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I was woken up by Daniel’s voice.
“why are you singing in here?” I asked when I woke up and saw him beside me playing his guitar Close to my ear.
“your manager called but you were still asleep, so I answered and promised to wake you up”. He replied as he got down from the bed… He was looking nice, his hair was jelled back and he was dressed in all white.
“you’re leaving?” I asked.
“yeah” He smiled. “I have a concert to attend to!”
“I know”. i shrugged “okay, good bye then.”
I slowly got down from the bed and and paused when Daniel asked about my date.
“it was good” I mumbled.
“good? Just good, you’re not gonna give me any further details?” Daniel asked and I sighed.
“when I’m less busy, and you’re less busy, I’ll feed you the details okay! You’re such a pest” I yelled and he laughed.
“I’m not a pest loser. I’m just jovial” Daniel said slapping the back of my head.
“get out of here” I said standing up…
“I’m off anyway, don’t act like you’re the one telling me to leave.” Daniel said as he got to the door.
“oh and tell June to come to my concert this evening” Daniel yelled.
“she’s not coming” I replied as I walked to the bathroom.
“what!! why?”
“it’s not like you’re gonna spot her in that big crowd” I said and he sighed. “you can make her sit in the VIP section” .
“she’s not going Anderson!! Now off you go!” I yelled before walking into the bathroom.
After freshening up. I walked out of the bathroom and found Daniel just leaving.
“I thought you left ages ago?”
“I had to do something first” he said smiled slyly.
“good day Dhousten.” he said and walked out, I sighed and found my phone on the bed. I remembered seeing it on the drawer, or… Daniel must have touched it.
I picked it up and checked the recent apps. And my contacts laid first. What the hell does he wants with my contacts, I thought as I dropped back the phone on my bed.
I ringed Charles and he told me he was outside waiting for me and after putting on a black Jean pants , white T-shirt and white canvas, I hurried down stairs and I met Charles with my white van when I got outside.
“about time!” he said when he saw me. He got in the car and I got in after.
The driver starts to drive while Charles and I became quiet at the back.
“Erick,” he called and I turned
“you know this is your second interview”. He asked and I nod
“and you know you’re going to ask a lot of damn question”.
“yeah I know what’s up” I said as I opened the soda can in front of me.
“Maxie and Macy are pretty popular for interviewing different celebrities and they all ask that one particular questions that makes everyone anticipate on that answer” Charles said and I turned to him.
“which is?”.
“the relationship question. They will definitely ask for your relationship status”. Charles said calmly and I shrugged.
“so… I I’ll just tell them am in a relationship!” I stated and he sighed.
“see that’s the problem, you can’t!”.
“what the hell do you mean I can’t” I almost yelled.
“cause when you say yes, there’s a sudden change in your fans heart, well mostly girls and then your interviewer will like to go deeper into your relationship status by asking about the girl’s life, and please for god’s sake if you want to protect your reputation and her safety just say no!”.
“I can’t Charlie”.
“you have to!” Charles almost yelled.
“I can’t say no and then be secretly dating June, I don’t want that, I want an open relationship” I tell him.
“I know but it’s for your own good, someone like Daniel can decide to start a relationship and let it go public, cause he has gone a long way, but you just made your debut. Do you want June to be In danger??” Charles yelled and I sighed.
“I hate this! Then I’ll just quit being a singer then”.
“what? Are you kidding me?” Charles huffed.
“cause June is going to hate me after this” I barked.
“I’m not sure she’s going to watch it, I mean isn’t she in high school, she’ll probably be in school now! And she can’t hate you not when you’ve let her fully understand why you did so” Charles said and I sighed.
June should be in school, she told me she’ll be in school yesterday. I just hope she doesn’t watch the interview.
“fine.” I sighed. And Charles breathed out a sigh of relief.
*. .**. .**. .**. .**
*..* *..* *..* *..*
And just like Charles prophecy, the two interviewer asked me about my relationship.
I bit my lips hard, and everyone watched patiently to hear my answer, I wanted to say yes. I wanted all these people to know I am in love and with a girl called June. But somehow I can’t. So breathe out the stupid lie was hard but I had too.
“NO!” I lied and watch as the crowd faces was filled with relief.
“whoa… A handsome pie like you! Single? I give up I’m going gay” the male interviewer said and everyone laughed, and I just forged my laugh.
This doesn’t feel right.
I wasn’t myself till the interview was over and even when I was asked to sing live in front of my fans, I did it thinking of June, and both the interviewers said I was filled with the perfect emotion that moment, why wouldn’t I..
As I got in the van charles sighed.
“you okay?” He asked.
“why would I be?” I snarled. “I can never be okay unless I walk into that place and say yes, I am In a relationship, Charlie, I am not the type of guy that does secret relationship okay!” I yelled.
“still it was for both of your own goods” Charles said and I rolled my eyes.
My cellphone starts to vibrate and I brought it out of my pocket and looked at the caller.

“really?” was the first word he said .
“what?” I asked
“I just finished watching your interview live”. He said and I sighed.
“okay, what do you want from me, shouldn’t you be getting ready for your concert?” I asked tiredly.
“I am, but I just wanted to tell you that what you did suck, you didn’t have to lie about being a rela–
“I know, I know okay just shut up. Charlie said I shouldn’t tell the truth, he said the truth would blow up my reputation and popularity” I explained.
“if you really like June, you wouldn’t care about any stupid criticism from fans, and I think they’ll love you having a girlfriend or not”. Daniel said.
“well…. It’s too late now the world thinks I’m single” I shrugged and Charles glanced at me.
“what you need to do now is to pray for June not to watch the interview, and if she has done so, prove to her you love her to the core.” Daniel expound and I smiled.
“thanks Dan,”
“sure, anytime, am always rooting for you two, you’re a good person and as is June. You two deserve each other”.
“thanks” I smiled again before hanging up.
Immediately I got home, I finished a bottle of cold water and gaze at my phone before calling June.
She didn’t pick up at the first or second ring but at the third ring
“June?” I called calmly..
“Erick?” she said, her voice shook a bit and I flinched.
“are… You okay?” I asked, I shouldn’t have.
“I am, why do you suddenly ask I’m always okay” she tried to yell but her voice trembled.
“you don’t sound okay?..” I said lightly.
“of course I don’t, how do you expect me to be okay! I watched your interview Erick, i watched it live”. She sniffed.
Oh my god it she crying.
“look June, I have to tell you, forget about the inter—
“if you don’t like dating me say you don’t instead of pretending to like me Erick. I was so hurt when I heard that Erick, I expected more from you, but you blew me off” she sniffed.
“June please… Don’t misunderstand”
“misunderstand what? I watched it myself”
“please I’ll explain everything to you”. I said sighing. I hate all this. I am going to kill Charles.
“don’t!.” she snapped.

“please do,” another voice said from the phone and I remembered the high pitch coming from it.
“wow you still remember me, Mr celebrity” she said bitterly.
“thank God you’re with June, please tell her I didn’t intend on lying about our relationship, I really wanted it to go public but my manager said it’ll cause too many chaos, and for someone like me who just entered the world of fame. Please tell June I love her and I’ll do anything for her.” I explained breathlessly.
“Awwn that was sweet, I promise to tell her later cause right now she’s swimming in her own tears” Annie said and I shut my eyes and my hand slammed the kitchen counter hard, just two days of relationship and I’m making her cry. Worst boyfriend of the year.
“okay… Should I just come over and meet you guys in school?” I asked. I need to talk to June.
“as much as I want you to come. You can’t, she won’t talk to you and before you’ll get to her you’ll be rushed my your fans, so stay where you are” Annie said and I sighed.
“but don’t worry Erick, I will explain everything single detail to her”.
“thank you Annie. You don’t know how much this means to me.”
“I know how how much it means to you that’s why I’m doing it–anyway goodbye June is glaring at me now”
“goodbye” I said and hang up..
. . . . . . . . . . .
☜☆☞ JUNE. ☜☆☞
Annie walked up to me and handed me back my phone, while I dried my eyes with her handkerchief.
“June listen, Erick didn’t mea–
“Annie please! You’re not gonna speak in place of him now. I don’t want to know whatever conversation you had with him. So just don’t tell me anything” I said and she sighed and nod.
“I won’t”.
We both head to class but I found myself lost throughout the whole teaching session.
School was over and surprisingly Annie said she’s walking me home, I let her be and we both went to pick up Augie before finally heading home.
Immediately we got home, Annie left.
After taking a shower that afternoon, I started to prepare dinner and we ate it in the evening while I went to my room to sleep.. I fell asleep but not to long someone slapped my leg lightly making me wake up.
“surprise!!!” Annie said happily. While I sluggishly got up.
“what… Why are you here?” I asked.
“I’m here to make your evening better” she smiled. .
“why? did I complain about it not being better?” I retorted.
“you look gloomy and seriously you need fresh air” Annie said and I rolled my eyes.
But wait I do need fresh air.

“okay so where are you taking me?” I asked.
“Daniel’s concert!!” she yelped happily.
“count me out” I said and laid back on my bed.
“oh sorry but you’re definitely coming with me!”.
After forcing me to come with her we were both on our way and before we know it we appeared in front of Daniel’s concert.
“look June, Daniel makes me happy and I will share that happiness to you okay,” Annie smiled as we gave in our tickets and walked in.
“uhh we’re late” Annie said as we saw Daniel on stage singing.
“we can just listen to the rest of his songs” I said easing her anger.
“you’re right”.
Daniel’s songs made me feel worse it felt like he was talking about Erick and I and I had a pretty good time to cry, no one cared, judged or stare at me because they thought I love Daniel to much and I’m crying as replacement of wanting him. But Annie who noticed me hugged me and told me “to let it all out and I’ll get the picture very clearly soon”.
The concert was over but some people still wondered about, Annie was talking to three girls while I stood patiently and waited for her, my eyes felt heavy and and my throat felt lumpy, I brought out my phone when it starts to ring and I looked at the unknown number on my phone before answering.
“hello?” my voice came out horsey.
“June is that you? What happened to your voice?”.
“Daniel?” I asked to be sure, it sounds like him.. Annie looked back and quickly waved goodbye to the girls she was talking to and walked up to me.
“is it Daniel?” she mouthed to me and I nod, and her eyes widen and she starts to fan herself with her hand.
“yeah it’s me you sound kinda off” he said.
“why wouldn’t I?” I scoffed
“oh… You watched Erick’s interview didn’t you?” he asked and my eyes started to tear up but Annie shook her head at me and I sucked the goddamned tears back up.
“of course I did.” I said to Daniel.
“okay have you talked to him?” Daniel asked.
“I haven’t” I sniffed.
“where are you now?” he asked.
“your concert!”
“you are? Oh good, did you come alone?” He asked.
“no with my friend” I said and Annie smiled.
«tell him my name» Annie whispered happily.

“you know what, just come to the backstage.”
“I can’t it’s kind of a restricted area from fans and they’re pretty huge bouncers there” I said.
“well don’t worry, Nate is coming to get you”.
“okay” I sighed and hanged.

“oh my gosh June that was the actual Daniel???” Annie asked and I nod.
“like I thought I was gonna die, how did you get his phone number? I need it” Annie said holding my hand.
“don’t know how he got mine” I said and looked up to see Nate signaling his hands towards us to come backstage.
“c’mon” I said as I walked to Nate and Annie trailed behind me asking where we were going.

We got backstage and I heard Annie gasped when we saw Daniel.
“oh my Gosh June pinch me” she said as Daniel walked up to us.
“you’re right, he looks so dreamy up close” she added and immediately pretend she never said a word as Daniel stood in front of us.
“I’m Annie”. Annie quickly said and Daniel’s eyes moved from me to her.
“A-nnie… I think I’ve seen–oh you’re the girl who bought me a present at my first signing event here in mahnline” Daniel smiled.
“you still remember me?” Annie asked with dreamy eyes and Daniel nod with a smile.
Annie looked away and I guess she must be pretty happy right now, how I wish we could switch spirits.
“June.. Daniel called and I looked up at him.
“still not feeling better?” he asked and I shook my head negatively.
“I think you will if you talk to Erick”. He said.
“no I don’t need to see him” I stated.
“yes you do”.
“I don’t! And do you know what part hurts the most? Is when he said “NO” so plainly without holding any emotion, no slight of guilt was written on his face and that hurt me so much” I said and noticed how tears dropped from my eyes.
“and now I don’t even know if his feelings are real for me” I said and sniffed, I’m trying to hold this stupid tears but they just keep coming.
Annie gasped loudly again when Daniel pulled me into hugged.
“I know Erick trust me, he has never Liked a girl as much as he liked you” Daniel said into my hair and I cried even more.
T. B. C

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