,,,,, June’s pov continues ,,,,,,,””””
The next day I woke up to feelings so good about myself, I am one lucky girl, I got out of my bed and nearly stepped on Ella, not knowing she’s beside my bed until my leg touched her fur.
“Ella.. What are you doing here? Where’s your owner?” I asked and carried her up, I paused as I remembered Erick last night, I sighed and shook my head negatively, Erick and his outrageously low class teases and play.
I walked out of my room and the living room to see men in suits at every corner of the house and my grandma and Augie stood at the side of the room, they both looked sad and my heart suddenly skipped, what in the world is happening?? I thought as I walked up to my grandma with Ella still in my hand.
The door to Erick’s room opened and two men in suits came out with boxes and another one followed with a TV and then another two followed carrying his fridge.
Is he moving?? I thought, and I as I got to my grandma to ask her what’s happening, I couldn’t find my voice, I just felt this huge lump in my throat.
“where’s Erick?” I finally managed to ask.
“he’s outside” my grandma replied
I got on my feet and hurried outside, and out under the morning sun, Erick stood outside staring at his phone.
“Erick?” I called. And he swiftly turned.
“oh you’re awake” he said as he dipped his phone in his pocket.
“what’s all this?” I asked.
“what’s all what?” he asked back.
“the men in suits, moving out your stuffs, are you going someplace else?”.
“yeah, my dad doesn’t want me to stay here anymore?”
“I have no idea June, I really like it here but he’s the boss” Erick said and I sighed sadly.
I am really going to miss him.
“W.well are you going back home?” I asked.
“no.. My dad said he rented me a house..i don’t know what’s with him but he doesn’t want me to stay here” Erick explained and I nod.
“maybe he just wants to be close to you” I said finding excused for the strange man.
“my dad is not the close type kind of person.. And he’s already sent me the house address, and it’s not close to my house or DH” Erick said and I nod.
“so If they’re done moving your stuff, you’re leaving” I asked, cause it seemed like they’re almost done in packing his stuff.
“no not really, I’m gonna hang out here till I get tired, and I know I’m never gonna get tired so I plan to leave here at exactly five thirty pm, so my dad won’t be mad, or else I would have stayed longer”..
I nodded understanding him, I know Erick loves it here but he made a deal with his dad and that deal is me and he’s doing everything he can not to make his dad mad or cancel that deal, even though he’s leaving and we’re all going to miss him. We all still have to find it in our heart to let him go cause he’s doing this for me and I appreciate it so much.
Pretending that I’m okay, I smiled and faked a small yawn.
“still sleepy..i have to go take my bath to wake my body up” I said and he smiled.
“you have to, cause you also need to get ready, cause we’re both going to DH, cause you’re going to sign your name” he said and I gasped.
“OMG!” I exclaimed “I almost forgot about the my name sighing”.
“really how c–
“how could I forget, I was just joking” I said and he laughed.
“anyway see you inside” I said before walking in.
I brushed my teeth and took my bath and then I went straight to my closet, I’m going to DH today, I have to look my very best,
But. I don’t have any good clothes. Just stupid Jean skirt, Jean pants, and Jean short. I hate this.. All my shirt are baggy and “damn it” I said as I picked up another shirt.
After thinking for a while with my clothes on the floor, I grinned when I remembered I have a small box where I have a few clothes for special occasions, they’re not too nice but they’re better than my normal clothes. I climbed on Augie’s bed and stretched my hand to reach the top of my closet and I pulled the box and grabbed it before climbing down, I placed the box on Augie’s bed and zipped it open with a smile. My eyes sparked when I saw the dress my grandma bought for me last year, I’ve always loved the dress, i raised it up and admired the texture, I dropped the dress on the bed and placed the box back on the closet.
Minutes later the dress was on me and it kind of looked super short.
Did I grow taller? I know I don’t feel tall. Well still it looked perfect.
I brushed my hair up and packed it into a ponytail, and when I looked at myself in the mirror, I hated the ponytail cause it didn’t make me look more intimidating. I looked timid and gently,
I want everyone at DH to See Me that I’m not timid neither am I gentle.
So I pulled the rubber band from my hair and it fell on my shoulder,
Perfect. I smiled.
I wore a pair of flat shoes and grabbed my small brown bag, it didn’t go with any of my look but I just wanted something to hold.
I walked out of my room. And I know Erick must have gotten tired waiting for me cause I spent too much time in there.
“sorry I delayed” I announced as I saw Erick, Augie and Ella in the living room and the men in suit had left and the door to Erick’s room was open and his room was so empty. I looked away trying to think about him not staying here anymore.
“holy geez, are we going on a date?” Erick smiled standing up.
“what do you mean?” I asked moving back cause he coning close to me.
“I mean.. Look at you”.
“what? Did I over dress?” I suddenly ask nervously.
“no.. You look great, lovely, words can’t explain how you look” Erick said and I looked up at him “if words can’t explain how I look then what can? That means I look bad! I’m changing” I said about to run into my room but he caught my hand. “you’re overreacting maybe I should just name you June the overreacting lady that would suit you better than June Peterson” Erick said and I rolled my eyes.
“is the dress good or bad, I just need one answer” I asked.
“it’s perfect”. He smiled.
“I asked for good or bad, but yeah sure anyway I’ll take that since you’re a lunatic” I said removing my hand from his grip and Straighten my dress.
“okay Augie, Erick and I are leaving, tell grandma we’re skipping breakfast because we’re going to DH entertainment” I said and Augie looked up at me.
“oh we’ve all eaten breakfast you’re the one who’s left out” Augie said and my jaw dropped but I put that at the back of my mind, my dream is more important then breakfast.
“and what’s a DH?”Augie asked.
“don’t ask, just tell grandma she’ll understand” I said and he nodded and turned to Ella Who started licking his hand for attention.
“are you guys coming back?” Augie looked up.
“I am but I don’t think he is” I replied as I glance at Erick.
“well… Why?” Augie asked looking at Erick.
“well see August, not everything is permanent in life, I wasn’t going to stay here forever you know, I’m going to a new place, but don’t worry you’re going to come visit me every single day and we’re going to have ice-cream sundae and cake throughout that day” Erick said and Augie’s smile beamed.
“whoa really?”.
“yes really, August, and we have to go now and take good care of Ella for me, she’s all yours now” Erick smiled and Augie breathe out a happy “Wow..”.. “did you hear that Ella, you’re mine now”.
“well let’s go” I smiled at Erick and he nods.
Inside the taxi we both took I couldn’t help but feel happy and nervous at the same time, it seemed like my life isn’t mine anymore… In a good way actually.
“are you nervous?” Erick asked.
“ner… nervous, why would I be nervous” I asked.
“you’re biting your lip hard and you’re making a weird noise with your fingers and you’ve been sighing all day, all that shows you’re nervous, but don’t worry, I’ll let you hold my hand when we get there” Erick said.
“how is me holding your hand going to help me?” I scoffed and he shrugged and looked outside the window and then turned to me as the taxi start to move slowly and then he smiled at me

“what?” I had to ask him cause his smile held up laughter with it.
“we’re here” he breathed out and my heart neatly jumped out of my chest.
Holy sh*t!! I am nervous, Erick is so right!!
Erick and I walked out of the taxi as Erick payed and smiled to the man, “so you ready to do this?” he asked as the taxi drove away.
“I.. I’m…not sure” I breathed out.
“you know we could just walk back to the road and take a taxi home” Erick said but I shook my head negatively.
“everyone has a right to feel nervous but I’m not going to let it take over me” I said and started to walk straight to the sky scraper with DH at the top.
“Now that’s my June” Erick said and he placed his face cap on his head, I don’t know why he’s always covering his blonde hair and beautiful eyes with that stupid cap.
As we walked to the exit door, the two men who stood their held mean faces, but they looked kind of familiar, but no, I don’t need to dig deep in my memory to remember people like this.
I didn’t know I’ve already stopped walking until Erick whispered in my ear. “why are we stopping?”.
I flinch and turned to him. “why are those two big guys there?”.
“those are DH exit securities, if you don’t have a DH pass you can’t enter” he tells me.
“b..but.. I..d..don’t have a pass” I said and turned to him and he closed his eyes before Opening them again.. “seeing you scared, it makes me realise how cute and stupid you look right now” he said and I nudged him.
“don’t worry, as long as your name is inside there ready to be signed you’re free to pass, but mostly as long as you’re with me, you can pass, now hold me” he said and moved his hand forward, spreading out his fingers.
“are you sure?” I asked and he nods with a smile while I sighed and held his hand.
As Erick and I got to the door, the two huge guys looked at Erick then at me and then turned to their front, wow. Erick has so nice power.
“welcome to DH entertainment industry my friend” Erick said as we got in and before I could look well a girl bumped into me with different clothes in her hand.
“sorry!” the girl apologized adjusting her huge spectacles.
“always being clumsy Suzanne” Erick said to the girl and she smiled at him before walking away.
“I know you’d know every single person here” I said sarcastically and Erick shrugged.
“I kind of grew up here June, everyone’s like family here, but not everyone, so let’s go get your name signed.” He said and grabbed my hand,
And I believed after walking around going up the elevator.. and it was my first time getting in an elevator, after taking different elevators going in and out of different room, we finally walked in a vase room. The ground was shinny and it had mirrors everywhere instead of a wall. At the edge of the huge room was a desk and a woman behind the desk, she was making a phone call and laughing her all out.
“okay, I’ll wait for you outside, that’s Mrs Mitch, just tell her about the competition and your name and you’re good to go” Erick said to me and I nod and walked forward while he walked outside.
I got close to the woman and she sighted me and immediately said, bye to the person before turning to me.
“yes young miss, how may how I help you” the woman said and I swallowed hard before answering her.
“I’m here for the two hundred teens supernova contest” I said.
“well actually it’s.. Teens two hundred and one supernova contest, but anyways, welcome and can I see your flyer?” she asked.
Flyer, what flyer??
“I don’t have…. a.. flyer”.
“everyone who came here, came with a flyer, but anyway that doesn’t matter, what’s your name?” she asked flipping pages in a written document in front of her.
“June Peterson.” I said and she slowly repeated my name before smiling. “there it is”.
“you’re the girl who made it, two hundred and one, hope you’ve got talent” the woman said as she gave me what seems like a card.
“that’s your pass for going in and out of DH, and the competition starts next week, and make sure to remember your number, you can always remember your number you’re the last person, you are number, 2.0.1 .” she said and I nod, I’m the last person how can I forget my number.
“Now repeat after me, number two zero, one” she beckoned and I repeat what she said. “okay June, sign here.” the woman said handing me a ball pen, that had DH logo on it and I took it and signed beside my name. I gave her the pen and she gave me a written document she brought from the desk drawer, “you’re going to take this home and you’re going to take this home, read it and give it to your parent or guardian to sign on it okay, I wish you good luck next week, it’s going to be one heck of the competition” the woman said and I grinned taking the document from her.
“well.. Thanks?” I said before walking out of the room and checking myself a bit on the mirror wall, I mean why wouldn’t I, where everywhere I turn, I see myself.
I walked out of the place and I heard Erick talking to someone.
“well can’t I start tomorrow, am moving in today, at least I have to rest.”
“you haven’t even go there to see what your new house looks like”. I heard another thick voice said and when I appeared there I saw an older man Erick was just a teeny tiny bit taller than him and I noticed its he’s dad cause why wouldn’t I, when they’re identical.
They both paused and turned to me when they saw me.
“are you done?” Erick asked me and I nod and turned to the older man.
“good morning” I greeted with a small bow.
“hi.. You must be June right?” the man asked and I nod.
The man nods and turned to Erick, “this is the key, stay there tonight” he said and placed a key on Erick’s hand before smiling at me with his manly dimple, I didn’t know why Erick didn’t inherit that, the man turned his heels and walked away. He looks scary but he seems friendly.
“the woman, Mrs Mitch gave me this and I need to go home to get her signature” I said to Erick and he took it from me.
“well you’re not going home now, cause that’s not my home anymore, before you go let’s have ice-cream” Erick said pulling me.
“what is with you and ice-cream, I haven’t had breakfast and you’re expecting me to eat ice-cream, don’t you care about my health?” I asked as we both walked simultaneously.
“since when do we all care about our health, we just eat anything sweet” he smiled.
“maybe you don’t, but I do”. I said, carefully taking the document from Erick and placing it in my bag.
We both entered the elevator and it took us to the last floor of the building, it seemed less crowdy as we walked through different hallway before Erick stopped in front of a door and opened it. “here we are” he said as we walked In.
“we’ve been walking around for hours, what’s this place?” I asked as I looked around to see the medium sized room with comfotable seats, a glass dividing the room and a desk like table lay in front of the glass with different kind of control switch or panel and behind the glass was like a microphone but in a box-like shape and a headphone was hung on the microphone. I stopped observing and turned to Erick.
“what’s this place?”
“It’s one of our recording studio, but no body uses this one, it’s been abandons since fifteen years ago, I don’t know why but I just come here and hang out with Daniel whenever we want to hide, or talk, or have peace” Erick explained and I nod and sat down on one of the chairs.. “it’s beautiful” I said and he laughed. “you haven’t seen the others that’s why” he said and I shrugged.
“anyway, stay here and I’m gonna get us food” he said placing his phone on my thigh and walking to the door.
“but I don’t want to stay here alone” I said.
“you’re such a baby, I’ll be back” he smiled and I rolled my eyes as he walked out of the room.
Why didn’t he take his phone with him, I thought as I looked down my thigh. I looked straight to the room and saw the microphone, and suddenly I wished myself standing behind the glass recording my own song.
The door clicked open and I turned.
“you’re back alrea— I paused when I noticed it wasn’t Erick, but Daniel, Daniel Anderson.
And He paused seeing me too.
T. B. C


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