like her cause she’s too proud and skinny, skinny girls are my nightmare”.. Erick explained and I rolled my eyes.
“would you continue?” I urged him and he nods.
“since I didn’t want to be a backstabber and a bad friend to Daniel, I told Daniel about it , but then Emilia heard me that moment and denied it, saying I was the one chasing her, and of course Daniel believed her and that’s how our friendship went broken, I was super mad but still I wanted to apologize but Daniel wouldn’t give me his attention and he was also preparing for his new song for his big debut so he didn’t have time to talk to me, and I finally found a way to make it up to him, so I spent three nights in writing “second chance” everyone thinks the song is about a broken relationship with a girl but it’s actually a relationship with my best friend, but I just made the lyrics looked a little bit like it was for a girl so people won’t actually get any wrong idea, while I just apologizing to my best friend, Daniel read the song when I handed it out to him, one afternoon, his manager Nate, wasn’t around so I had time, he asked if I bought this all out from my head and I laughed, he read the lyric in front of me and I apologized again, this time making him believe that I have nothing with Emilia, he apologized too, and that’s how we made up, Daniel said he really wanted to sing my song and I had my dad make Nate, make Daniel sing my song, we both learned it together but he’s the only singer, when he sang it and when the song really made him popular, my dad said he was proud of me and he said either I be a singer in the industry or I become Daniel’s song writer, I chose neither of them cause That’s not what I want”…
“then what do you want?” I interrupted Erick..
“I.. I.. Don’t know?” he said hesitantly and I gasped.
“how can you not know what you want?”.
“look I Know what I want but I don’t want it now, now I just want to live freely without anyone controlling my life, I want to explore and experience more” Erick said and I laughed.
“you’re crazy, you know that. You have a dream in front of you but you’re throwing it away, if I had that kind of opportunity I would grab a hold of it immediately, Erick Life is not about what I’ve done, what I should’ve done, what I could’ve done… it’s about what I can do and what I will do. So leave your stupid explore and experience blabbers aside and face your dreams, you’re blessed with an amazing voice, a writing skill and you’re throwing that all away” I advised.
“just because you heard my stupid voice that day, and now you’re saying I’m blessed”.
“I know what I heard Erick.. Honestly you’re wasting your time” I said and he looked away.
“seriously… I don’t know what to say” he said bitterly and raised his head up to look at me and I smiled at him.
“well, just listen to your father and become a singer like he requests okay?” I said and he sighed and was about to stand up but I pulled him back,
“you will not leave this place until you agree with me” I threatened pinning down his arm. And he let out a gorgeous smile.
Wait, did I just call his smile gorgeous!!. Well whatever.
“okay then June, I’ll think about it but first let go of my arm cause you’re seriously hurting me” he said and I let go of his arm,
“sorry” I giggled, I have to be super nice to him now. He’s the future heir to DH entertainment and maybe he won’t forget me if he’s the owner of the industry if I act nice around him.
I got on my foot, apologized one last time before heading to my room, somehow I felt excited for Erick, he’s got such a big chance of becoming something and someone else but he doesn’t want that, well I’m gonna make him want that.
I took my bath, changed into a short Jean skirt and a Yellow tank top.
I went to my grandma’s room cause she called for me, she told me what we’re having for dinner and I happily went to prepare it. Erick later joined me in the kitchen saying he was bored, cause Ella has become Auggie’s pet now and he’s got no one to talk to anymore but me. I laughed it off and we talked about other things even though I really wanted to talk about, him, his dad, and DH entertainment.
After cooking, Erick and I got the table set and my grandma decided to have hers in her room while, Erick, Auggie and I took over the living room around the small table, with Ella jumping around Augie.
Auggie started to eat without me or Erick and when I started to glare at him, he noticed it and dropped his spoon.
“what?” he asked calmly like he didn’t know the cause of my glare.
Well he didn’t know .
“it’s okay for you to eat before me, but it’s definitely not okay when you eat before Erick, he’s older than all of us, so show a little respect okay?!” I said and Auggie nod and turned to Erick.
“I’m sorry”.
“uhh.. It’s okay, Ella can eat before me., I don’t mind so you can definitely eat okay.” Erick said and Augie happily grabbed his spoon and start to eat.
“you’re being weird you know that?” Erick said to me and I laughed hysterically. “oh Erick you’re so funny”.
“what? When did my advice become a comedy” he asked.. befuddled
“here have some water” I said nicely filling his empty glass, water from the ceramic jug in my hand. He sighed and grabbed my hand taking the Jug from my hand,
“okay, you’re suddenly being nice around me. And it’s strange cause you’re June and you’re like cursed to be rude” he said.
Cursed to be rude?? That hurts but he’s going to be the future heir of DH entertainment so I better take that in.
“don’t you read the Bible, it said we should care for the people we love” I smiled.
“really? Or you’re having a crush on me like Annie” he raised his brows and I almost laughed my head out.
“please, don’t make this even more weird for me” I said and he laughed.
“well I don’t see anything weird if you just say the truth, that you’re crushing on me”.
Well I give up, no more Ms nice lady. He should be the stupid heir to DH entertainment, he’s still a stupid teenager.
“what’s a crush?” Auggie suddenly asked.
“oh, you want to know about that? Erick asked and Auggie nod.
“crush is to press or bruise between two hard bodies; to squeeze, so as to destroy the natural shape or integrity of the parts, or to force together into a mass. And someone is going to feel that right now” I said glaring at Erick.
“c’mon on, tell him the ‘good one’ not the violent one, he’s a kid”.. Erick smiled and I nudged him.
“shut up”..
“Augie, eat your food and ignore Erick okay” I blurted and Augie nodded.
We all ate our food quietly and I caught Erick staring at me, “what?” I asked aggressively.
“well I was going to tell you how pretty you look but since you’re being such a character, I take back my compliment” he said and I rolled my eyes.
“you don’t need to tell me how pretty I look, I know I am” I said and he laughed. I ignored him and continued eating, … So he just kept quiet later and ate his Own meal.
After dinner I ordered Erick to Clear the tables and he started to blab about things I don’t need to know.
So I just Ignored him and cleared it, and when dong the dishes he decided he wanted to help me. I let him take over the plates, and it was already nighttime when he was though with the plates.
“you’ve been washing the dishes for three hours now, you’re so slow” I teased when he dried his wet hands.
“I don’t do dishes June, so don’t blame me” he said and I rolled my eyes.
We both walked to the living room only to see the door open wide and the cold breeze taking over the living room, Ella and Auggie weren’t in the living room but their voice could be heard outside, with one glance at each other, Erick and I walked out with me closing the door.
Auggie could be seen chasing Ella around happily and I breathed out a sigh of relief, I thought they were in some kind of trouble.
“well since nothing’s wrong I better head back insid—-
I haven’t completed my words when Erick dragged me to our ‘star gazing table’ and he made us sit.
“okay what do you want us to do outside” I asked, cause it’s freeing here.
“can’t we all just enjoy the young night, Auggie and Ella are already outside, so let’s just make the night lovely and memorable”
“you’re sounding like someone who’s about to give up life” I said and he chuckled. “well hell no, I love myself and I can’t do that, not when I have people who cares about me” he said.
Ella suddenly jumped up on the table and landed on Erick’s body licking his hand.
“now, you remember me?” Erick said narrowing his eyes at Ella Who barked in return.
Auggie joined us on the table and he seemed breathless as he laid down beside Erick and Ella, Ella jumped on Auggie’s body and start to lick his face and Auggie laughed in return telling Ella to stop
“you can’t tell her to stop Augie, she’s a dog and she’s as dumb as the owner” I said moving over to Augie and removing Ella from his face.
“well too bad, Augie’s the new owner” Erick said and I rolled my eyes, Ella licked my hand and I glared at her
“if you’re hungry, find your way to the kitchen okay, my hand is not a food” I yelled and like she understood me. She jumped out of my hand and ran inside through the extra doggy door on the door. Auggie tried to chase after her but I moved him back.
“you’re not going any where Mr!” I eyed Him making him lay back, I wasn’t feelings comfortable with Ella’s spit on my hand so I looked for anything to wipe my hand but I found none, I got angry and grabbed Erick shirt,..
“hey.. What the hell.. Erick blurted when I started to clean my hand with his shirt.
“no offense, but she’s your dog” I mumbled and he sighed and let me clean my hand with his shirt,
“when you’re done, you can tell me to take off my pants too” he said and I gave him a look.
Augie, Erick and I sat on the table saying and doing nothing, and I turned to Erick, “why did you make us stay here, it’s so boring and cold and dark”.
“but the stars are shining brightly so it’s not dark and let’s just gaze at the stars” He said and I grabbed his head and faced it up to the sky.
“do you see any stars up there Erick?” I asked.
“well if you keep holding my head, I might die and turn into A Star” he said and I sighed and let go of his head, I suddenly got an idea on what to do, I’m actually going to do what makes me happy, which is singing.
“are with your phone?” I asked Erick
“yeah, I’m always with my phone”.
“I need to borrow it”.
“why?” he said bringing it out of his pocket.
“just give it to me” I pleaded and he did. I went to his music player, and goodness he has all Maria Li’s song even the ones I don’t know and Daniel Anderson, Ricky Goodman , I don’t know who that is but he has a lot of music, I saw a music without a name and out of curiosity, I played it and a sweet bass guitar started to play and Erick quickly snatch the phone from my hand. “you cant listen to that”
“well since you said I can’t, I have to, to see what you’re hiding” I said and he shook his head negatively.
“c’mon Erick, what’s with the song that you’re hiding it from me” I asked but he said nothing.
“c’mon Erick please” I pleaded cutely so he’d agree and it kind of worked cause he sighed and gave me his phone.
I played the song and the playing guitar continued, before a sweet voice followed it and then a small piano. I listened to the sweet voice as it sang the sad music, I covered my mouth almost crying cause the song had everything, a good beat and especially an extraordinary voice, it was far more better than Daniel Anderson’s voice and I had to know who the person was. But suddenly the voice started to become familiar in my head and I paused it and turned to Erick.
“did you sing this?” I yelled and he looked away shyly, and I grabbed his shoulder so he could turn to me.
“you sang this didn’t you” I said leaning close to him and he grabbed my hand. “if I’m not cautious these days I’m scared you’re gonna harm me” he joked and laughed to himself.
“who’s joking with you, answer my damn question” I yelled.
“yes, I sang it, you satisfied??” he said and I smiled. “I am beyond satisfied Erick, your name should be ‘Talent’ it self cause you’re blessed with it” I said and he rolled his eyes.
“if everyone should hear this, they’ll Leave Daniel Anderson immediately and turn to you, and That makes you my very own Daniel Anderson and I’ll be your number one fan forever” I said happily and he laughed.
“I can’t believe I have a celebrity at my house” I said and Erick laughed even more. “June, you’re overreacting”.
Auggie just watched me Display my over excited mood, and after cooling down a bit, I sat down again cause I was on my knees.
“I don’t know why you disagreed to be a singer when your dad told you to become one, I want to be a singer too, I know I have a good voice, but let’s just say we’re both in a competitive game of wining an opportunity to become a singer, and we’ve come a long way battling each other, after hearing your voice I’ll totally give up cause I know your voice is worth hearing for the world” I said and Erick Turned to me.
“you really think I’m that good?” he asked.
“I know you’re perfect”.
“you know, your words are actually making me feel good about myself, thanks June” Erick smiled. And I beamed.. “what are friends for.. Wait, are we even friend’s?” I asked he laughed.
“so you said you have a good voice?”
“yeah I do” I replied boldly.
“well can you sing for Augie and I?” Erick asked.
“I’ll be happy to” I said, got on my feet and grabbed his phone, “so I’ll just just sing along with Maria Li in sparing high” I said and played the song, I clenched my fist and brought it to my mouth as my microphone… and I started to sing with Maria Li, Erick and Augie watched me as I did and Erick grabbed the phone and paused the song.
“why did y–
“June, your voice is beautiful, but the tone you’re using is way too high for the beginning and you haven’t gotten to the chorus yet, and if you continue with this tone, you’ll eventually go way too high and choke to death”. Erick interrupted and I nod. He’s spending like a real music tutor.
“now you’re going to sing without Maria Li’s song playing and I want you to be low this time okay?” he stated and I nod, I started to sing the song again and he nod his head as I went on with the low tone, as I was getting to the chorus, he started to move his hand up and I understood his gesture, he means I should’ make my tone a little Higher and I did, and immediately I entered the chorus, he joined me in singing and it brought out a melodious tone, I couldn’t help the happiness that build inside me singing with Erick and I couldn’t help but smile.. Erick sang with me till we both ended the song and I suddenly jumped at him , giving him a hug.
“whoa” .. He said when I did so.
“sorry, I’m just so excited” I said disengaging the hug and before I knew it, I found my eyes watering, is this what tears of happiness feels like, cause I am SO happy right now and it’s because I sang with Erick… The two of us singing together was tuneful and heart warning that it made me happy, cause music alone itself is my way out, Music is my way of getting away, music is another life, some times music is all you need to get away to that world no one knows about, but when you have to listen it in a prefect harmony, you’ll never remain the same
“are you okay?” Erick asked seeing me cry.
“like I said, I’m fine I’m just so Happy” I said and he laughed and pulled me in a hug, “well I don’t know your definition of happy” .
“well I am” I said onto his chest, drying my tears.
“okay, why did you suddenly become Happy?”. He asked.
“cause we sang together” I said sincerely.
“what?” He laughed..
“you’re happy cause we sang together?” he repeated pulling from the hug.
“yes, and if you ask me that one more time, you’re going to shed tears of pain” I threatened and moved to Auggie who was already asleep .
“come help me take Augie inside, I’m tired” I complained and he didn’t hesitated, he just walked up to me and carried Auggie inside, while I followed behind.
T. B. C
By Ruthie Lee

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