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June!” I heard my name and I suddenly pulled out of Daniel’s hug and turned, to see Erick.

“what are you doing here?” my voice didn’t come out friendly.
“I called him here”. Daniel said making me glance at him and then turn back to Erick.
“can we just talk.” Erick said with pleading eyes. He seemed a little tired from his gloomy eyes and I huffed and cleaned my tears.
“yeah sure. Why not” I said sarcastically, and he sighed.
“we’ll give you two some privacy” Daniel said and Annie nodded happily.
“c’mon Daniel, we’re leaving in about thirty minutes” Nate shouted and Daniel walked away from Annie and us. And later Annie went to stand alone at a corner.
Not minding the workers I turned to Erick and he held my hand.
“stop.” I said and removed my hand from his.
“you can’t hold me, we’re not in a relationship again”. I said and he smiled.
Wait. Why is he smiling.
“you’re pissed June, but you still want me to hold you, you’re mad at me but you still feel relax with me holding you, don’t try to pretend you hate me at this moment June you still really like me”. He explained
He’s right, no matter what he does I still like him.
“I don’t want to hear any–
“and…” He interrupted me. “the reason why I lied about our relationship is because Charles my manager told me to, he said if I had said yes the media would have want to dig deep in my private life and find out who the lucky person I’m dating is and It may put your daily life in jeopardy with paparazzi and jealous fans and I just made my debut, because of that I may loose fans too” he explained.
“really…?” my voice came out soft.
“yeah, and I don’t want to put you in the world of fame and annihilation. But if you want the world to know we’re together, It’s your wish cause I won’t give a damn”. He expound and somehow my heavy heart eased,
Well that’s what I just needed to hear.
“well… I sniffed. “it’s okay, I mean I had no idea about all this and–
His hug made me stop talking and I hugged him back.
He is my comfort zone.
“and promise me” he suddenly said and disengage the hug but his hands rested on my shoulders. “promise me when something like this happens again we will talk about it instead of being vulnerable” he said and I nod.
“I promise”.
“thank you” he smiled, leaned forward and kissed my forehead.
“and I’m sorry once again, if you want the world to know about our relationship, I w–
“no please! It’s fine. For your reputation I’m ready to keep it hidden and I don’t want those jobless paparazzi flashing their cameras at me” I said and he laughed.
“you can’t call them jobless cause being a paparazzo Is their job” Erick smiled, and he were about to kiss when Annie showed up from no where and smiled using her index finger to push my shoulder back.
“you guys can kiss another time, I’m happy for your reunion but I need to do something first” Annie and I stepped back as she brought out her phone from her pocket and smiled at me.
“move back a bit” she ordered and I looked at her before moving back.
What is she doing? I thought.
“Now here take this and take a photo of us” Annie said and handed me her phone.
“for the past few days i’ve been trying to convince everyone in class that I’ve met and talk to Erick in real life but they don’t believe me and I hate when everyone thinks I’m a freaking liar” Annie said and I laughed.
“okay taking a photo with my boyfriend isn’t going to be free of charge” I said and Annie rolled her eyes.
“few minutes ago you were going on about–
“don’t talk back. You heard her, I’m her boyfriend and it’s not going to be free” Erick interrupted Annie and she rolled her eyes.
“okay. So what am I paying then?” Annie asked.
“nothing, you’ll just owe me three favours and I’ll tell you anytime I need them” I smiled.
“stop being a geek and take the picture already” annie said and tried to put her hand around Erick’s shoulder but he was way too tall for her.
“let’s just go the other way around” Erick said and put his hand around her shoulder.
I took like almost seven pictures of them and then Annie told me to take a video too.
“but you said just photos” I stated.
“hey don’t complain, it’s not like it’s for free okay” she rolled her eyes.

“okay and the video will start in three, two, one…
I announced and Annie suddenly moved forward and started.
“so y’all been doubting me about knowing Erick in real life. Well duh this is real life and I’m here with Erick, in case the pictures wasn’t enough for your beliefs I made this video to prove it to you all and he’s real beside me” Annie said and smiled at the camera Erick laughed making me laugh too.
“oh and Ursula, if you think this is an edit, it’s not cause this is real and June’s here too, holding the camera for me!” Annie said and Erick and I laughed again.
“okay this is more weirder than I thought” Erick said and Annie smiled.
“and to show you this is all real, Erick pretty please can you say hi to joy and Phoebe for me” Annie said and Erick smiled before waving and saying “hi Phoebe and joy”.
“okay my hands are throbbing, when is this video going to end?” I complained and she huffed..
“just say you want to be in the video” Annie stated.
“I don’t want to I’m just tired” I said and she sighed.
“okay if you can hold the phone for at least one more minute I’ll add another un-granted favour to your favours list” Annie promised and I nod.

“what are you all doing?” Daniel suddenly appeared in front of the camera and Annie froze staring at him.
“she’s making a proof video, about meeting me” Erick laughed.
“oh really. I want to be in it to”. Daniel smiled.
“you’re already in it” Erick and I said in unison and we both shared a heart warming smile.
“so what do I do?” Daniel asked Annie but somehow she couldn’t speak.
Oh brother.
“just wave to the camera and get lost” Erick teased.
“June why are you holding the camera, you should be in it too” Daniel said and grabbed the phone from me and faced the camera at me but I quickly turn away and then he faced it at erick and then Annie who seemed pretty stiff.
“I think it’s enough” Erick said. Took the phone from Daniel and stopped the video.
“that’s enough proof” he said and handed the phone to Annie.
“so I’ll be leaving for Melbourne in about two minutes I just came to say bye” Daniel said and Erick tapped his shoulders, and said “see ya”. I waved to Daniel and gave him a thank you nod, for calling Erick here. He smiled at me before walking away.
“looks like its time to go home” Erick smiled.
“yeah.” I smiled as Erick held my hand.
“oh my goodness, Daniel is so cute” Annie said as he watched Daniel talk to Nate and some other women.
“okay, June and I are heading out of here and you can stay here and drool for Anderson”. Erick teased.
“I wish I could but my parent may file a report for missing child”. Annie said and we laughed.
We all walked out of the back stage with another back door, which led us to an alley. And the day seemed dark, so dark, Erick’s car light suddenly lit up and Annie asked.
“can I get into the passenger’s seat? cause this car is damn beautiful”.
“I’m sorry you can’t, that’s June’s seat”. Erick said.
“it’s not “my seat” you can seat there” I smiled at Annie and Erick playfully glared at me then at Annie.
Erick first dropped Annie in front of her street and then drove me home.
He wanted to come inside and greet my family but I stopped him knowing he’s never going back home. We said our goodbyes downstairs and I climbed the stairs and walked into my home.
After eating dinner with Ella. Cause Augie was fast asleep, I got on my bed, today has been one heck of a day.
Taking my clothes off, I head to the bathroom to take a cold bath and after that I changed into my pyjamas and before I knew it I fell asleep.
The next morning, I woke to the sound of my alarm and I sighed heavily. I smiled instead of frowning, since when did I smile to go to school??.
“since you and Erick made up” my subconscious reminded me and I laughed.
Augie looked at me like I’m some crazy person, but I didn’t care. He doesn’t know anything yet, he should fall in love first.
I got to school and the journey to class was jolly and when I got to class Annie was already seated and it was like she was waiting for Me before standing up and calling everyone’s attention.
No one payed attention to her until she got on our desks and stomp her feet heavily on them and everyone payed attention to her.
“Okay the boys, this is none of y’all business,” Annie said and the guys walked back to whatever gambling game it seemed like they were doing.
“and the rest of you girls, you’ve all been doubting about meeting Erick-J in real life. Well guess what, I have proof!” Annie said raising her phone up and I rolled my eyes.
Such a character.
“Annie, you’re bluffing” Ursula, the girl who always gets on Annie nerves and who Annie hates said.
“bluffing? Oh you wish I was bluffing, but let me tell one teeny tiny secret Ursula, I’m not. And don’t worry I’m gonna show everyone the pictures I took with Erick.” I said and joy quickly moved forward,
“really, you took a picture with my Erick-J?” joy asked.
“yep” Annie replied happily as she got down from the desk and settled on her seat, Immediately she sat down, everyone gathered her even taking up my seat.
“brace yourself guys, this is the real Erick-J” Annie said and everyone urged her to put the picture.
Annie went to her phone gallery and showed them the picture of she and Erick, she got a few “wow” and “I’m jealous”… But Ursula ruined the mood.
“I don’t think it’s real, maybe it’s an edit, I bet you stayed up all night editing a photo of you and Erick-J so we could all stop doubting your lies” Ursula said and when everyone started to agree with Ursula, Annie glared at her and slowly smiled.
“Ursula, I knew you would say that, and that’s why I made a video of Erick too” Annie said proudly as she tapped the play button on the video and smiled at me.
“Phoebe, joy, you guys would thank me later” Annie said but everyone payed attention to the video. As Annie voice echoed in the class from the phone about everyone doubting her about meeting Erick and everyone laughed when she mentioned Ursula’s name in the video,
“he’s so sweet when he laughs” a girl said as Erick laughed and called Annie video weird.

“and to show you this is all real, Erick pretty please can you say hi to joy and Phoebe for me” Annie voice echoed and when Erick said hi and called Phoebe and joy’s name, everyone screamed.
“oh my gosh…. He called me!!!! He called us!!” joy screamed and she Phoebe shared a happy hug.
“why didn’t you tell him about me?” Julia asked
“yeah me too” another girl Gretel said and everyone started to ask why Annie didn’t tell Erick to say hi to them.
Everyone watched the video with smiles on their faces. And almost brought down the whole school when Daniel appeared in the video.
A finger came from nowhere and paused the video, and it was gretel

“okay, Annie I can’t take this anymore… How??, how in the world did you get to meet Erick-J and Daniel.” Gretel asked and everyone nod and waited for Annie answer.
“if you give me seventy five bucks, I’ll tell you” Annie smiled making the girl roll her eyes and turn to me.
“June you’re the phone holder, how did you guys meet Mahnline top celebrities”. Gretel.
I’m dating Erick. And Daniel is his bestfriend.
I wanted to say.
“we went to Daniel’s concert and I… Kind of don’t remember what happened next” I lied and everyone looked at me weirdly knowing I was lying.
“anyways. I’ll play the video, whoever is ready to find out about me meeting Erick-J, just play seventy five bucks okay?” Annie said and played the video.
The video got to where Daniel called my name and took the phone from me and everyone head suddenly snapped up at me.

“h..ow did Daniel know your name?” joy asked.
“and why were you all acting like you’ve known each other for a long time” Ursula added.
“and the way Erick-J smiled at you June, when you said something with him at the same time, that is not just an ordinary look”
“what do you guys know that we don’t.”
“what’s the both of you relationship with Daniel Anderson and Erick-J”.
So many questions…
What have Annie and I done.
T. B. C

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