\•\•\• June’s pov continues •/•/•/•
As Travis and I moved away from Cassie, from no where a lady started to yell.
“all the contestants for the competition move to room E performing Class which Is at the tenth floor of this building”. The lady announced and everyone starts to move in troops to the tenth floor.

“I’ve always wondered, what stage name I’d like to use when I become Rich and famous” Travis audibly say as we followed the crowd in front of us to the tenth room.
“you could still be Travis. It’s actually a pretty good name” I tell him.
“I know, but it’ sounds more like an old man’s name” he said and I burst into laughter.
“no I think it’s a cool name and not an old man’s name”.
“please quit with the whining it’s the worst name ever. I’m thinking of going with Travixx..” Travis said and I gave him a weird look.
“what, it’s cool… Travixx” Travis said with a smile.
“that’s the worst name I’ve ever heard” I tell him and we both paused when we both saw half of the crowd in front of us paused, and move to the second elevator cause the first one was already full.

“let’s just take the stairs.” Travis said angrily as the second elevator filled up immediately.
“but we’re going to the tenth floor.” I panicked.
“c’mon.. June it’s part of exercising, don’t tell me you’re that lazy” Travis said and I sighed deeply as I saw the third elevator get filled up immediately.
“well.. Let’s go” I said getting tired when I haven’t gotten to the first flight of stairs yet.
Travis and I both climbed the stairs together saying nothing and when we got to the fifth flight of stairs Travis suddenly asked.
“so I just remembered, the dude that day, the one with the black hood and cap, and also black hair. The one who came to meet you during our first competition.. Is he your boyfriend?”.
I’m sure he’s talking about Erick.
“no.. He’s not my boyfriend why do you ask?” I smiled.
“cause he seemed a little protective of you and a lot angry and jealous seeing me with you” Travis said and I laughed.
“that’s how he is, Erick is just too caring to begin with” .
“Erick!” Travis repeated and from nowhere I heard Erick’s angry voice.. “and I don’t see what gives you any right to call my name that way”..
I looked up and I saw Erick and Daniel leaning on the wall and then Erick start to come down the stairs with his hand folded and goodness this black hair looks gorgeous on him.
Erick jaw dropped as Daniel turned to us, he gave Daniel a look, then Erick before turning to me.
“I finally meet you again Travel” Erick smiled as he got to us standing in front of Travis.
“actually.. It’s Travis” Travis corrected which made me giggle a little. Erick glowered at me before turning back to Travis.
“I call you what I want, Travel, Table, Tank, Tanker, I don’t care.” Erick said and I shook my head negatively at him.
“but Travis is my name I can’t answer whatever you choose for me cause that isn’t my name”. Travis said with a small smile and glance at me.
“who said you could look at her that way” Erick bickered.
“look at her what way?” Travis asked.
“Erick why are you acting like this.” I asked stepping in front of him. “acting like what?” he asked not looking at me.
“acting like what?!! Are you serious, you’re acting all fervent and annoyed and I don’t know why you’re acting that way” I said and Daniel scoffed from where he stood making me glance at him.
“she has no idea..” Daniel said flashing Erick a smile, while Erick shrugged , they’re talking about me.!
Travis just stood still looking confused, before he finally sighed and turned to me.
“can we go now, we might be the only people here, every one must have gotten there” Travis said and I nod.
“oh you can go alone, but she’s staying” Erick chipped in and I looked at him angrily. What is wrong with him.
“okay,.. Whatever.. June I’ll meet you there” Travis said and I nod.

“we should have taken the elevator” Travis muttered as he climbed the stairs.
“oh yeah, you.” Daniel said making Travis halt.
“if you tell anyone you saw me here, you’re a dead meat”. I said and Travis shrugged and walked away.
“I really don’t like this” I whispered to Erick.
“what don’t you like?” he asked
“you acting angry towards Travis” I replied.
“the fact that you hang out with him makes me mad” Erick said and I rolled my eyes.
“Erick, I hang out with you like all the time and Travis and I are just friends who met here and– we’re just helping each other out” I said moving my hands dramatically.
“helping each other out? That sounds worse than his name”.
“excuse me?” I gasped.
“wait.. Are you jealous or something?” I added moving back.
“finally..! She sees it” Erick said to Daniel before turning to me. “of course I’m jealous, why wouldn’t I be, who wouldn’t?. When after confessing to you about my feelings, you ran away and now you start to hang out a guy, the jealous in me is burning June.. Burning!” he repeated and I blinked rapidly. Now I don’t know what to say
“I..-i-i… I kept quiet when I noticed I wasn’t saying anything.
“I skipped my dance class to come here for you, cause today’s another round of the competition and I wanted to be your nerve calmer and cheer guy, but it seems like you already have Travel to do that for you” Erick said bitterly and I breathed in.
For the second time. He actually said it again that he likes me. Have I been dumb?.
Someone actually likes me, I know I’m actually a freak since elementary school and no one has ever liked me because of that and now there’s a gorgeous guy in front of me, who likes me and who’s also pretty mad at me for being with another Guy.
It’s such an amazing honour.
“why aren’t you saying anything?” Erick asked waking me up from my oneirism.

“I’m.. Sorry” I said calmly.

“you!.. You are?” Erick asked and I nod. I mean I don’t even like him that way, but he likes me ‘that’ way and that’s.. That’s just.. Epic and maybe I should just respect that a bit.
“yes and If it’s to avoid Travis or Travel, or whatever you named him. I will” I said and his lips start to stretch into a smile.
“really? You’d do that?”. He asked.
“isn’t that what you wanted?” I asked and he nods.
“then I’ll do it.. I’m sorry for making you angry.” I said with a pimp.
“it’s okay…” Erick smiled.

“so.. About my confession, I’m still waiting for my reply, you know you can’t just leave me hanging”. Erick said and I bit my bottom lip.
Oh no not again.
“would you look at the time.. I have a competition to get ready to” I said climbing up the stairs but he pulled me back forcefully and unexpectedly that I crashed to his chest letting it a small scream.
“what is it?.. I asked moving back.
“I.. I.. Erick said and glance at Daniel then with a sigh he turned back to me.
“good luck” he smiled and let go of my arm.
“you could have just said good luck instead of pulling me like that” I said walking up the stairs again.
Daniel and I made eye contact and I was about to dart my eyes elsewhere, but he smiled and said “good luck” to me.
“uhh.. Thanks..” I said and glance at Erick one more time before taking the other stair route and disappearing from them..
I finally got to the place we were asked to come, the E performing Class and when I opened the door and walked in, my breath seized cause everyone eyes turned to me and I almost cried, cause everyone was seated quietly and there was a stage, which a woman stood on giving a speech and she glower at me as I walked around the forty teens to look for a seat.

“psst… Hey.. Pulchritude” Travis whispererd from the back and I raised my head to see him gesturing his hand for me to come over and seat on the empty chair beside him.
Thank goodness.
Sitting down, everyone stopped looking at me and the lady giving a speech continued.
“why are you all sweaty?” Travis asked as he Pointed to my forehead. “I.. I was walking pretty fast so.. I..” I said and Travis nod and we both turned to the woman giving a speech while I wiped my forehead with my hand.
“and that’s all you’re going to do”. The woman said and walked down from the stage.
God I missed her whole speech.
“do you have any idea of what she said?” I asked Travis.
“oh, when you were not here she was just talking about how we’re going to perform in front of each other and how those three mean women are going to be our judge for Today” Travis said and pointed to a corner of the room where three women sat down without even smiling, and he’s right, they look so mean.
“oohh.. They look mean alright” I said and he laughed.
“and.. June” Travis called and I turned to him.
“are you sure Erick’s not your boyfriend.”
“why do you say that, I’ve already told you before he’s not” I stated with my arms folded.
“really? He’s acting like he is and I can tell he was pretty angry seeing us together, and I can’t even believe he called me Travel” Travis said and I let out a small smile, “I don’t blame him for acting that way, see if not for Erick I wouldn’t have been here right now, because of him my dream is Almost coming to reality”.
“oh no wonder you were the number two hundred and one.. Is Erick related to the Dhousten family or what that he got you in this position” Travis asked and I sighed. “I am afraid I can’t tell you.. But Erick’s a great person, and the brain bursting part is he confessed to me the day before yesterday and today he told me he’s pretty jealous seeing me with you and I had to promise him to stay away from you” I tell Travis not knowing I was smiling seriously until my cheek starts to hurt.
“wow.. So when he confessed what did you tell him?” Travis asked.
“uh.. I said nothing, I got shocked and it made me run away” I explained and Travis laughed, “you’re funny”.
“you have no idea” I murmured.
“so about Daniel, how did he get to know you or this Erick?” Travis asked and I sighed.
“it’s a long story Trav, and now look we just missed another speech” I said and showed him the woman coming down from the small stage.
Five men walked up to the stage with some instruments and everyone watched them as they set up their stuff, one with a guitar and another one handled the piano while the other two handled the drums.. As they got everything ready, one of the judge grabbed a microphone and got up from her seat.
“attention, everyone! As you all know you’re all performing wake up, by Ricky Goodman and now we’re going to begin with the first contestant.. Contestant number eight?” the judge called and a girl stood up amongst us, and slowly she walked up to the stage, she was nervous and everyone could see that. She slowly climbed the stage and was handed a microphone.
She placed the microphone under her mouth and slowly the man with the guitar starts to play Ricky Goodman’s song and the girl breathed in. The piano joined and it was her cue to start but she suddenly hiccuped and ran away from the stage throwing the mic away.
“stage fright.” Travis whispered to me.
“I know, how did she ever make it pass the first round?” I asked while he shrugged.

“okay.. Contestant number eight is disqualified and now, contestant number nine”. One of the judge said and a girl got up from her seat and confidently walk to the stage..
The men with the instrument starts to play and the girl starts to sing.
🎶 . .slowly getting there
It’s just how we’ll get up
Sleeping soundly,
It means we’re already near… 🎶

“wow she’s good” I said to Travis.
“wait till she gets to chorus or the bridge” Travis said and patiently everyone waited as the girl sang happily,
she made a hell lot of mistakes by going off key in the chorus and when she ended the song everyone clapped,
“this song is as hard as f*ck” a boy sitting in front of me said and Travis and I looked at each other.

“contestant number twelve” the judge said and Travis got up.
“wish me luck.” he whispered.
“good Luck” I whispered and he breathed out before walking to the stage, I haven’t heard Travis voice before so I better buckle up.
I fold my arms and watched as Travis grabbed the microphone and started to sing when the piano started to play.
“wow..” I smiled. He’s good.
But still not as good as Erick, I don’t know but he has the most beautiful voice I’ve ever heard.
“why are you smiling?” I heard Erick’s voice in my head and I stopped smiling, I’m thinking about him so much that I’m hearing his voice now.
“June”. I heard his voice in my ear that I Turned and my head bumped into his.
“ouch.” he said rubbing his forehead and adjusting his cap.
“sorry.” I apologize… “why are you smiling like that, I thought you said you’ll stay away from Travel” Erick bickered and I signed.
“I am staying away from him, we just happened to sit down together” I said and he arched his brows suspiciously.
“I’m serious” I smiled.
“I saw you, the both of you, this time he didn’t just flirt with you. He pecked your cheek” Erick said and I gasped.
Who let him in here…??
“are you serious right now, peck my–
“you want me to demonstrate?” Erick interrupted leaning close to me
“are you crazy. What are you doing?” I said moving away and looking straight ahead to see Travis singing and staring at us.
T. B. C


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