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My jaw dropped and I turned to see Erick smiling, we just left the hotel like minutes ago and now Erick and I are already trending on social media of what just happened minutes ago about Erick and I kissing, in one the pictures Erick’s face could be seen, half of his face actually when he smiled at me, but mine wasn’t cause I was facing back in the picture so only my hair could be seen and in the other picture both of our faces were covered cause we were kissing.
“okay this is..
“weird?” Erick tried to help.
“no weird is not the word I’m looking for.” I said
“you know, I like this” Erick smiled.
“why?” I asked.. “cause the paparazzi caught me kissing you, not some other girl” Erick replied.
“but you know this will cause a lot of chaos” I said and he shrugged.
“chaos, trust me it can’t”. He shook his head.
“what do you mean it can’t! Look at the comments”. I said showing him the trendiest comments.
*who the hell is that b*tch*
*I thought Erick-J was single ToT*
*my fragile heart is broken*
*who is she????? (^o^)*
*I don’t know her but I hate her already*
“those are just the hateful comments” Erick said taking the phone from me.
“is there anything as hateful comment or love-ful comment” I added and he laughed.
“in life everything has it opposite, and the main ones are good and bad, hate and love, here take a look” he said and I looked down at his phone. To read the comments
*who is she, I’m so curious*.
*she must be pretty for god only hang out with goddesses*..
*whoever she is I pray she keeps our Erick-J happy.*
*is this real?? If it is then I’m so happy for Erick-J*
*Erick-J and a mystery girl sitting on a tree K-I-S-S-I-N-G*.
“see read and do only positive things, they help a lot” Erick smiled.
“and this is no difference cause I’m planning to make our relationship public,” he added.
“you celebrities deal with a lot of horrible things, how do you all survive those hateful comments?” I shrugged.
“the ones who hate you may be the ones who loves you the most, they might write all sort of bad things about us but they don’t mean it”
“and how would you know that?” I snapped..
“June. You have to chill, this is about me and you’re getting all worked up” he said.
“isn’t that what girlfriends do?” I asked and he laughed.
“look they should keep doing their job as haters for us and we keep dating, nobody looses”. He smiled.
“okay how are you okay with all this??” I yelled standing up
“because I prepared for anything… celebrities world are horrible and you really have to be prepared for anything, cause one second your fans are loving you and then just one little mistake you did they’re hating you just because one person tried to make that mistake look so big. All these fans are under the mouth of just one individual, if that one person hates you they tend to write mean comments about you making you look so bad spotting every mistake you make and then the ones who loves you joins that one individual in making those bad comments when they actually love you, so no matter how bad a person comments about you,the person either envies you or loves you too much” Erick explained and I gasped.
“wait. Are you, sure you’re the Erick I know?” I asked.
“what do you mean?”
“when did you get so smart?” I laughed and he held my hand and pulled me to sit on his thigh.
“sometimes June. You don’t have to worry and you just have to go with every flow life brings”. He said wrapping his hands around my waist.
“well that’s easy for you to say cause I did worry a lot growing up after my parents passed away, you grew up with no financial problems” I said wrapping my own hands around his neck.
“you know, I was a very fat baby, my parents always thought I’d be like an elephant when I get to five years and I was actually kind of fatter than an elephant, cause I was pampered, given anything thing I wanted, I ate like a queen and commanded every one around me, I was loved, happy, healthy and most of all fat, but my parents passed away too quickly and left me with August. And that’s when I start to dry up, I worry every single day Auggie’s cry made me think and sometimes cry too, my parents death made me cry too and that’s when I started to decrease. Now look at at me now I could be used for a match stick” I said with a small sigh remembering the worst times of my life. Auggie was a blessing at that time but our financial problems wasn’t.
“look! June” Erick said sliding his hands away from my waist and placing them on my cheek.
“those days are over you have to look at the future now, and I promise you, you’re never going to face something like that again” Erick said before kissing my forehead soothingly.
“thanks” I breathed out resting my head on his shoulder.
::: ::: :::
Erick and I spent almost of the day together and he wanted to drive me home later in the day but I told him I’d take a taxi cause who knows the paparazzi might be on our tail. And I had to wear one of Erick’s jacket to cover the dress I was wearing and I also had to let my hair down, cause I know the news about Erick and a mystery girl kissing might have spread and I don’t want anyone to suspect me.
I got home that evening and Auggie and Ella rushed up to me immediately to give me a hug, Auggie giving me a normal hug and Ella giving me a leg hug.
“awwn how are you,? How’s school” I asked.
“school? Today’s Saturday I didn’t go” Auggie stated.
“what… I was just joking I totally knew that” I laughed nervously.
I definitely didn’t know that…
“where’s grandma,” I asked taking off Erick’s jacket.
“she’s sleeping” he replied.
“okay have you guys had dinner?”
“nope” he said happily.
“well I’ll be making dinner tonight” I said taking off my sandals and walking into the kitchen.
Auggie seemed happy with me being home and making dinner and after making dinner, my grandma woke up and we all ate dinner together and of course I had to tell her about the one day vacation and the surprising and sudden competition. She was happy I made it to the finals, everyone was.
After taking a shower and getting under my covers that night, Erick called and feeling happy about that, so happy I mistakenly declined the call.
He called again and I told him about the call i declined which made the both of us laughed.
We talked like never before, he reminded me of our date which is tomorrow and swears I couldn’t wait.
Where would he take me too?. I just couldn’t wait.
We ended the call and before i knew it I fell asleep.
That night I had a dream, a very sad and bad dream I didn’t remember the details of that dream but it was sad, I know I saw August in tears, it got me in tears too and when I woke up I found my cheek tight and dry, and when I touched it I realised it was dried tears.
I shrugged and got up from my bed, I don’t need anything to put me down today, not even a stupid dream cause I want to be and feel happy on my second date with Erick..
After brushing my teeth I took my time under the shower, and after that I wrapped my body with my towel and went to my bed.. Auggie was still asleep. And I decided to dry my hair before putting on my clothes.
It’s our second date, what should I wear?? I started to throw all my clothes all up in the air causing chairs in my closet, and finally waking my brother.
“what are you doing?” auggie asked with sleepy eyes.
“nothing.. Just looking for something nice to wear , I’m sorry for waking you up, you can go back to sleep now”. I said but instead he got up and sat properly on the bed.
“are you going out?” Auggie asked.
“yeah” I nod.
I suddenly remembered that Erick isn’t the picky or two big of a date kind of guy so that means I can wear anything I want.
“where are you going?” Auggie asked.
“uh… I’m going on a date” I smiled at him as I carefully put my clothes inside the closet.
“a Date?” he repeated.
“yep” I replied proudly taking a blue Jean pants and a blue t-shirt.
“what’s that?” Auggie asked and I turned to him.
“what’s what”
“how can you go on a date, is it the calender’s kind of date?” Auggie asked and I smiled and my heart sweetened, he doesn’t know what a date means.
I’m so proud.
“no its not, the date I’m going to is different from the one you understand” I smiled.
“really, what is it then?” Auggie asked.
He won’t leave me unless who knows what he wants to know.
“okay a date is when two people who share a romantic mutual feeling towards each other meet, and hang out for the day” I smiled and his jaw dropped.
“really…. Okay” he sighed. What’s up with this guy.
He seems bothered.
I closed my closet and walked over to my bed and auggie’s eyes still followed me.
“okay what?” I asked placing my hands on my hips.
“what’s with the sad face.” I added.
“I want to come with you.. Can I?” he asked.
Oh boy.
“you can’t, I wish I could take you wit me Auggie but it’s a date between me and the person who share a mutual feeling of love” I tried to make him understand but he said.
“you don’t love me?”.
“why would you say that, you’re my baby brother it’s you I love the most” I smiled.
“And it’s you I love the most June, see.. we share a mutual feeling too, so can I come along?”
Wait.. He’s showing off his smartness with me.
“I’m not talking about that kind of love Auggie”
“Then what kind of love, cause Mrs Mary said love is the greatest thing any of can possess and we all share the same kind of love, so what kind of love are you talking about” he asked bewildered.
And Mrs Mary is he’s social studies teacher.
“well Mrs Mary’s wrong we have different kind of love and the one we both have is different from the one I have with Erick okay, so please just take that cause I’m not explaining further” I said.
“but still I want to come with you, you’re always busy going out, you don’t stay home like always” he said lowly.
“you know I have a competition to win, and if you come with me who’s going to stay home and look after Ella?” I asked and he glance at his friend who was still asleep.
“grandma.. And besides I’m tired of staying home with Ella, I want to hang out with you” he said wugh6tge saddest face I’ve ever seen.
“you can’t Auggie, but I promise you we’ll get to hang out together sometime okay?” I said but he angrily got down from his bed.
“I just don’t want to hang out with you alone, I want to hang out with you and Erick too” Auggie yelled and ran out… To cry I guess.
My phone suddenly ring making me feel more weaker.
I saw Erick on the screen and I picked it up.
“hey Erick” i sighed
“hi.. You sound beat, what’s the matter?” he asked.
“oh nothing.. I’m just thinking about how Auggie will resent me for the rest of his life”. I said.
“what? why would Auggie resent you for the rest of his life you’re his mom… Well second Mom” Erick stated and I laughed.
“some kids hate their mom, and the thing is that he wants to come along, he wants to come with us on our date” I explained.
“wow that’s something you don’t see everyday.” Erick laughed. “is Auggie there can I talk to him”.
“no.. He’s in the living room, filling it with tears” I said.
“well I don’t see why you’d be this Ruthless towards the poor guy, he should definitely come along” Erick said.
“Ruthless!!” I yelled.. “I definitely wanted him to come along, but I thought you’d be mad at me for bringing him since it was supposed to be just the two of us”.
“June.. I’ve never been mad at you before cause I know you’re smart and you do smart things, even if you were to bring your grandma and Ella, I’d still not get mad at you June. You’re the cause of my euphoria, so I don’t see why I’d ever get mad at you” he said and I almost melted by his words
“Still isn’t today supposed to be about just you and me” I asked.
“and Auggie, look dates Is not just for two people, hundreds of people can go on a date, families go on dates too, and with me, you and Auggie we’ll just be like father, mother and son” Erick said and I felt his smile.
“sometimes you talk dumber than a two year old” I said.
“thanks for the compliment, and I’ll see you and Auggie soon,” he said.
“where are we meeting?” I asked.
“my house first!, I’m going to send someone to pick the both of you”. He said and I replied okay before we both hanged up.
I quickly changed into my clothes and head to the living room to see Auggie all curled up in a corner drying his tears.
I was right
“okay little guy, stand up” I instructed and he looked up at me.
“Now” I added and he stood up.
“go take your bath, you’re coming with us” I said and his face brightened.
“oh really, thanks June” he said and hugged me..
“hurry up” I said and ruffled his hair, he let’s go of me and immediately ran to our room..
After dressing Auggie, I dried my hair and brushed it after.
Before I knew it we were both done and ready to leave and we both walked out of the house Ella who was woken up barked severely and bit onto auggie’s pant to prevent him for leaving….
After battling with that, Auggie and I said goodbye to grandma before leaving the house.
Coming down from the building’s exhausting stairs, a very black car stopped in front of the building and Auggie and I shared a glance
The car window rolled down and a head stuck out of it.
Perfect timing
“Miss June… Am I right?” the man driving the car said and I nod.
“please get in… Mr Frederick is waiting” the man said and Auggie and I wasted no time in the car.
As the man drove us to Erick’s house. Auggie seemed thrilled with the building and people that passed by.
He’s never been at this part of the city before. so I don’t blame him.
As we got to the quiet street Erick lived, Auggie watched the big houses in wonders.
“it’s not like you haven’t seen big houses before” I teased.
“I have, it’s just this one’s are different and they’re more classic than the ones I’ve seen” Auggie replied making me smile.
“we’re here” the driver announced.
We got down from the car and walked inside.
“ring the doorbell” I smiled at Auggie.
“really?” he asked happily and I nod while he quickly pressed the doorbell numerous times. “it’s okay” I laughed removing his hand from the button.
The door clicked from the inside and it opened revealing Daniel, eating chocolate.
“oh, hey June.” he smiled.
What is he doing here?
“I didn’t know you’d be coming today?” he smiled.
“well here I am” I stated and his eyes went down to Auggie.
“and who’s this, that looks so much like you” Daniel asked.
“he’s my son.. Now move” Erick’s voice yelled from behind and he suddenly walked in front of Daniel.
“Erick!!” Auggie called out happily and gave him the warmest hug ever. While Erick grabbed him and placed him on his shoulder.
“put him down Erick, that is not safe” I said.
“relax it’s safe” he replied walking inside.
“put him down this instant Erick!” I yelled and he sighed and dropped Auggie down, whose face has become read from staying upside down.
“wow that was fun” Auggie exclaimed.
“fun! You’re not a fool Aug, blood could have crawled out of your nose and ears” I said walking inside.
“but it didn’t” Erick stepped in front of Auggie.
“yeah” Auggie agreed.
“you know I could take you back home right now, if you agree to any wrong thing Erick say” I warned and he suddenly looked scared.
Good I wanted to be intimidating.
“don’t listen to your mom Auggie she’s just jealous of our father and son bonding” Erick said and Auggie nods.

“okay, I’m confused. So confused” Daniel yelled behind us.
“how long have you guys dated that you’ve even had a son”. Daniel stated.
Oh boy.
“three years, I secretly dated June without anyone knowing”. Erick replied and I gave him a look.
“I’m sure he’s probably like seven or eight years and how did June get pregnant and give birth to him with just three y–
“actually the truth is, we adopted him” Erick interrupted.
“Erick!!” I yelled.
“adopted! But If he was adopted how come he looks like June so much” Daniel asked.
“it just happened to be that way” Erick replied.
“is he telling the truth!” Daniel asked me
“he’s not.. Auggie’s my baby brother” I said.
“way to ruin the day June” Erick rolled his eyes at me.
“oh shut it, you liar” I scoffed and he grabbed auggie’s hand and they both went upstairs.
T. B. C

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