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~°°~ JUNE contd. ~°°~
I breathed in heavily when a girl touched me, and I turned to her.
“is that— she paused cause her friend interrupted her.
“it is, look it has his name and signature” her friend said pointing at Daniel’s name and signature at the guitar.
“how did you get it?” one of them asked and everyone in that line turned to look at me. Anticipating on my answer.
“I’m going to be singing, “jubilee, by umah” Travis announced.
“I uhh– I said and paused, I turned to my front cause Travis had already start playing the piano and everyone looking at me turned back to him too.
Travis eyes focused on the piano and slowly his head turned sideways and gently he opened his mouth and start to sing, the song was calm and tuneful, and as he went on with the song, he kind of made a mistake with the piano. But he continued anyway..
Travis was done with the song and he gave a light bow and unhappily he walked the stage. He walked up to me and sat beside me giving a heavy sigh.
“you did great.” I said.
“no I didn’t, I made a mistake, I just hope the judges won’t write that down” Travis said and pushed his hair back.
“don’t worry, I think you did you did a really good job”.
“thanks, but I don’t know hearing it from you is comfortable but still it’s making me more nervous” Travis said and I shrugged. The next person was called on stage and everyone giggled at the tambourine the person was holding and even Travis laughed too.
They went on and on until it got to my turn, before. I had to wait like a hundred decades before it’ll get to my turn, but now am just number sixteen, it’s not that hard.
I stood up and courageously walked to the stage, I was surprised at myself for being so brave and not nervous, I wanted to start playing the guitar but One of the judges stopped me.
“you didn’t tell anyone the song you’ll be performing”.
“Oh sorry” I apologized lowly and he rolled his eyes and scribbled something down on the paper in front of him.
“I’ll be singing beautiful world by… Erick.” I said and swallowed hard, Travis looked at me in weird way but I looked away.
“who’s this Erick you speak of. Doesn’t he have a last time, I believe no one has heard of him” One of the female judge said tilting the pen in between her middle finger and forefinger.
“he’s… Not that popular… Can I just go on with the song?” I said and hated that my voice trembled. They nodded at me and I breathed out a sigh of relief and slowly sat down on the chair behind me, setting the microphone to my sudden height, I remembered the way Erick thought me how to balance a guitar on my body and I did so, remembering the strings, I place my hand on them, closed my eyes and start to play, my eyes opened again and I start to sing.
I was done singing and I gave a low bow before coming down the stage. “you did pretty great” Travis said as I slowly walked passed him and sat on my seat.
“I hope so” I shrugged.
“but, where did you get that, did Daniel give you that, himself? Travis whispered to me and I gently nod, “why do you ask?”.
“cause all the girls around are talking so many things about you, saying you stole the guitar while some say you just made another guitar that looks exactly like Daniel’s” Travis explained and I sighed.
“If I had known the guitar would cause so much turbulence, I wouldn’t have used it but another guitar”. I moved my hair back and laid back on the chair.
Some eyes were still on me and it was getting uncomfortable
I met Cassie’s eyes but she rolled her eyes at me and looked away.
The four judges, two males two females stood up and majestically walked to the stage.

“attention everyone!” one the female judge said into the microphone and everywhere became silent and all attention were now on her, finally!
“congratulations to you all… But honestly you all did less great with this performance, but this round is not over yet, you are going to preform three times till you can get to the next top ten. You’ve all done the first part of this part and the next part, you’re all going to get your groove on” The judge said and Travis sighed. “finally,”
The judge on stage paused and breathed out heavily before looking at the papers in her hand.
“you’ve all come a Long way actually and that’s beautiful” the woman said into the microphone still looking at the paper. “for this round and the next part, you’re all going to sing while you dance, and according to our arrangements, we all agreed to pair you all four to four, and also accosting to our research, we discovered that among the sixteen of you all, there are just four boys and twelve girls… So you’re all going to be in a group of four and one boy for each, you’re all going to learn your dances together, different dance lesson for different groups. Hope you all get that?” the woman sighed softly and moved her hair back. “and I’m not done yet..” she said and everyone attention went back to her.
“you’re all going to know your group members by the call of your numbers, which will be called by my partner here”. The woman said and the other female judge took over.
“for the first group.” the woman smiled and called them.
“stand together” she told the first group and they all stood together aside.
“the next group, number 12.. Travis glanced at me and I shrugged …”47, 200, 201” I gasped and turned to Travis.
“we’re groupies” he grimaced and I smiled and slowly stood up when the judge said we should stand together.
Cassie grinned at Travis as she walked up to us, ugh, she’s in the same group as us. The last person to Join us is the girl who’s afraid of dancing and her voice shook as she said hi to us..
The woman called the next group and then the last group. Making a total four group and four participant in each group making a total sixteen.
“now everyone you’re all going to choose one person as your group lead.” the woman announced and everyone starts to murmur.
“no need to start up any hubbub, cause you all know I’m the group lead.” Travis said and Cassie shrugged while I nod, “you should” the anti-dance girl said and Travis smiled, while we all turned back to the woman on stage.
“Now as groupies, you’re all going to love and help each of your group members” the woman said and Cassie and I glance at each other, more like glowered at each other.
Love… Help.. I want to laugh so hard even though I don’t find this funny.
“instead of me saying more and wasting your time, you’re all going to get the rules and all you need to know for your next performance”. The woman said with a small smile and walked down the stage, the other judge followed her and they all distributed a written document to each and every one of us.
I held my mine and stared at the paper in front of me and I started to read the.
*as a member of this group, you’re all one and this is the rules as follows.
Respect your group leader.
Love and care for your groupies
If one of your groupie fails or missed a dance step during the performance, you all fail.
i gasped reading third rule, that is unfair. How can one person make the entire group fail and too bad cause we got anti-dance girl in our group.
“you guys all see that, respect the leader.” Travis said boastfully and I shook my head negatively at him…
“oh no, this is horrible,” the anti-Dance girl announced and we all turned to her.
“I should just give up and go home, I’m going to make you all fail” she cried and Cassie smiled.
“you should, cause you’re already failing us now”
“shut up Cassie” Travis snapped at her. “that is too mean to say”.
“look uh… What’s your name?” Travis asked the girl.
“Grace!” she replied cleaning the tears fomenting in her eyes.
“look Grace, you can’t give up, I’ve listened to your voice, we all have, just because you can’t dance doesn’t mean it’s the end of the long journey for you, you have a great voice and you’re already half way there, and who said you can’t dance, you’ve got two hands and two legs, your joints are walking perfectly and you’ve got a pretty smile, so.. I don’t see anything stopping you from dancing,” Travis said with a warm smile.
“thank you” the girl smiled at Travis and quickly looked away with her flushed face.
“ugh. Such a flirt” Cassie rolled her eyes at Travis who ignored her.
“we’re now a group and we are now looking out for each other so—
Travis paused and talk back to the woman cause it seems like she isn’t done giving information yet.
The judges gave our group a name, the first group were named, the D We were named A, the third group N and the last group Z.
Four men came inside the room and each of them stood in front of a group, and everyone just kept murmuring until one of the male judge interrupted us all.
“This men are going to be your dance tutor and also your coordinator.” the man yelled putting everyone’s mind at ease.
“the first group which is the D, are going to be practicing in the dance class which Is on the fifth floor, the second group, the A- are going to practice in the dance class at the last floor, and lastly the N and Z group are going to use the dance classes which is on the First floor”. The man explained and walked away tiredly.
“and lastly, you were all given the grace for this whole week to learn whichever dance you’ll be learning cause the next performance is this upcoming Sunday, and you all need to choose a song you can sing and dance at the same time, all the best to you all, our job here is done”. The woman primped and walked out with her partners.

“okay everyone, listen” the man who stood in front of us said and we all turned to look at him. I don’t think he has crossed thirty cause he looks young but still way matured than any of us,
“as you all know, I’m your dance teacher and coordinator, and as your dance teacher, I’ll introduce myself. Just call me Justin” the man said and we all nod.
“so your name is, “just call me Justin?” grace asked and the man sighed.
“no it’s just, Justin, and since you’ll be learning from me, I’ll like to know my trainees” he said. And we all introduced ourselves.
“you know, you all have just this whole week to learn whichever dance you want to learn, so do you all want us to start practising Now or tomorrow?” Justin asked.
“I’m wearing a skirt.” Grace said lowly.
“a dress” Cassie primped and we all eyed her dress and turned back to Justin.
“so I guess we’ll start tomorrow then, I want to see you all in our dance class tomorrow before eight in the morning, good day”. Justin said rubbed his not so hairy beard and then walked away.
“finally, we can all go home”. Grace breathed out and we all walked to the seats we all sat down to pick up our stuff.
I picked up Daniel’s guitar and about to walk when three girls stepped in front of.
“oh my goodness, it is Daniel’s guitar like everyone said, how did you get it?” one of them asked.
I sighed and walked the other way, I seriously hate this, I can’t take this guitar home cause everyone knows this guitar and Daniel even used it for his concert here in mahnline, I quickly walked out of the room we performed and i walked briskly before anyone could storm out of the door and strangle me for holding Daniel’s guitar.
I took the elevator, to the last floor and quickly head to the relinquished studio, at least no one’s going to See Me here, I dropped the guitar on one of the chairs and pulled my phone out of my pocket.
I quickly called Erick and he immediately picked up.
“June… Wow what a coincidence, I was about to call you” his happy voice said. “so? How did your performance go?”.
“it went great, now listen, Daniel’s guitar is causing total chaos, everyone’s just assuming different kind of stupid stuff, seeing me with it, and I can’t take it home cause I’m taking the public bus and everyone’s going to recognize it and that may be a big problem” I explained.
“okay, then you can go to the relinquished studio and drop it there and I’ll tell someone to come pick it later with a guitar case,” Erick said I breathed out a sigh of relief,
“good thing, I’m there already and the guitar is lying one of the chairs here, and I’m already on my way out”. I said as I opened the door and walked out of the studio.
“guess what?” Erick said as I pressed the elevator button.
“so many good things happen to you which I cannot guess so you better tell me” I said and walked into the elevator.
“where’s the ketchup?” I heard Daniel’s voice and Erick answered him. “it’s up there”
They’re always together.
“anyways, I’m done with my dance lessons practiced my song and I’ll be making my debut soon” Erick said and I gasped.
“really?” I asked excitedly.
“yep, and by soon, I mean this week, I’ll be at DH tomorrow, to record my song. My mom’s going to fly back to Mahnline to See Me record my song, and since like my whole family’s going to be there, you’re going to be there too right?”.
“sorry, Erick, I wish i can but I’ve got dance class tomorrow” I said.
“c’mon June. You were the one you told me to chase ‘this’ dream and now you’re not going to see it come to pass, seriously??” Erick blurted.
“it’s your dream, don’t make it sound like I forced you to do so”. I rolled my eyes
“of course, you forced me” he yelled from the phone and I giggled.
“well okay… I’ll try to show up, just text me when you get to DH tomorrow” I said and I could feel his smile from the phone.
“great, now I can finish, after recording my song tomorrow, we’ll then move to making my music video and then after my dad’s going to announce my debut to DH media and that’s how it’ll be” Erick explained and I shook my head negatively. “being a Celebrity, it’s so not easy” I tell him and he laughed.
“and lastly, I’m thinking of going with a new stage name, I can’t let the world know me as Erick Dhousten, worst Frederick Dhousten, that’s lame and stupid.” Erick said and I smiled as the elevator door opened and I walked out.
“okay so, what are you going to go with instead?” I asked.
“I’m going to go with E-J” Erick said proudly.
“E J, what the hell, that sounds as stupid as you feel and what in the heckerooni does EJ stands for?” I asked, as I walked out of DH .
“it’s actually Erick-J” Erick blurted.
“Erick J? Okay what’s the J for?” I asked.
“why don’t you ask Maria Li why there’s a Li in her name” Erick said and I rolled my eyes.
“It’s part of her name, and I know J is not part of your name” I said and he sighed.
“I’m not gonna tell you until you figure it out yourself” he said.
“well I don’t care, I’m hanging up now, the bus is here and I have to go”. I said. “okay see you tomorrow” he announced and I hanged up.
I laughed at the name as I got into the bus and then I paused as I got to the back seat.
“what if The J stands for June” my subconscious echoed and I gasped.
No way. Erick-J, Erick-June..
T. B. C

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