~•~ “June” ~•~
“h-ow is this possible..” Cassie breathed out and I rolled my eyes.
I don’t know if she’s saying that because she’s surprised that I’m dating Erick (which I’m not) and he’s going to be super star. Or she’s surprised that a girl like me is dating Erick. (which I’m not)
“June, I didn’t know Erick sings” Travis said as I held my bottled water close to my chest.
“he does and I sang his song in our last performance” I said and Travis and Grace nodded.
“okay this is mad. I really want to ask you a lot of questions Now June” grace said biting her lip.
Please don’t.
“yeah me too” Cassie primped… I wanted to pretend to have a sudden phone call but thankfully my phone ringed and bless who ever called.
Erick’s name was on the screen and I sighed. This is not the perfect time for him to call me, but I kind of appreciate it since it’ll be my getaway.
“hey… Hi..” I stutter as I said into the phone, cause everyone’s eyes are on me and I don’t know why they’re all staring at me that way.
“is it Erick?” Grace mouthed to me lowly. I tried to shake my head negatively, but I’ll be lying to her so instead I just nod positively but hesitantly.
“hello?” a familiar voice said, but not the voice I was expecting hear.
“Erick will be here any Second now, I can’t believe he called you and left his phone”. The voice complained and my brows arched.
“Daniel?” I asked making Cassie and Grace gasped.
It’s “their” Daniel, but don’t tell me their heads have gone to me calling Daniel already just because Erick’s going to be a celebrity.
“has she picked yet?” I heard Erick’s voice from afar and I breathed out a sigh.
“oh you mean I should come outside?” I said as everyone’s eyes pierced at my ear and mouth.
“I didn’t say that” Daniel said and I suddenly hurried to the door, if only he knew that word was my escape plan. I gave them all an apologetic look before walking out.
I walked into the hallway and I breathed out a sigh of relief, Erick the phone from Daniel and we both started to talk…
We both talked as I walked into the elevator, as I got to the first floor, as I walked out of DH and as I head to the bus stop. I had to end the call as I got into the bus and I smiled as I looked at the window and at everything moved back slowly then with full speed,
It’s a good thing Erick called, it was nice to hear his voice for once it’s been ages and he’s been feeding me stories of making his music video and then who started to ask about how I am and how my competition is going.
I got home that hot afternoon and after taking a shower, I had lunch with my grandma and Ella Who was jumping and barking at the door. telling her about the competition and why I had to come home early, I then moved on to Erick’s debut and she smiled about it and praised Erick about his God’s gift talent. even though she smiled and praised Erick she still seemed a little lackadaisical about the story.

I landed softly on my bed feeling a little tired, but not so much since lunch covered a bit of my tiredness, which isn’t tiredness but hunger, I stretched a bit on the bed and immediately I yawned and started to feel sleepy, not holding back the darling feeling, I turned go Augie’s bed to look at his sleeping body before I closed my eyes and fell asleep.
I suddenly woke up with shock when I felt a heavy painful weight on my body, I breathed out a sigh when I saw Augie on my body.
“what’s this?” I asked as he quickly jumped down from my bed. “so you woke up from your own slumber and the living room couldn’t contain your play date with Ella so you decided to play on me” I said dryly sitting up.
“I’m sorry, Ella was chasing me and I didn’t have anywhere to run so I accidentally jumped on your bed, I thought you weren’t there” he said giving me that sheer look.
“wow, how have I become so transparent, and I don’t know why you’re being so rough these days, is it because of Ella?” I asked with an angry glare.
“cause if it’s because of her then I won’t hesitate to take her back to Erick, cause you’re not the Augie I once knew” I added and he suddenly start to shed tears.
“I’m sorry”.
“do not cry in front of me, do not cry in front of me when you know you’ve done something very offensive cause I won’t fall for your trick this time Augie, what if you killed me! Cause you know I was asleep and you suddenly pounced on me in… my sleep, what if I died huh? Tell me!” I asked breathlessly and he gave me a look, he tried to say something but he stopped himself, suddenly the door opened and my grandma walked in.
“what’s going on?” she asked and I had to explain the whole thing for her.
“Augie when did you become so rough?” my grandma asked Augie who suddenly cleaned his tears .
“I said I was sorry and I didn’t mean to”. Augie said finding his voice.
“you know that was dangerous, she was asleep and goodness what if something happened to her Augie?” grandma sighed and Augie suddenly rushed to give her a hug. He knows hugging grandma will get him on her side.
“June, you have to know he’s just a boy and you shouldn’t yell so much at him”.
“are you serious with me grandma? He’s turning to a complete brat and you still don’t want me to yell at him!” I said and my grandma smiled.
“it’s okay June don’t get too angry, anyways I just came in here to tell you about dinner” my grandma said, tapped Augie’s back and walked out.
“don’t kill me Augie, I still have a dream I haven’t accomplished yet” I sighed before walking out.
We all had a quiet dinner before I went back to my room to have some peace and quiet. I’ve gotten enough rest for today and now I feel like I can move a mountain, how I can’t wait for tomorrow.
Listening to Erick’s song and thinking about him I fell asleep again.
The next morning I woke up feeling a little nervous, the competition is today and well I’m nervous.. So nervous.
Augie was still asleep when I got ready to leave and having just a slice of bread and butter, pushing it down with tea. I found myself on the streets heading to the bus stop.
The day was dull and sombre and before I knew it thick grey clouds blanketed the sky and I was thankful I got into the bus before the rain starts to fall.
The bus was noisy and everyone focused on their phones talking about music, and I suddenly gasped loudly, Daniel’s comeback and Erick’s debut are going to be released today.
Is out yet? Is that what everyone’s so busy with? I thought. I brought out my phone but dropped it back when I realised I can’t do anything to have me distracted from this competition.
I got down the bus and I had run to get into DH to avoid getting wet but still I got a little wet.
DH seemed unusually busy and I saw moved to the elevator I bumped into so many people before spotting Travis and grace getting into the last elevator, I made sure I hurried up to them and we all walked into the elevator.
“when did you get here?” grace asked.
“just now, where are we going?” I asked.
“6th floor, that’s where the competition is taking place”. Grace rushed her words.
“and June” Grace grinned at me.
“what?” I asked while Travis rolled his eyes.
“your boyfriend’s amazing, he his God’s gift to us all, his music video was a blast and his voice, God his voice was marvellous, I cried and watched it three times on YouTube before downloading it to my phone” Grace said with a sigh
“I thought you and Cassie were looking forward to Daniel’s comeback”. Travis said.
“well June’s our friend so we have to see if her boyfriend’s talented and oh God of Daniel please forgive me for saying this, but I think Erick’s more— talented” Grace said and dramatically covered her mouth like she has said a bad thing.
“you’re funny” Travis laughed
“but I can’t betray Daniel, he’s my king, the king of pop music actually and I’ll make sure I watch his video before the competition, he’s like a medicine that ease your pain and his smile can make you forget about your worries and stress—
Grace stopped talking when the elevator door stopped and opened. The three of us walked out letting the four tall ladies walk into the lift with different dresses in their hands.

“I think, this is the room we were told to come” Travis said, opened the door and we all walked in, each group stood together talking to each other, the stage looked more fancier and it had spotlights on each angle of the stage.
Suddenly a woman in casual clothes and a small head microphone walked up to the stage with a sheet of paper in her hand.
“I want everyone’s attention”. The woman said and everywhere went silent.
“thank you” the woman breathed out. “group D, the first group you’re the first to perform and your changing room is that way”. The woman said pointing to a door.
And everyone starts to murmur
“what changing room?” Travis asked, and that same question was asked around.
“you guys weren’t told? For this level of performance, you’re not supposed to perform with your clothes, but the industries, DH is giving you all free wardrobes and makeover for just this performance an–
Everyone screamed in excitement and the woman rolled her eyes.
“and group, D, that’s your changing room, group A, that’s yours” the woman said and pointed to a door at her left and we all turned to look at it.
“group N, that’s yours and group Z, that’s yours” the woman said and showed them to their changing room.
“you can all start changing and you all have just an hour to get dressed” the woman said and ran down the stage.
“where is Cassie for Christ’s sake” Grace asked looking around and suddenly Cassie stormed in, she sighted us and started walking up to us.
“finally you’re here” Grace said
“sorry I woke up late” Cassie said as she followed us to the changing room.
“where are we going?” she asked.
“our changing room, we are going to be given free wardrobes and makeover for today’s performance” Grace explained and Cassie gasped.
“are you serious?” she asked and Grace nodded.
We got into the changing room which has purple dark paintings. mirrors surrounded the wall and has two white drawers and chairs behind every drawers.
“wow” Cassie said as she opened a drawer, “this is amazing” she said sitting down to explore whatever she saw inside the drawer.
Four middle aged woman walked in wearing all black and with a smile one of them said.
“we are all here to get your ready, we’re the stylist and they’re the make up artist” the woman said and gestured her hand showing us the make over artists and the stylist.
Few minutes later we were all glued to the chair in front of each drawer and stared at the morrow, watching what the women did for us.
Cassie and Travis had already got their hair done so the stylist switched places with the make over artists, as Cassie and Travis got their make up done Grace and I got out hair done.
My straight hair was weaved a little at my left side and the rest was curled into dark bouncy waves.
I peeped at Grace and her brown curly hair was made into more curly curls and the front was stylishly weaved to her side.
“oh you look pretty” The woman who made my hair said and I smiled “thanks.”
“I totally forgot Cassie, have you watched Erick’s debut music video?” grace asked looking at Cassie’s reflection in her mirror.
“no!” Cassie replied plainly.
“what about Daniel? Did you watched his?” Cassie asked.
“no” Grace replied.
“what?. Then you’re seriously missing, his comeback this time around was mind blowing and goodness he melted my heart with this song and even though I haven’t watched Erick’s.. I don’t think his would be up to Daniel’s comeback” Cassie cranky voice filled the whole room and I sighed.
“well… I haven’t watched Daniel’s comeback, but now I love Erick’s music video” Grace said and the woman making her hair smile.
“ugh, I don’t know how Erick’s music video like but whatever I will go check it out” Cassie said, grabbed her phone and after tapping for a while she screamed.
“1.4million views in just four hours!!”.
“my re-watching did really pay off” Grace laughed.
“well I’m about to find out how ‘talented’ Erick is” Cassie said and did air quote around talented.
“he’s not only talented but handsome and gosh his new blue hair really suits him, he’s amazing and I love him… No offense June” grace said and I shrugged.
And Erick’s gone blue.
“can you just shut up and let me watch please?” Cassie yelled, she’s through with her makeover so she can yell and move whichever way she likes.
“sorry” Grace apologized lowly
“can you for once try to be nice in your life” Travis voice echoed but Cassie ignored him and played the video.
She was the one watching the video but the song could be heard around the whole room and at the chorus Grace sang along but she was told to stop moving and singing cause she is getting her own makeover and so was I.
The song ended and Cassie played it again.
“he is talented” Cassie said as Grace laughed lightly
“told Ya” Grace said happily and the lady giving her a makeover gave her a look that made her to apologize.

“goodness, Erick is some competition” Cassie said as she dropped her phone.
“yeah” Grace agreed.
“but Daniel’s song is still way ahead of Erick’s, he’s gotten 4million views already” Cassie primped.
“you cannot compare Daniel and Erick, Cassie. Daniel’s a world super star and Erick’s just an upcoming super star in Mahnline” Grace explained, and breathed a sigh of relief when her makeup was done, and immediately mine was done too.
The four ladies stood together and the same person who introduced them said; “we’re done and lastly were going to get your clothes” she said and they all walked out.
We all had the chance to turn and take a good look at each other, Cassie looked beautiful even though her hairstyle is still the same, Travis looked like a prince,his brown hair was gelled all back and because of the gel, it made his hair looked more darker and his voice looked good with the light makeup and he looked breath taking.
“wow” he said to me and then turned to Grace.
“I don’t know if it’s still June or Grace cause you guys looks so different right now” Travis said and grace and I shared a flushed laugh
“you look so different too” I said and Travis rolled his eyes.
“different in a bad way”.
“no” I said and he shrugged.
“aren’t you seeing me?” Cassie asked primping along
“you look good too” Travis said with a small smile and Cassie prissily looked away.
“so.. I want to ask you this question June” Grace said and I turned to her.
“have you met Daniel before?” she asked.
“yeah” I said calmly.
“like in real life, face to face?” she asked again looking very pretty as she bat her straightened lashes .
“yeah” I replied.
“how did he smell like?” Cassie suddenly Turned to me and Travis brows arched, “I’ve seen him like once of twice here in DH but I haven’t really got close to him to smell him” Cassie said and we all looked at her worldly.
“he smells normal” I breathed out.
“Aww c’mon and stop pretending June, you’ve mu–
Cassie was interrupted by the clicking of the door and we all turned to the door.
“oh our dresses must be here!” Grace said happily.
But well to her disappointment, I wouldn’t say to her disappointment but to everyone’s astonishment, like rays of sunlight Erick and Daniel came shining through the door and I noticed the way Cassie’s breath seized.
T. B. C


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