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🎶… One day you will remember me,one day you will laugh at the memories,🎵
one day you will try to find me.
But One Day I wont be waiting for what you have to give cause by then I’ll be.. 🎵
Soaring high……
Dancing with the stars 🎵
I’ll be soaring high…
Towering even Mars 🎵
Soaring high… 🎶
As I sang, my eyes were closed and I could see nothing but me singing to myself, my voice echoed through the whole room and for the first time in my life, I felt very confident about something in me.. My voice, it was great and I know it.
As the singing went on I got to the part where Maria Li had gone so high and I couldn’t believe I sang that part well even though I almost choked.

Ending the song was the part I was waiting for, and I had to add my own style at the ending before finally breathing out a sigh of relief and opening my eyes.
The three judge looked at me without any expression on their faces and I started to doubt my good performance.
“number two hundred and one congratulations for singing a different song other than second chance and just love me” the male judge said and my eyebrows arched.
“yeah, I was getting sick of those songs because of the bad voices that sang them” one of the female judge with red hair said and they all laughed to themselves. “poor Anderson, if only he knew how is song is being sang by these
teenagers” the other female judge with blonde hair said and they all laughed again before wearing a serious face and turning to me.
“good performance, but next time you sing, try to look at us don’t close your eyes, we’re you audience okay!” the male judge tells me and I nod and walked out of the room and to the wide hallway, every eyes followed me as I walked slowly and up to Travis.
“so how did you do?” Travis asked as I got to him.
“I think I did my best” I shrugged and he smiled
“we’re on the same page but let’s just hope for the best” Travis said and I smiled with a nod
After waiting for another hour, the male judge came out with a paper in his hand and immediately everyone turned to him.
“without wasting time, I’ll call the best forty people please, listen to your number” the man said and Travis and I glance at each other before turning to the man.
“number 8..9..12..27..29…..”
“I made it.. I’m number 12” Travis said happily.
“congratulations, now let me hope for my best” I said and he told me to cross my fingers which I did.
Getting a little nervous, I looked at Cassie when she yelped happily as her number was called and I sighed, a girl screamed happily when her number was called, making the “man” glower at her, but she didn’t care, she got in and that’s all that matters.
“165..195..200..201″.. I flinched when I heard my number and Travis and I looked at each other happily.
“we both did it.” he said and I smiled happily.
“this is a dream come true” I sighed.
“okay the rest of you, good luck, better luck next time” the man said and the ones who didn’t get in walked away sadly and I couldn’t help but sympathize a girl with pigtails who was crying seriously with her heavy guitar on her back making her walk even slow.
“and the rest of you, walk in with me”. The man said and forty of us walked in the room we all performed.

The female judge with red hair stood up immediately we got in and she smiled at all forty of us, the room wasn’t full again cause we’re just forty instead of two hundred and one.
“okay everyone first of all congratulations” the woman said and everyone clapped, I don’t get why they clapped cause I didn’t.
“you’re the best among the two hundred and one participant, you might have been the best but this is not your best, you all made it pass the first round, but are you all ready for the next round?!” the woman yelled happily and everyone screamed “yeah!!” happily in return.
“good.” the woman smiled “the next round isn’t child’s play, you’re all going to do your best cause it might not be twenty participant in the next round cause the next round will be more advance and more harder and it can be only fifteen people that can get to the next round, so everyone be your best, I wish you all good luck, Mr Andrew here is going to tell you guys all you need to know” the woman said and the man, whose name suddenly is Mr Andrew came forward after looking at the paper he held he put it away and cleared his throat.
“so the next round will take place the day after tomorrow and you all just have tomorrow to get ready, and instead of singing the song of your choice, you’ll sing the song of our choice and you’ll all be singing ONE song,” Mr Andrew explained and everyone starts to murmur.
“how can we all sing one song?” Travis asked me and I shrugged not knowing what to say, and it was like Mr Andrew heard him cause Mr Andrew started to explain.
“you know some people, have good voice, great voice if I may say, but their voice may be great for a particular song and still be ugly for another song, so instead of you singing the ones you know your voice can hold. We’ll get to pick that song for you to know If your voice can hold our choice. And you’ll get to use instruments this time, not yours, but ours, and you’ll be singing “wake up” by “Ricky Goodman” I wish you all good luck”.
“what?! Wake up? That song is impossible” a girl said behind me and another person agreed with her.
“She’s damn right” Travis muttered to himself and I looked up at him
“who’s Ricky Goodman?” I asked.
“you don’t know him?..” he asked.
“I wont be asking you if I do” I shrugged and he smiled.
“you’re right.. Ricky Goodman is DH most popular artist, well he used to be popular but not since when Maria Li and Daniel Anderson came out, let me just say this generation doesn’t know him that much” Travis explained and I nod. “so this wake up. How is it?” I asked and he sighed.
“it’s more like a motivational song and Ricky, is a psycho, I don’t think normal human being can sing any of his song cause he draws it too much and it just sour your throat and seize your breath”.
“wow..” I breathed out.
“the next round is going to be hard.. I don’t think any of us are going to pass” Travis said and I nudged him.
“don’t talk like that we will.. We just need to practice hard” I said and he nods.
“by the way, do you happen to have Ricky’s song on your phone?” I asked and he nods.
“you want it?” he asked.
“of course”.

“okay everyone, before you go, you’re all getting this.” Mr Andrew said and he and the other female judge brought out vests with different colours from a bag and it was handed to each and everyone of us.
“this is going to be prove that you made it to the next round and also going to be your pass to enter DH..” one of the female judge said and when mine was handed to me, I looked at what was written on the vest.
DH logo was written there boldly and it was written in different colours, mine was blue and Travis own was pink, we both glanced at each other before shaking our heads.
“I think we should switch” Travis said and I nod agreeing with him. We both switched the vest and he breathed out a sigh of relief.
The vests were handed out to everyone and the three judges stood together in front of us again.
“Now you’re all going to wear this vest on the day of the second round and like we said earlier you’re all singing wake up. Once again good luck and be your best, you can all go home” Mr Andrew smiled and everyone starts to murmur before slowly walking out.
I brought out my phone and gasped when I saw the time.
“it’s 4:55pm” I announced and Travis shrugged.
“I didn’t know we’d waste so much time” I said and he laughed.
“tell me you’re joking, after all those hours you spent in there”. Travis beamed..
“so you said you wanted the wake up song?” Travis asked and I nod making us stop walking through the hallway. Everyone passed us and we both stood together, and I watched as Travis brought out his phone and took mine from my hand..
“I’ll just give you all of Ricky’s song that I have on my phone” Travis said and I nod. I don’t really care about that, what I care about is, going home and learning Ricky’s song, we all have only just tomorrow.
Travis and I stood alone in the hallway, no one else was passing by, and I just glanced at Travis and my phone occasionally. Suddenly someone dressed in all black, black pants, hoodie and a cap and the hood, the person started to walk about to us and I became a bit scared, cause I thought of the person being Erick, but when he walked even closer to us he had black hair and Erick’s blonde and I don’t know who this stranger is…
“what’s wrong” Travis asked when he caught me glancing nervously at the person coming towards me.
“that?” I said and he looked up
“maybe he’s just going on his own, don’t worry about him” he said and I nod.
The person got closer to us and I was about to ignore him when he stopped in front of us. Making Travis and I look at each other
“who ar–” I tried to ask moving back but the person suddenly raised up his head and took off his cap.
“Erick?!” I called surprisingly.
“what happened to your hair!!” I added when I saw a new black shiny hair on his head, it made him look so different, but in a good way, it brought so many features in his face I haven’t seen before.
“is that what you’re supposed to ask me?” Erick said.
“yeah, what else do you want me to say?” I asked and he shook his head negatively. “like how I’ve been or If I’m still alive” he said making me laugh.
“why wouldn’t you be alive?”.
“dancing, it’s destroying me, I don’t think I can keep up anymore, my dance teacher got tired early and he left, so instead of being alone I decided to come see you, so how was the competition, did you made it through the first round?” Erick asked and I nod
“Wow that’s wonderful, what did you sing..” Erick asked and Travis looked up at him and then turned to back to our phones, I wondered if Erick didn’t notice Travis or he’s just pretending not to see him but who cares. .
“I sang.. Soaring high by Maria Li.. And you wouldn’t believe the best part of today,” I said happily.
“really? What’s the best part?” he asked.
“I saw Maria Li Today!!” I yelp happily.
“that doesn’t seem like great news” Erick said and I hit his stomach.
“ouch” he grunt.
“why do you always say the opposite of what someone’s expecting to hear from you” I stated angrily and he opened his mouth to speak but he couldn’t.
“and I’m done..” Travis said, handing my phone to me and Erick turned to him..
“thanks Travis” I smiled.
“who’s this?” Erick asked sternly.
“didn’t you meet him here or see him while coming here?.”
“no i didn’t” Erick replied folding his hand.
“well this is Travis, one of the contestant for the teens competition” I introduced and Travis grinned. “hi”
Erick muttered a low hi and turned back to me.
“I didn’t know you had a friend here!” Erick whispered.. So loud that I think.. No that Travis heard him and I don’t get why he’s whispering.
“I just met him yesterday”. I said and Travis looked at me.
“uh.. June I’ll see you tomorrow… I mean the day after tomorrow, I wish you the best” Travis smiled walking away.
“I wish you the best too” I said and waved a little.

“thank God he left he was starting to get annoying” Erick rolled his eyes.
“but he didn’t say or do anything annoying” I said.
“his presence was annoying he was kind of flirting with you, what’s his stupid name anyway, Table or Travel which of it?” Erick said and I sighed and shook my head negatively
“you’re impossible” I tell him.
“what?! What do you mean?” he asked.
“nothing, I was about going home” I said pushing my phone inside my bag and walking away,
Erick ran up to me and pulled me back making me stop.
“you’re leaving!!?? I just got here” he whined.
“what do you want me to do with you, I have to practice Erick, I’ve only gotten this night and tomorrow to practice. So if you’re thinking of making me eat ice-cream with you, forget it cause I can’t” I said and started to walk again.
“well I… He said making me stop and turn to him.
“…i.. I.. Just… Well I know but.. I..”
“but you what?” I leaned my head forward.
“I.. I.. He sighed softly and move his dark hair back.
In light speed Erick moved closer to me, leaned closer to me and kissed me.
T. B. C

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