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Daniel walked in the studio and closes the door behind him.
“what are you doing here?” Daniel asked. Great he recognizes me.
“I.. I.. . Came here to sign in my name for the supernova contest” I said standing up.
“oh..” he said..
I’m in a studio with Daniel Anderson, the world’s Daniel Anderson, why am I not happy or psyched like others will be.
“have you by any chance seen Erick?” he asked calmly.
“yeah, he said I should wait here, that he’d get us breakfast” I explained and Daniel nod and said nothing. I looked at him and glanced away , slowly taking back my seat. “looks Like I’ll wait here for him too” Daniel said and sat down on a chair beside the wall, a bit far from mine.
I turned to my bag and pulled my phone out of it. And suddenly I texted Annie.
**you won’t believe what’s happening now** I pressed sent and sighed, she won’t reply me she’s in school. My phone buzzed and I was surprised Annie texted me back .
**what’s happening that I won’t believe** Annie replied and I imagined her voice in a sarcastic way.
** I’m sitting in a room with your favourite idol** . I texted. And waited for a while before getting back a reply.
** wait.. Hold on .. You missed school and now you’re texting about being in a room with my favorite idol.. Are you talking about Daniel Anderson???…**
**yes** I texted.
**i don’t believe you, take a picture of him** Annie replied and I gasped, this girl is crazy
** I can’t ** .
** why? Take a picture of him and I’ll believe you **
I sighed and head straight to my camera, turned off the shutter sound and slowly took a picture of Daniel looking down his phone.
I took four pictures of him before sending it to her.
** holy moly, you’re right, it’s my Daniel!! Oh sh*t it’s the Spanish teacher, I’ll chat you later and you’ll tell me everything** she sent and I gave her a thumb up sticker.
The last thing I want to do is tell Annie everything.
“so July, right?” I heard Daniel’s voice and I raised up my head to look at him, he’s talking to me??
“uhm… It’s.. It’s June..” I said and he nods.
“yeah, I promised Erick I’d apologize to you , so here it is I’m sorry” he breathed out and I paused.
Why is he apologizing.
“uh.. Uhh.. Okay..” I said and looked away. I don’t understand why he’s apologizing but anyway apology accepted.
We both remain quiet and seriously it was pretty awkward for me.. Well he’s a celebrity and I’m sitting almost close to him and.. I love celebrities, any kind, but this one sitting in here, no matter how popular he is, he doesn’t seem that popular TO ME.
his phone started to ring and I was shocked when I heard Erick’s song playing, he picked the phone before Erick’s Voice could sing.
“I’m not there, don’t look for me okay!!” Daniel said into the phone and I tried not to look or listen to whoever he was talking to. But how could I not, when it’s just the two of us inside this place.
“I’m tired, I’ll continue tomorrow, do you know you have a problem” Daniel stated angrily into the phone digging his fingers into his blue hair.
“good you Know, now leave me the Fuck alone and tell fandango to go home, I’ve got all the moves right, it’s just the last part–no no see Nate you’re the worst manager ever note that—-and try you won’t find me” Daniel said lastly before hanging up and dropping his phone, he turned to me and I looked away immediately, oh Jeez, tell me he didn’t See Me looking at him.
I bite the inside of my cheeks nervously and started to pull my finger, the door suddenly opened and Erick walked inside.
“okay I brought breakfast and ice– Erick paused seeing Daniel.
Oh boy, how I am so glad to see Erick, being in a room with Daniel is the worst. I gave Erick a thank you look even when he wasn’t looking at me but at Daniel.
~^•^~ ERICK’S POV ~^•^~
I bought breakfast thinking I’d eat alone with June, but when I turned, to my surprise I saw Daniel sitting at the corner of the room. What is he doing here??.
Seeing me he smiled and stood up, “what are you doing here?” I asked and Daniel glance at June then at me.
“like I don’t come here everyday, I got tired of dance practice and I heard from someone my best friend is in DH, so I had to think of where you could be. And I know this is the only place you’d be cause we used to hang out here like all the time, but then I met her and I know you’d be around”. Daniel explained and I looked at the foods in my hand,
Oh he wants to hang out with me. Well too bad he’ll be hanging out with us. I know June would be freaking happy about being with a celebrity, oh.. I remember she doesn’t like Daniel.
“well Dan, the good news is, I bought enough ice-cream” I smiled at him.
“well my mouth is watering already” Daniel said sitting down.
“and June, I bought you a hamburger” I said giving her and she slowly took it from me and let out a small thanks.
“and I also bought you a smoothie” I said and gave it her.
“and Daniel, we’re sharing this, good thing I bought two spoons” I said and sat opposite Daniel, the ice-cream inbetween us and before we know it, we’ve started with the ice-cream.
It felt like old times with me and Daniel, when he was still a trainee, he would escape dance class and I’ll text him about meeting here and we would both come here without anyone knowing, and we’d talk and laugh about everything going on in our lives, not until he became so popular and started traveling the world to sing, truly I missed him .
We both started to talk about fandango, the crazy dance teacher my dad hired for Daniel years ago, he’s half Mexican and half Canadian. He doesn’t get tired of dancing and he likes to praise himself so much. Daniel and I talked about laughing hard and then I remembered June was also inside the room. I glance at her and saw as she minded her business and slowly ate and chew on her ham, so she’s been sitting there for some time without saying anything, if it were to be just the two of us in this room, she would have yelled and insulted me with everything I do. It’s because Daniel is in here with us. I love her girl manners.
“so June.” Daniel called and I surprisingly turned to him.
What does he want to say to her, and calling her like he’s known her for ages.
“do you think you have a chance at the competition?” Daniel asked and she nods quickly, her bouncy long hair nodding with her.
“why wouldn’t she have a chance at the competition, cause she would embarrass me if she embarrasses herself” I added with a smile, June looked at me. She wanted to say something, but she couldn’t, so instead she just glared at me. I gave her another smile and turned to Daniel and the ice-cream, but suddenly June’s voice stopped me from taking my spoon.
“uhm.. Erick, I’ll be back I need to use the restroom” .
I turned to see June dropping her food and standing up.
“do you want me to come show you, remember you don’t know your way around DH” I said.
“don’t worry, I’ll find my own way” she smiled before unlocking the door and walking out. I couldn’t help but laugh and turned to the ice-cream.


“so that’s why you like her right? The gentle and quiet type unlike Emilia” Daniel said after a few minutes .
“oh when you talk of gentle and quiet girls, you do not add June in that list cause she’s a complete opposite” I said.
“so you mean she’s been pretending to be quiet all this while?” Daniel asked.
“why?” he laughed.
“cause you’re here and she kind of doesn’t like you ..” I said and Daniel brows arched .
“what do you mean, she doesn’t like me?? Every single girl in this city loves me and I guess she’s also pretending to not like me and besides I’ve apologized to her like I promised to, so what’s with her hate?” Daniel asked and I looked up at him.
“you won’t understand, and I’m not ready to explain” I said and scoop another spoon of ice-cream.
“okay, so let’s talk about you, I heard you’re finally going to be a singer here?” Daniel said.
“you heard or my dad told you cause you’re like his second child” I said with an eye roll, my dad loves Daniel to the core. Cause Daniel is everything he wanted for me. But I don’t care.
“yeah well he told me , but seriously Erick this is what you should have done a long time ago” Daniel bickered
“well am doing it now and it doesn’t matter, I did it because of June anyway, she just kept pressuring me, I had to agree with my dad” I explained.
“even though I don’t really like her. I’d say she’s more clever and wiser than you, at least she knows what’s good and bad, your head just filled up with junk. She’s a great influence on you, maybe hanging out with her, some of her smartness will rub off on you” Daniel blabbed and I gave him another eye roll.
“remember Anderson, I’m older than you, you don’t talk to me that way, and maybe you think you’re wise, but I bet June’s more wiser than you too, hang out with her and you’ll be shocked of how matured she can be.. But don’t hang out with her or even go close to her, she’s mine” I said as I dropped my spoon, I’m already tired eating this with Daniel.
“I don’t care if she’s yours or whatever, I can’t hang out with someone like her, she’s not Daniel Anderson’s type” Daniel said and I rolled my eyes for the hundredth time t it hurt
“yeah, like Emilia’s better than her, hang out with her for just a day and you’ll fall in love with her” I said daydreaming of the days I’ve spent with June.
“yeah I doubt that” Daniel said and the door opened and June walked in,
Quietly she sat down on her chair and grabbed her breakfast, without saying a word to anyone.. Daniel gave me a weird look and I was about to say something when June’s phone rang, interrupting me, she shyly looked at Daniel and I before picking up the phone.
“yes..” she said into the phone with her teeth gritted.
“no.. I. Can’t.. Goodbye” she said and hanged up .
“let me guess, Annie?” I said and she nods, cause aside me, Annie is the only one who calls her.
“what is she asking for?” I asked.
“uh.. Nothing” June replied nervously. .
“I have to go home, I’m full” June said standing up.
“what? It’s just 12am there’s still plenty of time, why do you want to leave now” I asked standing up too.
“well… I’m.. Kind of bored and..—
“okay, we can do something fun” I added.
“it’s because of me right?” Daniel chipped in and June slowly nod.
“don’t worry, and it was nice hanging out with both of you, even though you didn’t talk much, and tell no one you met me” Daniel said, smiled and walked out,
June eyes followed Daniel as he closed the door and suddenly she breathed out.
“finally he’s gone.” she said sitting back on the chair she stood up.
“wait, are you scared of him or something?” I asked.
“no.. It’s just weird being around him” she said moving her glossy hair back.
“by the word weird, how do you mean?” I asked.
“what else do you understand by the word weird” she rolled at eyes at me. There the old June is back.
I smiled and she turned to me.
“why are you smiling?” she asked.
“why won’t I smile,” .
“ugh, you’re so annoying” she blurted.
“just because I smiled, I became annoying?” I asked but she ignored me and grabbed her bag
“I need to go home and start getting ready for the competition” she said and was about to walk out, but I blocked the door.
“the competition is not until next week and you’re already getting psyched about it” I said and she sighed.
“what else do you want me to do?”.
“today might be the last day you might see me, cause my training starts tomorrow and I don’t live with you guys anymore.. So..” I explained
“so..?” she leaned her head closer.
“let’s hang out a bit more” I suggested.
“hang out where, in here?, I’m getting stuffed in here already.” she said and I nod. “well I do have the key to my new house and I haven’t checked it out, but we can both go there together and check it out” I smirked.
“it’s not like I’m gonna live there, but sure, whatever” she said and I smiled.
June and I walked out of DH and immediately the wind starts to take control of her hair, covering her face, she stopped walking trying to move her hair back, but it just kept getting worse.
“dang it” she muttered angrily and her hair got in her mouth
I stepped in front of her and helped her move it back,
“th–thanks..” she stutter when her face was free of her hair.
“yeah I know, I’m your hero” I teased and she rolled her eyes.
I boded a taxi and we both got in, I told the driver my destination and he started to drive.

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“gosh, I feel so tired” June said after a few minutes of silence between the two of us.
“really? Is going in and out of DH making you tired?” I asked and she nods.
“that means you’re a weakling, are you sure you’ll be able to pull this competition off?” I asked and she nods “why not, it’s my dream and I don’t play with dreams”. She said and I smiled, this is why I like her, she talks and thinks like a baby sometimes but when it gets serious, she gets serious.
The taxi got slower and then finally stopped. “we’re here” I announced as I got out of the taxi, before June.
I payed the driver and turned to the building before us.
I believed I saw number thirty three in the house address, but I don’t understand why I’m seeing thirty two on the building in front of me instead of thinking and keeping June waiting, I checked my messages with my dad and saw thirty two. Oh I guess I was wrong.
“Lets go in June, it’s this one” I said walking in the building.
“are you sure?” June asked
“yeah” I replied as I got close to the door.
I held out my key and tried to unlock the door, and when it unlocked I turned to June.
“see.. Told you it’s this one”. She shrugged as I pushed the door open and walked in.
“whoa, it’s huge!” I heard June’s voice behind me.
I took a pretty good look around the living room, not to wide check, a fire place, check, and huge windows, check. Exactly the kind of place I like.
“it’s not that huge” I said.
“yeah for you it’s not” she said sarcastically as she dropped her bag on the furry couch.
“c’mon let’s check the rooms upstairs” I said pulling her hand.
“there’s more?” she asked excitedly.
“like you said its huge, and it can’t be huge for nothing” I replied.
We got upstairs, checked the rooms, the bathroom and June just kept gasping complimenting everything then surprisingly we saw an empty room, with only a blue guitar at the center.
“hey… I know that guitar” June said walking into the room.
“isn’t this Daniel’s?” she asked, making me walk into the room too. And yes it was Daniel’s cause his name was signed there.
“why is it here?” June asked.
“no idea” I said as I walked around the guitar to find a note stuck at the back of the guitar. I pulled the note and read it to myself.
~~from me (Daniel) to you as an appreciation to our friendship~~
Okay this dude is way too sappy.
“Can I see?” June asked referring to the note, so I gave it to her.


“Awwn, so Daniel can be this nice?” June asked and he nods. “he’s way too nice and that’s a problem” I said taking the note from her.
“he’s nice and that’s a problem, are you hearing yourself” June barked and I sighed, “you won’t understand”.
June sat on my bed with my phone, I had no idea of what she’s doing but she’s making me sit beside her with Daniel’s guitar in my hand. And before I knew it she walked out of the bed and held the phone to her face.
“okay Erick, get ready,” she said.
Is she taking a picture of me??
“get ready for what?” I asked.
“you’re going to sing, with the guitar and I’m going to take a video of you doing so” she said about to count to three when I snitched the phone.. My phone, from her hand.
“you can’t just tell people to just sing” I tell her dropping the guitar.
“W..well.. Why can’t i.. Cause if you tell me to, I will” she said with a slight shrug.
“not everyone’s like you June” I tell her.
“at least tell me to sing I will but getting it on video, is way out of it” I added.
“I..i just wanted to do something’ fun.. I’m sorry if you’re mad” she apologized Now she’s feeling bad making me feel bad. So I quickly found a way to lighten up the bad feelings
“have you seen my face on camera, it looks so bad that’s why I stopped you from taking a video”.
“what are you talking about you can’t be handsome in real life and be ugly on camera” she laughed.
“so you’re saying I’m handsome?”.
“yeah” she nods.
“so that means you like me?” I asked and she rolled her eyes. “here we go again” she muttered.
“no.. Erick.. I don’t.” she said boldly placing her hands on her hips.
“oh really?” I smiled slyly and moved closer to her expecting her to move back but she didn’t move an inch.
“okay, well do you know am about to kiss you?” I asked slowly, thinking she’ll run for it or push me but she just gave me a surprising smirk.
“okay then, go for it, if you have the gut” she said boldly and that sounded challenging. Slowly I moved closer to her and leaned myself over hers and slowly my lips met with hers..
T. B. C

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Flower Boy Episode 33




Flower Boy Episode 33

By Oyebamiji Samue

IF you miss any episode click HERE

(Brian , why do this for Nancy? )

Nancy’s POV

I narrated what I remembered to Anthony and everything went blank again. The expression on his face was filled with curiosity. I can see that he’s confused too.

Maybe I should not have said it , but I really didn’t have any choice, I’m sure of what I remembered and I can’t just help but tell him

Everywhere was quiet for a while, I’ve forgotten that we are still mourning the loss of eye of Bobby. I hope I didn’t spoil the atmosphere with my remembrance. What if what I said is arrant nonsense cus the way Anthony is looking at me, it’s Like I said rubbish

“Brother, I will not like you to believe what she just said , maybe she is just remembering images” Brian said and I turned at Brian sadly

“Oh! But what she said is true, I had that same past with Donna” Anthony said with a confused look

“I believe she is not Donna, the Donna we know is dead. She is only trying to play you brother” Scot said

“True, Anthony, like you always say, we can’t just trust anyone, we can’t forget the fact that she is a baby sitter and a stranger too who later become our friends, as much as I like Nancy, don’t be foolish to think that I trust her 100%.
So forget what she just said, no one ever survives a plane crash, she is staying in this house , so for all I know, she might have stumbled across something giving her this memories ” Brian said and I almost feel like crying

Why is Brian talking like this? It saddens me that Scot and Brian are trying everything possible to stop Anthony from believing I’m Donna

Yes I’m not Donna cus I’ve never remembered myself surviving a plane crash that is if it is possible to survive a plane crash. But why do I keep having this memories that keep dropping into my mind like rains

“It’s not just about what she said just now, she has the brown dot on her nose too, not only that, she cries and sings in the exact same way as Donna” Anthony said

“Anthony, few minutes ago, you were insulting me that I’m not smart, I can’t believe you are the one considering Nancy as Donna. You did not even like her and by the ways she is just trying to seduce us like you said.
Even though I’m not in support of us sacking her , I think we should be very careful of her plot, she is cuny ” Brian said and I just can’t believe my ears


Why is Brian talking this way? What is he trying to achieve by supporting what he was once against

“Anthony, I did not have much strength to talk cus of the horrible thing that happened to Bob, this girl here called Nancy needs to be sacked for real, I did not know where she is getting the memories from , but somebody close to you must have being betraying you and telling her ” Scot said

“Guys, I know what I’m doing, the two memories she narrated recently are memories of Donna and I alone, it’s impossible for any guy to know not even you guys ” Anthony said

“Anthony, be smart, ladies are very deceptive, don’t believe her. The Donna we know is dead.
Come to think of it , Donna’s face is different and have a brown dot on her nose .
If this girl called Nancy claimed to be Donna and maybe try to connive a lie that she got burnt and did a facial surgery, if her face was changed into another face , tell me why the brown dot will still be on her face” Brian said and I reasoned with it too

True, I can’t be Donna. I’m probably remembering and saying rubbish

“She might be Donna , I may not have prove but I guess she is Donna” Anthony said almost getting convinced that I’m Donna

“This is so bad right now, I can’t believe Anthony is almost getting confused already. Alright, let me stun you” Brian said and turned at me

Every eyes was on Brian

“Where is your phone ” Brian asked

“Inside my room” I replied

“Go and bring it” Brian said and I stood, went inside the room, took the phone and came back to hand it over to him

Brian clicked on whatever on the phone cus I can’t see what he is searching for

He handed the phone over to Anthony

“Watch those videos and see what I’m talking about” Brian requested

Anthony collected it and watch a number of videos and angrily threw the phone to the floor

“You daughter of a b*tch, so you tricking me” Anthony said angrily and yelled as he walks closer to me

I shook fretfully and I looked into Williams eye for help, but he just sat still without moving

“Where in the world did you see all those videos of Donna and I” Anthony asked with a beast-ful look


“Which video sir?” I asked innocently not having an idea of what he is talking about

Anthony angrily ran to the dinning table and opened a refrigerator that is there , he brought out a champaign and walked closer to me like he will smash the bottle on my neck

I stared at everyone’s eye for help but no one stood for me nor caution Anthony

Is he about to kill me now? What if he smash the bottle on my head, I may die. Omg!

“Williams” I called as Anthony approached me with the bottle

“None of you should come to her aid or I will be force to do something crazy to you all” Anthony threatened and opened the bottle

“Just when I was almost getting convinced that you are Donna, only for me to find out that you have saved videos of my memories with Donna on your phone, so you are a player for real” Anthony said and smirked

That was when I noticed that Brian has shown Anthony the videos of Anthony and a lady that Helen and I smuggled from Karen’s phone

How do I tell him that I got it from Karen’s phone . I dare not, Not even now that he’s angry

I watched as Anthony opened the bottle forcefully and poured the liquid substance on my face

The drink soaked my air and flow down my hair to my face and to my necks and other part of my body

“You ugly duckling, I said it, you are a prostitute. Yes! I may not be able to sack you but I can punish you, leave this house right now , it’s late already, I don’t care where you spend the night, go and sleep in the street or something , and you must not go to Williams house to sleep cus I’m calling someone now to guard his place from you.
You can come back here tomorrow morning, but for this night, sleep outside . That will be your first punishment for trying to play and trick a whole me, the popular flower boy, you must have gone crazy. Now get out” He yelled and I stood up

I kept looking at Brian and Williams and wondering they didn’t even make a move of helping me

“I can’t sleep in the street, please have mercy” I pleaded with tears pouring from my eyes

“I say get …Get out” He yelled and paused then yelled again

His loud voice made me shook and increase the fear inside of me , I ran outside the house.

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I turned when I get to the compound of the house and I saw Anthony again come out of the house

“I say get out and leave this house , go and spend a night in the street you prostitute” Anthony said and walked towards me like a beast ready to devour me

I ran away cus I was no longer seeing Anthony this time around but a beast

I cried so hard as I get outside the house.

Why did Helen had to lure me into getting that video from Karen’s phone?
Why did Brian had to speak against me?
Why is Williams not doing anything to help me?
Am I bad for real?

I kept thinking and I kept walking towards the street. It’s a neat estate , There is just no where that I can sit recklessly, I will be challenged

I walk tiredly and finally get out of the estate , I kept walking aimlessly, then the rain started falling

I started running very hard trying to find safety cus I’m allergic to rain, I hardly breath inside the rain.

I saw a beautiful shed and I ran towards there. I’d entered before I realized that the boys there were gangsters who were busy smoking

“Sexy motherfucker ” One of them said and rubbed his private part like he is scratching it and walk closer to me

I shift back fretfully and I turned to run out of the shed and find another safety for myself but another muscular man who was putting on just a singlet and a boxer approach me from the back

Before I could understand what was happening , four men had surrounded me and the smoke from them is irritating me

I’m scared of what they may do to me

“Please don’t touch me please ” I pleaded

One of them stretched his hand towards my breast but someone grabbed it

“Leave her, she is mine” One of them said and walked closer to me.

The others respected the guy and left

The guy covered me with a sweat shirt and stood before me.
I couldn’t look at his face cus I was too scared too.

I hope he is not up to something too

“Look up” He said and I looked up

That was when I saw clearly who he is

“Omg! It’s you” I exclaimed happily

Guess who the person Nancy saw is

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Flower Boy Episode 32




Flower Boy Episode 32

By Oyebamiji Samue

IF you miss any episode click HERE

( Fate of Bob 😢 )

Anthony’s POV

I rushed towards Brian and pushed him slightly away from Nancy

“Brian, what’s wrong with you? Has this girl finally seduced you? This is exactly what I’m talking about. She is good at seducing people, be smart ” I said to Brian

“Sorry! Anthony, you need to know that it’s my choice and I’m absolutely responsible for my choice . I like Nancy and I won’t mind given her , her first kiss. It doesn’t matter what you call her , stop trying to interfere into our relationship please ” Brian said and I smirked

Never! I can’t stand and watch Brian kiss Nancy. I did not like her but I still feel jealous

I abruptly held Nancy in her wrist and led her to my room

I made her sit and I sat closer to her

“Young girl, what have you done to my brother? Why is he lusting after you?” I asked

“I’m sorry” She said softly

“Sorry! Sorry for what ? I’m asking a simple question here. What have you done to Brian?” I asked

“I did nothing Sir” She replied

“You obviously did something , you liked him right?” I asked

“Yes I do” She replied and I kept mute for a while cus I was more than jealous

She likes Brian for real, anyways, who cares.

Nevertheless, I still didn’t know what to say

The silence between us was getting horrible

“Hey, I want you to drop any feelings you have for Brian, he is not your type” I warned

“I’m not having feelings for him, I just like him like a friend” She replied

“Like a friend? Yet you hug? Like a friend? And he almost give you your first kiss, listen to me carefully, stay away from Brian” I warned again

“Why Sir?” She questioned

“Who are you to question me, In fact, it’s an order now, stay away from Brian, you will soon leave this house anyways ” I said and she kept her head lowered without saying any word

“You can leave” I commanded and she stood and left.

That reminds me, I need to discuss an issue with Brian and Scot.

I stepped down to meet Brian

I saw him sitting and I sat at a chair opposite him

“We got an invitation recently to sing at B.A.A Best awarding artiste. ” I said

“And did you think we should go? We went there last year and sang too and they didn’t give us any award. Why should they keep inviting us when they know that we did not deserve any award” Brian said


“I think their has always being partiality, the coordinators are big men and according to rumours, artiste actually pay huge sum of money to be awarded” I replied

“They are not worthy of trust then, anyways, it’s always fun, so what’s the plan ?” Brian asked

“Bob is suppose to be the one handling this but their ambassador said he has being trying to reach Bob recently but he can’t. So I suggest we make the plan ourselves” I said

“Okay, what are the necessary information?” Brian asked

“Where is Scot? ” I asked

“He will join us soon” Brian replied “just go ahead , I’ll relay all what we discuss to him” Brian said

“Alright. We are getting on stage by 2:am to 2:30 am. We are to sing our first debut and if the judges are impressed , we might take the lead in the show” I explained

“That shouldn’t be a problem, we will put in our best, but I have a suggestion, let’s bring Nancy to join us on stage and sing the same song , her feminine voice might help us take lead ” Brian said

“True, cus those that take lead in previous years has always being both gender, just that I don’t feel comfortable around that poor girl” I said

“Let’s manage her , I’ll employ someone to start working on her skin so she can look gorgeous and perfect for the show that day. I’ll teach her all necessary things she needs to know too” Brian said and I watched without giving a reply

I adjusted on the chair thinking and feeling damn jealous of how Brian and Nancy are getting closer this days, nevertheless, I can’t express my feelings, not as if I like her anyways. She is just a prostitute trying to seduce me and it will never work cus Donna owns my heart. She may be dead but her Love remains in me forever

“We have another issue” I said

“Tell me” Brian requested

“Many record labels are coming around, universe record label is coming too, and you know that the owner is the father of Karen and I’m sure they will do everything possible to take a lead in the show” I said

“We do not need to mind that. Let’s just put in our best. I’m sure Karen herself will be among the artiste representing her dad’s record label at the stage that day


” certainly ” I said and exhaled

I heard some steps of people entered the room. I turned and I saw Scot, Bob and one other man

I was puzzled wondering where they were coming from . Brian stood up nervously to meet them

“I’m happy ya’all escaped” Brian said but pressed his eye on bob’s face

I stood up also in a bit to satisfy my curiosity

I noticed that it seems Bob is blind

“What happened to Bob in the eyes?” Brian asked while Scot and Williams maintained a very sad look

They didn’t reply, instead they helped Bob to sit

Everyone sat including me

“What happened over there? How did Bob get blind?” Brian asked

“After you left, the assassins became many than we expected, they filled every room. Williams and Bob were disguised as assassin already but they were not standing together so that the others will not be suspicious.
I had disguised as one of the assassin too, nobody knows who but everyone recognizes Bob, remember he use to be a very close pal of Romeo, so he is well respected and known.

He was fished out and brought inside the compound of the house. The assassins including us surrounded Bob

After a while, the leader himself came . He was dressing like a Mexican priest with a Mexican hat on his head . He called Bob a betrayal and decides to teach him a lesson

He said he has a tracker on Bob and that he is tracing his movement and a mic in the corner of his teeth that makes him listen to whatever Bob said

He said he heard all that Bob said to someone about working for him cus he is forced and how he will liase with the person to bring him down

He claimed that none of the assassin can ever be smarter than he is . He then ordered for one of the assassin to bring in a knife and some hot coal tar

The knife was placed inside the hot coal tar till it became red. And right before our eyes , Bob’s two eye were removed

We dare not do anything foolish at that moment cus we might suffer the same fate and ruin everything

He warned all other assassins to be careful and not even think of betraying him cus they will definitely suffer the same fate

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He then ordered that Bob be thrown outside the house since he is useless. And he walked inside.

After the assassins had dispersed and everything is settled, we flew the fence over and saw Bob staggering around blindly and that was how we helped him home” Scot said and Brian quickly went to sit behind Bob

“Bob” Brian called almost crying

I did not have the full idea of what is going on, nevertheless, I know now that Bob eye was removed by an evil man

Sadness engulfed us all like cloud as we all watch our manager blind. He has being our manager for many years and now he’s blind

Brian lowered his head sadly. Scot’s eye was red while I was not showing any expression , I just feel so sad for Bob

“Scot, call Nancy” Brian ordered and Scot stood to call Nancy in her room

She came around and hugged the only man I can’t recognize there

Who could that man be to her? Nancy noticed that everyone was sad and she looked at Brian for an explanation

Brian explained all that happened to Bob and how he became blind

Nancy went closer to Bob and held him by his trouser , she cried so hard and sniffed

Tears rolled from my eyes as I saw Nancy crying cus she cries in the exact same way Donna cries

If she is mastering everything about Donna, she can’t master the way she cry of course, maybe Donna is a twin cus this is just too much

Nancy stopped crying suddenly and placed her right hand on her forehead

She turned at me and was staring at my face. I wondered why?

“We were together at the cinema one day watching Acrimony to be precise , you told me to kiss you during the middle of our conversation but I refused and pecked you instead. You brought out a pink flower with beautiful petals and handed it over to me, I collected it and sniffed it in , then I use it to rub you on your nose. I didn’t know that you are allergic to smell from flowers cus you started coughing cus you feel irritated” Nancy said

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Flower Boy Episode 31




Flower Boy Episode 31

By Oyebamiji Samue

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( Stand and watch him give Donna her first kiss)

Nancy’s POV

They approached us handcuffed all of us and dragged us into a very dark room, we were smuggled into the very dark and tiny place.

We can hardly breathe nor see

After which they closed the dark cell on us and left.

We all kept quiet while trying to find a comfortable sitting position.

“What are we gonna do now?” I asked

“Just relax” Scot said and I wondered why he said that

“I think it’s the leader of those assassin that keep us here” I said

“Nancy, please keep quiet” Brian said and I kept mute

I watched as Brian stood and began to loosen the handcuff of everyone including mine

“How did you do that?” I asked curiously

“We have a spy here , he smuggled the key into my hand while they were all pushing us here . We can’t be so foolish to come into the enemy’s territory without having an ambassador there” Brian said and I reasoned with him.

After he had loosen us all, he sat down back

“Now guys, we have to be very smart so we can get out of here safely. Firstly, who knows the name of this enemy?” Brian asked

“His name is Romeo, I know him very well” Bob replied

“Good, I guess you have some information’s that might be of help in taking him down ” Brian said

“Just ask me anything” Bob said

“I’m wondering why this man kept us all here instead of killing us” Williams said

“He knows it will be impossible for us to leave , now guys, be smart ” Brian said and opened the door of the husky cell.

He opened the cell and peeped out, he brought his head back

“There is light everywhere , I still have my knives with me so we should be able to take them down easily ” Brian said

“Bob, you go with williams. Go towards the left and take down two of the assassins silently. Don’t walk hand in hand. Let someone focus to the front while another focus to the back.
Give yourself a distance, after taking two assassins down. Disguise as their assassin and keep patrolling around.
Don’t shoot, don’t do anything, just keep pretending like you are one of them until I send you order ” Bran said and Williams and Bob nodded

He opened the door and Williams and Bob crawled out

“Guys, this is a very dangerous task, I do not want to loose anyone, so we need to be extremely smart” Brian said and brought out a knive from his hair. He handed over the knife over to me.

He pulled off his cloth and turned his back at me.

“Use that knife to pierce me at the back” He said

“What! Am I crazy? Why will I Peirce you?” I asked

“Nancy, I do not have time, do that quick” He said with a serious tone

What kind of stuff is this

I dropped the knife

“I’m sorry , I can’t” I said and Scot took the knife from the floor and pierced Brian’s back with it. Blood was rolling down and I feel like fainting at the sight of the blood

I just didn’t get why Brian will tell anyone to pierce his beautiful back


“Done” Scot said

“Lay her down and rub her mouth with the blood ” Brian said

“What!”I exclaimed not having an understanding of what was going on

Scot pushed me down gently and made me lay on the bare floor, he rubbed his hand on the blood streaming from Bran’s back and rubbed it on my mouth

My mouth was designed with blood and my neck was stained with blood too

Brian wore back his cloth and turned to me

Won’t that back be hurting him? I’m really scared of how he will be feeling right now cus he has not treated the wound

” Nancy, this is not the time for joke, whatever we are doing here has a reason, so just do all what I want you to do” Brian said sternly and I nodded

“Good. You gonna go outside now and take just six steps , then u will fall and pretend like someone that died, is that understood?” He asked and I nodded

“Don’t ever open your eyes , no matter what anyone tries to do with you” He said and I nodded

He took his knife and tore some part of my clothes , my clothes now looks like rag

“Go Nancy” Brian commanded and I nodded

I was scared to the gut and opened the door of the cell we are

I turned my head at them abruptly

“Am I to go left or right?” I asked

“Right” Brian replied and I walked out

I took six steps and I saw three men with heavy guns patrolling around

They saw me as I took the six steps, before they stared wondering what was happening, I’d fallen.

I heard steps coming closer to me then I heard sounds of pain and everywhere was silent again

It seems some body were beside me and one even lay his head on my leg.

It seems somebody took them down

I think I will have to disobey Brian, I need to know what is going on.

I opened my eye and I saw three men fallen with knives stuck to their bodies

That was when it dawn on me that Brian killed them when they approached me

I closed my eye and still pretended like someone that faints

“Something is wrong, blow the whistle now” I heard a man say. Then I heard a loud whistle

“We are doomed today, all of them will come for us now” I lay on the floor and maintained a closed eye

I started hearing gun shots , My heart was beating very fast but I wasn’t moving, anyone would have thought that I had died considering the fact that I’m on the floor with three dead bodies and blood in my mouth

“She is dead” I heard a man say and i heard few steps walk beside me

“None of them are in the cell, how did they manage to get out” One of the men said

Then I heard the sound of two men fell. A leg walked closer to me and pulled me up. I forgot Brian’s rule instantly and opened my eye

Oh! Thank goodness, it’s brian

“Time to leave ” Brian said and held me by my wrist, we ran like we were being chased through the same hall way

“We can’t step down, we will need to jump this place over , there are hundreds of them downstairs, now jump” He said and my heart beat faster than a working machine


My mouth dropped and I imagined how I will jump over

“You can do it” Brian said and I heard gun shot behind us

Jeez! They are almost catching up on us. I forgot about my capacity to jump and Jumped over

Wao! I can’t believe I jump over. But I fell to the floor.

Brian had jumped over too. He led me towards a rough road. We chattered a random cab and it drove us home

We finally arrived home. Brian and I walked inside and sat tiredly

Brian kept exhaling

“That was so close” I said looking directly into his face

But he was breathing heavily instead , he didn’t reply me

“Are we safe here ?” I asked

“Yes dear, this is our territory, they now know who we are, they dare not charge at us abruptly again, they are probably thinking that we work for King cus all the tactics we use are those I learnt when I was working with King” He said and brought out his phone

He put a call through to someone

“Brian, where are the rest? ” I asked

“Scot will handle it, don’t worry, you are their primary target, they will spend more energy looking for you than the rest, so making you escape is the first and basic thing we need to do” Brian said to me

 Hello Anthony” Brian said into the phone

The phone is on loud speaker so I heard the conversation

 Brother, how have you being?” Anthony asked

 Not fine, I’m totally destabilised , Nancy had being kidnapped ” He said

 It’s none of my business. ” Anthony said

 Oh sorry, just feel like telling you” Brian said and hung up

I feel bad cus of what Anthony said on phone, so he doesn’t really care if I’m kidnapped or not

Brian’s phone buzzed and he picked it up

 Who kidnapped her? What has she done? When was she kidnapped?” Anthony asked

 Thought you said it’s none of your business, bye” Brian said and hung up

I’m happy right now, he called back to ask of me.

Mhen! I’m blushing

Brian’s phone buzzed again and he picked it

 I’m sorry Brian, but my heart is kinda heavy, how do we help her , when was she kidnapped?” Anthony asked

 Where are you?” Brian asked

 At the hotel, still on look out for a good accommodation” Anthony replied

 Why did you leave ?” Brian asked

 I dislike to see that poor girl called Nancy” Anthony said and I feel bad again

 Why do you care about her then? I hope you know I’m deeply in Love with her, I think it’s good that you stay far away from her , I will be able to have all the time with her, thanks for your decision” Brian said

Anthony kept mute for a while after which he spoke

Are you home?” Anthony asked

 yes I am ” Brian replied and Anthony hung up

“You didn’t even answer his primary question and why did you have to tell him that I’m kidnapped” I requested

“My brother Loves you so much, he left cus he didn’t want quarrel between us, he knows I love you too but I miss Anthony.
I need to make him feel jealous so he can come back home . it’s his father’s house, why will he leave and we stay.
Secondly, the flower boys are to stay under the same roof according to the record label deal but he is disobeying that already.
It seems he cares for you but he doesn’t wanna accept it” Brian said and I sighed


After thirty minute, Antony walked in and was stunned to see me

“Thought you said she is kidnapped?” Anthony asked

“I did that so you can come, Anthony , please stay here with us, we need you, I know you want Nancy sacked in this house cus you thought she is the cause of the misunderstanding between us
Though I can’t sacrifice her for you cus I like her too and we will definitely date either you like it or not, but since you dislike her , why do you have problem with the two of us being so close?” Brian asked gently

“I’m not here for silly talks, It’s your choice . Donna is the one I Love and there is nothing anyone can do to that” Anthony said and walk closer to Brian

“Let me tell you something Brian, this Nancy standing here is a devil, don’t you see how ugly she is, she is trying to seduce us , now we are almost at the edge of having a misunderstanding which has never happened before.
If you Love yourself and you value our relationship, you will know that this Nancy is just a prostitute and a a devil too, let’s cooperate and speak to my mum to get her sacked.
Everything has being peaceful before she comes, as soon as she comes, everything starts taking a rough shape, think Brian” Anthony said and I just feel like dying

Me! Prostitute. Me! Devil. Me! Causing misunderstanding

Tears formed at the corner of my eye and I stared at Anthony’s handsome face

Why in the world did I have to fall in Love with Anthony? Why did I Love him so much? Even after this insult that made me feel worthless and feel like dying, I still feel like grabbing his cute body and hugging him so tight

Brian sighed and bowed

I watched aBrian and fear engulf me . Fear of the fact that Brian might begin to dislike me cus of what Anthony said and probably cooperate with Anthony to sack me as a baby sitter

“You called Nancy a devil and a prostitute, you called her poor and the cause of the misunderstanding happening between us . Well, I like her for who she is and not what she is” Brian said and walk closer to me

He pulled my rough body closer and made me lean on him.

“Anthony, this girl had never kiss and yet you call her a prostitute, now watch me give her , her first kiss” Brian said and brought his face closer to me

Did you think Anthony will stand and watch Brian kiss Nancy?

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