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••~•• JUNE ••~••
The next morning I woke up, with my fingers feeling a little sore especially my thumb, it took me a little time to apprehend the place I was, and I breathed out when I remembered I was in Erick’s house, I got up from the bed and my eyes landed on his guitar, well Daniel’s guitar.
Wait. I paused, I remembered sleeping on the chair last night, and how did I get on the bed. Staring at the chair, I tried to remember if I sleep walked to the bed, when the door open and Erick walked in drinking orange juice.
“oh, finally you’re awake” he exclaimed as he walked in.
“good morning?” I said as I slowly come down from the bed.
“oh yeah, morning, your grandma called, I picked and we talked.”
“what did she say?” I ask
“she just asked if you’re still asleep and Augie said he wants to come here, to see you. That’s all”. Erick explained and I sighed, poor Augie, his sister didn’t come home last night and he’s worried.
“I.. I have to brush my teeth” I said tiredly.
“oh okay, good thing I have thousands of spare brushes in the bathroom, you can pick anyone you like” Erick explained and I pushed my head forward. “thousands?”.
“I was just joking, I have just three spare brushes, and I made breakfast, you can eat before you leave” Erick said and I smiled softly. “thank you”.
“you’re… Not welcome” he smiled and walked out, I chuckled softly before walking to his bathroom.
After brushing my teeth, I washed my face which looked like hell, dried it with one of his towels and walked out.
I walked out of his room and slowly walk downstairs, hearing another voice apart from Erick’s gave me cold fingers, but I breathed out and continued walking. I got to the living room and the first thing I saw was his blue hair and jigsaw earrings. Erick and Daniel, both laughing hard, “oh you’re finally here” Erick said to me immediately he saw me and he had to breathe in to contain his laughter, whatever they were laughing about.
“come join us, your food’s here” Erick said and I slowly moved back. “no it’s okay, I’m not hungry” I lied.
Eating with Erick is no biggie, I’ve done that with him a dozen times, but Daniel. Everyone’s Daniel!!!, that is one awkward situation.
“really?, cause you didn’t eat dinner yesterday, I didn’t make one and you were too engrossed with practicing, and now you’re not gonna eat breakfast? Yeah not happening” Erick said, walking away from the dining table to me. What is he doing? I. Thought as he held my wrist and pulled me to the dining table.
“here sit.” he said as he moved a chair from under the table. I sighed and rolled my eyes for the fact that Erick’s acting so extra and Daniel’s looking at me.
I stared at the fried bacon and eggs in front of me and I slowly grab my fork and knife…
“go on… Eat?” Erick urged and I shot him a glare.
“I know what to do.” I said with my teeth gritted and he laughed and apologized.
I slowly start to eat and the bacon was hard to stab cause it was burnt. “did you make this?” I ask Erick.
“we both did, I fried the egg he fried the bacon” Erick replied and my eyes went shut, but I opened them back again.
“it’s a little burnt isn’t it?” Daniel asked and I slowly nod.
“sorry.” he shrugged.
Ugh, what’s he even doing here. It’s so uncomfortable sitting here with him.
“i-it’s o-okay”. I said not looking at him.

“okay June, I totally noticed something” Erick said dropping his fork.
“notice what?” I asked.
“If I should have been the one that got the bacon burnt, you would have shouted or insulted my life away, but since it’s Daniel, you told him its okay, Does he seem more intimidating than i?” Erick asked narrowing his eyes at me.
“he’s not intimidating and neither are you.. It’s just that.. He…” I paused and glance at Daniel who’s head was leaned forward waiting for me to complete my sentence. “I… don’t really know him that much and it’s still uncomfortable being around him” I tell Erick and he raised his brows at me.
Well Daniel seems intimidating, he has a beautiful face but at the same time that face looks so mean that you might want to back off if he’s with you, his eyebrows is full and that made him seem like he’s a wicked or an angry person, and lastly he’s a person who has a high degree of recognition by the general population, he’s a very famous person and honestly sometimes being around him makes me feel so small.

“well in time I hope you’ll be comfortable around me.” Daniel suddenly said snapping out from my reverie.
“what is that supposed to mean?” Erick snapped.
“what else can it mean? I said in time I hope she’ll be comfortable around me” Danie huffed.
“no, that actually sounds like a flirt the first time you said it” Erick said and Daniel’s eyes widen. “what? It sounded nothing like a flirt” Daniel stated angrily.
“why would I want to flirt with her?” Daniel added.
Huh? What’s wrong with me?
I don’t want him to flirt with me, but am I not worth flirting?.
“Erick I wasn’t flirting with her but you need to control your jealousy, it’s turning you to an angry freak”. Daniel advised but Erick rolled his eyes.
“Daniel, you’re the one who—
I breathed out, not wanting to listen to the conversation anymore, they’re talking about me and it’s annoying and most of all awkward, I should just name the title of my situation to “awkward morning“.
“uh.. Erick?” I called and his head snapped at me immediately.
“I’m done eating and I have to go” I said standing up and pushing my untouched food forward.
“but you–
“Erick! Please.” I mumbled and he sighed. “well you can go, do you want to take a taxi I can pl–
“no it’s okay”. I quickly interrupted, since when did I become such a prisoner.
I quickly, went upstairs, grabbed my phone, and hurried back down.
“thank you for everything, bye..” I rushed my words before walking out of his house.
Taking the bus, I got home, as I opened the door Ella quickly jumped on my leg and barked loudly.
“hey El, how are you?” I asked smiling down at her.
“June!!” I heard my name happily and Augie suddenly flew on my body making me move back laughing.
“how are you?” I asked as I ruffled his hair.
“I’ve been great” he said letting go of my hand, I looked up and I saw Annie sitting on the floor beside the table looking at me..
Oh Annie..
“hey…” I said lowly, “what are you doing here?”
“what else will I be doing here if not to see you” Annie replied lowly not looking at me.
“uhh okay?.” I said, I moved Augie aside and walked passed Annie and to my room. “I’ll be right back” I tell Annie and she nods while I walked into my room.
I quickly took a bath, changed my clothes packed my hair up and walked out to the living room to see Augie talking to Annie with his tablet in front of Annie.
“and June had to stay over his house yesterday, she’s just re– Augie paused seeing me and I gave him a look.
“since when did you become such a blabber mouth?” I asked and he looked down shyly, and then he stood up.
I rolled my eyes and walked up to Annie and sat down opposite her.
“so… …” I started not knowing what to do.
“so?” she shrugged.
“how’s school?” I asked.
“the same”
“the same? I meant is it good or ba–
“bad, cause I kept feeling guilty about something that doesn’t need to concern me” Annie said sternly and I leaned my forward “why were you felling guilty”.
“cause you___
“cause you started acting like a meanie towards me, cause I didn’t tell you why I was with Daniel” I interrupted her and her jaw dropped.
“well I didn’t mean to, you wouldn’t tell me and it was really annoying, and I really wanted to know, so I had to act that way even though it was infantile, I’m sorry” she apologized.
“well okay.. I forgive you”. I said slowly.
“well you forgive me, but I don’t forgive you” she said sternly.
“what is that supposed to mea–
“I can’t believe you kept me in the dark about something so huge like that, when I tell you about everything going on in my life” Annie complained and I breathed out tiredly “kept you in the dark about what?”.
“Erick, about him being the heir to DH entertainment, and he was also the one who got you to the DH’s team competition or something like that”.
“who told you all this?” I asked.
“who else, while you’re under the shower, Augie had a pleasant time explaining to me the little details he knew” Annie explained and slowly my eyes dart to Augie who suddenly looked up at me guiltily, “so if a serial killer ask details about a deep secret in my life, is that how you’ll get to expose me?” I asked Augie who couldn’t even speak.
“June… Don’t look at August that way, he’s done a wonderful job and I’m not a serial killer” Annie half yelled making my eyes turn to her.
“I know but, I’m afraid you might… You know__
“I might what?” she narrowed her eyes.
“you might… Not. Keep, it a secret” I said with a sigh.
“who do you even think I am June, we’ve been friends since fourth grade and yet you still don’t trust me, I know like a dozen of your secrets, and do you see me running about and telling everyone that?” Annie stated bitterly and disappointed.
“look, Annie I—
“I even know one of your deep and darkest Secret in the 8th grade it’s when you took Jimmy’s pro—
“Annie!!” I yelled, stopping her from saying any more word.
“no I’m just trying to make a point here”. She sighed.
“I know, but next time, about the Jimmy stuff, let’s just keep it to ourselves” I said and she laughed.
“sure, I just want to know what you’re going through June” she said and I leaned closer to her and narrowed my eyes.
“or.. You just want to know how I get to be with Daniel that day”.
“seriously June, I’ve never been this serious in my life, don’t keep me like this” Annie smiled and I breathed in and just like she wished I told her everything, from the ”Beginning“ to the “End”.
“so Daniel and Erick are best friend and Erick wrote second chance!!!!!” Annie screamed pulling her hair, and I couldn’t control my heart beat,
Is my friend going crazy??? I thought.
“a…and wait.. Erick confessed to you and Daniel too?” Annie asked.
“what? No. Erick only” I said and she nod understandably
“so.. Wait.. You.. Annie paused and start to cough.
“you have to calm down Annie” I tell her.
“calm down my butt, this is huge!!” she grinned.
“so you’ve seen Daniel in real life, like a dozen times and you’ve even had a conversation with him?” Annie asked and I nod tiredly, she let out a scream and Ella barked.
“this is crazy, no wonderful, and very soon Erick’s going to make his debut and become A Star, oh my God, I’ve touched and talked to a celebrity, June.. I’m going crazy”. Annie barked and I rolled my eyes.
“you can’t go crazy Annie, what would your parents do without you” .
“I don’t care.” she grinned.. “and June, you said Erick’s teaching you how to play the guitar and he’s using the one Daniel gave him?”
I nod at Annie and she gasped
“can I see your hands?” she asked and I placed my two hands in front of her. And she quickly clasped it.
“I am never letting go of this hand.” she breathed and I pull my hand out of her grip.
“you need to get a hold of yourself Annie, cause if we’re going to recall this day together, I’ll be the one laughing and you’ll be the one crying and dying of embarrassment”. I tell her but she just ignored that and ask more questions*.
Finally Annie left and I could breathe again, if not for her mother who called I would still be stuck with her now.
Before I knew it, afternoon came and I prepared lunch, Augie stayed quiet during the whole meal and when he looked up at me I just give me a cold stare that will make him feel more guilty and look away. He needs to feel more and more guilty so next time he’ll learn his lesson and never blab about something that’ he’s not supposed to blab about.
*.. *..
Practising Erick’s song and playing the guitar in head, and also regretting why I didn’t take the guitar with me, Augie tapped me and I opened my closed eyes and turned to him.
“what?” I barked.
“i-I’m sorry” he apologized.
“you should be, when the hell did you become such a talkative?” I yelled at my baby brother and his best friend barked at me
“shut up you stupid dog.” I yelled at Ella and turned back to Augie
“everyone sees you as this laconic child, as this gentle sullen angel, even I do. But you let me down with what you did today”. I said and he starts to breathe heavily and I know he’s about to cry, even though him crying is my worst weakness, I was actually willing to see him cry.
“I’m sorry.” he mumbled as a tear crawled down his cheek.
“don’t apologize to me”. I said and he bowed his head, as his breathing became rapid.
“please mom.. I’m sorry”. Augie said lowly and it hit me on the chest when he called the word Mom.
“you know what, it’s okay come here” I said and he walked up to me.
He’s got another weakness on me.
“it’s okay” I sighed and cleaned his tears. He suddenly hugged me and I pat his back .
It was nighttime, Augie and Ella fell asleep leaving me mumbing Erick’s song to myself. The competition is tomorrow and I have to get ready, my phone suddenly buzzed and I grabbed it from the drawer
I saw a text message from Erick and I opened it.
°•°: you silly girl you forgot to take the guitar with you, don’t worry I’ll bring it to you tomorrow, good luck and call me when you get to DH :°•°
::: okay thank you goodnight.::: I texted back and dropped my phone, my sleepy eyes went shut and I fell asleep.
The next morning, I woke up at exactly ten thirty a.m and I almost screamed, I’m late. I yelled inside as I ran to the bathroom, I took a quick bathe and wore anything My hand touched when I opened my closet.
Grabbing my phone and feeling awkward with my skinny blue jeans and baggy shirt which I tied the hem at my waist side, I waved my grandma goodbye and hurried out.
Inside the bus, I couldn’t help my bite my finger, I’m late, that’s what my head sang instead of Erick’s song. Three girls at my back started to sing one of Daniel’s song Just love me. And it made me felt even more nervous,
I know everyone must have been shocked my the way I flew out of the bus, and ran like never before.
I finally got to DH and I almost cried when I remembered that I forgot my DH exit pass, but luckily and thankfully the security recognized me without me showing him my pass.
As I got into the elevator, I quickly called Travis and he picked immediately.
“June, aren’t you coming, you’re so late and I’ll be going next” Travis whispered and I heard someone play the piano horribly as he spoke.
“what floor?” I quickly asked.
“2nd floor, the door with the number zero seven, written at the middle.”
“thank you Travis” I said breathlessly and hung up. Why didn’t I put up my alarm.
I quickly called Erick and again thankfully he picked up at the first ring.
“June? I just left DH, not too long ago” he said and I gasped “what?”
“don’t worry, I already gave Daniel the guitar to give to you, cause he said he’ll be in DH” Erick explained and I sighed.
“well do you know where he is, cause I don’t” I said and immediately the elevator stopped and the door opened revealing Daniel. First time in my life I was happy to see Daniel Anderson, holding his guitar.
“I think he’ll be around–
“found him!” I cut Erick off and hang up, I walked out of the elevator and Daniel handed it to me without saying a word, “thank you” I said bowing slightly,
“June.” he called making me turn.
“goodluck” he said and I thanked him again,
I looked for the door Travis told me about and I found it. I walked in immediately and I found Travis on stage about to perform, the judges all eyed me as I walk to an empty seat and everyone’s eyes were on me and they all started to whisper and murmur, I had no idea of what they were mumbering about until I saw a girl pointing at the guitar. Oh, I forgot Daniel guitar has been seen by world wide already.
T. B. C

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