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“Auggie go change your uniform, you come with me” my grandma said and dragged me into her room while Auggie walked into ours, living the strange boy with towel around his waist in our living room.
I closed the door to my grandma’s room and turned to her.
“what do you mean tenant” I asked and she sighed.
“he’s the person who rented out the place” my grandma said.
“him? I thought you said the person who wanted to rent out the place will inspect the place today first before living here but how come he’s living here already?” I asked dropping my school bag.
“he said he’s been looking for a place to stay for the past few weeks and seeing this place he just realised how perfect it is for him, and he moved in immediately and he’ll be staying for a few months and the money he paid is just enough, it’s enough for you and Auggie’s school fees, and also for us to eat healthily” my grandma smiled.
“he’s paid everything already?” I asked.
“yeah he seemed like a rich” my grandma blurred.
“really? Why would a rich kid want to live in such a claustrophic place.”
“who knows everyone has their choices, and reasons” my grandma tells me and I nod.
“so we’re going to be living with a stranger for a while” I said dryly and grandma sighed.
“look June, I know you’re against this but it’s the only way and Eric is a really nice person so just treat him like family” my grandma explained and I rolled my eyes.
“sure whatever” I said grabbing my bag almost walking out but my grandma stopped me.
“and no one knows we rented out our place so if anyone’ asks you who he is, just say he’s your cousin got it?”
“yeah sure grandma” I said before walking out.
The living room was empty when I walked in and I sighed and walked into my room, correction, I and Auggie’s room.
Auggie was on my bed having difficulties in removing his shoes, seriously this kid is stressing me out, he’s nine.
I walked up to him, bent down and helped him, “go take a shower in grandma’s room, I’m taking one here” I tell him and he immediately took his heels.
I took a shower and wore something comfotable, I walked out of my room and saw a little white dog running in the living room.
“what the..” I muttered to myself
“Ella… Come back here” Eric our new tenant or should I say ‘family member said running out of his room to catch the whole dog. And the dog suddenly ran up to me and curled up on my feet.
“Ella… Daniel called softly when he saw the dog on my feet.
“sorry for that, she just really like this place and she likes you too” Eric said picking up his dog.
Wow! I was angry about a new tenant and now he has a dog, what an ungrateful day.
“do you know I hate dogs” I lied
“oh.. I don’t but I’ll be sure to keep Ella out of your sight” he said and took a step back.
“good” I muttered .
“you must be June right and your brother is Auguse right?” he asked and I nod. “but we call him Auggie so stick with that” I said and he nods with a smile. He raised his pet to his face and start to sweet talk to it.
“who’s a good girl, yes you are. Who’s a good girl” he kept repeating till he got into his room and his dog barking in return.
“Auggie!!” I yelled and before I knew it, he came out of my grandma’s room.
“yeah?” he said lowly.
“go get your home work” I said and he immediately stormed into our room while I plopped down on the floor and moved the small living room table beside me. Auggie came out with his text books and a pencil and he sat down beside me.
“what’s your homework today?” I asked flipping the pages of his book, since I don’t have any homework I better help him with his.
“it’s multiplication but I can do it myself” Auggie said and I smiled.
“oh really?” I raised my brows at him and he nods happily and turned to his text book, I watched him write his assignment happily and he got everything right.
“smart boy” I smiled and pat his head.
I heard a door open and Eric suddenly walked up to us and sat opposite Auggie and I on the floor.
“so what are you guys doing?” he asked cheerfully.
“we’re doing nothing that concerns you” I said and bat my lashes at him.
“right! Your grandma mentioned your stubborn attitude” he muttered to himself and I turned to him “excuse me?”.
“look, I came to live here to be independent, free and happy, so seeing me if you have anything against me please just get rid of it” he smiled making me roll my eyes.
“you must be Auggie right?” he turned to Auggie and Auggie raised his head up with a smile before nodding.
“are you Eric?” Auggie asked calmly.
“sure hell I am, you’re so cute, you and your sister are very opposite” he said and whispered the last part to Auggie but I heard it clearly.
“grandma said you’ll be living with us for a while and she said you have a puppy” Auggie said, his eyes filled with excitement and I haven’t seen him look like that for years.
“her name’s Ella and she’s a lady, she’s quite older than you and don’t underestimate her petite body, she bites pretty hard, wanna see her?” Eric asked and Auggie nodded happily standing up.
“Auggie!! Your homework!” I half yelled. “oh the killjoys” Eric murmured
“but I’m done with it” Auggie said sadly..
“lemme see” I said and he passed the text book to me. I checked his work and he did pretty good in everything.
“okay, you can go” I said coldly and he happily went to Eric and they both entered his room .
This kid gets along with strangers too well, I have to warn him.
My grandma later came out saying we’re having fried chicken and rice for dinner tonight.
“why are we having that, can’t we have something simple for dinner, we’re not having a party or anything” I said and she smiled.
“you asks questions too much, just go prepare it and I’ll come help” my grandma laughed and I sighed and walked straight to the kitchen.
I was deep frying the chicken when my grandma walked into the kitchen, I didnt even know she’d already bought the chicken I could have stopped. seeing I was almost done she decided to help set the table in the living room but I stopped her saying she should rest that I’ll do it all. The rice was already cooked and after frying the chicken I set the food and plates on the table Auggie did his assignment, it’s the only table we have. And it’s kind of embarrassing we have no couch too, just a plastic chair at a corner in the living room. Auggie came running in the living room and helped me arrange the plates and cups, I set three plates spoons and cups but my grandma told me to add one more and I don’t know why, it’s only just me, her and Auggie.
The three of us sat down around the table, silently blessed our food and was about to eat but my grandma’s voice made me stop.
“June!” she said she said sternly.
“huh!?!!” I looked up at her.
“aren’t you forgetting one thing?” she said .. “what?” I asked.
“Erick!” she said.
“for godsake grandma what does he have with our dinner” I whined and she glared at me.
“don’t be selfish and go get him” my grandma said and I huffed and got on my food, I moved to his door and knocked. I knocked again but no reply and I turned to my grandma to see her looking at me.
“see he’s not answering” I said
“try again” she said and I sighed and knocked on his door angrily, “hey Erick open this door!” I yelled and turned to Auggie.
“what was he doing when you left him and his dog?” I asked.
“he was just busy with his phone” Auggie replied and I sighed and was about knocking for the last time but the door open and he caught my hand.
“oh hey June” he smiled, his blonde hair covering his face and he moved it back.
“grandma said you’ll be joining us for dinner” I said dryly before walking away and he happily trailed behind me to the table, and his lady dog following him. We both sat around the small table and ate dinner quietly.
“wow grandma, this is the best food I’ve tasted in my nineteen years of life” he said and my grandma smiled.
“I’m glad you’re enjoying it” she said and smiled touching his cheek and I scoffed, Erick shoved a piece of bone to his dog and Auggie did the same earning a glare from me.
After dinner Erick kept thanking my grandma with his annoying attitude my grandma sees as charming, and my grandma couldn’t help but feel flushed. But for the first time in my life, I ate full, fuller than before.
I cleared the table and Erick wanted to help me but I declined his help and did it on my own, I packed the plate to the kitchen and his dog Ella, followed me to the kitchen, what the hell does she want.
As I washed the dishes, Ella kept jumping up and down on my bed barking louder than I’ve heard her bark, I sighed and found a leftover chicken on one the plates and I passed it to her and immediately she kept quiet. She picked up the bone and walked out of the kitchen and I breathed a sigh of relief.
It was nighttime and I had nothing to do, my grandma was in her room sleeping, Auggie had fallen asleep too in our room, remaining Erick and I, and his dog which he was playing with at a corner of the living room and I had my earpiece in my hear listening to Maria Li’s song.
I became hot inside and I decided to go outside for fresh air, I got on feet and hurried outside, I sat on a short and wide table we have outside our small house, a table big enough for eight people to lie on, sometimes Auggie and I lay there to watch the stars when we have nothing to do.
I sat on the table and then laid on it facing the sky with my hand beneath my head.
� 🎶One day you will remember me,one day you will laugh at the memories,one day you will try to find me. But One Day I wont be waiting for what you have to give🎶 I sang deeply feeling myself in the music until someone tapped my shoulder and I had to take the earpiece away from my ear.
“what?” I said seeing Erick
“nothing you’ve got a nice voice, maybe you should be the second Maria Li” he said and my head sparked at that, that is the greatest compliment anyone has ever given to me.
“you know Maria Li?” I asked and he nods.
“you were singing her song right?” he said.
“well it’s none of your business” I quickly said not to get friendly with him.
“you guys have a beautiful place, I can see so many things from up here” he said climbing the table.
“what are you doing?” I said, “get down from here”.
“I see why you chose to stay outside, the freezing breeze is freezing but it gives your soul a warm feeling” he said sitting down beside me and I sat up.
“look Erick, you can get close to Auggie, or my grandma but not to me” I yelled and he sighed.
“why do you hate me so much” he asked.
“why would I hate you I don’t even know you” I said.
“yeah but you don’t like me being here.”
“why?” he asked.
“because you’re annoying and we don’t need another person in our lives” I snarled.
“but I’m not trying to get into your lives, I just needed a place to stay and I found here and I’m just trying to be friendly with everyone” he explained.
“well I don’t want your—
“mom?!” I heard Auggie’s sleepy voice behind me and I turned.
“Auggie, why aren’t you in bed?” I asked.
“I couldn’t sleep cause you weren’t there” he said as he walked closer to me, got on the table and sleeps beside me placing his head on my thighs.
“mom?? No wonder you two look so alike, did you give birth to him?” Erick gasped dramatically.
“he’s nine and I’m seventeen, how do you expect that to happen” I rolled my eyes.
“oh I guess you guys must just be siblings, why does he call you mom then? Where are your real parents?” he asked and I sighed angrily and carried sleeping Auggie, bridal style.
“you ask too many questions” I said before heading inside. I placed Auggie on our bed and laid beside him, lost in thoughts I drifted off to sleep.
T. B. C

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