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I tried to move back or even push Erick away, but my legs and head wouldn’t work with me. His lips went smoothly and it was soft on mine so..
Instead I reciprocated.
Almost loosing my breath, I broke the kiss and moved back blinking rapidly at Erick who wore a satisfied look.
“finally. ..” he breathed out.
Finally what?’I wanted to ask but he gave a reply before I could say anything.
“I’ve been wanting to do that” he said dipping his hand in his pocket.
He already kissed me once but he was just being juvenile as aways but I wouldn’t count that as a kiss. But what does he mean by, he had always wanted to do that!
“what do you mean, you’ve always wanted to k-kiss me?” I asked and my voice cracked saying the kiss.
“yeah” he shrugged.

“d-do y..ou like me or something?” I asked after a brief moment of silence..
He has always been the one saying I like him or I have a crush on him or something stupid when I don’t.. but.. What If it’s actually the other way around.
“yeah.. ” he smiled and my heart skipped a beat.. “I mean haven’t you been noticing it? Or you don’t notice it at all?” he added and my head slowly shook negatively on its own.
“well.. I know you like me, I mean I do too but in case where you see that person like family” I said honestly and he scoffed almost laughing
“are you kidding me right now June..?” he scoffed but I shook my head negatively.
“why.. We’re not family,” he said sounding breathless.
But I really like him as a family.
“I know but..
“you don’t say ‘but’… June I don’t see you as a family member, I don’t never! Cause that’s gross and not healthy, I See you as a friend, a very good friend of mine who I really like not as a friend.. But.. Romantically, so now so you get me?” Erick said and I felt my heart beat in my throat. Someone tell me how joking as always.
I tried to talk but I couldn’t, cause there’s no word that can fit the tension between us right now.
“well now I’ve told you how I feel and you can’t leave me hanging” he said and moved closer to me, but I stepped back a little.
“oh look at the time, I better get Home grandma and Augie might be waiting for me to come have dinner” I rushed my words pointing down and looking at my watch-less wrist.
“but.. You can’t just leav—
“I really have to go home, goodnight..” I said turning and walking away, I cannot deal with this right now.
“okay.. Should I escort you home?” he asked almost walking behind me.
“no thank you, I need to stop at my uncle’s house first” I said walking even faster.
“but you have no uncle” Erick yelled behind me.
“I do..” I said making a turn and accidentally bumping into someone, I raised my head to see Daniel and I made sure I apologize for it, bowing my head until I got into the elevator and also ignoring Erick as he called my name.
I’m sorry Erick, but I can’t stay here or else it’s heart attack for me.
**~**~Erick’s pov ~**~**
I sighed heavily when June got in the elevator, she’s acting weird and I hate it. Daniel looked back and forth between the elevator and I and it made me sigh again.
“what happened?” he finally asked.
“finally, told her how I felt” I said and Daniel eyebrows arched.
“and how did she respond to that?”.
“she suddenly remembered dinner and an uncle she doesn’t have.” I said and Daniel laughed.
“you’re serious? Well.. girls like that are ought to be cute”.
“girls like that cause anxiety okay, not cute” I said and Daniel laughed again.
“don’t worry she’ll come around, just hope there’s no ‘other’ guy” Daniel said and I paused.
No other guy,
“I kind of saw her talking to a dude and—
“oh.. Just pray he doesn’t get her first” Daniel interrupted and I huffed.
“so.. Do you want to have ice-cream, I bought some and I couldn’t eat it and since it’s the only thing that calms you down, why don’t we have some together” Daniel said and I sighed.
“sure why not.”
Daniel and I were now inside the studio, the relinquished one and we both ate the ice cream quietly, it did calm me down but I was still thinking about that Travel guy.
“you don’t have to think about it too much” Daniel said breaking me out of my reverie.
“I do” I pondered .
“you don’t,” Daniel snapped.
I sighed and glance at him before dropping my spoon, my head is freezing because of this stupid ice-cream.
“I think June likes you too, and now that I’m thinking about it, I think you made a mistake confessing to her now, didn’t she say She’s in the competition taking place here, and they’re having the next round, the day after tomorrow and congratulations for messing up her head cause she won’t be focused anymore, her head will be filled up with what you just said and she might be too lost in your words she might not perform well” Daniel explained and I slowly turned to him.
“when did you get so smart?” I asked sarcastically even though I did mean that.
“don’t joke with me Erick,” Daniel said with a small smile.
“well I’m glad you’re growing up” I smiled too.
“what.. What the hell is that supposed to mean” Daniel asked punching my shoulder and making me laugh.

“so anyway, how is your comeback going?” I asked.
“it’s going good, am practicing every minute of the day and my comeback this time has to be extraordinary and I’m really putting a lot of effort and my dance moves this time around is a lot harder than I thought, but I’m still fine with it” Daniel said with a slight shrug.
“how about you? How are you doing, with your debut?..” Daniel asked and I rolled my eyes.
“it’s a complete opposite, it’s the worst and I might die soon” I said and Daniel laughed “what?”.
“too bad I’m not as good as you when it comes to dancing” I said angrily as I grabbed the ice-cream spoon and started to eat ice-cream again, my head is starting to get hot. And I need it to cool it down.
“well, you just have to release some stress and muscle in your body before dancing and–
“please don’t teach me about dancing cause it is not my priority”. I said and Daniel snorted before laughing again.
“yeah, laugh at me I deserve it” I said and Daniel laughed even hard but his laugh actually made me smile, it’s been ages since we talked, laugh or hung out like this.. It’s good to be here with him.
After eating ice-cream for a while, Daniel got a call from Nate, his manager and he had to leave and so was I. We both parted ways but before we did Daniel told me this.
“you really made a mistake confessing to June now cause all she’ll have is you in her head and she might fail the competition”.
“then that’s what I want, for me, myself and I, alone to be stuck in June’s head, no one else'” that was my reply before we both parted ways ..
I got home around eight fifteen pm and since I had nothing to do I just laid on my bed and stared at the ceiling .
I sighed when her face appeared in front of my closed eyes. She’s perfect!. But she doesn’t know. If I was to write a book about her and why I like her, it would take me years to finishing that book, cause she has so many good things that comes from her. I suddenly remembered the first day I saw her with Augie, she wasn’t looking very friendly, her school uniform clunged to her tall body and her full black hair circled her body, her Skirt wasn’t that short but her long legs were gorgeous, even though she looked angry that day, now thinking about it, she was the most beautiful girl…
Let me be stuck in her head for all I care, it’s better for me to be stuck in her head than that Travel guy..
Thinking about June, I grabbed my music book and pen and I started to write, thinking about her is making my head fill up with beautiful words that I can’t say but write and there are just so much that it made me feel bloated on the inside…
:**: JUNE’S POV :**:
It was nighttime and I’ve listened to Ricky Goodman song a dozen times and even though I’ve learnt the lyrics, the song was still challenging, but I’m getting there. The song wasn’t only just challenging, but my head is.
And also my heart , anytime i think of him or his name.. Erick.
I practiced a little that night and got a drink from my grandma, she saying it’s good for my body and voice, I practiced and practiced till I got tired and fell asleep.

The next day, I woke up feeling a little sore around my body. I slowly got up from my bed and walked to my bathroom, to brush my teeth.
After brushing my teeth, I walked back to my room, seeing Augie bed empty I looked at the wall clock and let out a small gasp. My grandma must have dressed and took Augie to school, I thought before walking into the living room.
Ella jumped happily seeing me and I had to give her a small rub on her back. My grandma came out of her room and I greeted her with a smile.
My grandma told me she was the one who got Augie prepared for school and I thanked her cause that’s supposed to be my job.
I made breakfast and grandma and I had it together, with Ella jumping around the table for her own Share.
After breakfast, I got back to my room and I grabbed my earpiece, my phone and again I started to Learn the wake up song by Ricky Goodman.
After learning for hours, I felt so confident in myself that I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come, I know I’ve practiced enough but I still felt I haven’t practice enough.
Even when I ate breakfast left over as lunch, I still sang along with my phone playing the song..

Augie met me singing the song when he came back from school, but he just looked at me strangely and then walked passed me to meet Ella.
I practiced and practiced till night fell, my grandma told me to give my voice a break or i’ll get a sore throat, and I listened to her cause I don’t want any hindrance tomorrow.
After eating dinner late and alone, I went outside and the cool freezing breeze made me smile and think of Erick. My hair sang with the wind and I looked up at the stars and made a wish.
“to make it through tomorrow”
I breathed in heavily and looked away from the stars, now I have hundred percent full confidence in myself.. I was about to walk inside when my phone buzzed and start to ring , stopping me from walking.
I brought out my phone and flinched when I saw Erick’s name on the screen,
Why is he calling!! I thought as I bit my bottom lip anxiously, what am I even going to say..?
He confessed to me yesterday and left me confused, I didn’t even know what to do at that moment, my only option was to run..
My phone stopped ringing and I breathed out a sigh of relief, I was about to walk inside again when my phone starts to ring.. Again. I looked at it this time and was surprised to see it wasn’t Erick or Annie but an unknown number.
“hello?..” I said into the phone.
“oh hey June..” a familiar voice replied.
“who is this?” I asked
“it’s me Travis” he replied and I smiled.
“oh my God, Travis how did you get my number?” I said happily.
“yesterday, while giving you wake up,” he said and I smiled even more.
“you’re such a thief”..
I said and he laughed.
“anyway I just called to see how you’re doing, how is your practice going?”. Travis added calmly after his laugh and I sighed.
“wake up is not an easy song but I’m trying my best” I tell him.
“okay well good luck..” Travis breathed.
“thank you, and good luck to you too” I smiled.
“thanks..” Travis said before hanging up, I breathed out a sigh of relief and stared at my phone before knowing what I had to do, ‘saving Travis number’
That night i said a silent night prayer before going to bed,
‹to any God that there may be, please make me be in the finals› was my prayer before finally falling asleep.
The next morning, I woke up at exactly six o’clock in the morning, I had a dream, a nightmare actually, even though I didn’t remember the details of the dream but I knew it was a nightmare cause it made me wake up early.
I prayed while getting Augie ready for school for my dream to be a complete opposite of what it meant.
Augie went to school. Leaving my grandma, Ella and i.. I took my bath and few minutes later I was dressed in a pair of black jean skirt, black boots and the vest from DH, the vest was a little big on me so I grabbed the hem of the vest and tied it at my waist side giving it a fitting to my body,
I packed my hair in ponytail and for the first time in my life, I wore earrings and the word ‘perfect’ escaped my lips when I looked at myself in the mirror.
Before leaving I kissed my grandma cheeks and she wished me good luck..

I got to DH and without asking for a pass the two security men let me in, and I guess it was because of my top.
DH seemed kind of busy as I walked in, and from different angle I could see other teenagers wearing the same vest as mine but with different colours..

“Ms. Pulchritude”. I heard Travis voice behind me and I turned.
“Travis..” I said happily and he smiled. “wow you looking good..” he said eyeing me.
“stop it, you’re making me feel nervous” I said and he laughed.
The front door opened making the sun light hit my face, the silhouette of three male walked in and suddenly someone screamed.
“it’s Daniel!!……”
The door closed and and the sun light disappeared from my face making me see clearly,
it was Daniel!, he was wearing all black with his blue hair catching the sun’s last flame making some side of his hair a brilliant light purple. every teenager that came for the competition had already start to run up to Daniel but backing away seeing his scary bouncers.
Daniel smiled at each and every one of the teenage girls screaming out his name and the workers at DH just rolled their eyes as they passed by.
“wow, Daniel’s pretty handsome up close” Travis said and I turned to him.
“what?.. Are you falling for him?” I laughed and he held up a disgusted face “that’s gross, but I’m just saying cause I use to think they’re using a lot of editing and filters in his music video, but now I can see he’s pretty handsome and cool in reality” Travis explained and I shrugged.
Travis and I both covered our ears when a girl screamed Daniel’s name so loud that it made Daniel laughed, and wave to the girl who had turned red.
Daniel looked forward and we both made eye contact. He glance at Travis, then at me and shook his head negatively with a small smile , I quickly looked away and didn’t dare to face Travis until he was gone.

“is it just me or did Daniel really stare at you for like so.. Long” Travis said and I shook my head negatively.
“he looked at me, the way he looked at everyone don’t misunderstand”. I said sternly
“nope. I’m pretty sure he shook his head at you and gave me a cold glare.” Travis said narrowing his eyes
“Travis yo–
“so what are you trying to say, that little miss ponytail knows our Daniel?” a cranky voice said behind me and I turned to see Cassie, Travis (girl)–Friend.
“do you?” Travis said to me.
“I do, I mean everyone knows Daniel right?” I said nervously but Cassie stood in front of me and in front of my face she said.
“that’s not what I mean, i know everyone knows Daniel, but have you met or talk to Daniel before– why am I even asking you this, someone like you can’t talk to Daniel..”
I glared at Cassie before rolling my eyes. “keep telling yourself that”. I muttered and was about to walk away but she caught my hand.
“so you’re saying you’ve talked to Daniel before?” she asked, I didn’t want to brag cause it’s not something to be happy about or to be even brag about, but she’s making it seem that way so I’m going to make that way.
“I have..” I smiled. “I’ve talked to Daniel like a dozen of times”.
Cassie laughed and I almost pull her blonde hair for that.
“Travis, are you listening to this girl.? How did you keep up with such a liar?”. Cassie rolled her eyes .
“look Cassie, whether or not she had talk to Daniel, it’s none of your business” Travis interfered.
“of course it is” Cassie gasped.
“you’re such a headache” Travis said to her and I smiled at his words, he’s sounding so familiar.
“c’mon June.” Travis said and pulled me away from Cassie and her annoying Aura.
T. B. C

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