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Erick and I both ended the kiss and I could say it was marvelous.
I hid my shy face In his chest and he let out a hysterical laugh.
“don’t tell me you’re feeling shy all of a sudden?” Erick asked and I straightened up and rolled my eyes at him.
“I’m not”.
“yeah right, look at your cheeks it’s as red as a tomato” he teased smiling.
I sighed and wrapped my hands tightly around his neck and rested my head on his shoulder.
“we can stay like this for more than one hour and I wouldn’t mind” I said and he chuckled.
“Me too”. He wrapped his hands around my body and I let out a relief satisfying sigh.
We both stayed like that for some time, the heavy water beating our bodies and the sounds of water and birds echoed around the place,
it was just so Amazing and comfortable being with Erick like this, right here right now.
My eyes slowly starts to close but I opened them widely when Erick moved back. Making me straighten up and look at him.
“were you sleeping?” he asked.
“no… Maybe?. About too… I’m getting a little though” I laughed tiredly.
“well if you’re sleepy. It’s best we get out of here so we don’t drown” Erick said and I nod.
We both came out of the water and I almost died as the cold early evening breeze blew my wet body.
“o-hh..g-o-d” I shivered.
“are you cold?” Erick asked and I nod.
“okay um. Go stay in the car”
“huh..! But I’m wet” I said.
“so what? Just go before you’ll freeze to death” Erick said, bent down and shoved my sandals under my legs.
“thank you” I smiled.
“what are you thanking me for? Just go!” he said and I nod and walked to the car, and our small picnic.
I opened the car door and walked in, sitting on the passenger’s and it felt a lot warmer in the car, but I could still feel cold.
I watched as Erick walked towards the car with his shoe in his hand, and he smiled at me when he caught me Watching him from the window.
I didn’t smile cause I was lost with how handsome he looked, well he’s my boyfriend and I have the right to get lost in his handsomeness.
He walked to the car trunk, and later opened the door to the passenger seat where I sat and handed me a towel.
“I knew we would both get into the water anyway, so I brought a towel”. He said when I quizzical look.
“well just wrap it around your body and when I’m done cleaning the picnic, I’ll join you and we can both go home” he smiled.
But I don’t want to go home, I want to be with you, under the waterfall till Night falls, I wanted to say but instead I just nod I don’t want to be so intense.
He closed the door and I watched as he packed up the left overs from the picnic mat and then tossed it in the basket he brought it out, I watched as he carefully folded the mat and carried everything to the car trunk.
He got in his car with his wet body and smiled at me.
“let’s hit the road.”
I watched as the trees passed us by and as the stands up street poles passed us by too and I sighed.
Today has been great, I smiled watching as the sky turned dark grey.
“so… When would you like to go on a date with me sometime?” Erick suddenly asked making me turn swiftly.
“tomorrow!” I stated and he laughed.
“well….. I would love to but–
“but what?”
“I have another interview tomorrow” he smiled.
“what? Really? Can you like reschedule your schedule and postpone it to another day?” I said but he shook his head.
“I just made my debut as a singer and I don’t have any right… Well I do, but I just can’t start pushing my interviews, CFs or concert when I’m rising people will start thinking eerie of me and my popularity begins to die!” he explained and I nod “oh”.
“you really wanna to have that date, don’t you?” he smirked.
“I do” I smiled back as I looked out the window.
“okay, I promise to make it up to you! If I happen to have a free day, any day, it’ll be our second date”. Erick promised but that wasn’t enough.
“okay! How about the day after tomorrow?”
“I have my first music show win on D countdown that day I am afraid it’s not possible” he said.
“well… I’ll just wait, till you’re free” I gave a faux smile and he laughed.
As we got to my street. The day had already gone darker and the street lights gave the street some brightness, a brightness for Erick to park his car in front of the building, which I live.
Erick quickly got out of the driver’s seat and before I knew it, he appeared on the other side and opened the door for me.
“thanks” I grinned.
We both climbed the horrible stairs that led to our rooftop house and, as we both walked inside Ella jumped down seeing us.
“you’re home!” Augie jumped seeing me and Erick.
After Erick said “HI” to my whole family, I escorted him out and he hugged me.
“okay, I guess it’s goodnight” he said as he let go of me.
“yeah, good night”. I smiled.
He was about walking away when he paused and turned.
“I forgot something.” I said
“what?” I asked.
“this?” he said and leaned down to kiss me, I held my smile as I reciprocated to his kiss.

“there Now I feel so much better” he said and I laughed, my eyes caught something and I turned to the door to see Augie staring at us.
“oh” I flinched.
“what?” Erick asked as he turned to see for himself.
“oh if it’s Augie you’re talking about he’s been standing there since we walked out” Erick said and my eyebrows arched.
“what?” he asked.
“why didn’t you tell me?”
“cause… I’m sorry why would I?” Erick asked.
“he saw us k-issing and he shouldn’t have, if you would have told me earl—
“June… June… My overreacting June. stop being dramatic, Augie’s a sweet boy, but sooner or later, he’s gonna get a girlfriend and he needs to see the inside out of a relationship before being in one, and let me tell you he might get a girlfriend when he’s twelve” Erick said and my eyes widen.
“twelve?? Not on my watch!” I stated and he laughed.
“you’ll be prefect for the role of Cinderella’s step mom” Erick smirked.
“what does Cinderella step mom have to do with what we were saying” I rolled my eyes and he laughed.
“good night June.” Erick smiled at me, tapped my shoulders and starts to walk away

“well goodnight then…” I mumbled and he smiled turned and waved to Augie before finally walking away.
“what are you doing there?” I turned to Augie.
“I wanted to see Erick out too” Augie said,
I sighed as I got to him. Opened the door wider and we both walked in.
“is he gone?” grandma asked.
“yes” Augie answered before I could.
“okay good!” my grandma said, I was slowly heading to my room when Augie said.

“grandma! I saw Erick kiss June”.
I swiftly turned and looked at Augie, who saw Me but avoided my eyes.
“really?” my grandma smiled and Turned to look at me!.
“what! We’re dating” I said folding my hand.
“really?” my grandma grinned again.
“stop saying “really” grandma it’s making me feel awkward” I half yelled and she laughed.
“why didn’t you tell me sooner?” my grandma asked.
“cause we just started yesterday” I replied.
“okay!” my grandma shrugged, gave Me a look and turned to Augie.
“grandma??” I called as I walked in front if her.
“what?” she smiled.
“what was that look for?”
“what look?” she smiled widely.
“The look you just gave me!” I snarled.
“I didn’t— she stopped and turned away.
“what? You don’t think I’m ready to date?” I asked.
“no… It’s not that!” my grandma said.
“then what Is? What was that look for?” I asked.
“I said, it was nothing!” she shook her head.
“let it be nothing” I mumbled as I started to walk to my room.
“your dinner is in the kitchen” my grandma announced.
“I am not hungry, Augie can have it” I said and Augie shouted happily.
“c’mon Ella” Augie said to Ella as she rose to her feet and followed Augie who was stopped by my grandma.
I walked in my room and sighed. I had a great day, well not until grandma ruined my mood.
That night just as I was about to fall asleep Erick called. And my sleepy eyes cleared at once.
“Erick!” I happily called.
“hey June…” I heard Daniel’s voice instead.
“what are you doing with Erick’s phone?” I asked slowly
“he wanted to call you so I’m helping him—
“what the hell are you doing with my phone?” I heard Erick’s voice
“you wanted to call her in the first place so what’s the difference” Daniel’s voice replied.
“hey June, sorry about that” Erick finally said with a sigh.
“I don’t think there’s anything to be sorry about” I said and felt his smile.
We both talked that night for more than an hour. Almost going to two hours I guess. But I had to hang up cause I was getting sleepy.
That night I slept soundly, but I remembered to set up my alarm for school tomorrow before falling asleep, I mean I’m not a trainee at DH yet, so I can’t just ditch school all of a sudden.
I groaned when I heard my annoying alarm the next morning and I sluggishly got out of the bed.
Augie seemed happy as we both walked to school today, but he tried to hide his happiness since he knew I was angry with him.
I got to school and to class and I flinched at the number of screams that burst my ears.
And suddenly like almost everyone surrounded me In class.
“oh my gosh June it’s been ages,” … “why haven’t you been in school all this while”… “did something happened?”…
So many questions?
And I didn’t know I was such a popular person!! Since when??
“I–I’ve been great guys” I said as I walked to my seat. Seeing Annie I felt relieved and smiled at me and then looked at the crowd that followed me to our seat.
“we all missed you June” Phoebe who was at the front said and I smiled at her.
“I missed you all too” I said and looked at Annie for help.
And being a loyal best friend she stood up,
“okay guys! She’s not dead she’s still alive there’s nothing to see here! Bye everyone!!!” Annie yelled and immediately they departed.
“we’ll talk later” Phoebe said and walked away with others.

“whoa when did I become this popular?” I said smiling.
“I don’t know, I guess you were before but you had no idea” Annie suggested as she sat down
“Or you told them about me and DH—
“why can’t you just trust me with your secrets” Annie asked shaking her head.
“sorry… I’m just making theories… I’m sorry” I said and she sighed. And then slowly smiled.
“is it me or you’re getting really pretty”
“oh my god stop” I laughed.
“I’m serious” she added.
“and Also… Erick and I we’re–
“dating?” Annie helped me.
“yeah, how did you guess so fast.” I asked
“cause it’s obvious for everyone that Erick is yours!” she rolled her eyes.
“what do you mean, “Erick is mine” I asked.
“right from the start. I knew he liked you, even though I liked him just a little bit, but Daniel will always be in my heart” Annie said and we both shared a laugh.
“so tell me again, what is Daniel like” Annie whispered and I couldn’t help but smile.
“well Daniel’s not who I thought he is, he seemed pretty mean at his first fan signing event we went to, he seemed pretty mean, cold and rude but he’s actually a nice person… He’s down to earth and playful too” .
“what?” Annie laughed.. “that doesn’t sound like Daniel, he doesn’t look like someone that’s playful”
“he doesn’t but he is. And he’s so nice he was the one who gave me a convincing courage to tell Erick how I feel before its too late”. I said and Annie held her chest..
“he’s such a sweet person, have you mentioned my name to him?” Annie asked.
“n-not really… Cause I don’t— we haven’t talk that much!” I said and she gave a playful glare before smiling.
The teacher walked in the class and everyone greeted him.
� � � � 🔔 🔔 .
During our lunch break, I didn’t get to eat lunch at the small cafeteria cause I forgot my lunch money at home and Annie shared hers with me in class.
“oh I heard Erick’s having his second interview today!” Annie said bringing out her phone.
“yeah and it’s starting in five minutes” a girl announced from the back and everyone gathered her.
“well let’s watch ours” Annie shrugged.
The class became quiet as everyone watched Erick’s interview and I heard a small squeak from the back saying “he’s so dreamy”..
“you better watch out, they’re many girls drooling for your guy” annie whispered and I rolled my eyes and turned back to her phone.
“it is so great that you could make it here Erick-J, you have no idea how much everyone wants to see you” one of the interviewer said and the small crowd opposite Erick and the Two interviewer (male and female) said.
“well it’s an honour to be here” Erick said and everyone clapped.
Erick answered numerous questions! Which seemed familiar from his first interview and finally he was asked his last question.
“so this is the question everyone’s been waiting for” the male interviewer said getting a nod from his partner.
“okay. ” Erick smiled and the camera was fixated on him
“gosh he’s gorgeous!!” a girl groaned from the class. Making me smile, well he’s my boyfriend.

“are you in a relationship?? Like everyone needs to know. Daniel’s single and we’re all still surprised by that but somehow relieved cause I don’t think his girlfriend would be safe cause everyone loves Danie, and now you’re coming in that line and the questions that is bombarding on social media about you is if you’re in a relationship??”the female interviewer said, and Annie smiled and nudged me.
“uhm… Erick bit his lips and then slowly I watched as he said.
A plain big fat NO.
T. B. C


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