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Slowly everything starts to turn round and round and I couldn’t decipher what was going on, I turned to Erick and he was double.

“whoa.. This is weird, this is so weird, what’s going on” Travis said and I turned to him klay and zayn to see them all double too.
“it’s the wine guys” Erick said and I turned to him.
“it’s working” he added
“I’m sorry do you know about this?” I asked and i think he smiled and nodded
“well why didn’t you warn us?” I asked.
“cause if I did then you wouldn’t have taken it and if you don’t take it you would still be forced to take it” Erick said and I huffed. Slowly my blurry vision starts to clear and I breathed out a sigh of relief “finally”.
“what is this why did your dad drug us or___
“he didn’t drug you you, any of you, and don’t worry the wine is not harmful, it’s just part of the competition”
“part of the competition!!” Travis almost yelled.
“quiet travel, I am not supposed to tell you guys anything but,….. He paused and glanced at me then at Travis and the two others
“the wine’s going to make your voices horsey, it’s a pretty special wine you see and my dad’s going to judge by your horsey voices, who ever can control their horsey voice will get to the final round.”
Erick explained and zayn,klay Travis and I shared a glance
“No offence but your dad’s crazy” Travis said and Erick glared at him.
“but this is an impossible task how ca__
I suddenly coughed and Erick handed me a bottled water.
“it’s okay– I said and gasped heavily.
“my voice!!” I gasped again, my voice was low and horsey.
“okay this is crazy, what kind of wine is this?” klay asked “a very special wine” Erick smirked.
Suddenly all the girls at the other table starts to cough and Erick looked at me. He stretched his hand over to me and caress the back of my palm.
“Goodluck babe” he said, smiled and stood up.
“I’m not supposed to be here now, I’ll be right back” he said, smiled and walked away.
“is this some kind of joke?” Travis tried to yell but he ended up coughing.
“how can some stupid drink take away our voices” I said.
“yeah I mean this is crazy!” I heard shylock’s voice behind me, hers still loud and clear.
I turned to see the other girls tilting their heads and murmuring in wonders holding their throats.
“so sooner or later, everyone’s voice is going to disappear and what we’re going to pass out??” klay asked.
“this feels like a horrible nightmare” someone said behind us and that person voice seemed pretty thick and horsey so we all turned to see Leah, shylocks friend..
“I thought this was supposed to be a nice vacation but why this stupid poisonous wine” Cassie cranky voice said and she starts to walk up to us.
Why hasn’t her voice gone yet, it’s so loud.
Everyone suddenly gathered our table and we all stood up to complain about this stupid voice thing.

“Attention everyone, can I get everyone’s attention please.” We all heard the short man’s voice said and we all turned.
“the second to the last round of your competition starts in about three minutes so everyone get ready.!” the man continued and Cassie screamed.
“what?? Are you crazy, this wine is ruining our voice and how do you expect us to sing with our voice like this.” Cassie yelled and her voice echoed and I suddenly realized that the celebrities weren’t there anymore.
“I’m sorry but this is order from Mr Dhousten” the man said glared at Cassie for a bit before walking away.
Everyone starts to complain about this and that and noises filled the quiet backyard, and as we all spok our voices turned horsey, Cassie was the last person to get he voice horsey like ours and yet we still complained and cursed the wine.
I like Erick because he’s smart but I can’t believe he’d let hs dad to this to us it’s impossible to sing with a voice like this.
We all turned quiet immediately we saw Mr Dhousten walked into the small, now scattered party, and he smiled seeing all is us.. Yep he looks so much like Erick.
Mr Dhousten walked up to the small stage and grabbed the microphone..
“good evening, I know you are all enjoying yourself tonight” Mr Dhousten said.
“no” Cassie and Leah tried to yell but their voice failed them but Mr Dhousten heard it.
“looks like you all had my French special wine.. Well that’s great” Mr DHouston smiled. “cause if you didn’t have my wine you won’t perform in the next competition which is happening now” Mr Dhousten smiled and everyone gasped except klay zayn and I cause Erick told us already about it. So what’s the surprise there.
“but Mr Dhousten how can we perform like this?” shylock asked,
Though her voice is also horsey she’s still louder than everyone of us.
“that is what I call challenge, you all have made it through all the rounds and to this round and after this round comes to the last and final round, so instead of you all just singing I wanted something to be of challenge to you guys, cause I believe for my judges choosing you your voices must be angelic, so why not add a little something to that angelic voice and just know that nothing is impossible just challenging”. Mr Dhoustensaid and everyone of us starts to glance at each other and nod at each other.
“I mean Mr Dhousten is right but this is impossible”. Cassie cried out.
“didn’t you hear him, nothing is impossible just challenging” grace added smirking.
“you’re so confident do you think you’ll make it through this round its not challenging its impossible” shylock tell her.
“maybe it’s impossible for you but not for me dear.” Grace shrugged. “I’m up for anything”.
Wait this isn’t the grace I once knew, she was always the scared one but now I think she’s the one boosting every one’s confident. Cause Klay started to clear his voice and zayn added that he too is up for it, everyone starts to accept the horsey voice singing challenge until Mr Dhousten said
“Plus I will be the judge for tonight’s competition”.
“okay now I’m getting scared” Leah said and said shylock placed her hand on her friend’s shoulder “don’t get scared he’s going to judge like every one else” shylock said coughing and sniffing out heavily.
Before we knew it Mr Dhousten took a sit in front of the stage while we all stood almost behind the stage in a straight line.
“okay the first person standing in front of the line, would be the first performer” Mr Dhousten said and Grace gasped.
“no way. Why did I get to be at the front”. She added and Travis, klay and zayn laughed, “you were so confident about yourself, don’t give up now” klay teased and he and his two new friends laughed with their silent laugh… Too bad the wine really ruined our voices. “and I am still confident about myself to shut up” Grace said and angrily got up the stage, we all came out from behind the stage to see Grace perform.
She looked scared as she stood at the middle of the stage with Mr Dhousten looking at her intensely.
“okay first what’s your name?” Mr Dhousten asked
“Grave… I mean Grace… Grace… Monroe” Grace stutter and everyone giggled
“she’s scared as hell” klay laughed.

“okay what will you like sing for me tonight?” Mr Dhousten asked
“uh… Goodbye, by..Roxie Tiffany” she said.
“huh? That is way easy to sing” a girl behind Cassie said, I still don’t know her name yet.
Mr Dhousten laughed and Grace face went pale.
“Miss Monroe, you’re not singing that, I just asked that to see what you’re going to say, you’ll be singing ‘wild’ by Ricky Goodman… You all will be singing just that one song, so miss Monroe please start”. Mr Dhousten said and folded his hands.
Suddenly the piano starts to play and Grace hiccups.
“I don’t know this song” grace said lowly.
Neither do I.. I thought
Mr Dhouten sighed and told her to sing any song of her choice and she sang one of Daniel’s song and it was as bad as everyone else thought it would be. Her horsey voice couldn’t go high and she knew she wasn’t going anywhere with that kind of singing.
She was done singing and Mr Dhousten told her to get off the stage without any expression written on his face.
The next person who happened to be going next was the girl whose name I don’t know and her name happened to be Karolina when she introduced herself on stage.
Her voice was the worst and she gave up before ending the song.
I realised I was next to go on stage and when I tried to move at the back of the line to avoid singing next, klay and zayn held me back and pushed me forward
“sorry June. But you’re next and you know you cannot change that” Travis said and I sighed and walked up to the stage confidently.
I mean everyone’s voice is going to be horrible so what’s the point of getting scared. And I wonder how he’s going to judge our voices if we all sound so horrible..
I got on the stage and Mr Dhousten smirked at me. Yeah come to think of it, I don’t think Mr Dhousten likes me. But whatever, his son likes me and I like him too and that’s all that matters.
“I’m June…
“June Peterson”. Mr Dhousten said and smiled. “you’re dating my son, how can I not know your name” he scoffed.
“okay so June.. What are you going to be singing tonight.. I hope its not one of my son song’s” Mr Dhousten said and I sighed.
He hates me!!
“it’s not” my horsey voice echoed and he arched a quizzical brow at me. “then what are you singing?”
“second chance” I replied, cause it was the first thing I could think of, I wanted to sing Erick’s new song but since he’s being so mean I don’t have any choice but to sing any song aside from my boyfriend’s.
Though my confidence was as strong and high and could hold a falling mountain, my voice sounded so horrible but I still didn’t back down I just tried to amend my voice till the end of the song.. I was done singing and mr Dhousten gave a strong freezing look that sent chills to my body. I came down from the stage without him telling me too and I start to feel my head pound. Shylock was next to come on stage and truthfully I was jealous. Cause her voice sounded so good.
Everything around me starts to turn, the stage, Shylock, Mr Dhousten and before I knew it I was on the floor.
My eyes starts to close and I could hear my name from a far distant. And slowly everything starts to fade away.
I woke up with the great smell of fried chicken and rice entering through my nostrils and the sun on my face, my body felt comfortable on the bed I was lying, a shadow suddenly covered my face and I slowly opened my eyes to see Erick smiling at me.
“you’re awake” he said huskily and I slowly got up while he moved back and help me sit up.
“what happened.?” I asked rubbing my eyes and coughing after.
“you passed out last night” Erick replied taking a glass cup and pouring water in it.
“here” he said giving me the glass of water to me and I quickly drank it all and gave him back the cup with a sigh.
“passed out? When?..” I asked and I suddenly remembered last night.
We all drank that weird French wine together and sang with our horrible voices and before… Wait that’s the last thing I remembered. At least my voice is okay now.
“you passed out immediately after singing, your body couldn’t take in the wine and immediately after you sang it started to react and that’s why you passed, you used a lot of your energy just to sing and you were also out of breath”. Erick explained and I sighed.
“well I thought yesterday was going great, but turns out your father made a twist to our happiness, and what kind of stupid idea was that, so sing with horsey voices, as long as I remembered no body sang well except for shylock, and God, I’m so jealous I don’t think I’m going to make it to the last round” I groaned and laid back on the bed.
“you’re so going to make it to the last round” Erick said and I sat up.
“how do you know that? Are you gonna bribe your dad or what?” I asked moving my hair back.
“see no one bribes my dad, not even me or my mom” Erick laughed
“I just have faith in you” he smiled.
“Fath.! I had that before I started to sing but now I don’t think I have faith anymore” I said and slowly got up from the bed.
I paused and look around the room, it was blue. The lights, the cushions the floor, the roof, everything blue.
“where is this?” I asked.
“my suite” he replied.
“oh.. Your room at home isn’t so blue, but this place its looks like a shrine” I said and he laughed.
“I just love the colour, oh and there’s an extra toothbrush in the bathroom, and I got you a dress so you wouldn’t still be wearing that, you guys will be leaving in a few minutes and my dad needs to everyone first”. He said and I looked at my dress,
It’s still the neon dress from yesterday.
I looked up at Erick to see him checking me out and I laughed.
“what are you doing?”
“you have to go change that dress now! Or else something is going to happen?” he said dramatically and I laughed even more.
“something like what?” I smiled.
“something very dangerous” he said and I laughed even harder.
“you’re crazy”. I tell him..
“I know it’s a normal thing coming from you” he said and I rolled my eyes before walking away to the bathroom.
After brushing my teeth and everything, I changed into the red flay dress an flat shoes. I packed my hair into ponytail and after that I walked into the room to see it empty, I headed for the door and immediately I opened it, I saw Daniel and Erick almost walking in and running into me.
“whoa” I said and moved back.
“oh hey June” Daniel smiled.
“Daniel.. Oh are you okay now?” I asked, he looks okay, yesterday wasn’t actually his night.
“I should be asking you that instead, you passed out yesterday” he said.
“were you there?” I asked.
“nope.. I heard everyone talking about it” Daniel said.
“you look great” Erick said and I smiled
“everyone’s at the hotel’s backyard where we had the party last night with my dad and they’re waiting for you” Erick said and I nod.
“Good luck” Erick said and I nod before turning and walking away.
I got to the back of the hotel and it was even prettier in the day, cause the grasses there were green and the dark spooky tree shone a bright brown.
My heart skipped a little when I saw every one in front of Mr Dhousten and they all turned to me immediately I walked up to them.
“oh my God, June you’re okay..” shylock said immediately and came to hug me.
That was surprising.
“you scared the shits out of me when you passed out, I thought you were dead and we were all gonna die too”. Zayn as he walked up to me
“yeah” Cassie added.
“it’s good you’re okay kid” klay said and tapped my shoulder.
“yeah it’s good you’re okay” Travis added. I was expecting Grace to say something but she acted like she didn’t know with the other two girls, Leah and Karolina, at leat Leah and Karolina turned to look at me, but she just acted like I wasn’t there.
After everyone had asked about my health we all watched as Mr Dhousten sighed tiredly and told us to stand in front of him.
We all did and he started.
“you all know why I called you out here?” Mr Dhousten asked.
“so you could give us another French wine?” klay teased and everyone giggled making Mr Dhousten glare at him.
“I called you out here, to tell you who’s staying and who’s going to the last round” Mr Dhousten added and Cassie gasped..
“oh shit.!” klay muttered.
“I’ve gotten only five lucky ones” he said and everyone expression changed including mine.
This is heart throbbing.
“I’m not gonna waste your time and make you all breathe fast, so don’t worry, all of you sang horribly but I wasn’t just judging your voice I was judging with the way you fought with your voice”. Mr Dhousten said and we all shared a glance.
“fought with our voices, what is this man talking about” Travis whispered in my ear and prevented myself from giggling.
“for the last round, my first pick is going to be shylock wilder, Mr Dhousten said and shylock gasped happily.
I mean everyone expected this, she’s so good, I don’t know how others did but she was good.
“my second pick is… Travis__
“what?” travis almost yelled “sorry… I mean wow” Travis added and Mr Dhousten sighed.
“my third pick is klay Bolton and fourth pick is Cassie Akers and my last pick will be June Peterson” me Dhousten said and my aching heart suddenly freed.
“this is… This.. Is so unfair” Grace almost cried.
“thank you all for your participation, we’ll be leaving the hotel soon, I just wanted you all to enjoy yourself, five of you are going home and the remaining five are staying at DH” MR Dhousten said and Leah suddenly bent down to cry, while shylock ran to comfort her friend. Zayn seemed gloomy as Travis and klay talked to him, while Cassie seemed like she was at the top of the world.
“you’re all dismissed, you should all go back and get ready to leave.” Mr Dhousten said and everyone starts to head inside including me. But immediately we all heard.
“except for you Peterson”. I paused when he said that, why is he calling me now..! What does he want with me.!!!!

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