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쇼 June 쇼
Erick smiled at me and goodness his blue hair was to die for. And Daniel’s gone pink, which suit him too.
“oh my God” Grace said standing up.
“D-Daniel..” she stutter.. “E-Erick”.
Daniel smiled at her and Cassie quickly stood up,
“Daniel, I am your biggest fan and… ” she sighed breathlessly giving both of them a loving look.
“and you, and I just love the both of you”. Cassie said and Grace nodded.
“well that’s great.. cause we love you guys too” Daniel said giving them a small smile.

“oh if it isn’t Travel” Erick said smiling.
“it’s Travis”. Travis snapped.
“yeah, whatever” Erick smiled and walked up to me.

“hey” I said with a smile and he held my hand making me stand up.
The number of eyes staring at us made me gulped down and I had to avoid their eyes and look at Erick.
“h-happy debut’s day” I said and he laughed.
“that’s not a thing” he said.
“sorry… I’m just out of words” I said lowly.
“you look beautiful” he said and grace coughed and held myself not to glance at her and give her a glare. “thanks”.. I beamed.
“you’re all getting ready for the competition right?” Erick asked and I nod.
“luckily, I found a pen in my bag, Daniel can I have your autograph, I missed your fan signing event” Cassie said and Daniel smiled.”sure” and took the pen from her.
“where would you like me to sign?” Daniel asked.
“on my wrist” Cassie replied immediately.
Daniel took her wrist and grace yelped. While Erick turned back to me “I missed you, it was kind of stressful and bored without you there”.
“oh” I said my cheeks heating up. I can’t help myself when he’s being like this
“And I also–
His buzzing phone interrupted him from finishing his words, and he sighed and he read whatever was on his screen.
“dang it!” he muttered as he dropped his phone back in his pocket. “I have to go, these days I’m gonna be a lot scarcer than ever because of my debut” he sighed and pushed his hair back.
“your hair. . .” I said
“what is it bad?” he rushed his words
“no! it’s beautiful and so is Daniel’s” I smiled and glanced at Daniel to see him crowded by Grace and Cassie.
“I asked for myself not for Daniel too, you could have just complimented me alone”
“can you not be a jealous freak!” I rolled my eyes and he laughed.
“I’ll try, anyways I have to go I’ll see you when heavens tell us too” he said and gave a charming smile.
“okay,” I laughed.
He let’s go of my hand and sighed tiredly looking at me.
“what?” I asked.
“i-i… I could have kissed you but I’ll ruin your makeover” he said.
°It doesn’t matter° I wanted to say but good thing I stopped myself cause I don’t know what’s wrong with me.
I stopped talking cause I keep saying “I” which means I don’t know what to say, even if I really do.
“anyways, I’ll see you real soon” he said, smiled and walked up to Daniel, Grace and Cassie asked for Erick’s autograph and he gave them too.
“don’t you want one?” Erick asked Travis, referring to their autographs
“I’m good” Travis replied sternly.
“okay… Here’s your pen” Erick handed Cassie her pen.
“good luck to you all” Erick said.
“thanks” Grace grinned and Erick glance at me before he and Daniel walked out.

“today is the most happiest day of my life” Cassie smiled sitting back on her chair.
“yeah I almost cried” Grace added.
“tch” Travis scoffed.
“oh and Travis, have you met Daniel and Erick before?” Cassie asked.
“they would have probably have, cause how would they know his name” Grace said
“I’ve met them and they hate me, you could have heard Erick called me Travel” Travis said and he turned to me while I gave him an apologizing look.
Cassie suddenly laughed hysterically and we all turned to her.
“Travel? Wow that’s more convenient than Travis” she said while Travis rolled his eyes.
“but I have to say this June! I’m jealous, you’re dating a celebrity and he’s also best friend with the king of pop and wow… You’re lucky” Grace said whimsically and I smiled briefly.
The door opened and our stylists walked inside with our clothes.
“wow…” grace beamed as she gazed at the clothes happily, the clothes were all purple and black and it was shiny and sparkly like that of a clothes worn at disco balls.
“here”. One of the stylist said and gave Travis his clothes, And ours was handed to us.
“you! You can change in here” one of the stylist said and moved Travis to a door, and no one knew there was a door there cause there was no knob, the door just rhymed with the wall.
We were all moved to a small dressing room and I don’t know if anyone’s room is as tiny as mine cause mine’s suffocating.
I quickly changed into the black crop top and sparkly purple bum short, the shorts surprisingly came with purple sparkly suspenders and after bracing it up, I slipped the black shoes on which has sparkly shoe laces and lastly put on the sparkly purple hand gloves that came with the clothes.
I walked out of the small room and met Travis who was already dressed in a black pants, a black shirt and a sparkly blazer on top of the shirt. Cassie came out next and hers was a purple sparkly short jumpsuit with a black belly belt around her waist. Grace came out last and hers was a simple armless purple crop top and black trousers with purple sparkly belt and the same shoes as mine.
We heard noises coming from outside and one of the stylist said to us “our job here is done and everyone’s outside you guys need to go”.
We all walked out after the stylist who went their own way. And I was surprised to see every group looking fabulous with their group colour code. And everyone wearing sparkly outfits, ours were purple and the first group were green, the third group were blue and the last group were orange.
We all gathered together cause we were all told to and suddenly four judges walked in, two male two females, all wearing thick red suits and none of them smiling.
Why do they always give us mean looking judges.
The judges moved to the four chairs facing the stage and they all sat down.
A woman walked up to the stage with a smile and a microphone in her hand.
“um… Hi everyone.” she said and the curious eyes made her smile again and continued, “you all know that during your last round, you were told that this round you’re all going to perform three times before entering the next round, but guess what! Due to some stuff going on in the industry that rule has been terminated, you get to the next round with just this performance, so you all should do your best with this performance and reach for the stars!!!” the woman said and everyone clapped. While she walked down the stage.
The first group were called on stage the song they chose got everyone’s body moving to the beat,
“I don’t know what song this is, but this is pretty good” Cassie said.
“guys is it just me or are these clothes tight and suffocating” Grace said and fanned herself with her hand.
“it’s not! It’s fabulous” Cassie said.
I glance at Grace and she looked scared as she watched the first group display their awesome dance moves.
“are you nervous?” I asked Grace as I stood beside her.
“no!” she scoffed. (this story is written by Ruthie Lee)
“you don’t have to lie, I know you are and honestly I am too” I said and she breathed out a sigh of relief. “I am so nervous I feel like crying” Grace stated and Travis turned to her, placing his hands on her shoulder.
“you don’t have to be Grace, just act like you’re still in dance class and just let your body go with the music okay, we’re all human here don’t act like someone’s going to slaughter you for not performing well, and let me tell you nervousness ruins everything, so just get rid of your nervousness and Let’s blow everyone’s mind and I believe we have the best dance moves and amazing song to go with, so Grace, I don’t see any reason for you to be nervous” Travis expound and Grace pulled him in a hug.
“thanks Travis” she muttered
“you’re welcome” he said as he hugged her back.
We watched the first group dance together and Travis hand laid on Grace’s shoulder the whole time, he was keeping her calm the whole time and she felt comfortable under his under his arm and rested her head on his shoulder.
Cassie kept looking at them and I kept looking at her looking at them without her knowing .
Finally the first group ended their performance and everyone clapped.
“remember guys, Let’s give our best!” Travis stated strongly as our group name were being called.
We ended our performance with a catchy pose and everyone clapped.
“wow that was magical” Grace said happily, as we all walked down to the crowd.
We all did great no one became the best dancer when we got on stage cause everyone did their best in singing and dancing, the lyrics giving to Grace was strong and she did a pretty good job drawing the song and dancing at the same time. And I think getting that part perfectly is making her happy
“see I told you there’s nothing to worry about” Travis said and she flashed him a smile.
Cassie rolled her eyes at that I started to wonder what was wrong with her.
A woman came and handed us bottled water and everyone chugged down the whole thing, I can’t believe I’ll be so thirsty to ask for another bottle.
The next group chose a slow song and everyone giggled to how slow and funny the dance looked and oh their poor souls, the judges are looking pretty angry and I don’t think they’re going to stay. It’s not their fault, it’s their dance teachers and I am so glad we got Justin.

The last group performed well but I still think we gave the best performance, and after the last group ended their dance everyone were called on stage and we all stood separately, but side by side with our group members.
“group D. Move forward” one of the female judge with the meanest face said and the first group moved forward.
“you guys were wonderful, but I’ll take back my “ful” cause you guys weren’t completely wonderful, you with the tiny waist, your body’s flexible but doesn’t go with your voice while you dance, and you with the gloves, your voice is amazing and so is your dance steps but you don’t have confidence in you and that sucks. You, the only boy in the group, you’re the worst, whatever vibe the group had you ruined it with your frozen body and trembling voice, you suck!” the judge said minding her foul words and everyone gasped.
“and lastly you, you did just perfect, so you and you, you’re out and you and you are in” the female judge said and everyone watched as the girl with the tiny waist and the boy with the frozen body walked down the stage sadly, leaving the two girls to feel happy for themselves.
“group A. Move forward” the room echoed with that and my heart skipped a beat as we moved forward.
The woman sighed and shook her head negatively while Grace starts to tremble.
“you’re all wonderful, and I’m leaving my ful thus time”.
“you with the blonde hair” the woman said to Cassie “you’re not so good with dancing but you have a nice voice and you keep up and there’s so much confidence in you and that’s the first thing a super star needs, confidence! So congratulations dear, you made it” the woman smiled and Cassie gasped and covered her mouth giving the woman a small bow.
She made it.
“you” the woman said to Travis and he kind of flinched, “your voice isn’t that great, but I’ll put it in the list of okay, but the way your body moves with the beat, made me wish I was teenager and you carry this catchy aura that makes someone smile seeing you dance, you were wonderFUL young man and I’m not taking my ful this time, congratulations!” the woman said and Travis smiled giving a small bow.
“and you” dang it! it’s my turn, can she stop referring to us as “YOU” it’s scary.
“you have a nice voice and a flexible body, you’re full with passion and you smile while you dance, and just everything a super star needs, congratulation” the woman said and I smiled happily and gave her a bow.
I made it!!!! I screamed happily in me,
I cannot believe I did it.
“and you!” the woman said to Grace and she held her breath, holding my hand.
“you were not so good, but honey people like you who are not-so-good are the best and I mean it, there’s a part where the dance part became harder and the song note became higher, I thought you’d be a vibe killer and destroy your group by singing that part badly and dancing stupidly, but sweetie you blew my mind when you dance and drew the song like it was nothing, your singing talent Is to die for, so dear congratulation!” the woman said and grace screamed before giving an apologetic and thankful bow.
“we all did it” Travis said as we all walked to the back stage
“yeah, I cannot believe it” I said and he laughed.
“me too, I was so scared I almost peed on stage” Grace said and we all laughed.
The third group only the boy made it and the last group, three of them made it, making us a complete ten.
We were giving speeches on how and where our next performance will be taking place, and this time around they’re going to be just four winners and that was sad cause anyways one or two of us are going to make it and the rest is going to loose. I wish we could all make it but it’s not possible…
That day after sharing happiness with my groupies I made my journey home, inside the bus I listened carefully to the bus radio as the broadcaster talked about out certain things and then moved to celebrities.
«“and now with this news coming live, DH industry. One of the biggest music entertainment in Mahnline, announced a new star’s debut, who goes by the name Erick-J, Erick-J debut was released at 6:00am today, ten hours ago and grossing 8million views in just ten hours and that is mind blowing cause it is the fas—
I smiled as I got down the bus, look at Erick being adored, and he wanted to throw all that away.
I got home and I met my grandma eating dinner with Augie and I happily joined them, I told my grandma about the competition and how everything went and she happily listened as I spilled the whole story to her.
It was nighttime and I just finished doing the dishes about to go to my room to take a long lasting nap, when a soft knock landed on the door, I yawned softly and walked to the door, wondering who it could be.
I opened the door and he smiled showing his complete white teeth.
“what are you doing here?” I said can’t help my smile
“are you gonna let me in or ask me more questions till I freeze out here and die” Erick said and I rolled my eyes and opened the door wider for him to walk in but instead he hugged me.
T. B. C

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