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Billionaire Boys Episode 10

Billionaire Boys Episode 10

By Oyebamiji Samuel
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“Our exams are still on the way and your days are numbered” Evan said and dipped his gun back inside his pocket and walked away

I exhaled heavily and looked into the face of Ethan, his face has dropped from that of a wicked face to that of someone in a confused state

With the state and manner at which Ethan is , it’s obvious that there is something he hasn’t comprehended

And that will make me search for more through their diary. The kind of expression I expected from Ethan if he happens to the one that truly killed my sister is not the kind of expression he expressed

Now , I’m more than anxious to continue my deep search into their past

I stood and walked to my room. I ensured I closed the door so anyone won’t barge in abruptly

I brought out the diary from my wardrobe and opened to the page I stopped my previous reading

Ethan’s POV in Diary

Three years ago

I opened my eye and found myself in a hospital

I turned and saw my brother beside me
“Evan!” I called

“Brother, I’m happy you fine , you gotta stop thinking about Olivia , this love of a thing is really affecting you” Evan said and I looked into the ceiling of the ward that I am

“If I can stop myself , I would have , I Love this girl, I love Olivia so much and I can’t help it. You can’t understand my feelings cus you’ve never being in love’ I lamented painfully

” True, I might have never being in Love but I can still relate with your pain, I know how it feels to be betrayed , I’m thinking of what I can do to help you” Evan said in a caring manner

I shook my head on the bed as I recollect the bad memories of Olivia who had just apologized yet go to another man to kiss

What in the world can be as painful as this

“Ethan, I have an idea , can I get you another lady ? Probably if she keeps your company , you may fall in Love with her and forget about Olivia ” Evan said and I thought for a while

“Forget! Can I really forget Olivia ? I doubt it brother ” I said

“You do not need to doubt it, let’s give it a try, it can’t just continue this way, you need to get yourself out of this ” Evan said and I nodded

“Who is the girl?” I asked

“I don’t know yet. We just gonna work on it , we can visit where places ladies could be, you select and I speak on your behalf ” Ethan said and I nodded

“Thanks ” I appreciated

I got discharged from the hospital.

I’m now fit.

Evan suggest we commence our agreed discussion now and I obliged

He drove to a beach, we stepped down and changed into just our boxer’s like we had come to have fun too

“This place is so cool, isn’t it?” Evan asked

“Sure it is” I replied as we stare around many people present there

But most people come in two , not until we saw three girls playing with themselves

“Seems those girls came alone ?” Evan asked

“Maybe ” I replied

Evan left me and walked closer to those girls

He came back with one of them after few minutes of discussing with them

“Hi” The lady greeted and I faked a smile

“Hi” I replied feeling shy

“I’m , I’m Alexia ” The lady introduced herself

“You welcome Alexia , I’m Ethan ” I replied

Evan walked away from us and I could see him speaking with the two other ladies

If he was to woo , he should be speaking with just one person, what could he be discussing with them ?

Well, maybe he’s asking them about the characters of their friends

” Alexia , you are really cute” I complemented truly

To be sincere, that lady is really cute and adorable, she is putting on only pant and that made me see her real self

She is a light skinned girl , slim and her smiles are alluring

“You not bad Ethan” she complemented and twisted her body like it will break

“Thanks. Erm…” I muttered

I sincerely didn’t know how to woo this lady standing before me

Has Evan told her about me and about what I want from her or I’ll have to say it myself

“When are you leaving this place?” She asked

“Can’t say, it depends on my brother” I replied

“Cus I’d liked to follow you home” she said

“Like seriously?” I asked

“Sure ” She replied

After few minutes , we all hopped inside the car , Evan , Alexia and I

“Such an awesome car, well, what do I expect from the B Boys anyways” She said and I smiled

She intertwined her fingers into mine and I feel relaxed a bit

Evan keep driving

“Please play lover , I’m starved of song here ” Alexia requested

“By who?” Evan requested

“Taylor Swift of course, I don’t wanna believe you guys don’t listen to songs , for real?” He asked

“Of course we do , but the songs will listen too are kinda classical, talk of tripple red, Xxx tentacion, 6ix9ine and others ” Evan replied and played the song she requested for

She keep dancing stylishly and beautifully to the song.

She was chatting with Evans in the middle of the dance too like they’ve known each other for ages but it’s obvious they’ve not

She’s just a jovial type and someone that makes friends easily

I wish I’m like that too, we could have being getting along just like she and Evan are getting along , but I’m just Someone that really finds it hard to make friends and communicate with people

We finally arrived home and everyone stepped down from the car

I was shy to walk side by side with her but she held me as if I’m her long term friend and wiggled my hands playfully as we walked inside

The smile on my face was very boring , but I just had to maintain a smile on my face so she can feel comfortable in the house

I walked her towards the sitting room and she hesitated all of a sudden

I looked into her face wondering why she suddenly paused her movement

“Is anything wrong ?” I asked

“Sure , what did you expect me to go and do in the living room, watch film or play video games ?” She asked and I still didn’t understand what she meant so I did not even know what to reply her with

“Evan, where is his room?” He asked Evan and Evan turned at me

“Take him to your room ” Evan said and I obliged

My room? What did she want to come and do in my room? Can’t we talk all we want in the living room?

We entered my room and she stared around the room adoring it and beautifully complementing it

Oh my! How do I make this place fun for this girl cus I did not even know how to start up a conversation

She walked closer to me seductively and moved closer to me like she will enter me , her scent wes beautiful.

She used her tongue to tickle my ear and I jerked in pleasure

I sat down on the bed abruptly feeling uncomfortably with her romantic display

“I forgot!” She said and went to the door and closed it

She stripped herself naked before me and winked at me lustfully

My heart beats rapidly but somehow , I’m not just ready for sex. I just think it’s not the right time for me to have sex.

If I wanted too, I will have being bringing ladies home with all the cash I have and have sex with them but I just don’t feel like

My brother and I are more concentrated on business than ladies and its affair. I started all this by falling in Love with Olivia

She moved closer to me and pushed me to the bed and I lay , I tried to stand up but she has already squatted on me trying to loosen my belt

“Sorry! Can you stop …this please?” I requested

“What for ? Did you think I follow you here to chat or do some boring stuffs , who does that, stop behaving like some small boy and let’s have fun” She said and I tried to stand up from the bed

“I do not think I’m ready for this now , my girlfriend broke up with me and it hurt so bad and I’m finding a lady I can find solace and peace in, a lady that can heal broken heart not a sex machine or a prostitute , no offence” I said and she stood from me

“Well I guess your ex girlfriend broke up with you cus you are impotent, how can you not have sex with a lady and expect her to stay with you?” She asked and put on her cloth

“I’ll love you and give you all that you want , but without s*x forget it” She said and walked towards the entrance

I thought speedily

“How can you not have sex with a lady and expect her to stay with you?” Her words keep ringing in my mind

I didn’t know when I called her back

“Alexia , I’m not impotent , heal my broken heart please?” I pleaded helplessly

“S*x first before healing of your heart ” She requested

“It’s alright” I said cus I did not have a choice

If she leaves me now , I do not know what fate I’ll suffer, I’ll keep thinking about Olivia again and I may hurt myself even more than before


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