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I watched as everyone left me and Mr Dhousten alone and I could feel my heart beat like so fast
“come” Mr Dhousten said and I nod and walked up to him.
What does he want with me!!
“congrats on making it to the last round” He said and I nod.
“thank__thank you” I stutter and bit my lip.
“look I haven’t heard your real voice but I know it must be good, for you to make it to this round, and last night when I was judging you all by your bad singing, well not actually your singing, before you all performed, I thought maybe I should make you pass no matter what.! I wanted to cheat for you, cause I was lost in great thought, what if June doesn’t know how to sing, what if she isn’t that good and I get to disqualify her.” Mr Dhousten shrugged
Is that what he thinks of me.
“but then if I disqualify you, I make you sad and angry and you let out your on my son and then he let’s out his anger on me! I wanted to prevent that cause I love seeing Erick happy, like they say, every parent’s joy is seeing their children happy. So by avoiding that I decided to let you pass at all cost, I realised I was gonna cheat, but what the hell I’m the goddammed CEO of the industry I do what I want, see you realise I was willing to cheat for you, but last night the hell of confidence you held and the way you fought with that voice I realised I didn’t need to cheat”.
“really?” I asked and he nods.
Wait. But he didn’t like me,
Oh.. I forgot he wanted to cheat for me because of his son..
“you must have notice I don’t like you” he said looking straight.
“yeah no kidding” I said sarcastically before I rolled my eyes.
He turned to me surprisingly and I apologized.
“well that isn’t true because I like you June” he sighed.
Oh My God!! He doesn’t hate me.
This is a very good dream come true.
“I was just jealous of you!” he added and I turned immediately.. “sorry?..” I said
I know I heard the word jealous right.
“yes, you heard me right, I was jealous of you okay! See I wanted to make Erick a singer I’ve tried so hard to to mold his career that way, but he just wasn’t listening to me, I tried evey possible way I can but he still wouldn’t listen to me, well not until he met you, and then I decided to use you as bait.” Mr Dhousten said and smiled a little bit.
“but…” he continued “before I could make a move he agreed to what I’ve been trying to make him do for years, he agreed because of you. And that made me so mad, how could a father ask a son to do something but he refused and then a so called little girl ask him to that something his father has been trying to make him do for years and he suddenly agreed. I mean that made me felt so small, I was jealous it made felt like a useless father.”
“w-well Mr Dhousten I’m so sorry” I said.
“oh you don’t have to be sorry, cause I’ve achieved what I wanted, how can I make others a big time celebrity and leave my son out, my talented son, it wasn’t possible…. But then when you made him realise life isn’t just an open book you have to open all chapters before knowing what it’s really about.” he expound and I nod.
“and I like that you two are together” Mr Dhousten said I released a small gasped.
“really?!!!!!” I asked without even knowing
“yeah” he replied.
“so… You don’t hate me!!” I asked happily.
“oh dear June. I don’t!” he sighed.
“I’ve said what I wanted to say, now you can join the others” Mr Dhousten smiled at me and I smiled, thanked him and walked away.
My heavy heart eased, this vacation was nice I can finally admit.
I made it to the finals and found out Mr Dhousten likes me.
As I got out of the elevator that leads to the floor of our suite, I met Daniel wanting to walk into the elevator and we both bumped into each other.
“sorry” we both said the same time and laughed.
“so are you looking for Erick?” he asked.
“not really, I’m just heading back to the suite room to get ready to leave”. I said and he nods and walked into the elevator.
I sighed and turned to my destination..
I got inside our suite room and the way it was just melancholy made me freeze. It was like someone died.
Everyone seemed quiet, Grace was just standing still and staring at a particular place and so was zayn, klay and Travis stood together not saying anything and immediately I walked in all of their attention diverted to me.
“you should get ready June, we’ll be leaving in a few minutes”. Travis said standing up.
“I know” I said and looked down.
“Zayn…” I called and he turned to me. “I’m so sorry you didn’t make it” I said lowly.
“didn’t make it! Are you crazy? I’m standing in front of you and you’re sorry that I didn’t make it, that sentence are for people who’s dying not me” Zayn said and I breathed out a sigh of relief and smiled a bit I thought he wanted to get angry.
“actually the person who you should be telling that is actually Grace she’s not been herself” zayn whispered to me and I turned to look at her.
Still looking at the particular place and not moving.
But she’s not talking to me.
Well whatever I’ll just talk to her, I’m not the malice type.
I slowly walked up to Grace and she immediately snapped her head towards me.
“what do you want?” she snapped.
“I just wanted to say I’m sorry you didn’t make it to the final round”. I said and glared at me.
I expected that, so no hard feelings
“don’t tell me nonsense June, and don’t feel sorry for me, you just got lucky, you did as bad as me too, but Mr Dhousten just chose you cause you’re dating Erick” Grace said and I felt like smacking her for the first time.
“I got to the finals by own merit” I yelled.
“yeah right” she added sarcastically. Rolling her eyes.
Oh this is so on…
“just because you did bad and you lost doesn’t mean you should get mad at me cause it’s not my fault you’re so bad at doing things.. You lost and that’s your cup of cold coffee, and if you think I got in by dating Erick, you should try dating him too, I could give you a chance, but he doesn’t date loosers” I said and she gasped. And I think she held her breath cause her face starts to get red.
“June.. You don’t have to go there” klay said and I turned to him.
“oh I certainly do, she started it and I’m gonna end it”.
I turned to Grace and she has already starts to cry.
well I don’t kind of care she started it, I mean I didn’t mean to be rude… But.. okay now I feel guilty.
She sniffed, got on her feet and storm out of the room.
“great now you made her angry” klay said.
“didn’t you hear what she said to me?” I asked.
“I heard but you shouldn’t have said tha—
“I don’t think June did anything bad, Grace fired her and she fired back so it’s Fairplay klay, don’t take sides” Zayn interrupted.
“but I thought you two were best friends” klay said.
“best friends my butt” I rolled my eyes
“they used to be but I noticed something different with Grace whenever she’s around June, and yesterday and today I kind of found out she didn’t want to talk to you too.” Travis explained as he brought out a lollipop from his pocket. And starts to unwrap it’s paper.
“Thank you Travis for noticing that, at least I have a witness, it was like she just suddenly hates me and I don’t know what I did wrong” I explained.
“maybe she’s jealous of your lifestyle”. Zayn said.
“my lifestyle” I repeated. She doesn’t know about my horrible and poor life to be jealous of it.
“maybe she’s jealous you’re dating a celebrity” zayn added.
“no Erick and I has been dating before he debuted and she knew about that and we still talked and played as friends but now I don’t understand her sudden irritation towards me, she even told me how the dress I wore yesterday looked awful on me.” I explained with my hands folded.
“what? That killer dress that looked so good on you” Travis gasped.
“yeah that dress was so beautiful on you I suddenly wished I was your mom” zayn said and we all looked at him.
“okay that doesn’t make any sense I’ll just keep quiet now” he said I turned back to Travis.
“and if not for shylock I would have taken the dress off” I shrugged..
“shylock?? You mean the girl who sat with us yesterday?” Travis asked and I nod “oh yeah, I like her she’s pretty and so nice very nice” Travis said and zayn tapped his head.
“you like everyone you meet”.
“first you said you used to like Jenna, the girl at your middle school and now you said you liked – – – –
Travis quickly closed zayn’s mouth before he could complete his words and klay laughed.
“what.! are you shy to let anyone find out,” klay laughed.
“I told you guys as a secret so please just shut up” Travis yelled and they laughed.
“what secret?” I chipped in, not that I’m curious.
“no secret…. Its nothing” Travis said.
“it’s actually something, but don’t worry we’ll add shylock to the list” klay said.
“go to hell” Travis muttered and walked up to me.
“here.” he said giving me the lollipop he’s been unwrapping for ages.. “what for?” i asked..
“you’re not in good terms with Grace right now it’ll help you ease your anger” he said and shoved the lollipop in my mouth. I couldn’t say no since it was already in and it’s banana flavor too.
The door to our suite opened and Mrs mitch head got inside.
“you guys, come down now, we’re leaving” she said and we all glance at each other before walking to the door and then walking out.
“I’ll miss this hotel like so much” klay said as we got down and in front of the bus that’s going to take us back.
“yeah me too”. Zayn, Travis and I said together and we laughed..
“you all came late, so you’re all sitting at the back” Cassie said from inside the bus.
“who was gonna sit at the front anyway” Travis scoffed and she rolled her eyes.
“come here June. I saved a seat for you” shylock said but her friend Leah nudged her and whispered something to her.
“come on” shylock ignored her friend and beckoned for me to come in. I wa about to enter the bus when zayn quickly cut in and made me gasp.
“hey you little pr*ck it’s lady’s first” klay yelled..
“I am a lady” zayn smiled.
“do you know you just insulted yourself” Travis shook his negatively.
“no wonder you tried to kiss Travis last night” klay said And everyone inside the bus laughed.
“what?” Travis and Zayn yelled.
“you’re crazy, asshole” zayn said and got in the bus. Making Travis and klay laugh.
They just met yesterday and they’re already bonding, boys relationship are so easy.
“okay June, you can get in” klay said and I was about to enter the bus when someone pulled me back.
“Erick?” I said out of breath when I turned. Cause He scared me to death.
He was wearing one of his face cap and he smiled.
“we are going together” he said, held my hand and pulled.
“goodbye June” Travis yelled as he watched Erick pulled me away from the bus.
“bye Travis” I yelled but it wasn’t loud so I waved to him and then to klay.
Erick took me to his car and opened the door for me to get to the passenger seat, i got in and he reminded me to put on the seat belt,
He got to the driver seat and after shutting the car door, he turned to me.
“June..” he called, smiled, grabbed my head and slowly kissed me.
“are you taking me back home or to DH?”. I asked as Erick drove with full speed
“my place.” he replied.. “and why would you ever want to go back to the industry”
“cause that’s where we all came from and that’s where they’re going to take everyone” I said.
“okay so they’re gonna take everyone back to DH And the ones who didn’t make it will go home and the ones who passed will stay and will be given an information about the last and final competition”. Erick said and gasped.
“and you didn’t want me to go to DH, then how am I ever going to know when the finals will be?” I half yelled.
“don’t worry I’ll get information for you” he smiled a soothing smile and I breathed out and rested my back on the car seat.
“so… Did you enjoy the vacation” he asked.
“yeah, it was fun” I smiled.
It was really fun.
“okay tell me all about it”. Erick smiled.
“everything?”. I asked.
“every frigging detail”.
“I mean I get to eat a lot of things I haven’t eat before, and then we get to meet the celebrities, I was a little disappointed you didn’t come but I knew what you were doing was more important” I shrugged and he laughed.
“that’s why immediately I was done I came there as fast as possible” he said.
“and then what happened?” he asked.
“well okay after meeting the celebrities, and my queen Maria Li, I decided to go to the swimming pool, to meet my suite roomies and swim with them but when I got there none of them were there at that moment and I got stuck inside the swimming pool”.
“oh that happens to me like all the time, I’ve told my dad to change the door severely but he doesn’t listen to me” Erick shrugged.
“and the worst thing was I got stuck with Daniel”. I said.
“what?…! Really?” he asked.
“yeah” I nod.
“and why is it the worst thing that happened” Erick asked and I turned to him.
“cause… Daniel’s so.. So.. Clingy…..
“clingy? How do you mean?”.
“well through out the whole vacation, he was being really close to me, like so close that it made others think otherwise and made me really uncomfortable”. I said
“That son of a…
“But I later confronted him about it and he said, I was the only one he knows and actually talks to so..” I said and mushed my lips together.
“still he shouldn’t have been that clingy” He said and the car stopped.
“okay we’re here!” Erick announced
“wait.. Really, that was fast” I smiled, and opened the car door before Erick would do that for me cause it seemed like it was what he was about to do.
“okay see there’s one thing you must learn, you’re the girlfriend and the boyfriend” Erick said and I nod. Trying to understand what he’s saying, and he continued.
“after driving, you sit inside the car till I get the door for you okay.” he said and I smiled.
“should I get in so you’ll do it now!” I blinked rapidly and he chuckled.
“plesde do”.
“no can’t do”. I smiled and pulled his hand and we both walked in..
We got to his room and I sat on his bed.
“I kinda miss your place” I said as I laid flat on the bed.
“well I missed it with you being here”. He grinned and sat beside my lying body.
“so June.. I’m free tomorrow” he said looking at me.
“and?..” I couldn’t help myself from smiling.
“let’s go on our second date” he said
“well I’m free too, it’ll be Sunday and it’ll be wonderful”.
“great!” he beamed.
“and… He said. Making me widen eyes at him waiting for more.
“I’m thinking of having a duet with you”. He said and that made me jump.
“a duet with me?” I repeated.
“yeah, I’m not only in love with you but also with your voice, I mean we’ve sang together before and it was in perfect harmony”.
“oh now you believe it was a perfect harmony, I remembered begging you to sing with me but you were being haughty” I rolled my eyes and he laughed.
“I wasn’t being haughty, I was kind of shy” he rubbed his neck.
“please… Like that word even existed around you”.
“I’m being serious”. He said. “so are you in?” he asked and before I could say yes his phone ring.
“what?” he said into the phone.
“why? __ June?”.
Why did he call my name and who is he talking to and what are they talking about me.
“okay.” he said before cutting the call.
“who’s that” I asked.
“Daniel”. He replied before I could breathe out, he suddenly seemed busy with his phone, I tried to peek what he was busy with but he suddenly smiled. And brought the phone closer to my face.
“paparazzi will always be paparazzi”. He said and my eyes widen when I saw two people kissing in a car and those people looked like Erick and I.
I read the headline and I gasped.
++Erick-J caught kissing a girl today at Henile, Mahnline, it seemed to be shocking since Erick-J publicly commented that he is in no relationship++
T. B. C

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