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~•~~• June’s pov •~~•~
As Erick lips brushed against mine I nearly froze, but I got a hold of myself and moved back a bit
“are you crazy, I was just joking”.
“you dared me! I had no choice” he blurted.
“W..well.. I ..didn’t know you were going to do it” I stutter.
“if I didn’t do it, I’d be a looser and I’m not a looser” he said and I rolled my eyes and walked away from him.
I got back on the bed and grabbed the guitar, and my hand caress the Strings and I looked up at Erick who was looking at me already.
“do you know how to play it?” I asked.
“why wouldn’t i” he smiled as he sat next to me taking the guitar from me.
“okay, play second chance” I suggested and he nods, and slowly his hands laid on the guitar strings and he started to play the melodious tone of second chance.
As he played the first verse, I didn’t know when my voice started to sing.
🎶 🎶 🎶 🎶 a single rose can be my garden,
A single friend can be my world.
But with you you’re all I got….🎶

Erick looked at me in a way that said I should continue and I did, as his hands worked on the guitar, my voice worked on its own and after singing the Chorus, I stopped singing cause I didn’t know the second verse.
“why’d you stop?” Erick asked as he stopped too. “you we’re doing great”.
“really?..” I smiled.
“too bad, I don’t know the second verse” I said and he laughed.
“okay I’ll take that part” he said and started to play the guitar again.. He started to sing a whole new line of second chance and I just watched as his incredible voice went with the guitar, he’s so talented.
When he got to chorus, I joined him making us sing and end the song in a perfect harmony.

“wow that was perfect” I said and he shrugged dropping the guitar.
“I know right, we should totally be a band” he said teasingly.
“I’m serious”. I tell me.
“so am i” he tells me
After staying over for a while at Erick’s new home, I decided to go home. He didn’t want me to leave but I had to go.
Telling him good bye and promising to bring Augie and Ella with me when I next I come, I waved goodbye one last time before getting into the bus that’s taking me home..
I got home around 4:00pm feeling tired I just walked straight to my room, took off my shoes and laid on my bed, Augie was sound asleep on his bed with Ella beside him, I grabbed her sleeping furry body and laid her on the floor. I covered Augie properly and shut my eyes. Without Erick here this place is lame.
Thinking about a lot of things, my mind started to go blank and before I knew it, I fell asleep.
* I woke up around seven in the evening and I couldn’t find Augie on his bed anymore, I took a rubber band from my drawer and packed my hair up. I slowly moved to the living room and smiled when I persevered a great smell.. Dinner!.
My mouth watered when I saw Augie eating alone, with Ella beside him. My grandma must be having hers in her room.
“you’re awake” Augie smiled.
“yeah, did grandma made this?” I asked referring to the dinner.
“Yes, yours is in the kitchen” Augie said and I sighed and went to take mine.
Eating dinner with Augie was normal but boring, it didn’t seem like dinner cause there is no Erick. I miss him..
“you didn’t go to school today right?” I asked trying to start a conversation with my nine years old brother, this is lame. Augie just shook his head negatively and I sighed and gave up.
After dinner Augie wanted to help clean with me but I told him to play with Ella instead and I cleared the table and did the dishes.
I got to my room, took off my dress and changed into something comfortable, a simple sweatshirts and sweatpants. I was about to lay back on the bed when I remembered the documents mrs Mitch gave me to get my grandma to sign it.
I brought it out of my bag, and head to my grandma’s room, she was fast asleep when I got there, with her dinner covered. I just sighed adjusting the blanket on her body and walking out.
I got back to my room, place the document back on my drawer and brought out my phone. Fixing my earpiece to my ear and connecting it to my phone, I played Maria Li’s song soaring high,’ it’s been ages since I listened to her angelic voice.
That night was as boring as ever, it was like I never had a life without Erick and I wondered how I lived like this. Now listening to Daniel’s song Just for love, the song was interrupted with my phone ringtone. Maria Li’s song. I saw the name Erick with two heart shaped emoji beside it and I was surprised cause I don’t have Erick’s number and neither did he have mine. So how and when did he get my number and how and when did I saved his, I took my mind off that and picked the phone call anyways

“hello…?” I said lowly when I picked the call.
“hey..” I heard his voice from the other line.
“have you gotten home yet?” he asked, his voice sounding tired .
“what? It’s 9:09pm,” I said taking a quick glance at the time “I’ve gotten home since four in the afternoon, I even had a good slumber before waking up and having dinner”.
“oh.. I haven’t had dinner, I couldn’t, I was too lazy to make one..” Erick said.
“you could have ordered take out” I blurted.
“I just couldn’t have dinner without you guys being there..” he said and I was about to say me too but I know I cleared my dinner.
“did you guys miss me?” he asked.
“you have no idea” I groaned and he laughed.
“truthfully, it didn’t seem like home without you” I said and I could feel his smile from the other side of the line.
“you’re making me want to come back there”.
“really? So you’re going to choose that big house over this?” I asked.
“yeah..” he replied.
“I’ve told you, it’s not about living in a big house or Whatsoever, it’s about being happy wherever you are. I’m so bored here I can literally die right now” he said and I laughed.
“you sound like you’re having so much fun” he said.
“I wish, I’ve been listening to music for hours now and it’s the only thing that’s keeping me going”.
“oh, seems like we’re on the same page” he grumbled.
“okay…” I said not knowing what to say.
“okay what?” he asked.
“nothing..” I laughed “I just didn’t know what to say”.
“well let’s think of something to say cause I don’t think I can hang up now”. Erick said making me smile.
“okay… Should we talk about musics?” I asked.
“okay what about food?” I asked laughing at my thought.
“all you think about is food.. next!” Erick stated and I laughed harder.
“next? Why am I the only one deciding” I said seriously.
“cause, you’re a girl and isn’t that what girls do.. To decide,” he explained.
“you’re stupid”.
“I know, I get that a lot from you”.
“so….. I’m out of ideas…. Of what to talk about” I said slowly.
“well just keep saying anything, your voice is like music to my ears” he muttered.
“well sorry but that voice have school tomorrow” I said.
“c’mon June”.. He whined
“I’m serious, I’m hanging up”. I announced.
“wait!” he exclaimed, “before you hang up, won’t you wish me good night?”.
“okay good night” I said dryly.
“is that how you say goodnight?” he asked.
“how else do you want me to say goodnight.. Do you want me to speak French?” I asked and he laughed.
“you said it a little bit harshly, try saying it again but sweetly”. Erick said and I sighed heavily.
“for the last time and my last words Erick, good night!!” I said and I hang up, I breathed out a sigh.
And I flinched a bit when Daniel’s song continued playing, and it didn’t reach ten seconds the song ended, I was about taking off my earpiece when Erick song started playing, and I halted and smiled listening to the song, I sang along to the lyrics I remembered and kept quiet to the ones I don’t know.
I put the song on repeat, listening to music again and again, getting the lyrics in my head until I fell asleep.
I woke up the next morning with Erick’s song still playing, my head was hurting a bit but I just got up from my bed, no need for me to worry about that.
I saw Augie on my bed sleeping soundly with Ella sleeping beside his legs. Ella suddenly woke up when I dropped my phone on the drawer making create a loud noise. Ella barked loudly waking Augie up.
“good girl” I smiled at her cause there’s no need for me to wake Augie up cause she already did.
I got ready for school, and I got Augie ready too, we ate breakfast, and before leaving I gave my grandma the documents to sign on so I won’t forget.
As we walked out of the house Ella wanted to come with us but sadly I had to take her to grandma. Pets aren’t allowed in school. Augie looked at Ella sadly begone turning away and heading for the stairs.
I got to class that morning and seeing me Annie gave me a surprised hug almost breaking my neck.
“Annie.. ..” I groaned.
“sorry, I’m Just so happy to see you” she smiled.
“really? Or you just want me to tell you about yesterday” I said and she gasped. “you just know me too well”.
“now c’mon” she said dragging me to our seat and making us sit down.
“now tell me.. Why you missed school yesterday and why and how were you with Daniel, I still don’t believe you even if you sent those pictures” she said and I sighed.
Why the hell did I tell her I was with Daniel yesterday, maybe I was just excited or feeling nervous.
“Annie.. There’s so much to talk about” I said and she grinned
“okay, start taking!!” she said and I briefly glared at her. She’s my best friend after all.

“Erick’s dad.. I mean.. Well.. Don’t tell anyone this but only a few people know about this. And with me knowing I just got lucky,.. Super lucky” I explained and she nod and leaned closer to me.
“okay tell me”.. She urged and I glared at her. She gave me an apologizing smile which made me sigh and continue anyways.
“you know DH entertainment?”
“who doesn’t know DH” she rolled her eyes.
Why did I even ask that, she’s so right, who doesn’t know DH here in Mahnline city.
“well.. DH entertainment are having a contest for teenagers, where two hundred…. Two hundred and one teenagers are giving the opportunity to perform and out of the two hundred, forty are chosen and out of the forty, twenty are chosen, then ten before the last Top five or four” I explained and she gasped.
“so.. Wait.. Hold up.. Are you telling me you’re one of the participants?” Annie asked breathlessly and I slowly nod. “I went there to get my name signed”.
“you’re serious?” she asked.
“yeah, do I look like I’m joking?” I asked pointing at myself.
“how did you get in..?” she asked.
“well.. See Annie.. That’s a story for another day” I smiled and she held my arm.. “what? So you’re going to leave me hanging you’re not going to tell me?” she asked and I shrugged.
“sorry Annie.”.. I murmured as a teacher walked in our class.
During school hours Annie kept pestering me to tell her how I got in but I told her I when I felt Like, and after telling her that she didn’t ask me again and she started awkwardly around me, she’s Just acting childish so I’ll tell her I know my Annie. And that’s the reason I don’t want to tell her cause I know her so much that she’ll spread the news, she can’t keep her mouth shut. And I don’t want this to spread out cause it might get pretty ugly.
School finally ended that day and I happily went to pick Augie from school and we both went home together.
Getting home, we saw different kinds of black BMW car parked in front of our home, and getting to our rooftop house we saw the men in black again outside all putting on sunglasses. What are they doing here? Erick’s gone what more do they want.
As we walked in the living room, my grandma stood in front of one of the men in suit looking very serious. And seeing us Ella made a happy bark and jumping on to Augie’s feet and they both head into the room while I stood beside my grandma.
“what’s going on?” I asked.
“June.. This man here said–
“miss Peterson, Mr Dhousten offers you and your family this cheque of—
“a cheque… Why? For what?” I interrupted the man who interrupted my grandma.
“Mr Dhousten offered the cheque as a token of appreciation for the support and love you all showed when he lived here.” the man said and moved the cheque towards me making me take it from him.. “One point seven million dol…” I gasped heavily not completing my words.
“t..his is to..o m..uch” I stutter.
“it’s Mr Dhousten’s order and he’ll appreciate it if you accept it” the man smiled but my grandma snitched the cheque from my hand and handed it to the man.
“sorry.. But I already told you, we shared our love and care for Erick because we really did care and love him, we didn’t do it for money, so please tell Mr Dhousten that we don’t need this and we’re ready to accept, love and care for Erick. If he wants and wishes to come back” my grandma half yelled and I nod agreeing with her.
“but ma’am..
“good day sir.” my grandma interrupted him turned and headed back to her room. The man turned to me and I gave him a look.
“don’t try to convince me cause the cheque’s going to end up in half” I said and the man sighed tiredly looking at his entourage, they all looked at each other before walking out of our living room. At least that’s over.
That day passed slowly, with me having dinner with Augie and Ella, and then listening to music and going to sleep, the next day was like the same, Annie still acting weird, me coming back home and eating dinner with Augie, doing laundry or dishes, it was like a boring old Deja Vu routine, I didn’t receive any calls from Erick and when I called him either the line tells me he’s busy or he’s not answering his phone. Days passed until the weekend came, the weekend was even worst, I slept throughout the whole Saturday and Sunday, after doing laundry, I just decided to warm up my voice cause I’ll be going to DH the next day. After singing Erick’s song I got tired and I later found myself playing with Ella..
Finally the next day, I got Augie prepared for school and he went to school himself, actually not by himself cause there’s a lot of people fling to our school who lives here, so he left school with them While I got dressed for DH, it took me almost fifty minutes looking for another appeasing outfit, when I couldn’t find one I gave up put on my normal shirt and Jean pants.

Getting to DH I was as nervous as ever I don’t know if we’re starting the competition today but I know I might faint if we do, as I got down from the bus I took and got closer to DH, my legs became weak and my hands started to shake. I got to the front door showed the two bouncers my pass and got in, I saw a hundred of boys and girls mostly girls my age all moving to a place and so I followed them cause I know they’re all here for the competition as well. Some knew each other and the talked about a lot of things in group, I didn’t know anyone so I just stayed on my own and listened to the three girls conversation, who walked behind me. They talked about how they would go crazy if they see Daniel here and Ricky Goodman and I know I’ve heard the name Ricky Goodman before, but too bad I don’t know who that is.
“hey?.. Hello…. ..” I heard beside me and I turned swiftly. I saw a boy a little bit taller than me, grinning at me.
“are you talking to me?” I asked to be sure.
“yeah, but it seemed like you were lost for a brief moment” he said.
“oh” I breathed out.
“it looks like you don’t know anyone here” the boy said and I nod
“Me too, since we are the only ones who don’t know others, why don’t we know each other?” he asked with a smile. We were now climbing the stairs and I almost stumbled but he caught me.
“thanks..” I said. “no problem” he beamed.
“so Friends?” he asked.
“yeah sure why not” I rushed my words.
“Travis, you know this is a competition right? You’re not supposed to be friendly with anyone” a girl suddenly said from behind and walked ahead of us.
“and you said you don’t know anyone” I smiled.
“oh that’s just Cassie she’s no one” he said and my eyebrows arched.
“you know if she was here that would have really hurt her” I said and he nods “you’re right I’ll apologize to her later”. He said and I nod.
“what about you, what’s your name?” he asked.
“June” I said.
“June, wow that’s nice” he said as we all took a turn and walked into a large room which looked more like a dance class.
Four men in black stood at every of the room and in front of the room was Mr Dhousten, Mrs Mitch, another woman and two other Unknown men.

“finally you’re all here, welcome our young tomorrow” Mrs Mitch announced with a smile while I watch Mr Dhousten walked out of the room with his phone on his ear.
“everyone here knows their reason for being in this room, but at time flies only five lucky people will get to stay with us” Mrs Mitch said and everyone starts to murmur. One of the unknown men shut everyone up and made his own boring speech about us going home now if we know and sure that we were born without talents. He got a thousands of glare from the room before Mrs Mitch took over again.
“before we go further, someone very special wants to wish you all good luck” Mrs Mitch announced,
And slowly like an Angel, I saw MARIA LI walk in front of us with a heavenly smile. And I know I almost died.
T. B. C

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