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h..ow did Daniel know your name?” joy asked.
“and why were you all acting like you’ve known each other for a long time” Ursula added.
“and the way Erick-J smiled at you June, when you said something with him at the same time, that is not just an ordinary look”
“what do you guys know that we don’t.”
“what’s the both of you relationship with Daniel Anderson and Erick-J”.
So many questions…
What have Annie and I done.
“stop… Asking any more questions”. Annie yelled and everyone paused and stare at her.
“if June doesn’t want to tell you guys, I won’t either, I just wanted to show you guys proof of me meeting Erick-J and I got lucky and met Daniel too, and proof was just what you guys needed, I didn’t say you should ask questions”. Annie said in a bossy tone and I smiled.
“okay well can you share the video to us?” Gretel asked.
“nope” Annie smiled and everyone groaned and head back to their seats.

“finally I can breathe normal fresh air, I couldn’t bare the smell of different perfumes coming from each and everyone surrounding us”. Annie breathed out and I giggled sitting beside her.
“you know… Yesterday was the most happiest day of my life”. Annie smiled
“it was?” I smiled too.
“it was!. You know I’m a die hard fan of Daniel I’ve been preparing my whole life to meet him and somehow you made that happen” Annie said grabbing my hand.
“well…i.. I don’t know what to say!” I shrugged.
Annie wanted to say something but she paused. Looked sideways and see if anyone was interested in our conversation, but when she saw that the coast was clear, she scoot looser to me. And almost in a whisper she said truthfully.
“but yesterday, you know what made me a little mad, though I’m sorry for being mad at that moment but I couldn’t help it, even though you really needed that comfort… It was when Daniel hugged you”.
“oh” was what came out of my breath.
“yeah, I was stunned at that moment, like when did you and Daniel got so intimate, I wanted you to be me at that moment” Annie explained with sad eyes.
“well I didn’t know I hurt your feelings for hugging Daniel… I mean him hugging me. But maybe I just needed that at that moment, maybe I just needed a shoulder to cry on” I said.
“well next time, when you need a shoulder to cry on, use mine. Don’t use Daniel’s anymore” Annie said and I laughed.
“you sound crazy!”
“I’m serious June” Annie said grabbing my shoulders.
“okay fine, I won’t…” I rolled my eyes.
“and it’s not like I’ll cry anymore, nothing’s gonna come between Erick and I now, even if something did we both promised to talk about it to each other first before reacting, and if any thing was to happen, I have Erick’s shoulder to cry on, I don’t need Daniel’s” I said and she smiled.
“but you like Daniel so much” I started.
“yeah and?” she leaned her head forward.
“what if he..” I paused.
“what? Doesn’t like me?” she scoffed.
“no I didn’t mean that, Daniel is a nice person he likes everyone–
“what did you mean then?” Annie cut me off.
“well… Look let’s just forget about what I said.” i said with a giggle. I just don’t want to say anything mean.
School was over that day and I happily went to pick Augie up and we both head home.
After taking my afternoon shower, I suddenly got a message, cause my phone buzzed and I had to check it.

¤¤ *Dear contestant two hundred and one (201) June Peterson the date of your next competition of the two hundred and one supernova contest Has been adjusted and the next and final round has been adjusted to this Friday and will not be held in DH entertainment industry, but all candidate must be in DH entertainment before 12″00am, Thank You for your time* ¤¤

After reading I dropped my phone, smiled and head to my closet.
After putting on some comfortable clothes, I head to the living room to eat dinner.
And after dinner I went back to my room, and I suddenly got a call.
From Travis.
“hey June” his voice sounded cheerfully from the other side.
“hi Travis.” I said
“you got the message right?” I asked.
“yep about fifteen minutes ago” I replied
“okay so I just wanted to hear your voice, I kind of missed you all” he said.
“awwn that’s sweet, I missed you too” I said.
“really?” he scoffed.
“what do you mean by that?” I asked.
“I don’t think you missed me at all, I think you’d be too caught up in your Erick fever to miss me”.
“Erick fever?.. What the hell?” I laughed.
“yeah, you’re both just so in love with each other, you barely care or miss others” Travis said and I laughed.
“you’re crazy!” I laughed even more.
“well anyway, I gotta go, see you on Friday”. Travis said and I smiled and hanged up.
I smiling staring at the ceiling, my phone buzzed against my chest and starts to ring and I was surprised to see Erick calling me.
“hello.” I said smiling out of control.
“you sound happy? What’s the secret?” Erick teased.
“what do you mean, I’m always happy.” I grinned.
“no you’re not, yesterday you were fee–
“please don’t remind me of yesterday.” I cut him off and he laughed.
Yeah we both talked, talked about a lot of things that got me smiling too, he also talked about a lot of things that got my cheeks heated up.
And before we ended our conversation I told him about the competition on Friday and he wished me good luck.
The next day. My ear blasting alarm busted my eardrums and I grumpily came down from my bed, did my morning routine with Augie and I and we both head to school.
“I’m telling you Daniel’s eyes are more brighter.”
“what the… Take a look porcine, it’s Erick-J.”
“what did you just call me?”
“porcine!! What aren’t you one!”.
“Phoebe! Ursula! Can you girls just shut up with Erick-J and Daniel for once” a guy yelled at the back while Phoebe and Ursula gave him a look before continuing their argument
Phoebe is an Erick fan and Ursula’s Daniel.
They both stopped arguing when a teacher walked in the class.
But continued when the teacher walked out ,
That was what we got from school that day, who had the brightest smile, eyes, beautiful body, between Daniel and Erick. And it’ wasn’t only Phoebe and Ursula, other girls joined in too.
School was over and I went home with Augie, getting home I got a notification from my YouTube. About Erick’s new single release and I couldn’t wait to get home and to listen to it.
After taking my afternoon bathe, I was drying my hair with my towel when my phone starts to ring.
Seeing just numbers on the screen I picked up the phone.
“hello?” I said in more of a “who’s this?” tone
“hey June” Daniel’s cheerful voice called out from the other line.
“yeah it’s me!” he retorted breathlessly. “I’m pretty busy right now but I just want you to listen to Erick’s new single cause it’s amazing and I think it’s written for you” Daniel said but I just couldn’t say anything.
This dude.
“oh okay thanks”. I said and he hanged up.
I never knew Daniel liked Erick and I being together so much like this.
“and I was going to listen to his song before you called anyway” I muttered to myself as I laid on the bed and tapped the notification on phone and it led me to Erick’s new song.
Though it’s just an audio and has no video it has already gotten three million views. And the title of the song got me thinking but smiling.
“this is for you. Yes you!” was the title of the song, I breathed out and
I played the song and dropped it beside my head on my pillow.
Some fine instruments starts to play before my Erick voice starts to sing.
√How in the world can I get over you.
How in the world will I always say I do.
There are million things I want to do with you.
No one else but you… You.. You..
Your bright smile that lit up my wild heart
Always put me in a great wonder
And I ask myself,
Where did I ever find an Angel Like you.. Like you…
Hey my love, this is for you! Yes you
As long you’re with me our love can never go astray
Hey my love, this is for you! Yes you
There’s nothing more I want in life than your stay.
It’s always there at tip of my tongue to remind you ‘I love you’ every passing minutes.
But when I’m with you, you turn me into a complete mime.
‘I love you’ is not enough.
But ‘forever’ is fair enough.
He got to chorus again and I found myself crying. Is this for me??”
I asked myself as I tried my tears and continued listening to the song.
I didn’t know how or when I fell asleep, but I woke up with Erick’s music still playing, and I guess I must have set my videos on YouTube to restart.
I stopped the music and smiled. Erick is so amazing.
I found Augie on the bed sleeping and Ella curled up and sleeping around his leg… I sighed, moved to Augie’s bed and removed Ella from his leg, I dropped her on her doggy bed but she woke up barking, jumped on the bed and curled up on Augie’s bed again.
I sighed and let her be. I shouldn’t separate best friends.
I glance at the time and seeing it was twelve o’clock in the morning,. I sighed and looked around my room, I have to sleep, I’m going to DH tomorrow… I tell myself but I wasn’t sleepy.
I grabbed my phone and went straight to the internet.
I searched for Erick-J, and pictures of him from different website appeared on my phone, and I smiled as I tapped and stare at my boyfriend as he looked handsome on each and every picture.
My phone suddenly ring and made me flinch, I quickly picked it up not to bother Augie cause he moved.
“hey Erick…” I smiled.
“Erick?” he scoffed.
“what’s wrong with that” I just couldn’t stop smiling.
“you could have said something like, hey boyfriend, or hey love, or hey babe… But you just went with plain old Erick.” He said making me laugh.
“but Erick’s your name, do you prefer Frederick?” I asked.
“you know I used to hate it when someone calls me by my full name, but you what, I love yours! You can call me that” he said and my cheeks starts to heat up.
“so what are you doing now?” He asked.
“uhm… Fangirling over your pictures” I said with a laugh.
“really? Too bad I don’t have any pictures of yours to fanboy” he said and I laughed.
“and your song…” I started “I listened to it”.
“I know” he said.
“really, did you put a chip in me that tells my every moves?” I asked.
“no… I just felt like you did already”. He said and I cleared my throat and sang the chorus for him.
“Hey my love, this is for you! Yes you
As long you’re with me our love can never go astray
Hey my love, this is for you! Yes you
There’s nothing more I want in life than your stay.”
“wow! Your voice sounds great with the song.”
“oh please… We all know you’re the best when it comes to singing, for now”. I said.
“for now? What do you mean”.
“your voice surpasses every singer I know here but someday someone with greater voice is gonna take over” I explained and he laughed.
“I don’t think so… But I do believe one person is going to have a greater voice than mine and I already know that person.”
“who?” I ask.
“our child” he replied seriously and I laughed.
“you’re crazy, you know that?” I said.. “wait! You don’t think it’s possible for us to have a child?”. He asked really seriously.
“Erick. Our relationship is just lasting four days! And you’re thinking about a child. I don’t understand your mindset”.
“my mindset is always on you, so don’t blame me if I think of any eerie thing about you. Or us” he said and I laughed.
“you’re crazy”
“I now understand you, when you’re blushing you always tell someone they’re crazy even they are not.” he said and I smiled.
“but you know what, I’m always crazy with you”. He said and I smiled even more.
“anyway I have to go to sleep”. I said.
“what? But we haven’t talked yet” he whined.
“you know I have to be at DH before twelve pm tomorrow” I said.
“well you guys aren’t having the competition tomorrow”.
“huh?” I said feeling confused.
“though you guys are going to be at DH tomorrow, my dad pla— you know what, I shouldn’t ruin the surprise for you” Erick said and I could feel his smile. I always do.
“what surprise?” I asked.
“no surprise, good night!”.
“Just tell Me” I half yelled. Then glancing at sleeping Augie.
“I can’t, anyways wish me luck, tomorrow’s my first music show win. I’ll be performing on stage for the first time” he said and I smiled.
“good luck”.
“that’s what I need. Bye… Forever June”.
“forever?? Okay I still don’t get that” I said truthfully.
“I love you isn’t enough, but I think forever is just right… So our ‘I love you’ will be ‘forever’ instead.” Erick explained.
“okay, forever Erick”. I laughed.
“forever.” he said and we both hang up..
That night I couldn’t sleep, there was this exciting feeling in my stomach that made me awake all night.
Finally I managed to sleep, but I later woke up not too long ago with my alarm blaring around the room.
I quickly turn off my alarm and got ready, Augie had already left for school and Ella kept patrolling around the house.
After wearing a black leather skirt, and leather jacket I found at the bottom of my closet, I put on my black boots. My hair in ponytail, I grabbed my phone and purse before heading for DH.
As all stood in a small room in the big entertainment industry as we were told to. The lucky ten which were us. Grace kept mumbling Erick’s new song, and I couldn’t help but sing along and we both laughed when that happened.
Cassie looked kind of different, she didn’t hold her mean face like before and it was like she added a little around her boob’s, legs and face. I used to love her doll shaped body. She shouldn’t get fat.
Travis looked the same and he just kept asking me about Erick and I.
Surprisingly Mr Dhousten walked in with Mrs Mitch and two other men and another lady who I have not seen before.
“hello… There, I’m Mr Dhousten, some of you may have heard of me but haven’t actually seen me in person–
“yeah me.” grace squeaked making Mr Dhousten chuckle and then continue his speech.
“you all are the lucky ten, from two hundred and one contestants”. Mr Dhousten said and glanced at me, and I gave him a small smile that made him look away.
“and out of those two hundred and one teenagers, you ten are the most talented ones!. And it’s not an easy task standing In here with me now, and I’ve always loved teenagers I don’t know why, so before your next competition which will be the last, you’re all going to have the time of your life.” Mr Dhousten explained and we all shared a confusing look.
The time of our life?
“right now!. You’re all going to go on a one day vacation. And it’s not just an ordinary vacation, it’s a DH vacation, where there’s free food, drinks, play stations, swimming pool and anything anyone wants in life. And it’s not about just that too. You get to spend a day with DH finest celebrities”. Mr Dhousten said and all ten of us cheered and clapped happily.
“please let Erick-J be among” grace muttered crossing her fingers.
“celebrities like, Roxie Tiffany, Ricky Goodman, Maria Li and Daniel Anderson”. Mr Dhousten said and someone screamed and everyone looked at me.
Wait. I am the screamer
“sorry,” I apologized.
Maria Li.. She’s coming to our one day vacation. I know Erick might have want to come but he’s busy. But Maria Li is coming and that’s a dream come true.
“wh–what about Erick-J?” Grace and a boy asked at the same time.
“unfortunately, he couldn’t make it” Mr Dhousten said and looked at me, with this happy look.
“bummer” grace shrugged.
“finally I get to meet Roxy Tiffany” Travis said.
“who’s that?” I asked.
“well she’s a singer, but not anymore, she portrays in movies now…” Travis replied.
“wait! Is she the main role in the movie , “million kisses”?” I asked.
“yeah” Travis nodded.
“wow, how we got to be so lucky” Cassie said from nowhere and we turned to see her grinning behind us.
“okay your bus is here, everyone out” Mrs Mitch yelled and everyone starts to walk out.
I don’t know why Mr Dhousten wanted to give us a vacation, well it’s good he’s making the last ten enjoy their teenage life for just a day.
But he shouldn’t have.
Or worse, Daniel shouldn’t have been on that one-day vacation. Then everything would have been okay.
T. B. C

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