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Mrs Mitch led us to the bus that suddenly arrived outside DH, and immediately grace pulled my hand and pulled me to the elevator.
“c’mon, I want us to seat together” she said as we both got in the elevator, but Travis quickly got in before the elevator door could close.
“why do you suddenly want to seat with June?” Travis asked.
“none of your business” grace snapped at Travis and he raised his hands up surrenderlike.
“don’t bite me it was just a question”.
“sorry” Grace added lackadaisical.
“so… I wonder why Mr Dhousten just suddenly decided to take us on a one day vacation, I mean is there such a thing as a one day vacation?” I asked breaking the brief silence.
“who knows, and maybe it’s some kind of test for our next competition.” Travis said and Grace and I nod.
“I can’t believe we’re gonna have our last competition, somehow only four of us are going to get qualified, we may all be among the successful ones and we may not, it’s sad to think about things like this” Grace said as she stare at the elevator floor.
“life is all about competition Grace, it’s a situation where we live it or leave it. Travis explained and Grace sighed.
“I love you guys… In case any of us looses I’m telling you two now.” Grace said and a single tear dropped from her eyes.
Okay she’s very dramatic
“really Grace? You’re making this sound like we’re going on a war”. Travis laughed and she sniffed and turned to us.
“this is war, and just so you know, it’s the final competition and even though we’re friends, I’m not gonna let you guys beat me, cause we all want to reach for The Stars and I want to too. So this is war, real war, and during the competition I don’t need sympathy from anyone and we never knew each other.” grace said boldly while Travis and I shared a glance.
“fine. Bring it on” Travis shrugged and so did I
The elevator door opened and we all walked out of the elevator, and then walked out of DH
“whoa the van looks shiny from down here”. Grace said.
“I thought it was a bus” I said.
“I thought it was an R.V” Travis said and I laughed
“c’mon let’s occupy the back seats” Grace said said as she saw the others coming.
Grace, Travis and I got to the back seats and occupied the three seats at the back.
Immediately we sat down, others got in the bus and sat down too. Cassie sat at the passenger’s seat and then the driver starts to drive.
Our journey wasn’t that long, but it felt like we were out of Mahnline when we got to our destination, I didn’t know mahnline city had beautiful places like this, sky scrappers surrounding the whole vicinity.
“whoa… My breath has suddenly seized” a girl said behind me.
“this place is beyond beautiful” Grace said as we slowly look around.
“oh hey look it’s your boyfriend.” Travis said lowly as he pointed to a big poster board of Erick, and gosh he looked dashing.
“he’s pretty handsome Isn’t he?” grace said from nowhere and I smiled.. “you’re lucky June” grace added.
A car suddenly stopped in front of us and Mrs Mitch and the Two other men followed her out of the car.
“okay you guys… Let’s head inside” Mrs Mitch said as start to walk inside one of those tall buildings and we all followed her.
“it’s a hotel!! are we going to lodge here? Just for today?” Cassie asked excitedly and Mrs Mitch nodded.
“wow…” everyone one of us said in unison as we all walked in the hotel.
“Mr Dhousten is so nice getting all this for us” a girl said and Mrs Mitch giggled and turned to us.
“okay you all should wait here while I check you in. And FYI Mr Dhousten is able to do this, cause he’s the hotelier”. Mrs Mitch said and walked away.
“okay, this is epic, I’m going to go crazy” Grace said.
“yeah me too… If only Annie was here” I smiled to myself.
“who’s that?” Travis asked.
“a friend of mine. A really good friend of mine”. I replied
“oh is she pretty? If she is, tell her you Know a guy who’s single and searching” Travis winked and I laughed…
“so Travis… I need your help” Cassie said out of nowhere and suddenly popped up in front of us.
“my help… That’s strange you never ask for my help” Travis smirked.
“shut up, you’re the only boy I talk to, so don’t make this seem like I’m so desperate” Cassie snapped..
“but you seem desperate” Travis said.
“shut up and listen.” Cassie said while Travis raised an eyebrow at her. “okay please” she added and he soften his face.
“okay as a guy”… Cassie glance at Grace and I as we watched her with full attention.
“never mind we’ll have this conversation later”. She said and moved back to where she was standing.
“who knows what she wanted to ask.” Grace shrugged.
“and is it just me or is Cassie getting fat?” I said and Travis laughed.. “she is… She’s been staying with her grandma for almost a week and her grandma’s been spoiling her with food. Food with fat, and gluten and she’s definitely not supposed to take all those, cause Cassie gets fat easily”. Travis explained.
“whoa. How do you know all this?” Grace asked.
“well…” Travis scratched his itchy hair “we both grew up together, we’re childhood friends, she’s supposed to be my childhood sweetheart but eventually when we became teens she started treating me like a stranger. And at school she talks to me when no One’s around, so she’s definitely not a childhood sweetheart and when we were younger she was a fat child”. Travis said and Grace giggled.
“I bet she’d look so cute then” Grace said and I started to imagine Cassie being fat but Mrs Mitch voice drew me out of the sudden reverie.
“okay y’all, you guys are so….. lucky Mr Dhousten let you guys occupy Two of the hotel suites at the last floor and he’d booked up a lot of things for you guys, and also I have the keys to the suites you guys are all going to be staying,” Mrs Mitch said and we all smiled happily
“But since we got just three boys and seven girls it’s going to be like this, the girls are going to share one suite and the boys will share the other one.” Mrs Mitch said and a girl suddenly stepped out, I remembered her for being the flexible and slim girl from the first group.
“Mrs Mitch that’s not fair.” she said.
“what do you mean?” Mrs Mitch asked.
“the boys are going to be just three in a room and the girls seven?—-”
“Mrs Mitch, Shylock is right!” the girl friend suddenly stepped out too.
Whoa Shylock, that’s a pretty interesting name.
“I mean they’ll be just three and we’ll be seven” Shylock’s friend added and Mrs Mitch sighed.
“okay fine we’ll do it this way, you’re all going to take it five by five, five people in one suite and five in the other, that will make it equal” Mrs Mitch explained while Shylock and her friend smiled
“and boys please can you move aside” Mrs Mitch instructed, and Travis and two other boys moved to stand away from the girls.
“okay now, who would join the guys to be equal to five by five Shylock and Leah, why don’t you join the boys so it’ll be complete” Mrs Mitch asked but they shrugged and shook their head negatively.
“okay if you all want it to be equal two of you girls would have to join the boys” Mrs Mitch said almost yelling and Travis gave me a look.
“c’mon.” he mouthed to me.
“no” I mouthed back to him and he he narrowed his eyes at me before turning back to Mrs Mitch.
“uhm Mrs Mitch, June said she’d like to join us” Travis said and I gasped heavily.
“no I did no–
“how lovely you are June, go stand with the boys I just need one more girl–
“I’ll go!” Grace interrupted and rushed up to me as I slowly made my way to the boys.
“you’re dead” I said to Travis and he smiled.
“okay we’re now complete, here’s your key, room 002” she said and handed the key to Grace who stood at the front and then gave the other key to the girls, which was room 004.
We all got into one elevator and it seemed pretty tight, and we all breathed out happily together when the elevator stopped and the door opened.
“wow.” Grace and Cassie together as we all walked into the hallway. It was shiny and the walls were glistening, and so was the concrete slippery floor,
And when I raised my head on I saw small looking night lights arranged on the decking and bringing out different colours of light that made the wall glisten.
“hey this is our room” Cassie yelled and pointed to a fancy looking door with the number 004.
“and this is our room”. One of the boys said and Travis, grace the other guy I don’t know his name and I turned to our suite.
“c’mon open it” Travis said and Grace shoved the key in the key hole and the door unlocked, and she slowly pushed the door open and our jaw suddenly dropped at how beautiful the suite room looked.

“This suite is sweet” Travis said as he moved Grace aside who was lost in admiring the place and he walked in, followed by the rest of us.
I glance back at the other girls and saw they’ve all gotten in and shut the door already. I sighed and slowly close ours.
“whoa this place is crazy” one of the boy with blonde hair, oh both of the boys are blonde, one golden blonde and the other one with dirty blonde, but the golden blonde said looking around and his voice echoed.
“okay everyone before we all settle down, why don’t we get to know each other first” Grace said and everyone paused and turned to her.
“yeah you’re right, okay everyone, I’m Zayn”. The one with the golden blonde hair said.
“and I’m Klay” the other one said.
“I’m Grace”.
“and I’m June.” I said lastly and we all continued with our admiration of the place.
“look guys, there’s a note here” Travis said and within seconds we all gathered him. He picked up the piece of paper beside a telephone. And read it out loud.
“you can all order anything you want without moving just take a call from this telephone and order anything”. Travis read and glance at me.
“Wow.. Let me try it out”. Klay said as he moved to Travis and grabbed the telephone and placed it on his ear, he tapped a green button before clearing his throat and saying “good day– Okay this is the suite room 002–yeah– I’ll like to order a fine meal of fried chicken and dumplings–for five okay thanks” Klay ended the call and smiled. And he somehow got us grinning.
“guys come check out the bedroom” Zayn said and we all walked up to him as he slowly moved the curtains aside and the bedroom came into view.
“goodness this is beautiful!” Grace exclaimed.
“and the bed.” I added.
“it’s huge enough for four people” Travis continued.
“from now on Mr Dhousten is going to receive all the respect he deserve in the whole world”. Zayn said and we all laughed.
We all heard the doorbell and our head turned together to the door. We all hurried to the door and laughed when we realised we’re acting like people from the jungle.
Grace who stood at the front opened the door and we all moved back as a woman pushed a trolley inside, a long Trolley inside our suite, consisting of the fried chicken and dumplings Klay ordered for five of us.
“sweet cheese, today’s gonna be the most meaningful day of my life” Travis said.
“you’re so right dude” Zayn added.
“okay I’ll set up your meal on the dinning table then” the woman said with her tiny voice and as she moved to the dining table, another trolley starts to enter either different kinds of food and deserts and we all looked shocked as we waited to see the lady pushing it in, when we finally saw her she smiled at our surprised.
“but we didn’t order this.” I said to her.
“you guys didn’t! Mr Dhousten wanted us to give the two suite room a meal to never forget” Mrs Mitch voice echoed and she suddenly walked in.
“we just ordered chicken and dumplings now”. Klay said.
“well good for you, you’re going to have an everlasting meal then.” Mrs Mitch smiled and our eyes followed the woman as she pushed the amazing delicacies passed us and to the dining table.
“and…” Mrs Mitch started and we all turned to her. “you know you’re all leaving here tomorrow morning”.
“I wouldn’t mind leaving here by the end of the week” Klay added and Mrs Mitch rolled her eyes.
“you’re all leaving here tomorrow so this is what I have come to pass to you guys, there’s a swimming pool inside the hotel and you can all go there if you want to its at the third floor and I’ll give you a map at every inside out of the hotel, and the celebrities coming will be here in about fifty minutes and tonight there’s a party going on where each celebrities are going to perform one of their songs, and the girls if you want to get your hair and nails done before the party you can both do that at the spa which is at… You know what I’ll give you all the map” Mrs Mitch said, dipped her hand in her purse brought out five piece of paper and handed it to us. And it was a map of the hotel, it even had sauna and two halls.
“after your everlasting meal, you are all free to do what you want and you all get to meet and talk to your favourite celebrities. And they’ll be occupying all the suite rooms Up here” Mrs Mitch explained and I almost jumped out of excitement.
“okay that’s all, for now, if you want anything just place your order with that telephone” she said before walking out.
We all gathered the table they set our meal immediately Mrs Mitch left.
“wow chocolate pudding” Grace squealed.
“and chocolate cake” Zayn smiled.
“ice-creams” I licked my mouth saying that, this is heaven.
“they even brought more chickens,this is a dream come true” Travis said
“okay are we going to keep staring at the food or eat” Klay yelled excitedly and we all laughed.
Eating like never before I broke a fresh fried lobster into two and shoved it in my mouth,
Grace was weirdly dipping dumplings into the chocolate pudding while Travis and Klay were helping themselves with the chickens, and Zayn was helping himself with chocolate cake.
We were all just busy with stuffing our faces until we heard loud screams from the other room.

“what’s happening”. Grace asked as the noise started to become louder.
“Lets go check it out” Zayn said and he stood up and so did everyone of us. We all hurried to the door and I was the one who stood at the front so I opened the door. And to our surprise, Cassie and the other girls were surrounding DH finest celebrities, Daniel, MARIA LI!! Ricky Goodman and Roxie Tiffany.
Daniel turned to see us peeping out from our door and the other three celebrities turned to us and the rest of the girls turned to us.
“whoa… Roxie Tiffany is hot” Zayn whispered and he, Travis and Klay shared a small laugh.

“oh you’re the other five” Roxie Tiffany asked and we all nod at the same time.
“oh you all are so beautiful”. Roxie said and it’s true, she looked pretty hot.
Daniel smiled at me and I smiled back and then turned to my goddess (Maria Li) who was talking to Cassie and Shylock.
“so I really want to meet and talk to each and everyone of them but I’m afraid I would miss my chance of eating this everlasting heavenly meal” Travis said and the Two other boys agreed with him.
“c’mon let’s go meet Daniel” grace said happily as we both hurried to them.
Oh boy.
“Daniel!” Grace squeaked when we got there.
“Daniel we love you so much” one of the girls from Cassie’s suite roomie said and Daniel smiled “love you too”.
Daniel turned to Grace and I and Grace grinned widely .
“you. We’ve met before right?” he asked and Grace nodded heavily getting a glare from the girl who was talking to Daniel first.
“you’ve got something on your cheek” Daniel said and I had no idea who he was talking to until he cleaned my cheek with his thumb.
“uhm.. Thanks?” I said feeling awkward as both grace and the girl looked at me awkwardly.
He shouldn’t do this in public, I wish he would just pretend he doesn’t know me.
T. B. C

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